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Over Wehmn" Hardwate Jtore
Union City, Tnn.
Office 144. Re.idence 595-J
VOL. 29, NO. 29
' t ' -- " - - . - - - ' - m ; 1 .
" H ' ' '
Union City Commercial. ctaMUhed 18-0 rna wmb 1. 1897 , LUNIUIN - 1 IT, ICJ. riSWAI . .Wl WU ;
1 1'
! i
Appropriation of Two Thousand Dol
lars Allowed by the Court.
, Confronted with ' appropriations
piling up by th'e thousands and by
tha perplexing problem of taxation,
the Obion County Court, Tat its quar
terly session last Tuesday, recognized
Uie work that is being done by the
. people of Union City and community
and the liberality shown in the en
terprise of constructing a , first-class
public highway, from Union City to
Gibbs, and conceded the point that
the court 'must meet its obligations
in constructing a ouitable levee on
that road in the Grove Creek bottom,
and make an ample appropriation for
that purpose. The resolution was
therefore offered by Justice Bratton
that an appropriation not exceeding
-$2000' bo alUwod by the County
Court for the 'said . levee and that
.fake CaldwelH and Hugh Smith be
appointed commissioners to superin
tend the construction of same.
A reception Vas given to the mem
bers of the County Court at the Elks
Home and a dinner served by the, la
dies of the Cumberland "Presbyterian
Church, one of the most substantial
and wholesome and complete in ev
ery way enjoyed in Union City. Over
thirty members of the court were
present Addresses vere made by
Dr. Turner, president' of Ehe Lions
Club, by Dr. Henry Oliver and, by
Rev. R. A. Clark, 'all pn lae subject
of good roads in Obion County and
particularly on the Gibbs road, all
very ; timely and ' convincing logic
concerning the needs of good roads
n nhinn finnntv. Judee Bratton sup
plemented these remarks with thel
thanks of the court to the ladies ot
; th Cumberland Presbyterian; Church
for one of their famous dinners. To
the ladies he paid the nicest compli
ments for the way they prove them
selves more than equal to the de
mands of these occasions and for
their delightful presence and atten
. tion.
' i After the speaking cars were left
at the'door'and members of the court
were taken out over the new road for
a view of the work in progress and
the development of the road as far as
the work Is completed.
It was indeed a sight to witness
the long stretch of new' roadway fifty
feet wide and on a straight line from
one end to the other. The party re
turned and the court convened with
the result as above stated. The res
olution .did not pass without a con
test, but ho one opposed the main
question the .construction of the
levee. There s simply a difference
of opinion as to the cost of same.
Dr. Turner announced before the
meeting at .the Elks Home was ad
journed that the Lions Club would
senj a committee to Obion this even
ing to meet with Obion people rela-
tive to good roads, and Mr. Bob Fox
has Informed uo that he will meet
the delegation and entertain with
refreshments.' It is intended to visit
: other portions of the 'county on the
Bame ' mission and announcements
will be made from time to time of
the movements of the committee.
At a meeting of the cotton factors
at the Chamber of Commerce, Mem
phis, Gerald Fitzgerald, Clarksdale,
Miss., lawyer and banker," outlined
his plan for marketing the enormous
amount of low grade ' cotton now in
the ,hands of cotton men throughout
the South. " '
Th plan Is to offer the cotton to
German manufacturers, giving them
a fair profit for manufacturing the
staple into, low-grade cotton goods.
Germany la the largest consumer of
low-grade cotton, and it Is the ina
bility, of German manufacturers to
finance the purchase of raw material
. in this country that has brought
about the stagnation in local mar
kets. Mr. Fitzgerald points out that
under present conditions a bale of
cotton will cost the German mills
approximately 21,000 marks, where
as, before the war and before the
great slump la value . of German
money, the same cotton was sold for
about 1,200 marks. He says the
cheapness, of the German mark as
compared with our dollar makes It
impossible' for these mills to buy raw
material In American markets.
Training School Locals.
: Miss Grace Naylor, of the Commer
cial ' Department, was absent a few
days last week on account of Illness.
Miss Erdlce Latimer was a visitor
here Tuesday. .
Marvin Owens, a 1920 graduate,
has accepted - a position with the
Third National Bank.
: Mi3s Daisy Long is back in school
after a few. dkys absence. '! - "
-Miss Lois Curlln, of Woodland,
was called home last Tuesday on ac
count cf her litle brother's being run
over by a heavily loaded truck. The
child is in a serious condition.
Will Lannbm, a former Training
School pupil, who has recently enr
tered the University of Tennessee,
writes that a Tennessee Club has
been organized in the university. Of
the twenty-nine members, nine are
from Union City. - - -
Mr. F. L. Kerr, the assistant prin-,
cipal, tried to steal a mareh on the
school last Thursday by quietly slip
ping away and getting married. As
usuaf we had pur eyes and ears open
and every'one knew what was going
to happen before he left the school.
The bride . is' MIsa vRyda Bailey, a
beautiful and accomplished .young la
dy of Sharon,'' On his return to
school he was. met by a shower of
rice. . ... . , ' ' '
The Liter'ary Society will Tender
the following program Friday after
noon. - " ( ,
Devotional i. Gene Talley
Violin solo'. . . . ,. . . .Rufus Massey
Reading " Gertrude Adkerson
Solo Mary Kate Stalcup
Current events ....... . .Billy Moss
Locals . .. . . J. G. Smith
Debate "Should Football be abol
ished from High School." Affirma
tive, Oran Thornton and Clara Mai
Mott. Negative, Bera Lee Forrester
and J. L. Holt. Critic, Floy Kirby.
--After "cleaning up" Fulton last
Friday, the. football boys, of 'the
Training School proceeded to, do the
same thing to oysters Monday nighi.
It has become "the custom fdr"Mr.'
Aydelott to give a supper every time
a game' Is won, and we expect' to
have a supper after every game.
"Win and Eat" is our motto. ..... .
To every one -who enjoys a good
game of football, the Training School
invites you to come to the park Fri
day afternoon at two o'clock sharp
and you will not be disappointed. We
open this season here with one of
the strongest teams in West Tennes
see, Jackson, We expect a large
Democrats and Shipping.
The United States is now the sec
pnd maritime power in the world. In
1914 the United v States had 755
ocean-going 'vessels, aggregating a
little over 2,000,000 gross tons, 'of
which 80 per cent were engaged in
coastwise and Great Lakes trade.
Only 10 per cent of the country's
foreign commerce was carried in
American bottoms and the shipbulld
ind industry was stagnant. ?
In 1920 on Juno 30, . the United
States had 3,040 ocean-going ves
sels, aggregating over ' 11,000,000
gross tonnage, and 42 per cent of
our country's foreign commerce was
carried in American ships. i
The Covenant. .
The Covenant of the League of
Nations is omitted, from the Repub
lican textbook because it is "too
long" or not interesting." "
The Covenant is not a lengthy doc
ument; it takes less than ten pages
of the Democratic textbook. Itis
about as much as ten pages of an or
dinary novel. ,
Steps are being taken to make it
easily possible for every American
voter to obtain a copy of the Cove
nant of the League.
Republican White Book.
The German White Book, it will
be remembered, omitted the Czar's
letter to Emperor William and other
documenraf grept importance, On
the alleged ground ' that they were
not "Interesting.", '
Did the Republican textbook omit
the Covenant of the League of Na
tions because it was not considered
"interesting." .
Mr. Sweet Potato Man
I am sure L have the best place in
the city "to store sweet potatoes for
the winter. v If you have a crop,
come and let me explain my plan to
you.- All to whom I have Bpoken say
it is the best arrangement they nave
seen. , ' r, " ; . 29-ltpd
If 'there are any Democrats in Ten
nessee who are thinking of voting for
Col. Alf Taylor for Governor, they
should first get acquainted with, his
record while serving as a member ot
Congress of 1890 when the infamous
f'vnroa Rill" was Uo for considera
tion before that oAy. They should
acquaint themselves with that gen
tleman's opinion, of the South and
his vote and cts while a member of
the' Fifty-first Cbngress.
The Federal Election Bill, com
monly known in. the South as the
"Force Bill,", provided for the elimi
nation from the .officials of the va
rious 'States' all power to control the
elections held in them. It provided
that a Chief Supervisor of Elections
should- be appointed tor every district
by the Judge of ' the United Spates
circuit CourC and this Supervisor
should in turn appoint three super
visors to control the elections in ev
ery precinct of the various Stajtes.
That these supervisors might be able
to enforce their demands, it was pro
vided that they should have a guard
of , United States Deputy Marshau,
unlimited in number, to stand
aroijind the polling places and see
thM everything ' was carried on to
suit 'the whims of these Federal Su
pervisors. These men also had the
power to go Into the homes of the
people prior to election days and in
vestigate their registration, and if
foreigners, to ascertain whether they
had been properly naturalized, etc.
When the polls were ready to count,
these supervisors were empowered to
count the, ballots and certify the re-j
suits to the Chief Supervisor, who in j
turn would certify the results to the
Chief Clerk ot, the. House of Repre
sentatives a Washington, who must,
under penalty of fine and imprison
ment, receive fhe results announced
by 'suctT supervisors, ''and'" must Ig
nore any results certified to by any
Governor of any State, which did not
harmonize with the. certification of
these supervisors. Its purpose was
to intimidate the Southern, voter, and
enable the Republican party, by force
of arms to control the election ot
Southern Representatives in Con
gress. It was to enable them to sttai
the election of Congressmen Just as
they stole the electoral vote from
Tilden and gave it to Hayes In that
memorable contest. - ,
Benton McMillin, then in Congress
from . Tennessee, said it was "the
most far-reaching and revolutionary
proposition ever- presented. It is
centralization run mad.." Ha also
pointed out that It would require the.
services of about 350,000 men aKa
cost to the Government at each elec
tion of not less tbanJJ12.000.0o0.
Representative Cwleman, Republi
can, of Louisiana, opposed the D'.il as
being 'a very expensive - political
blunder, and sectional, in its opera
tion." , ;' .. ' j--,h
Representative Ewart, of North
Carolina, a Republican, said. "It Is
as damnable, illogical; inequitable
and vicious a piece of legislation as
was ever attempted to be1 placed up
on the statute books of this country.
It Is a sectional measure designed al
most entirely for the South."
Col. Taylor,., then In Congress,
said: "In the district I represent,
and intimidation in elections are un
known. Gentlemen on this side of
the House have shown the frequency
and enormity of these outrages;
have shown to what depths of degra
dation and dishonor our boasted
elective system has been dragged;
have demonstrated the absolute ne
cessify for this law, and their argu
ments stand unanswered to this good
hour, and their statements are un
assailed.". , k ,.
"But the Democratic party, true to
Its history, ever ready to array itself
against all measures of reform, ....
comes forward in solid phalanx to
oppose' and attempt to defeat this
bill, . . '. which i3 to puniGh ballot
box thieves, bliibe-glvers, -and bribe
takers." . ' . ' : -, . '" .
. , ; STRONG ENOUGH; j ;,
"It is not ' the ' bill some of us
wanted, Some of us wanted an even
stronger law, .ubut we yielded and
accepted this bill. It may not ac
complish the. purposes for which it Is
Intended, but it can and will be made
stronger and more effective in the fu
ture if It fails now."
"Tllfc DUTY OF THE HOUR.' - -"Mr
Speaker, what Is the duty of
the hour? The duty of the hour is
for thel representatives of hd people
to invoke by lav the strong arm. of
the Federal power and let it be
wielded until every man, black or
white, Jn every city, town, township,
parish nd precinct in every State. .
shall be as free as the air that floats
. . ..and protected in the exercise of
hi3 fraacbise."
(See'; page 6920, Congressional
Record,' Fifty-first Session.)
While Northern misguided Repub
licans decried lae conditions existing
in the " South at this time t was
shown in 'ho debate on this bill, and
which was not disputed, that in
fourteen Northern States in 1888,
3,386,399 Republicans voted, elect
ing 126 members of Congress, while
In these same fourteen States 3,074,
165 Democrats voted, electing only
47 Congressmen. - '
in .
F; L. Pittman.
Gibraltar LUMP
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enclosed car with permanent top, it has large windows, and may. in a minute be
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