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Orel Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Term.
Office 144, Residence 595-J
Orer Wekman't Hardware Store
Union City, Term.
Office 144; Residence 595-J
Union City Commercial, established 8)l a.,-- .m
West Tennessee Courier.establUhed 1897 I Consolidate September 1, 1897
VOL. 28, NO. 6
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Musical Pageant "War, Victory, and
Peace" On 1919 Chautauqua,
" Kryl and his famous band, a musi
cal pageant entitled "War, Victory
: and Peace,",, a grand opera star, a
debate on government ownership
- these are but a few of the attractions
of the 1919 Redpath Chautauqua
- scheduled to appear here. The entire
. seven days' program is replete with
features of compelling interest and
"The League of Nations," "The
Freedom of the Seas," and other
down-to-the-mlnute topics, each finds
a place In the discussions of the week,
thus keeping up the reputation of the
Chautauqua as a powerful factor for
enlightenment on public problems.
The Orchestral Sextette will be the
attraction on- the first afternoon.
While the ensemble work of the Sex
tette is a delightful part of the pro
gram the work of the artist as solos,
duets, trios and quartets is equally
, notable.
"Getting Together" will be the title
of the lecture on the opening night
by Miss Ada Ward, dynamic, eloquent
English-woman, who arrived in
America from France and Germany
with a wonderful story of present
day conditions in Europe, Just in time
"to begin her Chautauqua tour. In
cidentally Miss Ward will tell some
of. her experiences entertaining the
"Tommies" at the front. v j
An eloquent plea for friendship be
tween America and France and a
study of world problems is presented
at night on the second day by Capt.
Perigord df the French Army. Capt.
Perigord is one of the. 1500 survivors
of the 6,000 French heroes who made
the last 'stand at Verdun. Ho was
'several times wounded and five times
decorated for gallantry.
-In the afternoon of the second day
Marie Rose Lauler, young French
woman, who "was captured by the
Germans in Belgium, escaped, was
recaptured and finally, released, will
speak on "The Spirit of the Women
of France."
Both afternoon and night of the
second day the Harvesters, a company
of three, presenting costumed sketch
es, will give a thirty minute prelude.
Their programs 'comprise a pleasing
variety of classical and popular vocal
and instrumental music end readings.
The Culp String Quartet, which
will be heard on the third, day, has
established itself as an important fac
tor in the musical life of the Middle
West The organization is noted for
that 8ponJ-v.n.d freedom of in
terpretation wmeu -the distinguish
ing feature of chamber music at its
Mme. Augusta Lenska, prima
donna contralto, will appear with the
Culp Quartet at night in the third
day. She has scored notable success
in New York, Chicago and European
musical centers and is not only a
highly esteemed grand opera singer
but has received highest praise as a
concert and oratorio singer.
A debate by noted men on "Gov
ernment Ownership of Railroads"
will be a feature of the fourth, day
program. This 1b a subject concern
ing which every American should be
informed and the Redpath" manage
ment has ' selected . as debaters men
who possess comprehensive expert in
formation in the question . and are
also masters of forensic oratory. The
debate will take place at night and!
in the afternoon. Charles Zeublin,
who will take the Affirmative side on
the debate, will give his lecture on
"The Great Highway," touching on
the freedom of the seas and other
vital themes. Mr.. Zeublin has spent
his life studying national and inter
national problems.
Twice Before Bohumir Kryl has
made a tour with his br. ' . bf the big
seven day Redpath Chautauqua cir
cuit. Both tours were so wonderful
ly successful that ever since there
have been repeated requests for Mr,
Kryl and his band again to go over
the circuit. This year the Redpath
is happy to announce the engagement
of Mr. Kryl and his band. Inasmuch
as so many Chautauqua patrons know
the high quality of music to be ex
pected from the Kryl Band there is
no question but what band day, the
fifth day of the Chautauqua, will be
one of the big days of the entire week.
The musical pageant "War, Victory
and Peace" will be a feature of the
night program given by Kryl and his
band. The strife and stress of war,
the advent of victory and the Joys of
peace are all set forth in a sketch
made notable by a rare combination
of music and costuming. Uncle Sam
and the allies, Columbia, the soldiers,
sailors and marines all have their ap
propriate .place ! on- . the program.
"War, Victory and Peace" was pro
duced by Sandor Radanovitc and Bo
humir Kryl working in conjunction.
Mr. Kryl will personally direct the
"The League of Nations" is dis
cussed in a great lecture by R. E. P.
Kline on the sixth afternoon. "The
Now Competition" is the title of the
address and the law of the high cost
of hate and the profitableness of Just
dealing is vividly portrayed. The
relations between labor and capital
are also comprehensively discussed,
Pure entertainment features have
their rightful place on the program.
Among the entertainers is Noah Beil-
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House Bill No. 595, By Howard, of
,N- T Obion County -and others.
. An Act to provide for the construe
tion of a road in Lake and. Obion
Counties, to make more accessible the
natural resources of Reelfoot Lake as
a hunting and fishing preserve to the
citizens of the State; to authorize
the issuance and sale of bonds of the
State; to provldo funds for said pur
pose; to provide for tho payment of
the principal and interest of such
bonds with revenue collected from
the taxation of hunting and fishing
privileges; and to amend Chapter
122, of the Public Acts of 1917, and
'Chapter 152, of the Public Acts of
SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of. the State of
Tennessee, That in order to make
more accessible to the citizens of the
State, the natural resources of Reel
foot Lake as a hunting and fishing
preserve, the Department of High
ways of the State of Tennessee shall
designate the road from White's
Landing in Lake County to Union
City in Obion County, by way of the
washout, and around the southern
and eastern end of Reelfoot Lake
through Shaw's Park, Hornbeak and
Troy, as the "Reelfoot Lake Road,'
and one of the roads. to be built in
co-operation with the United States
Department of Agriculture under the
provisions of the Federal Aid Road
Act, approved April 11, 1916, and
amendments thereto, and that the
State Highway Department shall co
operate with the United States De
partment of Agriculture in the build
ing of said road under the rules and
regulations prescribed in the said
Federal Aid Road Act and amend
ments thereto.
SECTION 2. Be it further enact
ed, That the -said road shall be of
well constructed, levied and graveled
surface, and to be located, surveyed,
and supervised, by and under the
direction of the State Highway De
SECTION 3. Be it further enact
ed, That the cost of the construction
of the Reelfoot Lake Road herein
provided for shall be paid out of any
funds in the hands of tho State High
way Department that may be avail
able for the building of, such roads
together with any aid that may be
secured from the United States De
partment of Agriculture under the
provisions of the Federal . Aid Road
Act above mentioned, together with
such aid as may be secured from the
Counties of Obion and Lake, and if
necessary, all or any part of the
A -
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"datibh and endorsement of the Ford Motor Company as being a reliable,
satisfactory and economical service. '
. TRl. M. MUST ;
moneys derived from the extra taxa
tion of privileges of hunting and fish
ing on Reelfoot Lake accruing under
the provisions of this Act. , .
SECTION 4. Be it further enact
ed, That in order to anticipate the
revenues that may be derived from
proceeds of the extra hunting and
fishing privileges on Reelfoot Lake
and to. provide for immediate con
struction of Bald road in order that
the citizens of the State may not be
delayed In enjoying such privileges,
and in order that the revenues from
such sources may be increased as a
result Of the construction of said
road, -the Funding Board of the State,
composed of the Governor, the Comp
troller, the Treasurer, and the Sec
retary of tho State, are hereby au
thorized, empowered, and. directed,
to prepare, issue, and sell, at not less
than par value and accrued interest,
not more than one hundred thousand
($100,000.00) dollars of bonds of the
State of Tennessee, the proceeds of
which, bonds (bail te turned over to
und kept by the Treasurer of the
State,, apart from the other funds of
the State, and expended in accordance
with the provisions of this Act.
SECTION 17. Be it further enact
ed, That the Funding Board shall not
issue or sell any bonoo under the
authority of this Act, uiitU Obtoz
County, through its Quarterly Coun
ty Court shall have appropriated one
hundred thousand ($100,000.00)
dollars for the building of said road,
and tile expenses of building said
road snail be borne equally by the
State and Obion County, unless the
road shall cost more than two hund
red thousand ($200,000.00) dollars.
In that event the County of Obion
shall "pay whatever amount may be
necessary to complete said road, over
and above two hundred thousand
($200,000.00) dollars.
Thf" State Highway Commission
shall , co-operate with the Federal
Government in the location and con
struction of said road and secure as
much-assistance as possible from it
under the rules and regulations of
the United States Department' of
Agriculture as prescribed in the Fed
eral Aid Road Act, approved July 11,
1916, and amendments thereto, and
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on te e
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roughness. - r
Rexall Violet Talcum
For general uses
Union City, Tenn.
Union City, Tenn.
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On their lands as security. These loans will he made for either five
or ten years, with interest payable semi-annually or annually, as the
borrower may prefer. The principal sum borrowed may be repaid in
$100 amounts or in larger sums at any interest paying date. There
will be no charge for such loans except for abstracting title to lands
offered as security for loan. These loans will be closed and the money
in the hands of borrower promptly, and no long delays are necessary.
Office Phone 143, Residence Phone 588
DAVIS c RUSSELL, Union City, Tenn.,
are our field agents and authorized to
take application! for loans.
HENRY fit HENRY, of Hickman. Ky.,
are field agents and have the same au
thority. s
- 1 1 1
We are in the market again this season for WOOL, and
will pay the highest market price. It will pay you to
see us before selling your WOOL.
Ear Corn and Shelled Corn in car lots
Seed Corn Whippoorwill Peas Soy Beans
We carry a full stock at all times of Cotton Seed Meal,
Pure Corn Chops, No. 2 White Feeding Oats, Wheat
Bran, Shelled Corn.
We are in the market for Hay and Corn, car lots, and if
you have anything in this line to offer, come to see
us, or call us by phone. -

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