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Saturday and Monday Only
Mens Work Pants, ' 7lf
real "il.KO Values at 4
At KaufTman's Lou-Price Store
Look for Flyer Number 3
Correspondence Concerning Levee Con
struction From Tiptonville to Mouth
of Obion River.
W. C. T. V. Social Meeting.
A social meeting of the local W.
C. T. U. was held in the hospitable
home of Mrs. Seid Waddell cn Friday
afternoon, September the nineteenth.
Quite a large number of members
and Tisitors were present. Among
the number of Tisitors were four
members of the Rives' Union. Mrs.
Bonner, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Callicott
and Mrs. Elam, Mrs. Annie Howard
of New York a former Interested
member of this union, Mrs. Mont
gomery, Miss Elgin, Mrs. John
Waddell, Mrs. Evans and Supt. B. A.
The meeting was opened by a
the world.
scripture reading Mark 10:13-16 by
Mrs. Claude Allen. .
Mrs. George Carter tied the white
ribbon on the following children
who bare recently been added to
the union as White Ribbon Recruits.
Emmet, John and Margaret Dick
ens Waddell, Nell Frances and Robert
Calvin Jackson, and Gerald Mont
gomery. The white ritbon was
pinned on Mesdames Zack Corum,
Charles Keiser and Miss Ethel
Henderson vho were gained as vic
tory members.
Mrs. Sam Brummel, Sr., then of
fered a fervent prayer for the now
members and for the success of the
Union. I
The minuutes were read and
The treasurer made the following
report: $29.57 in treasury when she
assumed the office; amount collected
$143. 69; amount spent $111.72;
balance $21.75.
A motion was made and seconded
that the delegates to the association
be instructed to send $20 for the
extension of state work. The .dele
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard btovall are at
home from points South.
air. .can tvnuesiae, looiciog over
real estate interests here, has returned
to his home town, Harrison, Arkansas.
airs, win witnerspoon came in
Monday from a visit to points in Middle
For 2,500 years the fashions in Japan
remain unchanged.
Mr. Charlie Harris, just at home
from overseas duty, was a recent visitor
of the Misses Cummings on Church
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Clement have re-
rJ r t . iQn n . . , leoz win no requesiea to oDiain
Jti Uctober Zo, I VIZ, your Commission made only two copies cf the state's min-
Mengelwood, Tenn., July 23, 1919.
Mississippi River Commission,
St Louis, Mo. v
Gentlemen :
a report to the chief of engineers, United States Army, on a utes
J f lJ U: a Another earnest prayer
rrom the Mississippi Kiver,. between Brunswick, Miss., and Supt. Vaughn made an interest
Baton Rouge, La., and Bessie and .Memphis, Tenn this report ,ng and lnBtructlve talk concerning
b. 1 I 1T 1 I I 1 A ill I ueiiuqueui cuiiureu nuu me wuuui
eing required by the River and Harbor Act, approved July law He ,8 keenly aware cf the need
15. I VIZ. I of enforcing the compulsory edu-
song. All rouna turned from pleaaant riilt In Arkao-
Then toiiowea tnei
. . i
Dr. and Mrs. Maddox and Miss Cecil
Olive took in the first days of the Tri
State Fair.
Mrs. Balconi BaldrUIge is still de
tained at ber mother's bedside in Deca
tur, Illinois.
Miss May Ward is spending a few
weeks in Hamburg, Arkansas.
McGerry Tanner, among the first of
our school boys to volunteer for over
seas service, is expected home this
week. McGerry was abroad more than
two years and though be spent many
months in the trenches, never failed to
write home cheerful, patriotic letters
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe McCowan were
mid-week visitors in Memphis, for the
You are cordially invited to a Wom
an's Board of Mirsions program next
Sabbath evening at the C. P. Church
Only a few years before the death of
the great Shakespearean actor, Edwin
Booth, we witnessed his portrayal of
Iago in tbe tragedy of Othello.. This
was considered one of his best charac
terizations, though his Hamlet always
won considerable applause. Just why
Mr. Watterson fails to record Mr. Booth
vaa made I among contemporary actors remains t0
be given us thru tbe medium of tbe
- on
When you buy jewelry you can trust just one thing the reputation
of the establishment from which you buy.
We refer those who have not dealt with us to those who for a long
time have been our customers.
Come in when you want jewelry, silverware or any sort of jewelry
store goods. We shall not urge you td'buy. -
Cypress Shingles,The EVERLASTING Kind
Just Received a Car Load of Cypress Shingles.
' WANTED We pay the highest
market price for butter, eggs, meat
and lard and all kinds of country
produce. Cash Grocery Co. 41tf TROY,
An unusually pretty wedding recep
tion was given at the home of Mr. and
Seccessors to Settle Lumber Co.
This company is a large owner of land lying within the cation law and myites the co-opera-
. . f r mi ... , , r , . tlon of each Individual and each or-
basin extending from 1 tptonville to the mouth of the Obion ganization to help see that the law
River, and we have spent considerable time and money having is enforced properly.
v.t.i. i . . i Mm Tf AtiiAr tnM nf 'rattim ftrnvfu.
' Qwe jt t0 yourself to Have Your
uic vjjumjii uiai wc cAptusc ui uuiiuiug oaiuc anu piuviuiugi me eniorcemem 01 me law less aim
Quincy, Friday evening in honor of Mr,
and Mrs. Harry Edwin Duncan (Olive
Proverb) who just returned from their
honeymoon trip,
Tbe residence was beautifully decorat
ed with festive coloring and cut flowers
A buffut lunch was served, with many
this district to have a levee and drainage district created under ng the anti-cigarette plotters end happy surprises for the guests. Mr.
I I . .
li u n( tli .af nf Tonnes nurnAQA
... .r.....T rt Mrs. Elam, Mrs.' Callicott. and
the Stretch or levee running from 1 lptonville to the mouth of Mrs. Bonner were called on for talks,
the Obion River. These same parties now have this matter iip but decl,ned t0 eive any
the proper drainage which would be required, in the event that cult-
k.i L..:u:...l:...l:ULlL.L c...l:-l u Tne Iocal unIon "solved to co
wcicvcc wcc uuumsuuijusuucu vjy uic ucucma wim,u wouiu .,. wlth the DroDer officials In
.1 c I - -
accrue tneretrom. - seeing that children of the proper
Sftvwal unsuccessful attemnts have heen made kv nnc or X were attending school.
t .' 1 11 . t 1 1 1 "" VBIUnCH, VUUUVJ 1"""''' I
two owners or comparanveiy smaii tracts or lana lying witmn reported what she had done concern-
r - --tt l f i 1 rt A J
are creating the impression that the Government, upon the 8tructive paper concerning the work
recommendation of the Mississippi River Commission, will bear of the Red Cross Nurses. Mrs. Swig-one-half
to two-thirds of the cost of this levee. gart "d Mrs: Caldw?u ald!d a few
A . i i r i r iti remarKs relative to tne emcieni ser-
As we understand it, before the Government would take vice and untiring work of the nurses.
any such action the Mississippi River Commission would have .11.25 was handed in as a free of-
to recommend that government aid to this extent be furnished. !r' jrVL0:"
We would like to know if the Mississippi River Commis-1 National Jubilee Drive, and fifty
sion feels inclined to recommend government aid for building cent9 waa donated to tne French Or-1 Maiden, Hyde Park, Cambridge, Box- of DniltinSf
... : . I nhnn Fund. ' I t... PIttaftnM XT V.l, I O
ana airs. Lfuncan were assisted in re
ceiving by tbe bride's parents.
The following contributed vocal and
instrumental selections to a large and
varied program: Miss Helen Sardis,
who accompanied at tbe piano: MisB
Audrey Caron, niece of tbe bride, noted
child-daucer of Maiden; Miss Armour
Ruelle, Miss Ruth Creber, Prof. J. K.
Lacock, Leon G. Proverb, William
Blackledge, and Arthur Crossman,
There were a large number of friends
and relatives present from this city.
Hogs Vaccinated by an Expert.
Has had years of experience in the production and
He holds Permit No. 1488. Ail our Serum is out out
under the Producer's Original Label. We are not
Jobbers. See Mr. Goss for Prices.
White Cross Scrum Co.
Phones; Cumberland 395w and 39; Home 186 Union City, Tenn.
a: i: a.- 1 T 1J 1 Pn eaaa
uusjAjiuuuw lucicYcc. u u, nc wuuiu um w uwwauangc- The Aaronlc benediction Mas
ments to appear with our attorneys before your Commission used to bring the meeting to an end
ansl nr.nt fk .Jr,o ,V,,Vl, kav. m,,U0J Mrs. Waddell was asshted In entor
in our opinion, shows very clearly that the project is not a fea
sible one.
Of course, we would not care to go to this trouble and ex
pense unless the Commission is inclined to report favorably up
on the proposition.
Will you kindly let us know your position in the matter,
and oblige, Yours truly,
taining by Mrs. John Wa-Jdell and
Miss Birdie Waddell, each proving
an ideal ana cnarming nosiees.
Delicious refreshments vo:o served.
' Mrs Chas. C. Conn,Rec-sec.
" President
Copy to Randolph & Randolph, Memphis, Tenn. .
St. Louis, Mo., July 25, 1919.
Mr. C. C. Mengel, President Mengel Box Co.,
Louisville, Ky.
Dear Sir : Replying to your letter dated July 23, 1 9 1 9, con
cerning construction of levee from Tiptonville, Tenn., to mouth
of Obion River, I have to state that with the passage of the
Flood Control Act the Commission has felt that under the limi
tations of that act Congress expects the completion of the con
trolling levee line prior to considering any new projects, and for
hat reason the Commission is compelled at present to defer ac
tion on construction of any levees in that locality.
'.'V.r ; .Very truly yours,
a Colonel, Corps of Engineers, ' r
President Mississippi River Commission
Death of J. N. Bradshaw. '
James Newton Bradshaw died
at Elbridge, after a residence there
fof a few months, Sept. 24, 1919,
aged 85 years. . The remains were
brought to Union City for burial and
interred at East View with services
here by Rev. J. Randall Farris.
Mr. Bradshaw was first married
to Mary Elizabeth Ramsey in 1866
and to the union six children were
given, four of whom survive as fol
lows: Mrs. Robt Batts, Mrs. Geo.
Allen, Mrs. Nora Herring and. W. P.
Bradshaw. Mrs. Bradshaw died
July 26', 1892. Mr. Bradshaw's
second wife was Mrs. Nola Manning,
to whom he was marrledd Jan. 14,
1895. To this union there were two
children, Lucile and Clifford, the
little boy dying In infancy. .
Deceased was a member of the
Cumberland ' Presbyterian Church.
He was a confederate veteran and a
soldier brave, losing an arm in the
service. In civil life he was an honor
able and loyal citizen. He was spe
cially devoted to home life and his
family. He filled a number of im
portant offices and was active in bus
iness until a few months ago.-
"Food is very high."
"Cheer up. That engagement ring
your husband gave you ten years ago
has doubled in' value."
bury, Pittsfield, and New York.
The young couple were the recipients
of many useful and beautiful Rifts.
The Quincy (Mass.) Patriot.
When The Day Is Over
When the
cares and the
worries of
everyday life
have dragged
you down,
made you un
happy, and
there is noth-
ing in life but
headache, backache and worry, turn to
the right prescription, one gotten up by
Dr. Pierce fifty years ago.
Everything growing out of the ground
seems intended for some use in establish
ing natural conditions. Dr. Pierce, of
Buffalo, N. Y., long since found out what
is naturally best for women's diseases.
He learned it all through treating thou
sands of cases. The result of his studies
was a medicine called Dr. Pierce's Favor
ite Prescription. This medicine is made
of vegetable growths that nature surely
intended for backache, headache, weak
ening, bearing-down pains, irregularities,
pelvic inflammations, and for the many
disorders common to women in all ages of
life. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
made of lady's slipper root, black cohosh
root, unicorn root, blue cohosh root and
Oregon grape root. Dr. Pierce knew,
when he first made this standard medi
cine, that whiskey and morphine are in
jurious, and so he has always kept them
out of his remedies. Women who take
this'standard remedy know that in Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription they are
getting a cafe woman's tonic so good that
druggists everywhere sell it, in liquid or
tafebtfona. : . ; '
55853 The Commercial
let It Rest.
"Here's a professor who has. dug
up eleven words of the ancient Cop
tic and is hunting for more."
"He ought to be supressed. Next
thing you know we'll have another
language to study.
To Mrs, Odie Sanders, D. M. San-
ners, Mrs. Cora Leatherwood,
Mrs. May McPherson, Edward
M. Sanders, J. E. Fuller and J.
L Fuller.
Mrs. Susie Hall et als. vs. R. A. Gos-
sam et als.
Chancery Court, Obion County, Ten
In the above styled cause it appear
ing to the Clerk and Master from the
cross bill, which is sworn to, -that the
cross defendants, Mrs. Odie Sanders,
D. M. Sanders, Mrs. Cora Leatherwood,
W. T. Call, Administrator of J. R.
Avants, dee'd: D. Bradshaw, Sanders
& Burton, Mrs. M. F. Bradshaw, J.
L. Wright, T. L. Howell, C. H.Cun
ningham, The Bank of Elbridge, A.
C. Richardson and S. E. Riley, in
their own behalf and in behalf of the
other creditors of tbe estate of J. R.
Avants, deceased, vs. Mallie Avants,
A. D. Avants, Mrs. W. T. Pentecost
and W. T. Pentecost.
In the County Court of Obion County,
at Union City, Tennessee, before the
Hon. J. p. Waddell, County Judge.
In obedience to a decree of sale in
the cause above-styled, in the Court
above mentioned, I will, at or about
One O'clock P. M. (new time), on
1919, in front of tbe East door of tha
Courthouse in Union City, Obion
County, Tenn., sell at public outcry to
Mrs. May McPjierson Edward M. San-1 the highest bi jj 0r bidders, subject
ders, J. E. fuller nd J. L. Fuller, are t0 the homestead, dower and life inter-
non-residents of the State of Tennessee,
so tnat tne ordinary process of law
cannot be served upon them. It is
therefore hereby ordered that the said
above named defendants appear before
the Clerk and Master of the Chancery
Court of Obion County, Tennessee, on
or before the First Monday of Novem
ber, 1919, that being a regular rule day
of said Chancery Court, and make
defense to the said cross bill, or the
same will be ' taken as confessed by
them, and tbe said cause set for hear
ing ex-parte as to them. It is further
ordered that publication of this notice
be made for four consecutive weeks in
Tbe Commercial, a weekly newspaper
published in Obion County, Tenn.
This Sept. S3.J919. ,
Geo. A. Gibbs.
J. W. Raukin, - Clerk and Master.
Pierce & Fry,
Sols. for. Compl't.
ests of Mrs. M. F. Bradshaw. now Tfor-
merly Mrs. M. F. Avants, and previous
to that, Mrs. M. F. Cunningham) two
tracts of land in tbe 9th Civil District
of Obion County, Tenn., of respectively
57 acres and 42 acres, more or less,
adjoining each . other, and containing
99 acres, more or less, and bounded,
in a general way, on the North by
Nathan Wyatt, on the East by Bud
Sanford, on tbe South by the 42
acre "Lum Cunningham" tract, and tbe
S. B. Line of tbe "Harper" tract, and
on the West by the center of the run
ning stream of the Lake.
Terms, i cash, balance in one and
two years, evidenced by note bearing
six per cent interest from date with per
sonal security, with lien retained on
land as further security.
Further particulars on day of sale.
This September 16th, 1919.
R. H. Bonn, Clerk.

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