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Marshall & Balrd, Union City, Tens.
Entered at the post office at Union City. Ten
nessee, as second-class mail matter.
FRIDAY, MAY 23. 1919.
For Trustee.
later at thirty. But the proper train
ing never ceases.
The support of the public schools
is one of the obligations of American
citizenship. The g.'cat democracy
taught by tho world war must find
expression In our public schools, the
greatest democratic institution in the
Everyone should seek the training
of the mind and soul, for they go
hand in hand. And in this age of
opportunity there is no excuse for
ftW tr . tV. r.A tn. .nnmm- I aCK Ol 1131111 Ul . miUlS DJIUIB VI
vv " C sic buiiiw. ax.u v a...av.... i .........
l p rv ... r.nA,At fnr Trustee of the many university stuacnts wno
ObionJCounty, subject to the action'of the I had educated themreJves. The mov
Uemocratic party. I inK force in tho world of progress Is
IERNIGAN. We are authorized to an. efficiency. While the efficiency Of
nounce Tom W. Jernigan as a candidate tho.Hun was directed to a bad pur
pose, there was no question of his ef-
for Trustee of Obion County, subject to
the action of the Democratic party.
REYNOLDS We are authorized to an
nounce T. R. Reynolds as a candidate for
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.'
ATKINS. We are authorized to an
nounce Harry Atkins as a candidate for
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
HARRIS. We are authorized to an
nnnnr. Dnrr1 Harris aa a candidate for
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the a classmate of his who is one of the
action of the Democratic party. , leading citizens of McKcnzie. Every
TAYLOR. We are authorized to an- ono of the men who sought a self
nounce John A. Taylor as a candidate for supporting education in Vandorbilt
ficiency. In the various essential
elements of national lifo Germany
wa3 a country of development In
science, agriculture, diplomacy and
in war she was a force to be reckoned
with by the combined allied forces,
Among tho greatest men of to-day
are those who have worked their
way thru school. Dr. Mims spoke of
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
NOONAN. We are authorized to an
nounce J. J. Noonan as a candidate for
Trustee of Obion County, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
RATLIFF. We are authorized to-an
nounce Armour L. Ratliff as a candidate
University commanded tho respect of
his fellow-students. And so in the
other colleges.
Education is an Investment. There
are numbers who aro paying the ex
penses of college students. Some of
them expect a return of the money.
for Trustee of Obion County, subject to I Others have a larger and more gen-
the action of the Democratic party,
For Tax ; "K:",'y
NOAH. We are authorized to announce
Will P. Noah as a candidate for Tax As
sessor of Obion County, subject to the ac
tion.of the Democratic party,
ROBEY. We are authorized to announce
Will Robey a candidate for Tax Assessor
of Obion County, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
For Sheriff.
McCAIN. We are authorized to an
nounce J. R. (Bob) McCain as a candidate
for Sheriff o'' ion County, subject to
the action of me Democratic party.
CHERRY We are authorized to an
nounce Wat Cherry as a candidate for
Sheriff of Obion County, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
INUAH. We are authorized to announce
T. P. Noah as a candidate for Sheriff of
Obion County, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
erous view in advancing the spirit
of education. They are disposing of
their means to the best purpose on
earth. One of our own citizens, Dr.
Mims recalled, was one of the patrons
of Vanderbilt University. He Is a
graduate of Vanderbilt and enjoys
the distinction of having made it
possible for ono of his friends to
enjoy the advantages of the same
alma mater.
Tho address attracted the most
favorable comment. It was received
with the closest attention by a large
Another Congressional Investigation.
Dr. Mims' Address.
A quondam friend sometimes good-
humoredly referred to The Commcr
cial as the belly ,chc. All right,
somebody's got to do tho belly aching,
and the time is coming when there'll
be an epidemic of the particular dis
order in mind. i Tho Republican ma-
The address made before tho Jruy in congress mreaien 10 proDC
graduating class of the Union City the war expenses of tho U. S. Govern
High School at the Methodist Church mcnt- A bIS bluff' of dourse, but
laetvThursday night, the 15th Inst., there ia a reason, and that roason is
wDr. Edward Mims, or Vanderbilt "" 111 luc ".eia ui iu jjuum,. iUC
University, found a very wholesome members who are anxious apparently
and hearty response. Dr. Mims is t0 expose whatever money has boon
known as a scholar. His connection
with Vanderbilt University Is a tower
of strength. The address wan poten
tially a defense of education and the
public schools, and tho speaker in
the simplest and strongest English
drove the truth3 straight homeward.
Beginning, Dr. Mims spoke of the
squandered during tho war, are not
really Interested at all in that part
of tho work. It 13 simply an old game
that will bo persisted In and perpetu
ated till it becomes so notorious that
tho public will demand a change. The
idea behind the investigation is to
increase tho Government pay roll.
beautiful country that he saw, trav- This investigation would probably
eling to Union City, and the uplift- consume some years of official func
Ing effects of the sunshine, but tioning without rcsultn, and during
nothing he stated was so beautiful as that tIme the extra committee work
the human intelligence. The first End patronage would amount to some
thought was tho love of country, not millions or moro of dollars of addi
merely the approval, but tho loyalty tional expense to tho treasury of the
and patriotism of tho people, the United States. Everyone understands
'democracy and the community spirit tnat 1018 01 money nas Dcen used in
in the development of our educational tho war and no doubt much of 11
Institutions. The true instinct is the wastefully. But tncre is no acmana
love of home. Scott said he would for an investigation. What good can
dio if he could not soo tho heather at come from an investigation, even to
least once a year. Burns loved the tho Political party which is makfng
banks of the Bonny Doone. And so
House BUT. No. 1039 Chapter 786,
By Howard, Obion County.
An Act to authorize and direct the
Quarterly County Court of Obion
County to elect a County Highway
Bridge and 'Levee Commission, and
to fix the duties and powers of said
Section 1. Be it enacted by the
General Assembly of , the State of
Tennessee, That the Quarterly Coun
ty Court of Obion County is hereby
authorized; empowered and directed
to elect a County Highway Bridge
and Levee Commission, which com
mission shall expend, under tho di
rection of the Quarterly County
Court, all monies appropriated by the
County for the purpose of building
bridges and levees.
Section 2. Be It further enacted,
That said Highway Commission shall
have full control and direction of
the expenditure of all monies accru
ing to Obion County from tho pro
ceeds of the State tax on automo
biles and motor vehicles, and said
funds shall be expended by said High
way Commission in the manner and
method specified in an Act of the
Sixty-first General Assembly known
as House Bill No. 76, which Act di
rects the return to tho county of its
pro rata share of the proceeds of tho
State tax on automobiles. Said com
mission shall make any contracts
for the construction, maintenance, or
improvement of roads for which any
of said funds may bo used, in ac
cordance with the provisions of said
House Bill No. 76; and the County
Trustee is hereby authorized and di
rected to pay out said automobile
tax funds upon the warrant of the
Highway Commission, when signed
by as many as thrco of tho said commission.
Section 3. Bo it further enacted,
That said Highway Commission shall
be composed- of five members, citi
zens and free-holders of Obion Coun
ty, no two of whom shell reside in
tho same civil district of Obion
County. The five. Commissioners
first to be chosen shall be elected by
tho Quarterly County Court at its
July term, 1919. The term of of
fice of one of said commissioners
shall expire on the first day of Octo
ber, 1920, and on tho first day of
each succeeding October until 1924
Inclusive, so thnt thero shall bo one
vacancy and ono election to fill said
vacancy at each October term of said
court. At the time of the election
of tho first commissioners, the Quar
terly County Court shall designate
which of said members shall be elect
ed to each of said tcrm3, and there
after all members elected to tho com
mission shall hold office for a term
of fPVe years.
Section 4. Be it further enacted,
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EAST MAIN SL BOTH PHONES: Cumb. No. 20; Home No. 68
Phone 12. Main and Third Sts.
Jake H. Park. D.D.S.
C. E.Upchurch, D D.S,
Both Phones 136.
, Drs, Park & Upchurch
Mrs. Jake H. Park, Attendant
Office: Rooms 1, 2 and 3, NaillingBldg
Over Oliver's Red Cross Drug Store.
If we would measure up to the best
in life the home fires must be kept
burning. Thero is no better ex
ponent in the community life than
the public school. It is tho avenue
thru which every humble home may
it? The odium of this spurious In
vestigation should be and no doubt
will reflect moro on Republican pol
iticians In Congress than anyone else
Tho American people are very
much like sheep. They aro swayed
ono way or the other. The swaying
Chorish noble aspirations. The against me pudiic spona oi congress
greatest leader of the morrow may hasn't started. It may bo belated,
be unheard of to-day with the op- ut some day it will ccme, and like
nnrtunitles of the nublic school. a thunderbolt it will sweep cvery-
Education has some critics, but bo thlnS before it.
has the church, and can we afford
to Judge tho church by some of its
members. This is one rf the traged
ies of life. It is said that Abraham
Lincoln and Andrew Jackson were
not educated men, therefore notable
exceptions to the rule. This is, ac
cording to Dr. Mims, a faulty view.
Tho misfortune is
that it doesn't come before the prac
tice of spoils has become so rank and
Home on Ury Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Vaden have
bought the home on -the corner of
Abraham Lincoln was self educated Ury and Grove streets, now occupied
w rT iYn rilfrhnar monta DV JVlr. ana 1V1IJ.. J. V. muxiue. i
W ILKA C Hi 0,1 Ul UlUVUb iv.iVfc i - .
s j mu nrnnnrtv wflQ PnnVPVfld bV MiSS Tab
mental training was witnessed in his bio Stanfield. Mr. and Mrs. McRee
nn.r nf RPlf renression. On the will move into the residence on me
k . .
otw hand, we havo Roosevelt, Taft west side of the street adjoining Mrs.
and Wilson, all collego men. President N. E. Beck's home, and Mr. McRee
Wilson's profound learning qualified will arrange at tno carnesi porsioie
him as leader, we think, of the world, time to build a new nome on mis
'But most of us are peoplo of normal site, which is his property, and to
a thnmfnrn w nooH thn move the old nouse to mo rear, me
equipment of an education. You may
call It training. : Tho term docs not
alter the subject. And then the
epeaker referred to tho broader field
of training. It is not all of an edu
cation to go to school. There is no
limit. The culture of the mind may
continue thru life. Otherwise the
development of tho mind may be ar
rested with the public school, or it
may cease with a colhge cource, or
new residence will in all probability
be one of modem typo and beauty.
Woman's Hospital.
Mrs. Fulton' Howard has been ap
pointed district chairman for Union
City and vicinity for the American
Woman's Hospital campaign, now In
progress. Tennessee haa been esked
for $1000 and Mrs. Howard has been
asked to receive contributions.
Dr. E. W. Y0UNGBL000, DM
Cum. Home
Both Phones 100.
Army Surgeon During World War.
steam Vulcanizing
At Union City Garage
R. S. Watson Phone 342
Dr. Jas. W. Scott
Registered Optometrist.
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Telephone 327-J
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurses
DR. W. A. NAILLING Chief Surgeon
Union City, Tenn. Both Phone 41.
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That said Commission shall organize
by electing one of their number as
Chairman, and another of their
members as Secretary whose duty it
shall be to keep a record of all tho
proceedings of the Commission
Three of the members of said Com
mission shall be a quorum for the
purposo of transacting any business,
r.nd tho action of three of them shall
be deemed the action of tho Com
mission. The members of the Com
mission shall receive such per diem
compensation for their services as
the Quarterly County Court of said
county may determine, payablo by
warrant of tho County Judge upon
tho County Trustee out of tho gen
eral revenues of tho County. The
County Judge shall draw his war
rant in favor of tho members of said
commission only upon the filing with
him of a statement sworn to by the
members claiming compensation and
certified to by the commission, show
ing tho number of days for which
said member is entitled to compen
Section 5. Bo it further enacted,
That said Highway Commission is
hereby authorized and empowered to
employ a supervisor of bridges,
levees and highways, at such com
ponsat'ion as m..y be fixed by the
County Court, who shall perform
cuch duties and work as said com
mission may designate. The com
pensation of said Supervisor shall be
paid by the County Trustee upon the
warrant of this said Commission, ap
proved by the County Judge, out of
any funds designated for such pay
ment by the Quarterly County Court.
Section 6. Bo it further enacted,
That the election of any member or
members of said County Highway
Commission shall be subject to tho
right of the Quarterly County Court
at any time, without notice and
without cau30. to summarily refEare
such member or members from said
Commission, and to elect a successor
to servo the unexpired term, provid
ed such removal shall be ordered and
approved by two-thirds of the mem
bers elected to the county court..
Section 7. Be it further enacted,
That it shall bo the duty of said
County Highway, Bridge, and Levee
Commission to prepare and ruivwith
tho Quarterly County Court, as soon
as possible aftgf the election of tho
nrst commission, a siaicmeni snow
ing the number, length, character,
condftion and location of all levees
on public roads, in Obion County.
And it shall be tho duty of said Com
mission to investigate and report to
the Quarterly County Court the con
dition of any bridge pr levee or sec
tion of road, whenever such report
and investigation 13 asked of them
by the County Court, or whonevor in
the opinion of said commission such
a report Should bo made.
Section 8. Bo it ..further enacted,
That each Commissioner elected un
der the provisions of this Act shall
bo required to take tho oath of of
fice required to be. taken by county
officers, in writing; and shall, beforo
entering upon the duties of said of
fice, execute a bond in any amount
UNION CITY, TENN I required by the Quarterly Court, con-
ditioned upon tho faithful perform
ance of his duties as commissioner
and to faithfully and truly account
for and expend all monies coming
into his hands and paid out upon
warrant signed by him.
Section 9. Be it further enacted,
That this Act take effect from and
after passage, tho public welfare re
quiring it. Passed April 14, 1919.
Speaker of the House of Representa
tives. ANLREW L. TODD,
Spaaklr of the Senate.
Approved April 16, 1919,
Farmers' Cooperative Organizations.
One county plans to; organize a
fruit growing association, another
desires to feature livestock, another
has in mind the purchase of supplies
Such is a good thing for the far
mers of tho, county. Tho develop
ment of all rural interests for far
mers generally depends upon their
oc-opcrative organization.
Such an organization must bo very
particular that the man who acts as
its selling agent is one who thoroly
understands his business. On him
depends the satisfactory solution of
the marketing problem for which
such an organization is intended. If
ho is not the right man tho organiza
tion will fail and be the cause of
great dissatisfaction to the members.
The success or failure of the project
depends in large measure upon the
manager. The members of this or
ganization must also havo the true
co-operative spirit. They usually ex
pect too much of an organization at
the outset and when these expecta
tions do not always materialize, fric
tion develops. For this reason it is
important that the members bo of
a mind to see the organization thru
and realize what it will accomplish
for them in the future, even in the
face of a few difficulties at tho start.
Mr. Edward Williams and Miss
Mary Love, both of this place, were
quietly married at tho home of Rev.
H. A. Todd on Sunday night, May 18,
Rev." H. A. Todd officiating. Only
immediate relatives were present.
Congratulations are extended.
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