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A Corporation, Organized Under, the Blue-Sky Laws of Tennessee. Capital Stock, $1,500,000
WH. NEWBERRY, President
W. E. GA&ErVice Presidents
A. E. MARKHAM, Sec.-Treas.
C. J. FARR1S, Asst. Sec.-Treas. -
- General offices: Lee Bldg
110 Madison Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga
Dyersburg andr Union City
. Memphis, Tenn.
DR. GEO. L. POWERS, Paris, Tenn.
Fort Worth, Texas
C. T. BONDURANT, Hickman, Ky.
A. Ev MARKHAM, Tipton ville, Tenn:
T. C. MENDENHALL, Sales Mgr.,
Union City, Tenn.
E. L. MENDENHALL, Sales Mgr.,
Dyersburg, Tenn.
ERNEST RICE, Financial Adviser,
. . Dyersburg, Tenn.
Because the oil business is now the greatest business in the
world, involving many billions of dollars, this dignified and
conservative body of leading business men of West Tennes
see have banded themselves together to produce and refine
oil and gas, to build pipe lines and tank cars, to construct and
'operate refineries, indeed to do anything legitimate connected
with oil. Such a combination of integrity and business acu
men as is found in the Directorate of the Reclfoot Ranger
Oil Co. ia rarely ever connected with any business enterprise.
Eleven of the Directors have had large business experience,
while five are near the million mark, or over. These men
will make any legitimate enterprise succeed. "
It is just as safe to invest with these men in their oil enter
prise as in practically any other business, and the promise of
d ividends is much larger. Standard Oil is one of the safest
investments on the market. It is capitalized at nearly three
billion dollars. It is a good investment because officered by
honest men. Reelfoot Ranger Oil Co. has just as many
business experts as any Directorate of any subsidary of Stand
ard Oil. ,
7 Tiffs a better investment than Standard Oil because millions
of promotion stock have not been gobbled up by the big fish.
It is sheer ignorance or malice or intention to deceive,
for anyone to decry all oil stocks. Six banks at Humboldt
Tenn., have bankrupted or failed within the last 30 years. It
would be folly to reason therefrom that ALL banks are fail
ures. Just so with oil. No oil company fails that is well offi
cered, with sufficient money and proven territory. The Reel
foot Ranger Oil GO. fills all these conditions. It has the offi
cers. It is capitalized at a million and a half. The people
will buy the stock more rapialy than any other . oil stock
thrown on the market in Tennessee.
We have 12 shots at mostly proven acreage in Oklahoma,
Texas, Louisana, Tennessee and Kentucky, and we are con
tinually leasing new acreage. Our 43,000 acres at Reelfoot
Lake have been passed upon favorably by three eminent
geologists. Our expert driller left one of the best paying
jobs in Texas because he had faith in our president and in
old Reelfoot.
We now have sufficient production in Burkburnett to make
:us perfectly safe in paying 12 per cent dividends.
If we strike oil at Reelfoot and we feel confident that we
will our acreage there alone will be worth from ten millions
to one hundred and fifty million dollars.
Sixty acres near Burk-Waggoner well, known as Waggoner
Lease, sold for 2,500,000 to Ryan Petroleom Co. ' '
Five acres offsetting Burk-Waggoner sold for $500,000 to
Texas Producers & Refining Co.
Duke well No. 2 (Ranger Field) produced over $5,000,000
worth of oil in 1919. . ' "
Hogg Creek Oil Co.'s shares par value 8 1 00, are now
selling for $9,000 each.
The Fowler Farm 1 Oil Co.'s shares par value $100, are
now selling for $15,000 per share.
The report of Magnolia Petroleum Co. shows a surplus of
All these figures may be verified by anyone interested.
Investigate for yourself.
We fully believe that no other such opportunity for invest
ment was ever offered to the people, of Obion County.
Safety combined with practically unlimited speculative
possibilities. ,
Stock now selling at par value, $10.00 per share. Get in now on the ground floor. Call up or write or send your
subscriptions to Capt. T. C.Mendenhall, at Palace Hotel, Union City. He is our accredited representative and
sales manager for this section.
W. H. NEWBERRY, President
A. E MARKHAM, Sec'y-Treas.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn
Ben H." Whitley Passes Away.
"We shall sleep, but not forever,
There will he a glorious dawn;
We shall meet to part, no never,
On the resurrection morn."
After an illness of several months,
Mr. B. H. Whitley, formerly of this
city, died at his home in Memphis
. Friday nieht. Jan. 30. His remains
were brought here and laid to rest in
Eastview Cemetery Sunday after, servi
ces being hold at the Christian Church,
conducted by the Rev. N. B. Harde
man, who paid a beautiful tribute to
the deceased. ' .
B. H. Whitley was born in Salem,
.. Mo., February 22, 1857, and moved to
Union City when a boy. On Feb. 16,
1880, he was united in marriage to Miss
Emma Hewett at the Christian Church
in this city. For more than thirty
years h6 was actively engaged in busi
ness in this city, retiring from business
some three years ago, when he sold bis
grocery establishment to Mr. Horner.
He was a devout member of the Chris
tian Church, and for more than twenty
five years served as an Elder. He was
also a member in good standing of the
Woodmen of The World, Maccabees and
Golden Cross, and during his member
ship had held responsible offices in all
of said orders.
He is survived by his wife and six
children: Mrs. Fred Smith, Chester and
Ira Whitley, of Memphis; Claud S.
Whitley, of Union City; Mrs. Earl
Johnson, of Humboldt. Tenn.; and
Mrs. H. T. Dawkins, of Washington,
D. C. -
Ben H. Wbitley bad grown up with
Union City and was always willing and
ready to aid and lend his assistance to
any movement for the betterment of
the community, and did much toward
building the beautiful church edifice of
which he was a member, and we may
add, now stands as a monumeut to bis
memory of faithful service. "
He was a man of generous impulse,
and never forgot the ways of the pio
neer. The stranger, even though a
beggar, never failed to find food and
shelter if be sought it at his bands, and
he was at home by the bedside of . the
sick and delighted in all kinds of neigh
borly offices. His . cheerful, helpful
life; his devotion to his wife and family
and kindness to everybody will long
linger as a fragrant memory ia the
home which his presence brightened
and which bis death bas now darkened
Though he is gone his record bas been
made and will remain with us as
lasting treasure. In his heart of hearts
he carried those be loved, and his hand
was never weary, bis step never failed
in caring for and administering to
those who were ia any way dependent
upon him.
At all times,- under all circumstances
he walked in the well beaten path of
righteousness and when fully conscious
that'he was neariug tho last of earth,
he appeared to be fully impressed with
the idea that at the end of time eterni
ty began, and that the bright faith
which sustained him during those try
ing hours of suffering would only grow
brighter as he journeyed toward the in
finite, and the final gloom of death be
dispelled by tho radience of God's love.
Could all livo the just and upright life
Mr. Whitley lived, and die in his trust
ing faith, death could no longer be
called 'the king of terrors,',' for he in
spired no terror thore. The dying man
and sorrowing family looked forward
with the same eye of faith to the bright
er future, where this temporary sepa
ration would end in an eternal reunion
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Union City, Tenn. ' " 42-tf
Death of I. A. Ong.
The subject of this sketch, one of
the oldest citizens of Union City,
died at " Iris ' home on South First
street Sunday, Feb. 1 1920, at 2
o'clock, after an illness of several
months with the infirmities of ad
vanced years.
Mr. Ike A. Ong was born at Piaey
Fork, Ohio, over eighty years ago.
He came to Tennessee when a young
man and was engaged here in mill
ing in connection with one oT the
first steam flouring mills of the coun
ty. He was twice married. Some
twenty-threo years ago he was united
in marriage to Mrs. C. F. Brown, his
second wife, who has been his con
stant and devoted companion as they
traveled towards tho sunset of life.
They were married in Union City
and here they have lived, honored
and esteemed among our good people.
Mr. Ong is survived by his wife,
a son and daughter. The latter are
Mrs. A. J. CammaCk, Shawnee, Okla.,
and Mr. Fred Ong. Thore are also
two children of Mrs. Ong: Mrs.
Wheeler, of Jackson, and Mr. Chas.
Brown, or Louisiana, who ware
bound to their stepfather with the
very warmest tiea of affection and
Mr. Ong's life was like an open
book. His heart and hand were
never strangers, and he lived on the
highway of God's sunshine. He was
an optimist an altruist. If he had
cny trouble or suffering his" friends
never knew it until he began to fold
bia tent and. silently steal away.
Naturally . he was big-hearted, but
never bigger and broader and more
generous than he was honorable. He
was a man among men, God's noblest
handiwork. Many years ago he gave
his heart to God and his allegiance
Is one of the great and good at
tributes of his life. -The charm of
good, strong, clean manhood moved
his friends to miles and hia good
cheer brushed away the tears and
heartaches. The lifo of such a man
ia one of God s. blessings, and his
passing out into eternity leaves a
monument behind him.. ' V
Mr'.' Ong was a "member of the
Christian Church In the absence of
the pastor, Rev. W,"B. Cunningham
conducted services, "Which were held
at the residence Monday afternoon.
The. remains 'were interred J at the
City Cemetery. '...''
Death of W. A. Carpenter.
W. A. Carpenter died at his hom
neaf Jackson Hill on Monday night,
Jan. 19, 1920, at the age cf 60 years,
and was buried the following day at
tho Hufstutter cemetery, after fu
neral services had been conducted at
Oak Ridge Church by Rev. Howell,
of Obion.
The deceased is survived by a
widow, Mrs. Susan Carpenter, and
two sons, Arnold B. Carpenter, of
Memphis, and Noivell S. Carpenter,
of this place, also a brother, S. E.
Carpenter, and oister, Mrs. Sam Po
sey, of near Elbridge, besides -other
relatives and numerous friends to
mourn his loss. '
He was united with the Church of
Christ some 10 or 12 yers ago and
was faithful in attendance until such
time that his earthly afflictions were
such that he was unable to mingle
with' friends and brethren. Obion
County Enterprise.
Say. Watoga Lady, "As To What
Cardui Has Done For Me, So
As To Help Others."
Watoga, W. Va.-Mrs. S. W. Glad well,
of this town, says: "When about 15 years
of age, I suffered greatly . . . Sometimes
would go a month or two, and I had
terrible headache, backache, and bearing
down pains, and would just drag and
had no appetite. Then ... it would last
r . . two weeks, and was so weakening,
and my health was awful.
My mother bought me a bottle of
Cardui, and I began to improve after
taking the first bottle, so kept it up till I
took three. . . I gained, and was well
and strong, and I owe it all to Cardui.
I am married now and have 3 children
. . . Have never had to have a doctor for
female trouble, and just resort to Cardui
if I need a tonic. I am glad to testify to
what it has done for me, so as to help
If you are nervous or weak, have head'
aches, backaches, or any of the other
ailments so common to women, why not
give Cardui a trial? Recommended by
many physicians. In use over 40 years.
Begin taking Cardui today. It may
be the very medicine you need.
Democratic Ticket.
For Sheriff Watt Cherry.
For Trustee Armour Ratliff.
For Tax Assessor Will -Robey.
From Florida.
Editors of The Commercial, Union
City, Tenn.: Dear friends: By re
quest of some of your subscribers, I
am writing to your paper comething
of ,this beautiful little city of some
six thousand inhabitants. Its nearest
city, Tampa, is 22 miles east, and
is in southern Florida. This town
is Just now full of people from nearly
every state in tho union, but mostly
from the north. I saw one lady yes
terday from New Hampshire leading
a black' Angora cat with a red bow
on its nek. She seemed very proud
of it had brought it all the way in
her car. She said she was only 11
days making the trip through.
We arrived here Janunry 31. and
found wtat we werio looking fr
bright, warm sunshine. We are here
toe only a short time, however, and
will probably vrite you from our
next stop. Plant City hai: six larjo
packing houses, where they are busy
shipping car load3 of orcrijros out
every day, also large quantitios of
grapefruit. The gardens are green
with radishes, beans, peas, lettuce,
onionrf, and, in fact, everything that
grows in our summer gardens, while
large fields of cabbage, strawberries,
celery and Iri3h potatoes can be
seen everywhere. These are also be
ing shipped north every day. The
churches and schools here are splen
did and largely attended. Plant City
has the usual attractions in the way
of movies, theatres, etc. The yards
here are ablazo with poins-cttias, the
Christmas flower, in fact, any flower
you could mention, even tho most
delicate, i3 growing in tho open.
Palms in profusion, six and eight
feet tall, can be seen on nearly all
of the driveways.
Now, we will say in conclusion,
we wish The Commercial and its
many readershealth, happiness and
"Plant City, Florida.
Bargain Sale in Furniture while
high, we sell it cheap. One chif
fonier, iron and ouk bedstcad3, wash
stands, tables, one china closet, two
roiklug chairs, dining rocm chairs,
two dining tables. ,
All parties indebted to us by note
or past due account must settle with
in thirty days or pay the costs.
43-4t .... Troy. Tenn.
Series of Meetings.
Rev. J. B. Freeman, pastor of the
First' Methodist Church of Union
City, will begin a series of meetings
on the fourth Sunday in February,
continuing throughout the entire
week, and he has asked Rev. Robert
E. Clark, Presiding Elder of this dis
trict, to assist him in these meetings.
Bro. Clark is one of the strong men
of the Memphis Conference, and has
special gifts in the work of evangel
ization. Not only the church but
the public. Is cordially invited to at
tend and cooperate in these meet
Installation at Antioch.
The W.-O. W. installation of of
ficers of Cariii) Mo. 2iZ, Aaticch, will
be held on the second Saturday
night of February, and the Woman's
Circle will take part in the program,
iucluding exercises and supper.
King, N. C.: "I wish to"say that I find
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and
favorite Prescnp.
tioo the best tonics
on the market.
"My wife says sha
would have been
dead had she not tak
en Favorite Pre
scription. One bot
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straight when sha
gets weak and run
down. I took a
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v.-..- " - a'l'i tne result was
fff a ain of one and one-
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Chattanooga, Tenn.: "Dr. Pierce's re
medies were a great help to me. I had
become all rundown in health due to my
having inward weakness. I was nervous
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fered with backaches and dreadful pains in
my. head. I was miserable when I beean
taking Dr. Pierce Favorite Prescription
and also Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery and from a physical wreck these
medicines restored mo to health and
strength. I could eat and sleep well and
was in better health than I had been for a
long time previously." MRS. A. D.
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Alton Park, Tenn.: "Dr. Pierce's medi
cines have been used a great deal in my
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1500 Highland Ave." . " '
r i
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