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DR.. e7m. LONG
Over Wehman'a Hardware Store
Union Gty, Tenn.
- Telelphonea
Office 144; Reatdence 595-J
Cnicn City Commercial. estn1ihed 1W n.t .a 1
Wm( Tnee Courier. esUbli.hed 1897 1 CcmK.Ud.ttd September 1. 197
VOL. 29, NO. 26
Over WeKtnan' Hardware Store
Union Gty, Tenn.'
OfSce 144. Residence 595-J
il I lib
Herbert' Hoover Sounds an Alarm
. Note to People.'
"There is a parallel between our
present economic condition end that
which, followed the Civil War; the
same conditions of extravagance and
Boad Closed and Crews of Workmen
Making Fine Progress.
The road to Gibbs is coming in
large proportions every day. Mr.
Cloar authorized the closing of the
road so that traffic would not inter- big prices which resulted in a great
fere with the work. But it will' be panic and years of hard times," says
open on Sunday r.nd "every night,v so Herbert Hoover in an article of help
we are instructed to state. ful hints, "Thrift and American
Mr. Reece has the forces divided Women," in the Ladles Home Jour
in two or three crews, as he needs nal.
them, and they havp plows, scraper3, Mr. Hoover explains that we may
Wooic and cable for lifting trees and hope to .avoid ' financial disaster
Rtnmns. and other smaller tools! be- which followed the Civil War "be
sides the truck3 that are used in cause we believe our economfc posi
transfer. , Many of the fences, nearly tion . much stronger than it was in
all of them, have been moved to make those early days." But he warns
; room for tho right of way and some, that we are confronted "withi world
of the hills hav already been cut conditions of upset which were un-
, down with plows and scrapers. The known half .a century ago
road work is going on all along the! Suggesting a remedy for the pres-
route nearly to Gibbs. There has en t tendency towards extravagance,
been already quite a chango in the
looks of the road. : ';
Mr. Caldwell' and his committee
are buBy looking after the work,
while Mr. Kelly is seeing to the prop
er grades, etc. Col, Walter Reynolds,
Mr. Hoover says; ' - ,
"It is as imperative to-day as it
was during the war, even more so,
that we should practice thrift in all
its forma.
"Every one of us should cut out Gallimore, by Mrs. S. H. Hall, Mar-
Program of Meeting at Walnut
Grove Church.
.' Devotional, by Mrs. J. D. Alexan
der, of Woodland. ' -,
Welcome address Mrs.' Roy L.
Keathley. '".
Recognition of delegates and visitors.
"Fruits of 75-Million Campaign,"
by Mrs. Will Nash, Union City.
Christ in the Home,"., by Mrs. Lem
Hall, of Martin. ' ,
Solo, by Mrs. J. D. Carlton, of Un
ion City. ' . ;
"Tithing and Giving," by Mrs
Nannie Roberts, of Woodland.
"Current Events," by Mr3. M. F.
Gray, of Martin.
Reports by presidents of work
done, during past year:
Devotional, by Mrs. C. D. Jackson,
of Tlptonville.
"America, God's Israel of To-day,"
Mrs.- A. E. Glover, of Union City.
After Campaign Warning Mrs. S,
N. Johnston, Martin.
Prayer Mrs. Henry Jackson, Un
ion City.
A letter to' the Associational W.
M. U. from Mrs. Gladys Stevenson
the county president, is looking on extravagance and waste; we should
and making suggestions. , Mr. JIugh every possible five Cent piece
Smith is looking-after the' money, even though it was worth no more
He is the Jjeasurer and a good one than a postage stamp; we should put
,..u iik. ,,' i our -suvln'ea ' into savines . banks' or
you have not paid your subscription, into government or other securities Tj" b Ru,therf?rd. and COn-
You .would do the committee a favor or into homes or farms.
bv callins: on Mr. Smith as soon as "Money that i3 wasted is destroyed
possible and save them some valu- as if cast into a fire and the evil re
able time.
Business. " f -" 7p
W., M. U. convenes at Walnut
Grove Church Sept.- 18, 1920. at
10:30 a.m. .Those wishing to attend
veyed to church.
To Get Road Material.
Li.Un inn A r Vn tnNtvM
I Torirann Ton n Qonf 11 i TV, a. an
The most important thing DOW Is uai waste ana nis or ar uimuy ,ou snorta of grave, &nd other
hands. There are enough teams, u " . Bp'ettU materials used in road construction
tools ana equipment.. ut nanas are - - v...- which has resulted in the hiehwava
needed and the more mere are at "i of Madison County being badlv worn
work the quicker it . may be com- ADout one-tnira or. our. peeopie an, damaged to a great extent .
pleted. If you want to worn on mei"c ,ct'f"l""ulD ". .uC
road see Mr. Jake Caldwell or Mr. travagance and waste, in this coun
Ed Reece and you can befaccommo- try. It is a heavy responsibility that
rtati Hffht awnv they bear. If we could convert this
Oir to-Gibbs is the watchword: " " one-third to simple living the prob
lem would be solved.
WIND EOES DAMAGE f "It is the one-third who are guilty
the recent rains, will be relieved
within the next few days, as stated
in a communication received by Su
pervisor - M. B; Moore from E. t.
Crews, division engineer for the
State Highway Commission. Mr.
Crews states that he is negotiating
IN OBION COUNTY K traTOgant eating and drinking wUh q
(100 everv nieht In New York Citv
WACI1 alrtna rkrt roatanrant aiinnorn TV
nation spends at least a million dol
lars a day or $365,000,000 a year in
promises to expedite the orders to
Madison County. The macadamized
roads of the county are in very poor
repair due to the inability of the
road authorities to obtain gravel.
War Veteran Dies.
early last night killed Turner Ford,
. . . . mxat 1 ...nAnalkld $ tw t Yi n . o In 1
a 6&-year-oia iarmer, ana injurea i ""o-j lOTiiummim w
Farmer Crushed to Death
Building Collapses.
Kntnn. Tenn.. Sent. 11. A ter
rifle windstorm, and cyclone in the superfluous eating at hotels and res
Seventh District of Obion County iauranw
'.'Again it is the one-third who are
Fulton, Ky., Sept. 11. Vester
slightly several . other people whose volved in the use of Jewelry on which Griffey, aged 28, died at his home in
names could not be learned. , o many millions are being spent. Hickman County, north of here. The
Turner Ford and L. Llnson were we are now obtaining a great many deceased was a volunteer during the
in Vinson's house when; the storm dlan,ona8 other precious stones and war and was one, of the first ones to
hroke and Linson. fearing that the articles or ornament rrom isurope. cross to trance 'after war was de-
house would be blown - down, sug- America sends to Europe shiploads of clafed. He parcipated in much hard
gested to Ford that they leave th useful commodities foodstuffs, ma- fighting and was badly gassed. This
house and seek the onem. Ford pre- Winery, cotton. She gets . back a led to diseases which caused his
ferfed to stay in the house and in aiwhee,harrow load of diamonds and I death
very few minutes tne nouse coi- jc" . . " uu5 m remieu io ur,
lapsed, Crushing Ford and killing ';'The installment system of credit J. R. Luten, of this city, and was well
him instantly. ' As Liinson ' lef t the ' clothes and furniture is a direct known here. He is survived by a
house a flvine olank . knocked him cause j of a great,, deal of extrava- young wife. The burial occurred at
down ' ! ' 4 fc gunce, 'or it lures its victims with Oakwood Cemetery,
Death of W. T. Crow.
The Alamo Baptist Church and the idea of small , occasional pay
cchoot house J were completely ;de-jments. of whlch the total Js almost
stroyed. not even the foundation re- never comprehended. It is somewhat
maining. ' The tobacco barn of J. A, I as you bd a cut ; in your Mr. W. T. Crow, well known clt
Dortch was blown down and burned, pocketbook, and through it the lesser izen and planter tof Obion County,
together with his new crop of tpbac- coins were constantly dropping out," died Saturday, September 11, 1920,
T- Numerous other barns, dwell- 10 maKe a orect appeal to Amer- at 1Z:15 at his home in South Ful
ine and outhouses were blown down,can women is characterized by Mr. ton.
and the matrnlflcent corn crops are! "oover, aa a nign compumeni to Mr. urow was . born in Dickson
in most instances completely ruined, them, "as indicating that they are County, Tenn., April 21, 1851. In
very largely; the guardians of the the year of 1876 he was united in
Insurance Business Change. American pocketbook. ' . marriage to Miss Clara Roth. To
"If the women of America see this union six children were born,
The Insurance firm of Davis & Ktheir opportunity and their duty and five of whom survive, one having
Russell,-which has been doing busi- act upon them, civilization will be died several years ago.
ness in Union City fof a number of their debtor," concludes Mr. Hoover.
ha transferred its ssrencies in
Union City and county to Mr. Ellis Save by Shipping Cooperatively.
Jackson. Messrs. Ca to Davis and, J. Recently County Agent Asa A.
M. Russell therefore retire from the Pryor, of Fayette County, assisted
local insurance business and Mr. his farmers in making a cooperative
Davis has gone to Louisiana to shipment of sheep and . cattle, The
Mr. and Mrs. Crow moved to Obion
County thirty-four years ago fend
settled near this city. Fulton Lead
$25 Reward.
Twenty-five dollars reward has
enter the field for the Aetna Life Ins. returns from the shipment were very been offered since the last of May to
Co. as general agent. These gentle- satisfactory according to Mr. Pryor. anyone that will find an old-line in-
men have been very successful and To demonstrate the value of cooper-1 surance company that has as much
have beccme identified with Union ative shipping of livestock Mr. Pryor behind its death claims as the Guar
City in many important institutions states that one farmer shipped his antee Fund Life of Omaha, Nebr
and enterprises. It is a source of re- old sheep thru' the cooperative asso- This company has paid two death
sret that we lose Mr, Davis as a cit- ciation and received $7.15 per head, I claims in this county Mr. Henry
izen and that the firm has dissolved, a neighbor shipped some 'alone and I Fullerton, of Kenton, J4000 in thirty
Mr. Russell wo presume will remain received $2.50 per head. Jn another days, and Mr. Steve Harris, of Union
and that is good news. Their sue- instance a farmer was offered $75.00 City, $3000 in fifteen days after
cesser, Mr. Jackson,1 Is a fine business for his lot by a stock buyer. He death. Cheaper than - Woodmen
man and will continue the Insurance shipped with the cooperative associa- stronger than old-line. The Govern
tion Instead of selling to the buyer ment is behind it. -You can't afford
and received $104.75 above all ex
penses. This has been the history of
cooperative livestock marketing . in
practically every county that it has
been in, resulting in the saving of
thousands of dollars to the farmers of
the State each year.
business, with W. F. -Tate, as "assist
ant, and the office will do business as
usual. . '.
Mr, and Mrs. Davis are advertising
iltelr beut'JIul t ome on Main, street
fr sale. Friends of the family ten-
',?r kind wishet for their health and
ii if ciness. :.-..
to be unprotected at $11.60 Der
$1000 up. Ages 16 to 59 yearsto
white men and" women only. See
Dorrel Harris, both phones, Union
City, Tenn. : ; ' ' ' 26-tf
Mr. Hill, of B-ives, was another
beneficiary paid $2000 this week.
, is nearing its end. We hope you have
. spent it pleasantly. School will open soon
i and we have stocked a complete line" of
'! School Suppling ifT
Pencils, Pens, Satchels, Book Straps, Library
Paste, Fountain Pens, Pencil Boxes, etc.
' .. .... ' - V ('.'.',
It will pay you to start in with a full t
, equipment of these. ' You want the best?
Then buy them early before the stock is
, picked over at
Cobb's Corner Drug Store
OurMotto: "Service. J i , " Phone 96;
Mrs. O. E. Foulks, guardian, et als.
Y. Jim Foulks et ala. Chancery
Court, Obion County, Tennessee.
In the above styled cause i'. ap-;
pearing to the Clerk and Master
from the bill e complaint, which is,'
sworn to, that the defendant, 'C. T.i
Foulks, is -a non-resident of tho.
State of Tennessee, so that ordinary '
process of law cannot be served upon
him. It is therefore hereby ordered
that the said above named defendant :
appear before the Chancellor of the ;
Chancery Court of Obion County.Ten
nessee, on or before the Second Mon
day of October, 1920, that being sec-,
ond Monday, of the regular term, of
said Chancery Court,1 and make de- ;
tense to the said bill, or the same will
be taken as confessei by him, and the
said cause set' for hearing ex-parte .
as to him. It-is further ordered that
publication of thia notice be maae )
for four wnncoMitive.' weeks .in The v
Commercial,. ; a'" weekly newspaper
published ,in Obion County, Tenn.
This Sept. 6th, 1920.
' ' " Clerk and Master.
By Nolle F. . Marshall, D..C. & M.
H. Lannom and J. B.
for ComplC . 25-4t
d N. & H.
WaddelL Sol.-
F. L. Pittman.
W. T. Harris.
Steam and Domestic
Gibraltar LUMP
Gibraltar N UT.
, ', Wholesale anetRltajL-rS -
Place your order now f or your winter; coal. - Prices are
still advancing. Cars are very scarce, labor at mines
striking, winter will soon be here. Close prices j for
immediate delivery. - ?
West Main Street ' , .
v Cumberland Telephone 346.
Independent Telephone 1 58 .
The Ford Coupe is essentially the motor car for physicians every '
day of the year because of its up-to-dateness in every detail-4rarge
sliding windows, it is a breezy open car in fine weather and in rainy,
stormy, cold weather it is closed dust-proof and water-proof with
broad seat heavily upholstered, it is a most comfortable car Equipped
with electric starting and lighting system and demountable rims with
3J-inch tires, and carrying all Ford merits in economy,, in operation
and upkeep. Not only ideal for physicians but for, salesmen real
' ! u . '"'' '' "estate men and everyone, who
wants a dependable two-seated car
: Won't you come in and look over
the Ford Coupe? .
Authorized Ford D uller. Phone 400
" ' " ' UNION 'CITY,VTENN. . N .

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