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1 DECEMBER 10th and 11th, 1919.
82,500.00 In Gash Premiums
No entrance fee, competition open to Tennessee,
Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi,
The South's Greatest Live Stock Show
Fjrst ,.,,....J,000.00
Second 500.00
Third 300.00
Fourth ..' ' 100.00
Best Steer I 100.00
Best Heifer 100.00
Best 'Hereford Baby Beef 100.00
Best Shorthorn Baby Beef 100.00
Best Angus Baby Beef 100.00
Grand Championship 100.00
Make Tour Plans Now to Feed and Exhibit Cattle at This Show
Ml cattle exhibited at this show must le natives of one of the five
States to which competition is open, or must have teen In one of
these States since January 1, 1919.
umn stock yards
Tha Logical Market for Tennessee' Live Stock.
On Sunday, May 18, the relatives
and frends of Mr. and Mis. E. Callis
mot at their home and gave their son,
Elgyan, a great reunion, long to be
remembered by both young and old.
Elgyan has been away eleven months
in France and in camp. Army life
sure agrees with him. He looks so
well, though he says he's ready to
farm again. Those present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McGowen and.
daughters, Maggie and Nannie, of
Ebenezer; Henry Callis, Mr. Seals,
Mr. Billy Forrester, Lovio Callis,
Charley Morrlsettc, Aunt Lucy Shore,
Houston Callis," Mr. and Mrs. Mc
Gowen and son, Billy, of Troy; Clyde
Fitzgerald, Milton Shore, Robert Cal
lis, Carrie Fitzgerald, Mrs. Ira Shore,
Nora Fitzgerald, Mrs. Billy Forrest,
Mrs. Elgyan Callis and son, Elgyan,
Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Forrester,
Andy Johnson, Sidney Fitzgerald,
Mr. Nesbett, Mr. Charley Williams,
Kelly Nesbett, Mr. Jim "Arnold, of
Number Seven; Jim Fitzgerald, Mrs.
Pearl Morrisette, Penny Fitzgerald,
Sarah Gould Morrisette, Mrs. Jona
Fitzgerald, Maxwell Morrisette. .
The tables were full and running
over with good things to eat, from
goat, hen and drcosing to cake, cus
tard and pie, every thing in the way
of eating. ONE PRESENT.
Whan your young chicks do not
grow and thrive they need a tonic.
B. A. Thomas' Poultry Remedy is
not only a tonic but a specific for
Bowel Trouble, Gaps and other chick
troubles. Get it today. We Bell it on
the money back plan.
Mrs. Susie Garrett leaves next
week to speed the cummer in the
Blue Ridge mountains. Mrs. Garrett
will be with relatives in Knoxville.
J. J. Connors, of Wavcrly, comes
in now in a few days for a summer
visit with Mrs. Dave Petty.
Mrs. Dave Woody spent part of the
week visiting . her brothers, the
Messrs. Fox, in Obion.
Mrs. Tom St'trnca is at home from
a two days visit in Obion for dental
Dr. and Mrs. E. H. White are in
Fayetteville for a few weeks, where
it is reported Mrs. White may gain
Miss Sadie Caruthera, of Union
City has been visiting with Miss Ola
Petty north of town.
Miss Belle Pressly, of Troy, was a
recent business visitor.
Mrs. J. L. Boyd is in Atcka for a
visit with relatives.
Residents visiting in Henderson the
past week were Miss Mable Warren
and Mr. Dorrcnce Wocdy and little
sister, Bonita.
Allie Burnett was an end of the
week visitor in Troy.
Thursday of the past week Mrs.
W. D. Webster had a few friends in
for the afternoon. A memory contest
in which some fifty articles on a tray
were passed for inspection, resulted
in a tie between Mrs. Knox Harper
and Miss Martha Wade, Miss Wade
being the winner in a draw. Mrs
BJiS3 Callicott was the fortunate ar
tist In the feat of drawing a hen and
six chickens. The reception an
dining rooms were redolcntly fra
grant with lovely P.nul Neyson roses,
Mrs. Webster was assisted in receiv
ing by her sisters, Mesdames Ed Kirk
land, Roscoe Kitchell and Hubert
Shore. Approaching rain gave the
guests a hurry up call after five for
T. C. Callicctt and Lcxie Harpor
attended the recent session of Gen
oral Assembly of the C. P. Church
in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Miss Ruth Harper opened the
Gypsy tea season Friday afternoon in
a very enjoyable affair on the beauti
ful lawn of her parents, Mr. and Mrs,
Knox Harper, south of town. Those
present were: Misses Mary Belle
Cummings, Pauline Garrett, Annie
Mai McCowan, Gertvude Starnes, Lois
and Mary Nelle Kitchell, Johnnie
Woody, Elizabeth Warreu and Iva
ff5 know vnnVft atlnor Sl-vrrtn wkri li
a .
ft it
"Oh. Won
'rr Look
PERRY BROTHERS rTUiE chances are that you'll not buy a new car
fOul' JmW1mm4uumJ I this year, there won't be many new cars on the
market. Your car runs as good as it ever did,
and the only trouble is that it doesn't look just as
, good as you think it should. The body is dulled up
' and the fenders have a lot of color chipped off. . The
V hood, too, needs touching up.
Just a little Berry Brothers Auto Color Vamisjea
; properly applied to your car will make it look just
, like new and give you a car in which you can take
a just pride.
Refinishingr your car the Berry way will do more
than this, it will protect your car from rust and df,
cay and thereby add greatly to its value. j
Berry Brothers Auto Color Varnishes are made in 1
, all standard colors and in black and white. You can
select any color you wish for refinishing your car in ;
one color only, or you can have the fenders and hood
in one color, the body in another and the wheels in a
third color.
We have a descriptive folder showing color com
binations and giving explicit directions to the finisher,
quantities of materials required, etc Call on us today
anu get uuc . .. .. .
Nailling-Keiser Hardware Co. '
Union City, Tenn.
You know you're eating Syrup when
you spread' Karo on your pancakes.
Lots of body, full of flavor and a rich
delicious sweetness there's no mistaking
There Are Three Kinds of Karo
"Crystal White" in the Red Can; "Golden Brown" in the Blue Can;
"Maple Flavor" the new Karo with plenty of substance
and a rich Maple Taste in the Green Can.
IMPORTANT TO YOU-Erery can of Karo is marked with exact weight
in pound of syrup contained. Do-not be misled by packages of similar
size bearing numbers only and having no relation to weight of contents.
The new 63-page Corn Products Cook
Book tells you how to make the most
delicious Karo Candies easily and quickly.
Beautifully illustrated and it is FREE. Write us today for it.
'wy hi
Corn Products Refining Company
P. O. Box 161, New York City
11 1 ' .
May' Houser, also Messrs. Max
Houser, M. T. Warren, George Mc
Neill, J. C. McCord and Chillian Palmer.
With an increase in salary W. H.
Cravens and M?so Sadie Fryc accept
re-election for the fall session of
tchool. Mr. Do.rence Wocdy, we un
derstand, will assist the principal
while Mrs. Roscoe Kitchell again lies
the primary work.
Mr. and Mm. E. W. Thomas and
children spent Thurs.lay with Mr.
and Mrs. R. P. Rogers.
Miss Lula Forrester spent one
night last week with Mrs. C. Mor
Mr. Clyde Forrester is visiting
friends near Harris this week.
We are glad to report Mr. Elgin
C?.llis at home after eleven months
cf services in the U. S. Army.
Mr. and Mrs. Elgia Callis and lit
tle" son, Elgin, Jr., were guests of
Mr. 'and Mrs. Robert McGowen one
day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Callis were
guests of relatives near Martin Wed
nesday and Thursday.
Mrs. Ira Shor.i and children spent
Thursday in the home of Mrs. Dell
Mr. Polk Phillips and Miss Lucy
Bowman were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Callis enter
tained with a singiag Sunday night.
The many relptives and friends of
Mr3. Learon Callis surprised her with
a birthday dinner last Sunday. Those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Will
Wagster and two children, Mr. and
Mrs. Lennie Hansbrough and little
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Price,
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hanobrough, Mr.
and Mrs. Babe Williams and two
children, Mr. and Mrs. Will Coley
and three children, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Callis, Mr.-jind Mrs. S. B. Coley
and three ftildren, Meosrs Tom,
Bailey anf Jfjim Coley, Miss Pearl
Coley, M$T Dell Callis and son, Mrs.
Catherine Rice, Misses Annie Lola
and Allie May Forrester, Mr. Will
Houser and wife, Mr. Walter Forres
ter, At 12 o'clock a nice dinner was
spread in the yard, which was enjoy
ed. Later good music. All departed
wishing her many more happy birth
days. .
Mr., anffIrs. Ellas ...Callis gave a
dinner. Sunday la honor, of their son,
Elgin, who is home from the U. S.
Army. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Fitzgerald and children,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Morrisette and two
children, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mc
Gowen and little son, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam McGowan and two .daughters,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Callis and two
children, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Shore and
little son, Mrs. Lucy Shore, Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene Forrester, Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Forrester, Mr. Ray Forrester,
Mr. Seals. A nice dinner was enjoy
ed on the beautiful lawn, when later
ice cream was served. All departed
wishing Mr. and Mrs. Callis lots of
pleasure and happiness.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Morrisette enter
tained with a penny party .Monday
night. $14.50 was made to help buy
an organ for Sunday School.
Mr. Ray Forrester spent Monday
night with Mrs. Clyde Fitzgerald.
Quarterly Conference.
The Quarterly Conference of the
Union City Circuit waa a success. We
had a fine din.ier, splendid sermon
by Dr. Evans, of the First Methodist
Church, Union City, and a succccsful
If you are thinking of erecting a
monument it will pay you to write
The Eclipse Marble and Granite
Works, J. J. Snyder, Proprietor,
Humboldt, Tenn. Nothing but the
best of material used, and the highest
class of mechanical workmanship.
New Model Paige
Best for the Money on the Market.
The car giving you one hundred per cent ser
vice and the greatest mileage and durability.
Modernly equipped and the most beauf aul car
in America.
Call and look em over and let us give you' a
demonstration. We are located at the corner
of Second and Church streets with the John
son Transfer Co.
Hermam Dietzel, Jr.,
and Clarence Johnson
Telephone No. 10.

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