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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
Predicts Cheaper Coal.
You're at Sick or f IFP
an Well as Your JL-lVJCilV
TTaut'o vntir livfirt ' Are von constipated, bilious, erouchy!
'Have you dizzy spells, dull headaches, bad taste in your
m i v.n. T Dr Thnrhtr'i T.lVfX
ana tSlooa Syrup; wucn nas Deen icnocKing oui irouuwp ml
your sort ever since tne gooa oia soutnern aocior nrss yra
scribed it away back in 1852. On sale at your drug store.
You're as Old or
as Young as Your
I If you would star young in health as you grow older m years, have
I caw for your blood. Dr. Thscher's liver and Blood Syr puts life
Into your blood; purines and enriches it; makes it tone up the whole
system. Also keeps your Bowels open and isatonio and a cleanser com;
fcined. Good for the whole family, Sold t your drug store.. .
AmJy Anion. ThompwnYfll.. til.. wroU
Aag. 81, 1018: "I feci th I should tend la
my tMttmonial for Dr. Wfchert Ir
MerficiM. which I hmro used for twahr
7 sari. Bafor I awd It I eonld not do
in kidnon. bat I km now troDC ana
J. M. Smm. Bot 1. Oesla. Fla., wrote
JUl. S2( 1 QIH B DOu u& iwiu
Dr. TlwiWi Lr And Blood Sirra la
my family with a four-joar-old child
that had bad kidn.ji, eaniod by
moaalM. Found it to do mora rood
than all th modiciscs that I Tr cot
hold of."
Ww. THACHER MEDICINE C0.,cutu..,T, u. s. A
White Horse Flour.
Every package guaranteed to please or money refund
ed. Always looking for the best in groceries and fresh
meats for my customers, and our prices are as reason
able as can be made. When in need of flour don't
fail to call for WHITE HORSEFLOUR, sold exclu
sively by
Corner Home and College Sts.
Cumb. phone 337. Home phone 1 70
Pure Cane Granulated, per lb 22gC
Pure Cane Granulated, 100 lbs. $22.50
Our everyday price
Any amount you want from a pound to
a car load.
A big car load coming due to arrive
Friday or Saturday. Made from fine
Indiana long berry red winter wheat.
Prices down over a dollar a barrel.
Don't pay more when you can get it for
less. . i
Cash Grocery
"The House That Undersells Them All."
Gained Ten Pounds
Before Taking ZIRON, Alabama Man Was Weak,
Nervous, Had No Appetite, Bat is Now Strong.
TJ VERT man and woman, who is In
' I a run-down, weak condition, witft
bad complexion and poor appe
tite, ana to lack of Iron in their blood,
ghonld fJad Zlron helpful and strength
ft la a scientific, reconstructive tsfile.
composed of Ingredients recommended
fcy leading medical authorities.
Describing his experlenee.wlth Zlron,
Mr. George W. 8. Lanier writes from
Jones, Ala.: "Sometime bad, I was In
a terrible condition. I was weak and
errous, and bad a tired feeling all
the time. Mr skin was muddy. I!
bad no appetite, and at morning I
didn't feel like getting op. I was
reading of Zfiftm and decided I would
try ft,.,
"Will ear thatZiron ts a gtttS medi
cine. I Lite gained ten poands in
tour months. Am strong and hart a
good appetite."
Zlron Is a mild Iron tonic, good tor
young and oil It helps to restore
the system, when run-down by over
work, nnder-nonrtahment, caused by
stomach or bowel disorders, or as a
result of some weakening Illness. '
- Get Zlron from your druggist Ho
sells it on ft money-back guarantee.
Lloyd and Others Guilty of Conspir
acy Against U. S.
Chicago, 111., Aug. 2. William
Br 088 Lloyd, millionaire Socialist,
and 19 other members of the Com
munist Labor party, to-night were
found guilty by a jury of conspiracy
to overthrow the government of the
United States.
The defendants were given various
sentences, most of them getting from
one to five years In the penitentiary,
a few being given fines In addition
and several were sentenced to one
year in jail. Lloyd got the heaviest
sentence, being given one to five
years In the penitentiary and a fine
of 3,000 In addition.
Ludwig Lore, alleged co-author of
the Communist Labor party platform
and author of alleged radical publi
cations, receiVed one to five years,
and Jack Carney, Duluta1 Minn., ed
itor of "Truth," and a member of the
party's national executive committee,
one to five years and $1000 fine.
The sentences are for the State
penitentiary and the Cook County
The defendants were charged with
conspiracy to advocate the over
throwing of the government by
force; conspiracy to belong to an or
ganization advocating It, and con
spiracy to attend meetings at which
overthrowing the government by
force was advocated.
MacLay Heyne, State's attorney
In a statement iseued after the ver
dict, called it a "signal victory for
the entire United States."
"In this trial 'red' radicalism was
driven Into the open," said the state
ment. "One important issue decided
by this Jury is that the 'red' card of
the I. W. W.'is international and that
the only card recognized as Amerl
can is the card of the American
working man in the American Fed
eration of Labor."
Three women, indicted at the
same time as Lloyd and others, now
are awaiting a separate trial.
The defendants were indicted un
der a new Illinois law against crim
inal syndicalism. They are among
three hundred suspected radicals tak
en In a raid in Chicago by State's At
torney Hoyne last January, which
was 'made the night preceding the
nation-wide raids instituted by At
torney-General A. Mitchell Palmer,
Thh-ty-nine members cf the Com
ounist Labor party were indicted
but were not all tried for several
The trial began May 10, and near
ly nine weeks were consumed In se
lecting a Jury.
During the trial the State cen
tered its attack on Lloyd, the most
prominent of the defendants, and the
son of a Boston philanthropist. He
was charged with openly advocating
a revolution of the masses against
the government and was alleged to
have said in speeches that "banks
should be blown t get money to fi
nance the revolution and armories
should be rifled for ammunition."
Several newspaper men vhO re
ported the speeches made by Lloyd
were among the witnesses against
the millionaire and associates, and
Mayor Ole Hanson, of Seattle also
testified. Masses of documents is
sued by the Third Internationale at
Moscow, the I. W. W. and similar or
ganizations were Introduced as evi
Tho defendants' chief defense was
that "they were exercising their
right of free speech" wheu raaking
various alleged seditious statements,
and that they had in no way violated
their rights "as citizens of a free re
Miss Oixfe Caldwell, the talented
office manager for the Union City
Ice, Union City Ice & Coal Co., In
formed a Commercial man of the con
tents of a letter received by her firm
written by a big mining corporation,
suggesting lower prices for soft coal
during the next few days. The min
ers seemed to think the government
would would take a hand and set
the prices back, where they were dur
ing the war -or about half the fig
ures asked now.
The little lady says they are get
ting Bon Air and the better grades
of coal, when they are able to get it
at all, at much cheaper prices than
the cheaper grades from ' Kentucky
and Illinois are selling for. Whether
the government does or does not, the
authorities know, the miners know,
the middle grafters know and the
people know that something should
be done, and the doing is long since
overdue. Thousands of the price
boosters and strike grafters should
be In Jail. This might help some.
It is worth a trial.
Work of Third National Bank.
Recognizing that a bank has
public duty to perform in times of
stress, the Third National Bank of
this city has met the present' strin
gency as far as its officers felt they
were Justifiable In doing, by using
the Federal Reserve Bank liberally
for rediscount in assisting their cus
tomers to produce crops and prepare
live stock for the markets.
Although their loans were, at high
water mark at the beginning of the
season, and their clients being large
ly farmers whose deposits would
necessarily . decrease before a new
crop was made, this bank made in
original loans In May $79,380.29, In
June $24,241.23, and July $47,-
034.90, not one of these loans being
a renewal of a former loan.
This information has been fur
nished, us by an official of the bank,
taken from Its records and wc think
it due the bank and of sufficient in
terest to the public to make it knowd
Public School Notice.
The rates of tuition for the Public
School of Union City for the session
beginning Sept. 6, 1920, and until
further notice are as follows:
Grades 1 to 4, Inclusive, $27.00
per annum.
Grades 6 and 6, $33.00 per annum.
Junior High, $63.00 per annum.
On account of the unprecedented
Increase in salaries of the teachers
and other expenses of the school the
advance in tuition appears to us to
be imperatively necessary.
No pupil whose tuition has not
been paid for the past school year
will be allowed to matriculate unless
special arrangements are made with
the Board of Education.
The Public School will open Sep
tember 6, 1920, and we request all
parents to see that the pupils start
the first day so the teachers can or
ganize the classes. 20-2t
Board of Education of Union City,
F. E. QUINN, Sec.
Quarterly Conferences.
Presiding Elder Rev., Robt. A,
Clark, of the Union City District an
nounces his fourth round of quarter
ly conferences.
Fulton Station, (preaching) 11
a.m., Aug. 8.
Union City Station, (preaching)
11 am., Aug. 15.
Martin Station, (preaching) 8. p
m., Aug. 15.
Union City Circuit, Shady Grove
Aug. 28, 29.
Greenfield and Brock, Brock, Sept
4, 5.
Sharon and Mount Vernon, Sha
ron, Sept. 5, 6.
Trimble Circuit, Boyett's Chapel
Sept. 11, 12.
Kenton and Rutherford, Kenton
Sept. 12, 13.
Ralston Circuit, Camp Ground,
Sept. 18, 19.
Martin Circuit, Obion Chapel,
Sept. 19, 20.
Crystal and West Hickman, Mount
Manuel, Sept. 26, 27.
Hickman Station, Sept. 27, 28.
Cayce Circuit, Ebenezer, Oct. 2, 3.
Columbus Circuit,' Zion, Oct. 3, 4
South Fulton' Circuit, New Hope,
Oct. 9, 10.
Fulton Circuit, Wesley, Oct. 10,
Elbridge Circuit, Minnick, Oct
16, 17.
Hornbeak Circuit, Obion Chapel,
Oct. 17, 18.
Troy and Bethlehem, Troy, Oct
23, 24.
Obion, Rives and Sardis, Obion,
Oct. 24, 25.
Water Valley Circuit, Oct. 30, 31.
Card of Thanks.
We, the undersigned, tender our
heartfelt thanks to the friends and
neighbors who were so good and kind
to our mother and grandmother, Mrs.
H. H. Giffin,' during her illness and
in death. We also thank the under
taker, Mr. White, for his kindness
and care for the remains. Mr. and
Mrs. Andy L. Giffin, Mrs. J. G. Cal
lan, Virginia Giffin, Hoyt Giffin, Ru
by Giffin.
Big Meeting.
Our protracted meeting will begin
at Mount Zion Sunday morning .at
11 o'clock. Rev. R. A. Clark will be
with us and we hdpe to see the entire
community present..
WILL SELL near Public School
two- story, 11-room house on large,
pretty corner lot. Convenienttly ar
ranged to rent as an apartment. Wa
ter and sink on lower floor; bath and
water on upper floor. Two beautiful
cabinet' mantels. Flues . In : every
room. Apply to Mrs. LuU Beaver,
corner Morgan and Grove streets,
Union City, Tenn. 20-ltpd
h Copyright 1920 Hart Schaffoer & fcfan
There's an
YOU feel it in Clothes that really
fit and give you individual Jstyle.
Clothes that are distinct and snap
py, without being loud. That look
as if they belonged to you and
feel that way. Our specialty is
fitting our Clothes to J men who
know the value of being well
groomed who appreciate the
quiet correctness and individual
style. That's what makes our
lines of Clothes so desirable and
so economical.
Special values in summer fabrics
at $15.00, $17.00 and $18.00.
W. G. Clpgett Co.
Philadelphia Diamond Grid Bat
tery with the Philco Slotted
Built like a bridge and guaranteed
for JT wo Years.
The Diamond Grid or frame-work
is built like a bridge, diagonally
braced for strength.
The Philco Retainer holds firmly
in place the active material, which
in any battery tends to "slough off
in service. Without these features
a two-year guarantee is not possi
ble. John II. Johnson & Sons.
Battery Service Station for all Batteries.
Cumb: Phone 454. Church and 2d. Sts.

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