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jK. i-e'mt ii ! WW .
i :
O t Wehman's Hardware Store
Union Gty, Tenn.
Telelphonea .
Office 144; Residence 595-J
O 'er Wehman's Hardware Store
Union Gty, Tenn.
" . . Telephone
Office 144, , Residence 595-J
i . ' .
. cu. -conte, septet "s UNION CITY, TENN, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1919. VOL. 27, NO. 46
i I
f ' A Prophecy of the European
' War oy a Calif ornian.
The sun stood still upon Gibeon,
Mid the moon waa stayed, five kings
fled and hid themoclvcs In the cave
pt Makedab, and the Amorites wore
delivered unto Joshua. '
. There came also another time when
the sea was divided and the children
ol Israel passed dry shod between
the walls of the parted wcters. And,
when the hosts of Pharoah followed,
the waters .closed In upon thom, en
gulfed their chariots and swallowed
? Up the armies of the Egyptians, foot,
? 'horse and dragon, to the last man.
v . And upon still a time again,
i amidst the revelry and the drunken
- feast, the doom of Babylon was writ
ten against the candlestick on the
' , plaster of the wall In tho palace of
: Belshazzar.
v It was all very' long ago, in the
' . days of old, and the ..hand of God
, . was on the world.
' , ,And, things like unto theso have
happened now, and in every thought
Vful mind the question arioeo: la the
hand of God upon tho world again?
' ' We have tho. facts abovo related
. from history. They are chronicled
' in .the Bible, which, among other
"things, is the beat authenticated his
tory in .existence. Tho statements
must be true. No scholar now dis
putes the statements set down in the
Bible, irrespective of hia religious
beliefs, or whether he has religious
' beliefs at all.
It being a perfectly authenticated
fact that there were times' in the
. foaot when God Interfered with or
directed the affairs of men in this
world, is it not logical to suppose
that he may well do so again?
- It is the same old world that God
flung out of , the hollow of his hand.
Man is' the same being of soul and
body now that he was before the
Pyramids were builded or Noah set
- --out in the Ark on tho vast adventure
'of the deluge.
Surclv there i3 a.3 much reason to
euddoso that the hand of God is,
therefore, upon tho world now as in
any other time of the past.
And if it be true, then it must
V also be true that there is a God and
that he still rules the world. And,
this being true, every other fact of
'which we have possession sink3 into
trifling insignificance.
Without attempting anything far-
. fetched, is it possible for one who
has knowledge of both old times and
' now to find parallels in Bible history
- with the events of the past four
Not only la thia possible, but the
parallels are do sharp and so striking
. as to leave one almost breathless
with astonishment.
Is it far-fetched to liken the heroic
stand of Belgium against Germany
In this war to that day when the sun
Rtnnd still on Gibcon In order that
Joshua might have more time?
The war would have ended with
victory for Germany in leso than
three months after it began had not
, Belgium barred tho path of the Hun
as he rushed with his mighty armies
to Paris. Neither Franco nor Eng-
land was ready. It all depended on
Belgium to make the sun stand still
until they could bo ready.
And that is just what Belgium
. did
In all the annal3 of wars there
has never been a
stand so heroic
Albert of Eelglum 13 the. Joshua of
our times.
And again, even as the sca3 parted
for the children cf Israel, and they
passed safely between the parted
walls of the waters, so have the great
ships passed with 2,000,000 Ameri
cans thru mine-sown billows and
sh'oals of deadly submarines, reach
ing the shores of Franco almost un
harmed and with ccarccly the loss of
a man.
It was the boast of Germany that
we could not land an army in Eu
- rope to fight against her, and she
was well prepared, to carry out her
boast. But our trmy has landed
Its flag unfurled its stars of glory
, on Flanders' fields; its arms turned
"the tides of battlo to victory on the
. Marne
There will be explanations of the
wonder of this by thoso who make
' maps and diagrams and. who deal in
the chemistry of depth . bombs and
the machinery of engines. But, will
their explanations wholly satisfy?
Will there not 3till be something of
it yet that can bo explained only by
the nature of a miracle?
And, lastly, are not tho kings seek
ing again the shelter of the caves?!
Has not the writing been seen on
the walls of the palace of tho Hun3?
All-highest king, playing like forked
lightnings amidit the battle lusta of
his re-born Babylon?
Now that we know tho stupendous
scheme on which Germany planned
this war, and, knowing also how
thoroly prepared she was to carry
her plans to a successful conclusion,
and knowing also how 111 prepared
the rest of the world wa3 to with
stand the onslaught, how shall we
explain Germany's utter defect?
It was the hand of God that do
There is no other
feated Germany
explanation that can ever hope to
satisfy the mind of any sane man.
With her cllio3 armed to the teeth,
and trained down to the last minute,
Prussia would have crushed the
world had only man opposed her.
Say what you will, you cannot
escape this conclusion when all the
facts are before you. The power of
man in all tho rest of tho world stood
futile to bar the path of Prussia and
the Central Powers when they set
forth, four year3 ago, to lay the
whole world at their feet.
But, there is a greater power than
man. Ana that a- an mat couiu or
did save the world. The hand of
God reached down from the high
heavens and barred the Prussian's
path. And it has sent him now
reeling, bloody and broken, back to
tho waters of tho Rhine.
Is it not all very plain and easy
to see? Go back upon tho fiery path
way of the past four years and you
will have no trouble to find an an
swer to every- doubt.
You will come upon that hour
when the nations of the heroic and
forever immortal Entente were at
their last' ga3p. And then America
stepped in. .
America had voted to stay out of
the war. Her people, with one voice
and one mind, had determined to
keep hands off. It was in no way a.
quarrel of ours.
And yet, what happened? Day by
day we saw ourselves being drawn
in. - Incident after incident occurred
to force us into the fight. Germany,
egged on by what can bo explained
only as fatality, acting against her
nwn rensnn and every element of
common sense, flung one insult and
injury after another in our very faces
till we simply had to fight.
What was that but the hand of
God directing and ordering the af
fairs of men?
For, from the very moment that
America declared war against Ger
many, the unholy cause for which
Germany contended was irretrievably
and forever lost
Yet. Germany did not fear us. Her
allies did not fear us. They knew
we had no army. And they knew
we had no ships to carry an army to
Europe, though we would raise an
army up. And those were the facts
But, in less than one year we had
hoth the armv and the ships. In less
than a year tho brood of the bald
eagle had broken Germany across its
Wherefore, shall we ask the engl
neers and the map makers and the
chemists to explain to us how was
done this thing that the greatest
engineers and map makers and chem
ists in the world said could not be
They cannot give the answer. We
must instead look up to the mystery
of the stars and try to see the hand
of God reaching down thru their
majesty and infinite traceries.
In this wonderful hour the most
wonderful that the world has ever
known, save one even the most
elemental Intelligence must bow
humbly down in acknowledgment of
the Lord God of the Ages.
When we think of Armenia, safe
after more than a thousand years
from the incessant butchery of the
filthy and unspeakable Turks; when
we think of Poland freed at last from
the nameless and indescribable tor
ture of Prussia and the awful curse
that Bismark put upon her; when
we think of one enslaved people after
another shaking now the shackles
from their limbs and standing once
more radiant and glad in the loving
and all-embracing sun, we behold
the miracles not less than any told
in holy writ. ,
Therefore, the inevitable con
clusion must be that God Is still In
his heavens. Hi3 hand is still upon
And this being plainly the case,
it is for the people of the world to
vow themselves to God for all time
to come
IU ITUUUtJ. X ilCJf must Ai c ci dftom Dili -
thir nhPrtiM to kinirs or to
They must never again sur
groups of statesmen or soldiers. They
... ...
must have no king but God.
Taxing District Election Called.
AN ACT to provide for an election to
ascertain the will of the Legal
voters of the Sixth Civil District
of Obion County, Tennessee, onj
the Question of a special highi
school tax.
Section 1. Bo it enacted , by the
General Assembly of Tennessee, That
It snan oe mo amy ui iue eiwu
commissioners of Obion County to
open, and hold an election on March
1, 1919, at the regular voting places
in the Sixth Civil District of Obion
County for tho purposo of ascertain
ing the will of tho majority of the
legal voters of said district upon the
question of special high school tax.
Section 2. Bo it further enacted,
That all voters legally qualified to
vote in State and County elections in
said district shall be qualified to vote
in said election.
Section 3. Be it further enacted,
That upon the ballots to bo voted in
caid election there shall be printed
tho words: "Foi- Special High School
Tax," and the words, "Against bpe-
cial High School Tax," and those
voters desiring to vote for, the tax
shall place an X mark opposite the
words "For the Special High School
Tax," and those voters desiring to
vote against tho tax shall placeman
X mark opposite the words "Against
the Special High School Tax."
Section 4. Be it further enacted,
That the registration box for the
said Sixth Civil District shall be kept
open for supplemental registration by
the election commissioners on Sat
urday, February 15, 1919, at the
usual places in said diatrlct for sup
plemental registration, and that said
election commissioners shall publish
a joint notice of said supplemental
registration and said election in one
issuo of a newspaper published in
Obion County, Tennessee, and issued
not later than Feburay 8, 1919.
Section 5. Be It further enacted,
That it shall be tho duty of tho elec
tion commissioners to appoint the
following citizens of tho Sixth Civil
District of Obion County, Tennessee,
to hold said election:
At Troy Officer, J. Lee Hughes;
Judges, Joe Bennett, F. A. Bumpass,
T. N. Noeley, Clerks, J. H. Blanton,
John E. Moffatt.
At Polk Officer, R. L. Andrews;
Judges, S. C. Erwin, Mike Buchanan,
Rosn Brown: Clerks. Jas. G. Cun
ningham, H. F. Anderson.
Should any of the abovo officers,
iudces or clerks refuse or fail to
serve, it shall bo the duty of the elec
tion commissioners to mako other ap
pointments to fill the vacancies.
Section 6. Bo it further enacted,
That it shall bo tho duty of the elec
tion commissionorn to canvass tho
vote and certify the result within
three days after said election to the
Representatives and Senator rcprc
sentiner Obion County in tho 6l3t
General Assembly of Tennessee.
Section 7. Be it further enacted,
That this act take effect from and
after jts passage, the public welfare
requiring it.
Soldiers Dine.
Under the supervision of Capt
Claud V. Andrew3 and Mayor F. L.
Pittman Company K, N. G., and the
returned soldiers from camp and
overseas were tendered an eight
o'clock dinner at the armory on First
street last Thursday night.
The long" tables extending the full
length of the hall were filled. Prof.
Tate and his orchestra were present
to entertain the speakers and diners
Mr. Pittman wa3 voted toastmaster,
and the speakers of the occasion were
Rev. J. Randall Ffrris, Dr. J. B. Ad
kerson. Dr. W. M; Turner, Rev. H. A
Todd, Capt. Andrews, and on behalf
of the soldiers Claude Roland, of the
Forty-second Division, who ha3 been
gassed by the Huns, told some in
teresting experiences. Others were
Harry Duncan, Fletcher .Moss, P. I
The supper was of fried chicken,
prepared at Dahnke's, and accessories
of an extensive character, which
were all very flno.
and broken world that He3 under our
feet to-day, there mu3t be made a
new world In which there shall be
no more hatreds, no more wars.
Under the banner of the Prince of
Peace, all men must be as brothers,
i wwF
else the hand of God haa come again
I ii .u 1, TahIaw. TIT W Atrnonr T Dl i VP V.ti
upon the world for naught. Los
Angeles Times, Nov. 10, 1918.
American Red Cross.
Mr. J. A. Baird, Union City, Tenn.
Dear Sir: Will you please publish
this article for the benefit of the
good people, who devoted their time,
attention and consideration to the
Red Cross work. They are the ones
who deserve the credit. They that
helped to mako it so pleasant and
comfortable for us fellows in the
hospitals. I speak from experience,
being now a patient in Base No. 1,
Base Hospital, Paris, having been
wrecked In an airplane. It is the
Red Cross that gives us tho many
enjoyments we have. For instance,
moving pictures rightly, a lady to
play the piano for us at anytime,
always Ink and paper. They give
out candies, cakes, cookies, dough
nuts barrels of them, games of all
kinds, tobacQO, musical instruments
and teach us to play them. Wtoo does
this? The Red Cross. Most of this
is the ladies' part. They are Just
like a big sister to us, and I have
seen the nurse in my ward cry like
her heart would break when one
thing went bad with one cf her boys.
That is one of the thousand nil Just
as loyal as they can be. I relate
this because I heard the Rod Cross
people criticized in their work m
A. E. F. I am confident the Red
Cross-has done their bit among the
boys. I will admit that transporta
tion facilities caused a holdup with
them at times. But we must con
sider that tho army and supplies had
to como first. So their delay was
duo to the command and demand of
higher up. Personally I wish to
thank them one and all. They who
havo helped to make it so pleasant
for me during my stay in tho hos
pital. I can assure you your services
wore not rendered in vain. I will
soon be leaving tho hospital, 15th of
the month I think,' to Coblenz, Ger
many. Three hours ride from Paris
to Coblenz by rirplane, beats an
oighteen-hour train ride and not so
tiresome. Wo go up to reinforce the
First and Second Division. with air
service. SU11 I hope to see dear old
Union City sometime in Juno. Thank
ing you, one and all, I beg to re
main A friend,
1st A. S. M. R., A. E. F., Jan. 10.
In France.
Mrs. Elgyan Callis: My Dear Lit
tle Wife: I'll try to write you to
day as It's New Year's day. But be-
for another month passes we will be
in dear old U. S. A. What a glorious
day that will be to U3.
Well, how are you and the boy? I
am well and fattening every day. If
get much fleahicr you won't know
me when I get back. I guess you
all had a good time Christmas. Old
Santa didn't for get me if I was over
here. The Y. M. C. A. gave all at
us a box containing candy, cigars,
cigarettes and smoking tobacco. You
may know we appreciated it too, and
besides we suro had a good dinner.,
We had another hig dinner to-day,
and went to another show latit night
and am going to another one to
night. I guess you all are having
plenty of snow and cold weather by
now. We havo plenty of rain but
haven't had much snow and it's not
so cold here.
Well, I wi3h I could see you all,
but it is impossible now. Think I
will be homo by the last of February
anyway, but can't tell for sure. Tell
Everybody hello for me, and take
good caro of the boy and yourself
until I get homo. I long for that
day to come for us to meet again.
Well, I'll have to close, hoping to
hear from you again soon.
Sampigny, France, Jan. 1, 1919.
Tobacco Brings 25 Cents.
Hickman, Ky., Jan. 31. J. F. Mc
Clollan, residing in tho Cayce vi
cinity, ten miles east of here, dis
posed of his entire tobacco crop this
past week, receiving 25 cents per
pound straight for his entire crop.
Cayce is about the nearest tobacco
grown to Hickman, the cast end of
this county or east half most growing
tobacco and tho west hr.lf cotton.
Election of Officers.
A meeting of the Obion County
National Farm Loan Association was
held here at the courthouse last Mon-
day afternoon and the following of-
fleers elected: G. W.-Phebus, Jr.,
president; D. C. Maddox, vice presi
dent; J. H. Shore, secretary-treasur
er; W. W. Agnew, J. E. Olive,
Kirkland, local appraisers.
r ?5 . .
" 2 2 ' 1 :
f J Will not Grow Hair on the Face
Tp you fon cf a 'Vanishing" cream, try this new
Combination Cream Jonteel If you prefer a cold jJ
cream, try it. For this new kind of face cream combines
the advantages of both these types yet is neither greasy
or greaseless. It sinks into the slcin, to soften, heal and
beautify. Makes a wonderful base for powder. Take
home a jar of Combination Cream Jonteel today.
Union City, TeDn.
On their lands as security. These
or ten years, with interest payable semi-annually or annuauy, m iub
borrower may prefer. The principal sum borrowed may be repaid in
$100 amounts or in larger sums at any interest paying date. There
will be no charge for such loans except for abstracting title to lands
offered as secuiity for loan. These loans will be closed and the money
in the hands of borrower promptly, and no long delays are necessary.
Office Phone 143, Residence Phone 588 UNION CITY, TENN.
DAVIS & RUSSELL. Union City, Tenn.,
are our field agents and authorized to
take applications for loans.
We would like to show you
We have the highest germinating seed that can be
bought, which includes
Red Top
We also handle Cotton
Cotton Seed Hulls. AH our
showing the analysis.
Get our prices before you
line. '
Cherry- Moss Grain Co."
Dr. Jas. W. Scott
Rool.trrrr Ontometrist.
Eyes scientifically examined and glasses
Telephone 327-J
Kidney troubles don't disappear or
themselves. They grow slowly but
steadily, undermining health with
deadly certainty, until you fall a vic
tim to incurable disease.
Stop your troubles while there Is time.
Don't wait until little pain become big
aches. Don't trifle with disease. To
avoid future suffering begin treatment
with GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Cap
sules now. Take three or four every
day until you are entirely free from
Thi well-known preparation has been
one of the national remedies of Hol
land for centuries. In 1696 the govern
ment of the Netherlands granted a
special charter authorizing its prepara
tion and cale.
Union City, Tenn.
loans will be made for either five
HENRY & HENRY, of Hickman, Ky.
are field agents and have the same au
thority. Japan Clover
Soy Beans
Burt Oats
Seed Meal and Cake and
meal and cake is tagged,
buy. They are always in
Ciy, Tenn..
Office: Room 1, Naillinf Building
The housewife of Holland would al
most as soon be without food aa with
out her "Real Dutch Drops," as she,
quaintly rails GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules. They restore strength
and are responsible in a great measure)
for the sturdy, robust health of the
Do not delay. Go to your drutferlst and
Insist on his supplying you wifclGOL.D
MEDtAL Haarlem Oil Capsules'?' Take
them as directed, and if you are not
satisfied with results your druggist will
gladly refund your money. Look for
the name GOLD MEDAL, on the box
and accept no other. In sealed boxes.
three sizes.

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