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Calotabs, the Nausealess Calomel
That Is Free From Danger of
Salvation, la the Ideal Laxa-
tive for Colds and Flu.
Keep your liver active, your sys
tem purified and your digestive or
gans in perfect working order. That
is the advico of physicians as to how
to avoid influenza and serious com
plications. At the first sign of a
cold or sore throat, take a Calotab,
the perfected calomel that is free
"from the nausoating and salivating
qualities of the old style calomel, and
whose medicinal properties are vast
ly improved.
One Calotab at bed time with a
cwallow of water that's all. No
salts, no nau3ea, nor tho slightest in
terference with your eating, pleasure,
or work. Next morning your cold
has vanished, your liver is active,
system is purified and you are feeling
fine, with a her-rty appetite for
breakfast. Calotabs are sold only in
original sealed packages, price thirty
ifive cents. Your druggist recom
mends and guarantees Calotabs by
offering to refund the price if you
.are not delighted with them. (adv.)
St. Louis Live Stock Market.
Cattle: Beef steers ? 9 to $19.25;
"stockers and feeders $7.75 to $12.50;
yearling butcher cattle $8.50 to $15.
Beef trows $9 to $12.50; cutters
$6.50 to $8; canncrs $5.25 to $5.75.
Stock cows and heifers $7.5 Oto $9.
Fat. bulls $10 to $12; Sausage bulls
$8 to $10.
Hogs: Good to cholco 210 pounds
And up $17.80 to $18.10; light and
mixed hogo 160 to 200 pounds $17
to $17.60; light lights 120 to 150
pounds $16.25 to $16.75; light na
'Chain Tread
The Economy of
Buying Good Tires
It's mighty poor economy to put cheap
tires on your car.
If you can't depend on your tires, you
can't depend on your car,
and you can't get the high grade of
service it ought to give you.
It pays to buy good tires United States
They represent the highest value it is.
possible to build into tires.
There are five different passenger car
treads the only complete line built by
any tire manufacturer. .
Each has.the built-in strength that means
your money back in extra miles.
Among them are exactly the tires you
want for your car, and your driving con
ditions. Our nearest Sales and Service Depot
Dealer will gladly help you.
United States Tires
are Good Tires
' ?,','i'i!i(!j,j'!,)!;;j"'i'i,;''t;" !'" 't,""'"?"'', i,;i''"f;,Ht,,'",(!';t) j1""' '" ' '"'"1p
tive pigs 80 to 115 pounds $13 to
$16. Southern pigs $10 for common
kinds, up to $15 for good kinds. Boot
roughs $16.40; half-fat kind $12 to
$15. ,
Sheep and lambs: Good to choice
lambs $17.50 to $17.90; half-fat and
medium kind cf Limbs $16 to $17;
cull lambs $12.50 to $15; fat sheep
$11 to $11.50; choppers $8 to $8,50;
canners $5 to $6; fat gcits $7 tc $9;
medium flesh go?.ts $6 to $7; thin
common kind of goats $3 to $4.50;
kid goats $7 y $11.
Monday, Feb. 17.
Eeal Estate Transfers.
J. N. Bradshaw et ux. to E. J.
Evans, lot in No. 13 $950.
. H. W. Stigler et ux. to G. C. Wil
llama, 3 acres in No. 3, $700.
' G. C. Williams to it. E. Isbell, 40
acres in No. 3, $1,000.
C. H. Cobb et ex. to J. R. Douglas,
lot in No. 13, $2,000. "
Mary A. Murphy to H. P.. Taylor,
lot in No. 13, $2,000. '
J. A. Cloar .et r 1. to P. L Glover,
lot in No. 13, $2,000.
B. J. Wado, tr., to W. A. McNeill,
250 acres in No. 4, $12,500. (
V. T. Edwards ct al. to H. W. .Far
rar, 44 acres in No. 5, $2,600.
P. C. Englehardt et ux. to A. D,
Cutler, 46 acres in No. 9, $4,216.
Mrs. Sadie Chambers to G. L. Swig
gart, lot in No. 16, $3,450.
C. E. Bushart ct al. to Y. Y. Phil
lips, 211 acres in No. 16, $14,770.
G. R. McDade of al. to Harry J.
Lawrence et al., lot in No. 16, $2,100.
Harsh Chiles ct ux. to F. O. How
ell, 101 acres in No. 14, $9,750.
J. A. Coley et ux. to E. C. He.wkin3
lot in-No. 16. $550.
F. C. Council ct al. to Dr.. W. A.
Nailling; 10 acres in No. 13, $2,500.
E. M. Fullorton to ft. M. Carney,
lot in No. 13, $850. .
Dabnke, Elam & Parduo to D. D
Kirk, lot in No. 13, $300.
Troy Special High School.
By request of some of our friends
in Number Six we print below Sec
tion 7 of House Bill No. 429, Chap
ter 128, Private Acts of the General
Assembly for the year 1917:
Section 7. Be it further enacted,
That for the purpose of supporting
and maintaining the school or schools
of the said Troy Special High School
District, and for supplementing any
other funds that may come into the
hands of the Board of Directors, sO
that the school terms for said school
or schools may be extended and con
tinued nine (9) months each year,
if possible, as a free high school for
said district as hereinbefore set out,
there is hereby assessed for the'year
1917 and for each subsequent year
thereafter a tax of thirty cents
(30c) on each ono hundred ($100.00)
dollars worth of taxable property,
both' real and personal, situated
within said high school district; and
there is also assessed for said pur
poses one dollar ($1.00) poll tax on
all male persons between the ages
of twenty-one and fifty years with
in said district. The basis of assess
ment for said tax on such property
shall be the assessed value as shown
by the books of the County Trustee,
and all taxes assessed on real estate
are a lien on such real estate. The
taxes herein assessed shall become
due and be collected at the same
time, and in the same manner as
taxes under the general laws of the
State, and by the 'County Trustee
The taxes herein provided for, to
gether with all other funds coming
into the hantls of the said board of
Directors shall constitute the school
fund for the said .high school dis
trict, which, funds shall be under
the control of said Board of Direc
tors for the -use end benefit of said
Tro Special . High School District.
The taxes when coirected by the
County Trustee shall be paid over to
the Treasurer, duly accredited, at
such time as may be designated by
the Board of Directors of said Troy
Special High School District. The
County frustee shall receive as his
compensation an amount not to ex
ceed that paid by the county for
similar services in collecting school
funds for the county and State. No
part of said fund3 shall be paid
by the Treasurer of said special
high school district except by writ
ten order of said Board of Directors
and upon warrant t properly drawn
and signed by the president and
secretary of said Boardof Directors;
provided further, that no personal
property of the taxpayers Within
said special high school district shall
be' exempt from levy or execution
for their said tax assessments on
personal property and polls herein'
assessed by this Act; r.nd provided
tlfat the County Assessor shall pre
pare a separate complete list of all
taxable property, both real and per
sonal, and all polc3 within said dis
trict and for tho use of the County
Trustee in making collection of said
Senate Bill No. 165.
(Caldwell, Ch. 116.)
An Act to authorize, enable and em
power Obion County, Tennessee,
through its County Court, to issue
bonds of the county, and sell the
same, to pay off and settle the
outstanding indebtedness of the
county evidenced by the time war
rants of the county heretofore is
sued, or otherwise evidenced and
due and owing by said county.
Said bonds to be in an amount not
to exceed $50,000 but for any. part
thereof; to provide for the pay
ment of said bonds and interest
thereon, and for which purpose,
to levy and collect a cpecial tax on
all taxable property of said coun
ty; to provide for the ' issuance,
sale and payment of said bonds
and interest, and for the making
and keeping of an official record of
the issuance, sale and redemption
of same and interest thereon.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of the State of
Tennessee, That Obion County, Ten
nessee, through its County Court, be
and is hereby authorized, enabled
and empowered to settle and pay off
all its' outstanding indebtedness, both
principal and interest, due and owing
by the county, evidenced by time
warrants of the county, heretofore
issued, or otherwise due and owing
and evidenced, and for this purpose
to issue interest , bearing coupon
bonds of tho county.
Section 2. Be it further enacted,
That the County Court of said coun
ty of Obion, at any quarterly or
special session, a majority of the
Justices of the Peace being present
and voting therefor, be and is here
by authorized and empowered to is
sue interest bearing toupon bonds of
said county in an amount not to ex
ceed, in the aggregate, $50,000.00,
for the purpose mentioned in Section
one of this Act, which bonds, and in
terest, shall bo payable in lawful
money of the United States. Said
bonds to be in respective amounts
and shall mature in such serial in
stallments as said County Court may
provide and direct, not to., exceed,
however, ten years. Said bonds to be
in auch denominations and bear such
rate of interest, not to exceed 5 per
cent per" annum, both principal and
interest payable at such time and
place as the court may provide.
- Section 3. Be it further enacted,
That after said County Court has
authorized and directed the issue of
said bonds, the County Judge of said
OVERLAND The Overland Model 90 is truly a thrift car. You cannot get com
plete satisfaction from less advantages than it gives. . You cannot get as
much value in any other motor car .for the low price of Model 90.
APPEARANCE The Model 90 is thoroughly modem and pleasing.
PERFORMANCE Equally pleasing in performance. It has abundant power de
livered by an engine that runs smoothly day in and day out.
COMFORT Ride in one and judge"for yourself.
SERVICE Willys-0 verland service leads the world. Overland dealers in every
' Country carry a complete line of Overland parts.
PRICE The greater satisfaction that you get from 'these major advantages alone
make the price in itself an immense advantage.
POPULARITY More than four hundred thousand four-cylinder Overland engines
have been built and running year after year.
WILLYS-KNIGHT Without exception, no other motor car ever built gives you
so man)' and so important advantages as the Willys-Knight Sleeve-Valve
SILENT KNIGHT The Knight Motors are known as the "Silent Knight" No
poppet valves. No valves to grind, for carbon 'helps this motor.
WILLYS SIX-L-head type of high power, equipped with the Red Seal Motor
the Continental. Style is the dominating feature in the Willys Six.
, stock. We vulcanize your tubes by electricity and guarantee not to burn
them. We carry a complete line of GOODRICH AND FISK Tires and
, Tubes. We have first-class mechanics. We invite you to visit our place.
Over land
Sales Company
county, assisted by the Finance Com
mittee thereof, are hereby authorized
and empowered to sell the same, at
either private or public sale, at not
less than par value, and when the
sale of such bonds have been nego
tiated, the sam to be issued in the
name of Obion County, Tennessee,
duly executed and signed by the
Judge of said county, and counter
signed by the Clerk of the County
Court of said county, with his official
real attached to the same; the cou
pons of such bonds to bear facsimile,
printed or lithographed, of the Coun
ty Judge and County Court Clerk.
Section 4. Be it further enacted,
That the proceeds of the sale of said
bonds 'Shall be applied to the pay
men of the floating indebtedness of
Obion County, in whatsoever form
existing, and the interest thereof,
and for this purpose, the same shall
be paid into the hands of the Trustee
of said county, and kept by him as
a separate fund, separate and apart
from all other funds of said county,
payable by him in liquidating said
indebtedness of the county, and in
terest, on warrants of the county,
drawn by, the . Judge thereof and
countersigned by the County Court
Clerk, and for whjeji payments there
shall be no compensation to the
Section 5. Be1 it further enacted,
That the Trustee of Obion County
shall receive and pay the respective
coupons of said bonds .as they become
due and payable, and also, each re
spective bond as the same becomes
due and payable, and cancel the same
when so paid.
Section ' 6. Be it further enacted,
That the Judge of the County Court
of Obion County, shall keep in a well
found book, a record of said bonds
and coupons issued under this Act,
showing the dates and maturity of
each, the amount thereof, to whom
payable and the date of payment and
cancellation thereof.
Section 7. Be It further enacted,
That it shall be the duty of the Coun
ty Court of Obion County. Tennessee,
and it is hereby given the right and
authority, to levy and collect a spe
cial tax upon all taxable property of
said county, for the year 1919, and
for each succeeding year thereafter,
until said bonds and interest are
fully paid, and "for the object and
purpose of paying the same, and
other outstanding floating indebted
ness of said county in whatsoever
form evidenced. The Trustee of said
county shall collect and account for
such special tax, herein authorized,
in the same manner that he is au
thorized and required, by law to
collect and account for other taxes;
and he Bhall receive the same com
pensation for collecting and disburs
ing such taxes as he receives for col
lecting and disbursing general coun
ty taxes; and said County Court, if
it deems proper, may Tequire said
Trustee to give an additional bond
for collecting, accounting for and
disbursing said taxes. -
Section 8. Be it further enacted,
That a substantial compliance with
a Word .to
We have six new Willys Knight and Overland cars in
the provisions of this Act shall be
sufficient, and no irregularity in the
issuance and sale of said bonds and
coupons shall invalidate the same.
Section 9. Be it further enacted,
That this Act shall take effect from
and after its passage, the public wel
fare requiring it.
Passed February 6, 1919.
Speaker of the Senate.
Speaker of the House of Rep
resentatives. Approved February 10, 1919.
A. H. ROBERTS, Governor.
Thankful for Friends.
With our hearts broken and bowed
down in grief we want to thank our
friends and neighbors for their many
expressions of sympathy and deeds of
kindness in tho midst of the death
of our son and husband. Our minds
are unable to express in words our
sense of 'appreciation in this sad
dispensation. Mr. and Mrs. John H.
Sheffield, Mrs. Myrtle Sheffield.
This Woman Recommends
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound Her
Personal Experience.
McLean, Neb. "I want to recom
mend Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
uompouna i o an
women who suffer
from any functional
disturbance, as it
has done me more
good than all the
doctor's' medicine.
Since taking it I
have a fine Healthy
baby girl and have
gained in health and
strength. My hus
band and I both
praise your med
icine to all suffering
women." Mrs. John Koppelmann, K.
No. 1, McLean, Nebraska.
This famous root and herb remedy,
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, has been restoring women of
America to health for more than forty
years and it will well pay any woman
who suffers from displacements, in
flammation, ulceration, irregularities,
backache, headaches, nervousness or
"the blues" to give this successful
remedy a trial.
For special suggestions In regard to
your ailment write Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass. The result
of its long experience is at your service.
Sudden Death.
Mr. Claud Adams and eleven-year-old
son, Ollle, came up from Hickman
la3t Friday to deliver eomo cotton to
the Lake County Mfg. Co. They
were b,ere late and the last unloading
their wagona. About 9:30 the boy
left his father to look after the other
team. Somo time elapsed and the
father failing to drivo on tho boy
feared something wrong and going
back found him lying dead on the
ground, where he had vidently fall
en. It is supposed he died of heart
failure. Mr. Adams was a farmer on
the Geo. Tcrrett place about six
miles south of Hickman. He was 33
years of age, and loaves the boy and
widowed mother.
House Bill No. 78.
(James A. Howard, Ch. 55.)
An Act to amend an act entitled "An
act to provide compensation for
the killing or injuring of sheep or
hogs in certain counties of this
State." Being Chapter No. 647.
and House Bill No. 636 of the pri
vate acts of the General Assembly
of the State of Tennesse for the
year 19"17 A. D
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly Of the State of
Tennessee that Chapter 647, House
Bill No. 636 of the Private Acts of
the General Assembly of the State of
Tennessee, for the year 1917, be
amended by striking out Section
Three thereof.
Section 2. Bo it further enacted,
That this act take, effect from and
after its passage, the public welfare
requiring it.
Passed January 23, 1919.
Speaker of the House of Repre
sentatives. ANftREW L. TODD,
Speaker of the Senate.
Approved January 28, 1919.
A. H. ROBERTS, Governor.
Civil Service Examination.
The U. S. Civil Service Commission
will hold an examination for clerks
and carriers on March 8, 1919, at
Union City, Tenn., to fill vacancies in
the postoffico in that city. Tho en
trance salary i3 now $1,000 a year.
The examination is open to all who
meet the requirements. Application
blanks and full information, includ
ing sample questions, can be obtain
ed from . the Secretary, Local Civil
Service Board at the post office Union
City, or from the Secretary, Fifth
Civil Service District, Atlanta, Ga.

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