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! I-
ife . Contract
Age 35 Premium $14.79 $1,000.00 Insurance Guaranteed
, Jno. T. Walker Q. Co.
We represent strong, old-line companies.
PHQNE 118. : : : : UNION CITY, TENN.
FOR SALE Two good mules. See
J. P. Cloar, Phone 3 2 4-J. 5-lt
Pittman, over Naiiiing-Kciser Imple
ment Co. '
FOR -SALE I. U have for sale
a nice lot of strs erry plants.
4-2tpt Q. W. TUCKER
FOR SALE Nice 5-room cottage
$2,000 for a few days only. See
R. L. Cummings. 60-tf
FOR SALE Good lot, corner Col
lege and Division Streets. v See J. H
Bradlev. at 411 College St. ' 52-tf
FOR SALE Durocs. Three reg
istered males. Call D. C. Maddox,
Cumb. Phone 5402. 6-3t
NOTICE Pasture for twenty-five
head of stock. Rates $3 per month
" Phone"598-J. J. P. Ruffln. 5tf
i -
FOR SALE Early tomato plants,
also pimento and sweet peppers. Call
phone 146-J. Mrs. D. N. Walker. 2tf
WANTED To hire tractor to
break about twenty-five acres of land
Phone 698-J. J. P. Ruffln. 6tf
and lot near Public School and
bhurches. Lights, water, lot 77x137
Apply to C. W. Miles, Jr.
FOR SALE One modern new
bungalow on Ury street with all
modern conveniences. Apply to c
W. Miles. Jr. , 6-tf
1 Hemstitching
Are now prepared to do it for the
public at Singer Sewing Machine
Store. Give us a trial.
We also sell Singer Machines on
easy Daymeits. Old machines taken
in exchange. Singer Sewing Ma
chine Co.. Union City. Tenn. 4-3t
Reds, $2.00 and $3.00 per setting of
fifteen eggs. G. F. SCHLEIFER.
Phone 322-J. 49-tf
FOR SALE White Leghorn Eggs,
$1.50 for setting of 15. Mrs.'Ludie
Joyner, R. F. D. 4, Union City, Xenn.
Phono 38-4. 3-4t
One pair extra good mules, coming
5 years old, 1 good Columbus wagon
and new set wagon harness. See
J. L. Glover, Jr. Phone 281-W. 2tf
for sale
Maxwell Touring Car
Practically New
Call 5 6 2-J.
hemstsltching and sewing to Mrs.
Ethel Downing, 519 North Third
street. Cumb. Phone, 5 6 4-J. Mail
orders given prompt attention. 52tf
A seven-passenger Chandler car,
almost' new, onlyl run 800 miles.
For particulars call phone 2 80-J,
Mrs. Jake H. Park, Union City, Tenn
I have decided to sell my home
farm located 3. miles west of Union
City, Obion County, Tenn. This
beautiful and well-improved home
consists of 125 acres land, one first-
class nine-room residence, installed
with gas lights; one deep well, two
good tenant houses, two large stock
barns, one tool shed, garagie and
other necessary buildings. All this
land is sown in grass and clover.
Will sell on easy terms and and give
possession at any time.
Corn For Sale
About 400 barrels of
good dry corn, at
the Parks farm two
and one-half miles
southeast of Union
For particulars call rural phone
176-2. '
Thornton Bros.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1920.
Mr. Charles Neely and Mr. Treze
vant Collier, of Memphis, were Sun
day visitors in the city.
Lest you forget C. E. at C. P
Church, 6:30 p.m. Special program.
Misses Marlorie and Caroline
Kimpton, of Chicago, are week-end
gussts of Miss Allye B. Campbell.
Mr. and Mrs Roy L. Cummings,
o Fulton, were in the city last week
visiting Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Talley.
Lawn mowers at last year's
prices while they last. Make your
selection early at Wehman's.
Mrs. Sam Carman, accompanied
by Dr. H. W. Quails, left this week
for Dyersburg to enter the hospital
for treatment.
Dr. J. B. Hibbitts left this week
for New Orleans to attend the an
nual meeting of the American Med
ical Association.
See "Littlu Women." Opera
House next Monday and Tuesday
Mr. Herbert Tisdale, traveling for
the Childs Specialty House in Vir
ginia and other territory, has been
at home for a few days visit in Un-
ino City.
Mrs. Paul Croft, of Fulton, who
has been visiting her mother, Mrs,
Doc Caldwell, in the city, left this
week for Chicago to join Mr. Croft,
vho is there on business.
See "Little Women." Opera
House next Monday and Tuesday
Mr. Avrle Coble has bought ,the
Monsarratt lot on Church street
between B. C. Bramham's and J. W.
Jackson's residences, and will prob
ably build soon.
' Mr. Burt Clemmons, of Number
Seven, has been looking over some
city property and was this week
making an offer for the Burney
home on Exchange street.
Own lots on Rcelfoot Lake that
are not leased. Reelfoot Lake Land
Company, over Nailling-Koiser Im
plement Co. .
Mr. Robert Geoi ge Bramham broke
his right wrist bone last Friday
while playing ball at the public
school buildings on College street.
Mr. Bramham lost his footing and
fell and injured his arm. He is up
. -
hi i ftf$s$K Tfr A 1
Mrs. Mike Fry, of FUlton, was a
visitor this week.
Mrs. Shuck, of State Line, was a
visitor Wednesday.
Call 150 for the ice wagon.
-Bon Air Coal is best. Phone 150. this week with his arm in P"nts.
FOR RENT Rooms on Division St.,
near Red Star Drug store. See Mrs.
Irene Carpenter.
Miss Lola Harper left Wednesday
for a visit to friends in Nashville,
Knoxvill'e and Ceutreville, Tenn. She
Mrs. Percy Jones, Hickmen, was will be a visitor in Nashville, with
a visitor this week. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Bell. In Knox-
Attorney W. M. Turney, of Waver-1 Me with Miss Jeanie Garth and in
ly, was in the city this week. Centreville with Mrs. J. P. Thomp-
Miss Dixie Caldwell has returned 3011,
from a visit to Philadelphia. I Pimples and blotches on the skin
. . . . ... are caused by bilious impurities in
Miss Eunice Brice, of Nashville, tbe blood 'Tne ,ht emedy ,
vas a visitor at home n Union City Prickly Ash Bitters. It removes the
this week. cause by purifying the blood, liver
,nu v.i... and bowels. Price $1.25 per bottle.
1UC nine uuujf Ul niivor'a rinio- Stnro Pnhh'a Pnrnor
t. Humpnrey nas Deen very bicki Drug Store and Red Star Drug Store,
this ,week. special agents.
Ftr the best taxi service nhone L- F. McWherter, the baby-shoe
6. New Hup and ..Dodge cars. salesman, was in me cuy mis weeK.
Joyner-Brantiey Motor Co. Mr. Mcwnerter says ne spent mej
t v c tt, winter in Florida and sold thirty
T FOR SALE First offer $390 se
cures my Ford touring car. Improve
ments and extras and recent over
hauling cost $200. Local mechanic
cays "Best motor ever found in a
Ford." Southworth, phone 105. 6tf
On Third street, near courthouse,
corner lot, east 'rent, all modern im
provements. Also building lot, east
front, on Third street. Particulars
at this office. 1-tf
Tucck Vacuum Sweeper. The elec
tric sweeper which takes up the
Phone 284-J Agents.
SEED CORN We have several
hundred bushels of St. Charles Red
Cob seed corn. It is hand-picked,
nubbed and germinates 93 per cent.
Price $4 a bushel as long as it lasts.
Bryant and Polhamus, Hickman,
Kentucky. 6 1-tf
'FOR SALE Eight room' brick
stucco dwelling, with hard wood
floors, bath and electric light fix
tures, 10 by 40 modern veranda,
barn, chicken, coal, wood and smoke
house? concrete walks, nice shade,
some fruit trees, cornier lot 130, by
160 with alley behind. Two squares
from both Training and . Public
Schools, corner Division and Palmer
streets. Will Bell house and half of
lot or half of, lot on terms to suit
purchaser. Telephones 47? and 185.
s-tf g. w. carter:
Texas, is- a visitor this week with
Mrs. F. M. Jones.
Mr. Corker Jackson, of the Jack
son Co., has returned from a business Number Fourteen
trip to New Yortc city.
-I am now witti Joyner-Brantley
Ilotor Co. Will bo glad to have my
friends call on me. D. D. Forester
Mrs. Henderson is having hef
home on Fifth street remodeled. It
will be practically new and modern
in style. -
Mrs. Glennie Phebus and Jittle
son, Max, of Rives, are here this
vreek visiting Mrs. E. E. Mitchell,
Third street.
thousand dollars worth of shoes.
Lem was a schoolboy in Obion Coun
ty fifty years ago. He is a home
grown product rrom uiass ana
Sold by Avcritt Electric Co.
Notice to Obion County Teachers,
Tbe next examination for teach ers
will be May 14 and 15, at the Court
hose. Very truly,
Mrs J S Ktn ffmvl hna honn vorv
sick his week at the home of her "Remember the Girl in Your Old
granddaughter, Mrs. - G. B. Jones. Home Town.
ane is improving. Americas most talked of song. Pret
You are not sure of a good gar- tiest waltz since ' After The Ball."
den unless you plant the best seed. Ask your dealer or send 30c to the
Buy the best at Wehman's. Ket Crosby bongs, lerre Haute, lnd
Mrs liurn Innora will tanxfn I itr rti.
, I music oiore.
tnis woeK tor Jfortiana, oreg., to . . r , ,
. . . ., . . V. The-store in the Woosley build
taun faro nt tlio Httlo hnhw nf fha I
late Mrs. Adah Card. ing recently opened by the Pathe
MurJ; Company, is now one of the
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Talley have attiCctions down town. Dr. and
moved to the Harpole residence on Mr Wm. Turner are the owners, the
Fourth street," which was recently l&t personal charge of the bus
purchased byr. Talley. lnesS( th Mls3 Margaret Turner as
You won't be so lean, lank and secretary and Mr. A. E. Nichols as
skinny If you eat Holsum Graham salesman. The display of Pathe in
and Rye Bread. Woosley's. ' struments ranges from the moderate
Mr. Hunter Whltesell and Miss priced styles to the finest and com
Lillian Bird Whitesell have. returned prioes a large assortment. The sup
from Columbia, Mo., where theyjply of records is complete .and the
have been In school this winter.
store,- recently remodeled, is open
during the business hours of the
day. ' , . ; ....'..
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach tbe seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a local disease, fcreatly influ
enced by constitutional conditions. HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE wul cure catarrh.
It is taken internally and acts through
the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the
to composed of some of the best tonics
known, combined with some of the best
blood purifiers. . Tbe perfect combination
of tiie ingredients in HALL'S CATARRH
aithouC question if Hunt' Sal
aib im tbe treatment of Kcjeme.
Tetter, Rinrwonn, Itch, etc.
Dea't become discouraged be
caoae ether treatmeala failerf.
Hunt' Smhru hjra rcuered hna-"
raU at nicb case. Yau caat
aae ear Menay Bath
Cmmnim. Try it et ear ride
fnnio m
' j MEDICINE Is what produces such won-
Ollver'g Drug Store, Cobb'. Corner SSSSS0
Drug Store and Red Star Drug Store, F. J. Cheney Co.,. Props., Toledo, O.
. Copyright 1920 Hart Schafner & Marx
Satisfying you that's our business; in wear, value, style and fit; if we dont do it money back.
YOU may pay less for a suit than we ask for our Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes, but
if you get lessjvalue you haven't saved anything.
You may pay more than we ask, but if you dont get any more value, "you
haven't gained you've lost. '
You seef Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes at our prices represent the highest
possible value; all-wool fabrics, best style,' perfect tailoring. $37.50, $40, and $45.00.
The home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes
allies and Girls Ga
Sa?e More -
than the Overall Club by attending ODD and
END Sale at the .
Childs Specialty Mouse
Beginning Honday, May 3.
Large number of dresses slightly soiled or damaged dur
ing process of manufacturing, at prices below cost of
material, out of which they are made. Little tots, age
2 to 6, children's 8 to 14 and womens, 32 to 44, made of
Ginghams, Percale, Organdie, Printed Voile, Batiste,
Nurses Linen, Poplin, Suiting, Etc.
Little Tot Dresses as low as . 75c
Children's Dresses as low as. . ..... $1.00
Wonlen's as low as $1.95
Large Assortment Remnants 20c per yard. Most all
Remnants 32 to 36 inches wide.
If you don't save something on your wash clothing it
1 ' is because you don't want to. '
Childs Specialty Houseo
. ; ' . ... ' v " I
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