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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY,-JUNE 27, 1919.
Rev. J. H. Thomas,, of Dyer, was
a visitor here last week.
Eat at Forrester's. .
Miss Ruth Griffin will return
Monday from Atlanta, Ga.
Buick A. E. Kirkland. ,' .
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bush art visit
ed Fulton friends Sunday.
Stradivara. '
F." C. Aydelott was a visitor last
week with his mother and father at
McKenzie. ' ' - . ' ' . " '
Bay Battle Creek Coal. McAdo
' Coal Co. . .. . ,.
Mrs. Davis, of Hickman, Ky., was
a guest for dinntr of Miss Jennie
Curlin last week.
Buick, the strongest car on the
market. Kirkland.
Miss Fannie Mott Driskill is vis
iting this week in the hom.of Miss
, Aydelott at McKenzie.
Bugs, Drnggets and Matting at
special prices, Phone 99.
Miss Mablo Ogilvie, of Nashville
, is a guest of Miss Sarah Louise Holt
at Mrs. Margaret Holt's.
f . Stradivara.
Mrs. Clark, on Exchange street
has been very sick. A Mrs. Hall, of
' Florence, Ala., is visiting her.
Buy Battle Creek Coal. McAdoo
Coal Co. V
Miss Lillian Kirkland, who has
been visiting friends in the city, has
returned to her home in Fulton.
Bugs, Druggets and Matting at
special prices, Phone 99.
Mrs. Jeter, of Martin, was a vis
: itor last week in the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Bryan, Ury street
Nice line candy, fruits and cigars
at Forrester's.
Col. W. W. Morris, ef Fulton, ac-
' compenied by his wife and children,
... visited relatives in this city Sunday,
Stradivara. '
Mrs. H. A. Horron and little
grandson, J. S.' Holt, aro in Nash
ville this week visiting i latives and
Buy an Oil Stove NOW. The
very best four burner stove for $25
at Wehmans.
Col. Harvey Caldwell, game ward
en, came up from Samburg last week
for a few days Interchange of the
latest Jokes and fish tales.
FOB SALE Ford Boadster. Phone
J. C. Burdick, 185-J, Union City,
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Howard, of
Natchez, Miss., are in the city, ac
companied by the children for a vis
it to relatives and friends.
When better automobiles are built,
Stuck will do it. A. E. Kirkland.
Mettrs. E. H. Morm and Peyton
Rbirson, who have beet visiting in
Union City with Mrs. Margaret Holt
fci.ve ret-urned to Franklin, Tenn.
The best in Bed-room Suites at
Harpole-Walker Furniture Company,
Ihone 99.
Mr. Elmcre Williams is with Dr.
G. H. Nile as druggist and prescrip
tionist. Mr. Williams is one of Union
City's most excellent business young
Thos. Southworth, photographer,
Union City-Indianapolis, will operate
in his Exchange street home in Union
City until October 1.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Napier have
scld their heme ih-Unicn City to Mr.
Lamb, lately of Nashville, and Mr.
Lamb and family expect to locate
here. t
The Furniture Store on the corner
for complete line. Harpole-Walker
Furniture Company, Phone 99.
Miss Lucilo Bradsjiaw, who has
boon attending school in East Ten
cessce, came home last week and has
been visiting her parents in Mem
Mrs. Lo'la Mae Minnick and little
daughter, Margia, of McKenzie, are
l. the city this week visiting Mr. and
Mrs. F. C. Aydelott and attending
the Chautauqua.
Five-Minute, ', Double-Quick Ice
Cream Freezers, Ice Coolers and Ice
Boxes will help you through the hot
weather. : Call Wehmans.
Dr. Paul Joyner, who has been
conducting a meeting at Trenton,
came in Sunday and left on the out
going train for Chicago to attend
an evangelical meeting.
Stradivara. - -
Mr. Joe Prieto is letting the con
tract -this week for some extensive
Additions and enlargements to his
home in the central portion of the
western , half of the city. c V
Thos. Southworth, ' photographer,
Union City-Indianapolis, will operate
in his Exchange street home in Union
City until October i. '
The sure way to get pure, rich and
wholesome syrup Say Karo to
your grocer
'' : There Are Three Kinds of Karo
"Crystal White" m the Red Cans "Golden Brown"-M the Blae Can;
"Maple Flavor" the new Karo with plenty of rabctance and a rich Maple
' v Taste in the Green Can, i '
IMPORTANT TO TOUCmmy emm of Kara h mm with od wmt im pnwli mt yifi
otiwJ. Dm not bm mHiA by pmck of uxwimt too b wn urfiMi ami Unt
bo nhtiat to wiht of content. . .
P. a BOX 161 ' KSW TOSS CITY ,01 FalU BaMm MmnpkU, Ten
Son Gains in Weight and Strength
After Taking Meritone.
'I want to recommend Meritone as
the best medicine I ever saw," said
W, H. Prather, a, well-known em
ploye of the N. C. & St. L. Ry., of
No. 4 Bessie Street, Chattanooga,
My son's health was all run down
after he got up from an attack of
the influenza. He had no energy at
all and could hardly drag around.
His appetite was so poor that 'he
didn't care for anything to eat.
"He kept going down and fell off
in weight and nothing did him any
"Finally I heard of Meritone and
what it was doing for others, and de
cided to let him try it.
"Since taking twobottles he has
gained five pounds and Just can't get
enough to eat.
"That tired, draggy feeling has left
him and he delights in doing his
school work now.
'He has a better color and sleeps
fine. In fact, Meritone has made a
new boy out of him and he is as hap
py as can be?"
Meritone is sold exclusively in
Union City by Oliver's Drug Store.
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Bransford, of
St. Louis, came in last week to spend
the summer in the home of Mrs.
Fannie Driskill. They were accom
panied by Robert Driskill, Jr.
Buy a spruce lined Herrick Re
frigerator with a Water Cooling
System. Call at Wehmans to see
Chas. Kistner, of Bimark, Mo.,
was here last week visiting his moth
er, Mrs. J. W. Woosley. Mr. Kistner
is gaining his former gcod health
after a long seige of blood poisoning.
Invest your money at home where
you can see it working, and paying
nice dividends from the very , first
year. Reynolds Packing Company.
Dr. Horace McMichael, connect
ed with the hospital corps, A. E. F
has returned to Union City. He
came in last week and was here for
a few days with his parents and
Where do yon eat and drink? After
all Forrester's place is the best. '
; Dr. Jake H. Park is rebuilding his
home nort'i of the Training School
bnilding. It is being remodeled,
with extensions,' stucco for the ex
terior and other substantial improvements.
.Mr. Robert Driskill, who has been
in charge as salesman at the Oliver
drug store on Main street for sever
al months, leaves this week for Ma
con, Ga.,' to enter he Max Morris
School of Pharmacy at. that place!
lit which he expects to complete his
work of preparation : pharmacy.
Mr. Joel Waddell, with the Am
erican Expeditionary Forces, , is at
home from France, after an absence
cf many months in the tcrific strug
gle and final victcry over the Huns.
H i is welcome home.
Mr. Allie Craver tells us that a
new bank building is going up at
Oakton, Ky., with stone front and
all the latest modern equipment.
Mr. Craver was called home to take
up the brick work on Mr. Prieto's
Thos. Southworth, photographer,
Union City-Indianapolis, will operate
in his Exchange street home in Union
City until October 1. x
Messrs. J. C. McRee, Hunter
Elam,.Wl L." Bryan, Bob ; Wade,
Wf lker Pickard arid Others went to
St. Louis this week to market some
of the Obion County livestock pro
ducts and to buy some feeders for
their respective farms rear. Union
Mr. Marshall Garth, who has finis-hod
his sophomore-freshman year
at the University of Tennessee, is
home for a few days vacation. He
goes from here to Lester, Pa., hav
ing been complimented for. schol
arship with an appointment.- to a
school of practical electrical engi
neering, conducted by the Westlng-I-ouse
Company. '
Mr. Glenn Edwards, who has been
with the A. E. F., in (he aviation
service, supporting the 36th Divis
ion part of the time, has arrived at
his former home in Union City and
has been enjoying a visit here this
The biggest line of Picture Mould
ing to be found at Harpole-Walker
Furniture Company, Phone 99.
Mr. Sam Pack, Mr. Owen Pack,
Mr. Reynolds Pack and Mr. Nash, of
Atlanta, Ga.,' were in the cty this
week mingling with frler.ds. They
came up Sunday with the remains
cf Mrs. Pack, who was buried here
at East View Cemetery.
Why not enjoy cool breezes these
hot summer days? Q. & E. Electric
Fans for $10 at Wehmans.
Messrs. Phil Hym-'.n and Harry
Lynch motored to PaduJi.h Sunday
and returned. Mrs. Hyman and
daughter, Miss Rena, are spending
a few weeks of the summer with rel
atives and friends iu Indianapolis
and other cities.
Mr. Newt Vaden has a comple
ment of workmen laying the founda
tion of a new home on Ury street on
the lot purchased of J. A. Coble.
The lot adjoins the Standfield home,
now the property of Mr. Sam Vaden,
and the residence will be a dupli
cate of the Stanfield residence.
Misses Ruth Crenshaw arid Mary
Sviggart, who have been in France
for a number of months In the Red
Cross service, have landed in New
York and are expected home in a
few days. There will be a very k'.nd
welcome for the ycung ladies.
The Furniture Store on the corner
for complete line. Harpole-Walker
Furniture Company, Phone 99.
Mrs. G. B. Mobley, of Ashburn,
Ark., Mrs. Willi-) Fox, Obion, and
Mrs. Geo. Stone, of Union City,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Forers'cnr, at East Look. In the
aftomoon the ladies were entertain
ed with a musical party including
Mrs. J. D. Carlton, Mrs. C. C. Conn,
and Miss Willie Bell Mays.
Dr. J. W. Scott returned last week
from a meeting of the Tennessee
State Optical Society which was
held at Jackson, Tenn. Dr. Scott
was honored with a portion as mem
ber of tho executive committee, and
while away made some additional
purchases to his fine equipment in
Union City at his office in the Nail
:ng Building. . The new instrument
is known as a trans-illuminator for
examining the eyes. It is cne of the
latest optical inventions.
Weapons to fight flies are at Wek
mans. Screen Wire, Screen Doors,
Fly Swatters and Insect Powder wili
keep them away. - .
Mrs. Belie Waddell Ber?yhill, af
ter a vacation visit with relatives
md friends in the city, will return
this week to her, magz'te work in
St. Louis. She is with the Mucha
do Magai'no in photoplay criticism..
Miss Ruth Cardwell of Shelby
ville, Ky., has signed with the Board
of Education of Union City, as a
teacher of Spanish and French in
tho Union City Public Schools. Miss
Cardwell holds a B A. degree from
the University of . Kentucky, and
comes to us with very fine personal
and professional credits.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Murtagh an
nounce the arrival of a fine daugh
ter, Henriette, born June 5, 1919.
Our old-time friend, Mrs. Wootson
Davis Murtagh, has our profound
thanks. They mailed the announce
ment all tho way from Portland, Or
egon, whero Mr. Murtagh is organ
ist in charge of one of the largest,
combination organs in America.
Dancing Eyes.
Some people can make their eyes
laugh, dance or hate.
They can also mako them sneer,
woo, or woundK in fact, the expres
sion, whether favorable or other?
wise, depends upon the amount of
strain or energy wasted by weak or
defective eyes.. If you have any
trouble with your eyes consult Dr.
Scott at his Optical Parlor in Union
City, Tenn. , He will advise you hon
estly. Glasses only when necesary.
Prices moderate. '
. Marriage licenses. -' v -
N. M. Silvey and Lottie Raines.
Burns Alien .dvang ana Aiieue
Virginia Chambers. "
Will Thomas and Irene Sherry.
W. B. Shelton and Mary Frlz
zclle. . , ' ' '
Lon Hamlin and Lovln Allison.
Billy -Simmons and Virgle Mc
Right. " ;
Chas. W. Nunn and Buelah Wil
son Brown. , - ;
Chas. Bass and Alberta Sanders.
Are Here Told the Best Remedy
for Their Troubles.
Freemont, 0. "I was passing1 through the critical
period of life, being forty-six years of age and had all
' the symptoms incident to that change heat flashes,
nervousness, and was in a general run down condition,
so it was hard for me to do my work.- Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound was recommended to me as
the best remedy for my troubles, which it surely proved
to be. I feel better and stronger in every way since
taking it, and the annoying symptoms nave disap
peared." Mrs. M. Godden, S25 Napoleon St., Fremont,
Ohio. ' -s.
North Haven, Conn. "Lydia R Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound restored my health after everything else
had failed when passing-through change of life. There
is nothing like it to overcome the trying symptoms."
Mrs. Flobenck Iseujl,Boz 197, North Haven, Conn.
Ik Swell iss
- v - '. . -
nt ; for, ffao' :' cifiscttcst.. cjood
"The Lady Jane was tall and slim,
the Lady Jano was fair." No lady
can be fair and beautiful with a sal
low complexion, pimples on the face,
and skin eruptions which are caused
by impure blood. "Number 40 For
The Blood," '.by its wonderful alter
native properties, changes certain
morbid conditions of the system from
a diseased to a healthy state, there
by reducing flesh whoa in excess.
"Number 40" Is employed in diseases
of the glandular system, in blood
poison, rheumatism, catarrh, consti
pation, malaria, liver, stomach and
kidney troubles. Under its use nodes,
tumors, sores,' ulcers, mucous patches
and copper 'colored spots disappear
as if by magic. Made by J. C. Mcn
denhall, 40 years a druggist, Evans-
ville, Ind.
Sold by Oliver's Drug Store.
Death of Mrs. Sam Pack.
Mrs. Mary McPhail Pack, wife of
dam Tai1r AteA n f V. .1 fn A tl.ntn
Ga., on the morning of June 21,
1919, at the age of seventy-two.
years. Mrs. Pack was sick a few
days only. V
Deceased was born in Thurso,
Canada. She came to Tennessee
when a young lady and was married
to Mr. Pack Dec. 1, 1868, in Nash
ville, Tenn. Mr. aDd .Mrs. Pack mov
ed to Union City atut lived here for
a number of years. There, were ten
children, two of whom survive
Mrs. H. B. Elliott, of Texas, and Mr.
Owtn Pack, of Atlanta, Ga. ; Mr.
Reynolds Bratton, son of S. R, Brat
ton, this city, resided with, his
grandmother, Mrs. Pack, in Atlanta,
and she was devoted to him.
Mrs. Pack was a coacigtent mem
ber of the M. E. Church, having pro
fessed religion and. untied with the
church at the age of twelve. She
was a moiner oi saintea memory, a
life-long Christian and her passing
Is mourned by family and friends,
and numbers of old lime friends in
Union City...
Services were held at the M. E.;
Church in Union City after they
reached here on Sunday afternoon,.
conducted by Revs. G. J. Evans and
J. R. Oliver. The remains were in
terred at East View, with the fol
lowing pall bearSrs:
E. P. Grissom, F. E. Arnn, J. W.
Woosley, J. P. Verhine, H. T. Rob
inson, S. R. Bratton. " ' ,
Save Fees.
Vote for Dorrel Y. Harris for Trus
tee and place the trustees . salary at
$4,000 per year. He will fix the bad
mud holes in the roads for the want
of subdrainage. : He will spend all
above $4,000" for this purpose;-also '
f our taxes are raised or bonds is
sued, two per cent of the amount
will be added to the road fund leg-
ally and financially right. If . the
roads need It vote for it. : . " I

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