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YU might think that our interest in'
your clothes consists simply in get
ting you to buy, them here.
But it's much more than that. We
want to help you get the most you can
for your .money; we want to help you
lower your clothes cost.
We're selling Hart Schaffner &
Marx suits at
:i -sir
If k I
, Cocvrcht 1920 Hart Schaffner & Man
that would cost that much at wholesale toda)'. Our profit is
very small; your profit is very large. But we want you to
have it; you'll be "for us" for life that's where we profit most.
Other good values from $27.50 to $37.50.
Mohair, Palm Beach and Cool Tropical
Clothes, well tailoredat $7.50 to $22.50.
The home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes
50 Boys Keep Kool summer suits, $10 values
$3.50 to $5.00'.
Radiators Repaired
Tires Vulcanized
I do all kinds of vulcanizing on
anything made of rubber.
Also soldering of radiators, gas
tanks, or any sheet metal.
All kinds tools sharpened
'saws, scissors, knives, shears,
etc., etc.
All work guaranteed; prices
At Reece Alexander's ,
Auto repairing on all cars -
Taxi Service. Supplies n
United States Tires and Tubes
Monkey-Grip Patch.
Cars Washed
Both Phones 192 Union City
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 1920.
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Tattar. Riw, Itch, etc.
Oast ticiai tfiMtwraff4 -mmm
akr trcatmeaita faiM.
aVaala W aowk caaaa. Yav caa't
)aa m r Mvnmf Butk
ChwiIm. Tit it a aav ttak
Ollrer's Drug Store, Cobb's Corner
Drag Store and lied Star Drug Store,
City Taxes One-Half Due in October
One-Half in March.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen
settled the rate for the city taxes for
1920 at the meeting last Tuesday
night. . Thene was considerable dis
cussion, over the matter. Two or
three members advocated a rate of
$1.25, the others $1.00. It was a
matter altogether of raising suffi
cient revenue for current expendi
tures, but there was a difference of
opinion as to how much it would
take. It was thought by some that
it would be impossible to get along
for less than $1.25, but rather than
hold out a compromise was finally
effected on $1.10 on the hundred
dollars. An assessment of $3,500,
000 or more has been made, as
against half that amount before,
and it ia thought that the revenues
from this will suffice. An ordinance
as follows was passed making the
taxes payable, fifty per cent in Octo
ber and fifty per cent In March
that is making taxes payable semi
annually instead of. annually. This
is done to realize some cash in Oc
tober to run the schools with.
AN ORDINANCE to provide when
the taxes of Union City shall be-
, come due and payable, and when
the same shall ' become and be
deemed delinquent; and also to
provide that the same shall bear
interest and penalties during de
linquency. Section 1. Be it ordained by the
Beard ot Mayor and Aldermen of
Union City that hereafter all taxes
levied and assessed by or for the city
on real and personal property within
tho corporate limits, together with
all poll taxes, shall be due and pay
able on the first Monday of October
of the year for which they are as
Section 2. Be it further ordained
that of the taxes remaining unpaid
on the 15th day of October of each
and every year for which they have
been assessed, one half thereof shall
become and be deemed delinquent
thereafter; the remaining one half
of said taxes shall become and be
deemed delinquent on and after the
first day of March of the year suc
ceeding the year for which they have
been assessed or levied.
Section 3. Be it further ordained,
all delinquent taxs due the city
shall bear interest from the date ot
delinquency at the rate of 6 per cent
per annum; and in addition thereto,
a penalty of 1 per cent for each
month, or fractional part thereof,
that said taxes are delinquent, shall
be added thereto on the first day of
each following mpnth; and said
taxes, interest and penalties shall be 1
paid by the person, firm or corpora
tion owing the same, and shall be a
lien upon the property upon and
against which the same are levied
and assessed.
Section 4. Be it further ordained
mat this ordinance applies to the
taxes of 1920 and upon each and
.every year thereafter, unless sooner
repealed; and that it take effect
from and after passage, the public
welfare requiring It.
Passed June 15, 1920.
F. E. QUINN, Recorder.
P, E, QUINN, Recorder.
Approved June 15, 1920.
F. L. PITTMAN, Mayor!
AN ORDINANCE to require persons,
companies and corporations oper
ating railroads" within the cor
porate limits of Union City o
grade and keep In repair upon the
right of way and track of such
railroads all streets crossing the
same, and to plank such crossings
between the rails and to the end
of the cross ties.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen of Un
ion City, that every company, person
or corporation operating a line of
railroad within the corporate limits
of Union City Bhall be required to
grade to a level with the rails of said
railroad and to keep in repair every
public street erossing said railroad
between the rails thereof.
Section 2. Be it further ordained
that company, person or corporation
so operating any tailroad line with
in the corporate limits of Union
City shall plank all streets crossing
the tracks thereof between the rails
rnd to the ends of the cross ties on
each side, and which planking shall
be laid so as to be level with the top
of the rails, and of good substantial
Section 3. Be it further ordained
that the failure of such person, com
pany or corporation to comply with
the requirements of sections one or
two of this ordinance shall be
deemed to be a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction thereof in the May
or's Court, said person, company or
corporation shall pay a fine of fifty
Sectin 4. Be it further ordained
that this ordinance take effect from
and after its passage.
Passed June 15, 1920.
F. E. QUINN, Recorder.
Approved June 15, J920.
F. L. PITTMAN, Mayor.
1100 Reward. 1180
Catarrh Is a local dtsas greatly taftu-
nca or coniuiuuonaj conditions. II
tharatora ragulra constitutional trst
la Ukn Internally and acts through the
Blood on tha Mucous Surfacas of tha Sr
dMtroya tha foundation of tha dlaaaaa.
glvaa tha patient atronirth by Improving
tho ganaral health and assist naturo la
doing Ita woirk. - 910O.O for any caaa o
Catarrh that HALL'S CATARIUI
KIDICINB fills to cur.
Druggists T5c Testimonials ft.
r. i. Choosy Co Toledo. Ohio.
We Specialize on Plumbing:
in All Its Branches.
' 7
Plumbing is our specialty every phase of it,
little or bigis covered by our service. : : .
F you yant an entirely new and modern bath
room to replace your old one, we can take
care of every detail. If you want to let the
plumbing contract for a new home, we'll take
care of it splendidly. ,
The little things get as careful attention as
the big things. A l&ky faucet, a clogged up
drain are quickly and property repaired. Get
in touch with '
Phone 27.
Modern Veterinary Hospital
E. W. Y00N6BL00D, D. V. f".
Graduate Veterinarian
Calls Answered Promptly
. Both Phones
Gfiautauqua AVc'ok Hero Juno 19-26

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