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No Table Drinli
Has Ever Tallen .
The Place Of
The Original
Postum Cereal
BoO just like coffee 15 minutes after
boiling begins. Its delicious flavor, rich
seal brown color and fine aroma make it
such a satisfying cup that Postum is the
ideal drink with meals for both children
and grown people.
Used in place of coffee it provides a real
health drink. Contains no drugs, no caffein
as does coffee; doesn't make you nervous.
. sleepless or fretful
There's a Reason
At Grocers two sizes 15c & 25c.
Miss Janie McAUster and Mr. Al
via Jenkins wore married this week
at Hickman. The marriage was a
surprise to tho many friends in
Union City. Congratulations were
Mr. Wm. Howard Davidson aUd
Miso Sara M., Taylor were quietly
married last Thursday afternoon,
tho 20th inst., at tho manso of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church in
Union City, Rev. W. B. Cunningham
administering the rites of matrimo
ny. " The bride "and groom are well
known in Union City. Mrs. David
son is tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Mcrritt Taylor, reared 'and educated
in the schools of Union City, a young
woman of lovable and charming
cnarp.cicr ana graces 01 perauumuy.
Mr. Davidson, traveling salesman for,
a Memphis wholesale house, a recent
attache of the U. S. Navy Depart
ment, located at Pensacola, Fla., is a
young man of fine pcisonal character)
and businesa relations r-.ud also very
popularly known in Union City.
After the wedding Mr.- and Mrs.
Davidson left for. a trjp south and
will bo at home in Memphis. Con
gratulotions were generally offered
We are glad to report the little
baby of Mr. and Mrs. Buster Haw
kins is improving after two weeks
illness of pneumonia.
W. W.v Caldwell and wife spent
Saturday with Mrs. Caldwell's sis
ter, Mrs. H&ri, near Troy, and en
Joyed a fine dinner in honor of her
son, Mr. Chester, and wife. Many
kind wishes were extended.
A Sunday school convention will
be held here next Sunday. All are
Mr. Jim Williams is very sick.
School at Pea Patch will close out
Friday. r -
ii is
And Invigorates Old People
Any doctor will tell you that the
ingredients of Vinol as printed- below
contain the elements needed to im
prove the health of delicate children
and restore strength to old people.
J Cod Liver and Beef Peptone, Iron
" and MangananPeptonataa, Iron and v
Ammonium Citrate, Lima and 8oda
Glycerophosphates, Cascaria.
Those who have puny, ailing or
run-down children or aged parents
may prove this at our expense.
Besides the good it does children
and the aged there is nothing like
Vinol to restore strength and vitality
to weak, nervous women and over
worked, run-down men.
Try it. If you are not entirely sat
isfied, we will return your money
without question; that proves our
fairness and your protection. Mil
lions of people have been convinced
this way.
Oliver's Drug Store, Union City, Tenn
Injured by Fire.
Tho many friends regret exceed
ingly the misfortune of Dr. T. E.
Marshall and Miss Lonelle, his
daughter. ' The latter was standing
too close to tho grate Sunday morn
ing and her dress caught fire. Dr,
Marshall picked up a wrap of some
kind and threw it over her clothing,
but not until she was injured exton
sively by the burning dress. Dr.
Marshall's hand was badly blistered,
but wo are glad to say that no seri
ous results are to follow. .
New was received hero this week
by I. S. Kirby of the marriage of his
son, Sgt. MaJ. Fred O. Kirby, and
Miss Esther Task at Portsmouth,
N. H., on the evening of March 17
. Sergeant Kfrby was attached to
the Dopartmont of Marines, U. S.
Army, at Portsmouth, and having
been honorably discharged from ser
vice, re-enlisted,- and tho wedding
followed. : Numbers of friends here
send the kindest congratulations to
tho soldier, a native of Troy and a
young man of fine character and
Notice to Creditors.
I have qualified as Adminstrator of
tho estatb of E. V. Caldwell, de
ceased; all parties having claims
against said estate will 'please file
tho same with me, likewiso nil parties
indebted to said estate please call
and settle at once. This March, 18th,
4-t Administrator.
Justatablesaoonful of GRAND
MA, the wonderful po wdered
Boap in the water. That takes the
place of all the chipping, slicing
end rubbing: that you do now
whenever you wash or clean.
And you save soap. You know
just t".ot7 much to use.
Isn't it simple? What woman would '
put up with the fuss and bother of
bar soap lying around and waiting
away, when cbe can now nave this
this Powdered Soap Today!
Larger! 'I .
randnia's Pciidsred Soo;
Saves TIME Saves WORK Saves SOAP
Your Grocer Has It!
Death of Marshall Wright, in France.
Sergeant Major William M.
Wright, better knowa as Marshall
Wright, has made tin supreme sac
rifice and Kiven his his lifo for his
j country. His aunt.Mrs. Nannie Pewitt
na3 reccivca omciai n-j'.ico irom Ad
jutant General' Harris r.t Washing
ton that ho died on the 8 th cf March
of mcning'i3. Ho was located at
Toul, in North France, and . was
chief clerk of the Judge Advocate
General of the Second Army, whose
headquarters wero at the city of
Toul in France. He had been pro
moted to the position of regimental
Sergeant Major, a very responsible
position, and had chargo of the of
fice and records of tho Judge Advo
cate General, Col. Monrow. He has
Just returned from Italy, where he
had been on a fourteen day's leav-
of abaonco by permission of Gep i
Bullard. .
Sergeant Wright left the Lebanon
law School, where ho was a student
of law, and volunteered for the ser
vice, on Jan. 1, 1918. Ho was mus
tered in as a member of Co. I, 8th
Field Battalion, Signal Corps, on
about the 7 Oof January, at Fort
Leavtfnworth.tind was then seat,
with his battalion, to Camp Greon
for training. They wero sent to
France about June 1, and soon there
after went on the firing line, and
wero engaged In the soveie battlei
around Chateau Thlorry, and Ser
geant Wright went "over the top'
at Chateau Thierry, with his battal
Ion. Ho was gassed and also re
ceived a slight wound in the kneo
in this battle. After remaining in
the hospital for about throe weeks,
ho was ag:,in ready " for service, and
was then detailed for clerical work
in the 2nd Replacement Army.
About the time of the signing of the
Armistice, he was promoted to the
position of Scrgt. Major, and made
chief clerk in the office of the Judge
Advocate General, which position he
held to the tlmo of his death, having
charge of the records of the office
with several clerks and stenogra
phers under him.
YOung Wright was a bright, Intel
ligent, ambitious young man, and
his promotions came to him on his
merits, without any outside assist
He was reared in Union City by
his aunt, Mrs. Pewitt, and was
nephew of Judge W. H. Swiggart,
After completing his education and
taking a special business course, he
worked in tho office of Judge Swig
gart as his stenographer for a short
while. He was then tendered the
position of clerk of the Circuit Court
at Union City, by Judge Jones, to fill
a vacancy in that office, but being
under age, he could not accept the
appointment. He was then made
Deputy Clerk under Esq. Howard,
and. discharged the duties of this
position for nearly two years, in a
most acceptable manner. In the fall
of 1917 he resigned this position and
entered the Lebanon Law School as
student of law; but about the first
of Januray, 1918, he gave up this
work, and volunteered for the ser
vice in the army. It was his desire
and purpose to resume the study of
law, as soon as he was discharged
from the service. He was ambitious
to become a member of the bar; and
his friends anticipated that he
would have a successful career in
that profession. . He had an unusual
y brignt, quick mma and gave
ijiTiu'fte of a useful and (successful
career in his chosen profession.
The news of Marshall Wright's
death was, so unexpected, and came
suddenly, that his relatives and
friends were grectly shocked. His
death 'casts a gloom over this com
munity. He was only 23 years old,
and his last letter to Judge Swiggart,
written from Genoa, Italy, was full
bouyancy and hope, and indicat
ed that he was enjoying his trip In
Italy. His untimely death is another
the costly sacrifices which our
community has been called on to
make in the great war for liberty
and right.
The relatives of Scrgt. Wright
have our deepest sympathy, and tho
sympathy of the entire community,
in the sad bereavement which they
have -sustained by the death of this
promising young man.
Half Your Living (
Without Honey Cost'
We are all at a danger point On1
the use of good common sense In our
1919 farm and garden operations, de
pends prosperity or our "going broke.".
Even at present high prices no- one!
can plant all or nearly all cotton, buy
food and grain at present prices from
supply merchant on credit, and make
money. Food and grain aro higher In
proportion than are present cotton
prices. , i
It's a time above all others to play
safe; to produce all possible food,
grain and forage supplies on your own
acres; to cut down the store bill.
A good piece of garden ground,
rightly planted, rightly tended and
kept planted the year round, can be
made to furnish nearly half your liv
ing. It will save you more money
than you made on the best two or
three acres of cotton you ever grew!
Hastings 1919 Seed Book tells all
about the right kind of a money sav
ing garden and the vegetables to put
In it It tells about the farm crops as
well and shows you the clear road to
real and regular farm prosperity. It's
Free. Send for It today to H. G.
HASTINGS CO Atlanta, Ga. Advt
County Democratic Committee Meets
. - Saturday and Sets Date.
All property owners and other per
sons who have not paid their sidewalk
assessments or bills are hereby notified
that the same have been ordered by the
Board to be turned over to me for col
lection. Unless these claims are paid
promptly I will bo compelled to insti
tute suits in the Chancery Court to en
force the lien of same against the prop
erty. I wish to avoid the necessity of
this, so please see me at once and make
your arrangements for settlement.
Give, this immediate attention and
save court costs.
Respectfully, ,
Cty Attorney.
The Obion County Democratic Ex
utive Committee met at the court
house iu Union City in Saturday
March 22, at- 2 o'clock, with the fol
lowing proceedlrgs:
" Member; present represented
Numbers Two, Four, Six, Seven, Ten
Numbers Three, Eight, Nine,
Eleven and Fifteen were represented
by proxy.
A quorum being present motion
was made flx'ng the date of the
Obion County prime ry election for
the nomination of a DemcriUic can
didato for Trusted, Sheriff and Tax
Assesfjoi- to be held on Saturday,
August 2, 1919.
Mcticn carried that candidates be
assessed each 20, to be paid to the
secretary on or before tbo first Mon
day in July, 1919.
Motion carried that .sesnment be
turned over to tho committeemen of
tho different districts tc be applied
to paying officers, Judges and clerks
of election. i '
Motion carric: that committee
meet at 2 p. m. in Untar. City on the
first Monday in July, 1919.
Public Speaking.
Miss Gllreath, famed platform
speaker of tho W. C. T. U., will bo
at-Crittendon Grove Sunday after
noon at 2:30, and a; tho A. R. P,
Church in Rives at 7:30 Sunday
evening. Everybody come and hear
Christian Endeavor Social.
Thero will be a social at tho Cum
berland Presbyterian Manse Tues
day evening, April 1, at eight
o'clock. All young people are in
Spanish Influenza can
be prevented easier than
it can be cured.
At the first ' sign of a
shiver or sneeze, take
Standard cold remedy for 20 year in tablet
form aafe, sure, no opiate break! up a cold
in 24 hour relieve grip In 3 day. Money
back if it fail. The genuine box hat a Red top
with Mr. HUl't picture. At AU Drug Store.
Are You
Fulton, Ky., v
I- . March 12, 1919.
Mrs. Smyth G. Allen,-
Union City, Tenn. ' -
Dear Sir:
You ask me what I think of the
Cleveland Tractor. I can only say that
as for myself 1 think it is the only
practical tractor for the firmer. My
reason is this. It is so simple and so
easy to handle, and you can put it in a
place that a horse can go, and many
places be cant go. There is not much
to it, and what there is, is power.
As for the actual weight it can pull.
I do not know. I pulled a separator
for my neighbor, G. C. ' Frost. He
said that weighed 13,000 lbs., and the
rear wheels were miring near 6 inches
in the ground, and pulled it up a very
steep grade aod I could not tell that it
was behind me.
I went over 24 acres of wheat land
last fall, both ways, with two 8-foot
section barrows behind it, a two-man
log on each harrow, and a 16-foot log
behind the barrows, iu 1 days, and
used 15 gallons of gas. 11 to 12 gallons
of gas will break about 8 acres of
ground on an average. .
You can do anything almost with the
Cleveland Tractor plow, barrow, disc
and log, and turn as short almost as
you can with a team.
Yours respectfully.
A. D. Brock,
Fulton, Ky,, E. 3.
P. 8. When you have the demon
stration let me know and I will try to
come down.
Located in Harpole Furniture Bids.
ve in stock now
2 5 -Passenger
ready for delivery. Call and look them over.
Strongest builtcar on the market Best finished car
on the market In fact, the most beautiful car on
the market. "
Location, Dyersburg, Ripley, Union City
.Will have in connection
A. E. KIRKLAND, Manager
' Union City Branch.
'Inone iDozsers
Style Comfort Economy
HEN yon wear NuBone
yon wear individual corsets
made for you from correct
aaeaturemenis taken by an expert cor
eatiere. The NuBone Stay-flexible, strong,
fully palented-ts the only woven wire
etay in existence. Uied only in Nu
Bone Conets. Beodtedgewiieu freely
M flatwise. Insures perfect freedom
aad it guaranteed Id support any figure.
Will not break of lutt within one
NttBone Corsets are distinct! jr prac
tical. Moderately priced; laundered
easily and satisfactorily.,
Hot told in ttores; phone or writ
Jot appointment
Cumb. Phone 560 J 604 URY ST.
The Beautiful Brick Resi
dence Property of the
Late MaJ. W. L. Alexander
This attractive property is located on the corner of Ury and
Main streets, with a frontage of 100 feet on the south side of
Main street and runs back 230 feet to Exchange street.
The residence is constructed of brick and is modern
throughout All partitions dividing the rooms are of brick con
struction from top to bottom. There are 7 large rooms, a
ladies dresing room, bath room, pass pantry, front and back
hall down stairs and a large hall up stairs, 7 closets, and front
and back porches, etc. ,
The outbuildings are a servant's house, large brick smoke
house, large coal and kindling house, garage and stable com
bined, size 20x35 with 2 stalls, crib and loft. The horse or
cow lot is 50x100 and the garden plat is 60x100.
This magnificent property is within 5 minutes walk of
the business district, 3 minutes walk of the .public school and
. i , . t . ii r .i ! . ' n.. i
witnin Y2 to j minutes waiK or me metnoaist, oapust ana
Cumberland Presbyterian churches.
The terms of sale are 1-3 cash, balance in 3 equal
annual payments.
For price and inspection, see, phone or write,'
Thn Tittomorlh Dnoltu Pn
Union City - " " Tenn.
A Great Success.
Visiting day at tho Reynolds Pack
ing Company on March 6, was attend
ed by hundreds of Interested citizens
of Obion adjoining counties.
To say that all were highly pleased
expresses It mildly. It was the
unanimous decision that the exhibit,
and quality of the meats was beyond
their expectations and all predict that
this institution is destined to be of
great value to the citizens of this
territory in thq very near future.
Glass Colored Cook
Will pay from seven to eight
. dollars. Apply to

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