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Mr. and Mrs. W. Kllgore, of Martin,
"were visitors here Wednesday.
Miss Ethel Brlgga, of Dresden, is
-visiting in the city.
Good goods reasonable. Kirby
A Klrkland.
Mrs. W. H. Swiggart was quite ill
the first of the week.
Mr., and Mrs. Walker, of Martin,
were In the city Monday.'-"
Only one of Its kind in exist
ence. Kirby & Klrkland.
Mrs. L. C. Bacon, of Hickman, was
-visiting in this city Tuesday.
Mrs. Wm. Hollister, who has been
-visiting at Martin, has returned.
) The young man etore. Kirby
A Klrkland.
Mr. John Cox was very sick Mon
day, but -was reported better yester
day. M-s. Nettie Penlck has returned
from Fulton, where she visited with
The rich man store. Kirby &
Jk. Klrkland.
Misses Portia Rogers and ', Floy
Kirby visited at Sharom Saturday and
Sunday. .
.' Mrs. J. H. Bushart and daughters,
tt Martin, were visiting in the city
Monday. .
If you want the best in music
tear the Grafonola. Harpole-Walk-
aar Furn. Co. , -(-:
Miss Mattie Templo, who has been
visiting friends at Paris, has return
ed home.
Little Josephine Crowell has been
very sick, but was reported better
Fix up that Living Room with
one of our new Suites. Harpole
Walker Furn. Co.
Miss Catheine Reditt went to Obi
on Sunday and spent the day visiting
fcer mother.
Miss Lelia Shaw, of St. Louis, is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
I. H. Lockhart.
If you want to see ' the best
blankets - In town, call by Harpole
"Walker Furn. Co.
Misses Bettie and Mattie Baulch,
of Bethlehem vicinity, were shopping
here Thursday. ' . v
Mrs. F. W. Pardue and Mrs. E. R.
Cochran are spending the, week in
Memphis visiting at the home of
their son and brother, Mr. v Wright
A Drama In Four Acts, Will Be Presented at the
College Auditorium in Troy
Thanksgiving Night, Thursday Nov. 25
For the Benefit of the Troy Special High School Fund.
Gen." Mark Lester, a hero of the war G. R. McDade
Pedro Mendez, his half brother D. H. Burnett
Dr. Garcia, surgeon of the ship . Jno. O. Bennett
Gilbert Hall, M.D., in love with Olive. Jas. W. Pressly
Robert Glenn, a Wall street banker David A. Guy
Robert Grimes, Lester's private secretary Homer B. Clark
Ebenezer, Glenn's butler Maxey Moffatt
Olive, Glenn's daughter, Mrs. Jno. O. Bennett
Sally, Glenn's daughter Mrs. Homer B. Clark
Maria, wife of Pedro ...Mr3. D. H. Burnett
ACT I. Glenn's Mansion in HewYork City. Gregory Hypnotizes
Sally. The Banker's Awful Predicament. The General's Offer.
ACT II. (Ono month later). The Isle of Santa Cruz. The General
and his bride arc welcomed to the Island. Gilbert's Farewell to Olive.,
Ebenezer's Love Letter.
ACT III. (5 month's later). Lester's Home in Santa Cruz. The
Storm. Sally and Gregory Arrive. Pedro's Plot Against Olive.
ACT IV. (1 day later). Maria's Poison. Lester's Strange Illness.'
Dr. Garcia Is Puzzled. Olive Accused. Dr. Gilbert's Test. "Who Dar,
Janlwerry!", Olive Vindicated. A Debt of Honor Repaid.
For Intense dramatic action, thrilling climaxes, uproarious comedy
and a story of absorbing romance and interest, few plays equal "A Wo
man's Honor."
The following musical selections will be given between tho acts:
"Swing Song" (Lahr) Jennie H. Polk, Sarah Moffatt, Sancy Ben
nett, Mildred Marshall, Bonnie Lasley, Louifb Sturgis. -
"Pickaninny Lullaby" (Stultz) Pauline Pressly, Sadie Erwin, Lil
lian Call, Sophrina Forrel, Selma Turner, Howtrd Ponder, Dale Reeves,
Raymond Curry.
"Lazy Mississippi" Dale Reeves', Howard Ponder, Zelma Turner,
Raymond Curry.
No reserved seats. Come early. Doors open at 7:00. Play begins
at 7:30. '
Admission 35 cents; Children 25 cents
Remember Thanksgiving Night, at College Hall, in Troy.
Tho Girla' and the Boys' High School Basket Ball Teams will each
put on a match game of basket ball at the College Ground3 on Thanksgiv
ing afternoon.
Fulton Has the Fever.
The Motex Oil Co., of St. Louis, has
a rig on the track ready to be un
loaded In Fulton and will start work
drilllne at once. We feel tbat the
Fulton Oil and Gas Company, as lit
I tie as was thought of it months ago
P. I 1 1 1 n WAat
18 rapidly pruKruooius imv 6' -
oil field. Fulton Dally Leader.
It's time to change your Summer Drawers.
We have just a little less than one train load of Gents
Furnishings that we are cutting the price on, we are well stock
ed and intend to let these goods go at a sacrifice.
You can get a good pair of Dress Shoes from $4.95 to
Good Work Shoes from $4.45 to $.45.
Good young'men's Snappy Pants, $10 values, at 6.50
Young men 8 Suits that were $30 to $45, now $20 to $35.
Boy s Suits that were $ 1 0 to $ 1 5, now $8.00 to $ 1 2.00
$2.75 Overalls at 2.007
Everything in our store marked down.
Come in and see our goods, we are glad
to show you whether you purchase or not
Come in and see us ,
Unloading' Prices!
Od time Hope Domestic, unoading price.......... 15c
Yard wide Brown Domestic, unoading price..;. '..12 l-2c
Mens Heavy B ue Work Shirts. . . . .. . .95c
Ladies $1.50 pure sik Hose..... ......98c
Bed Bankets, $5va ue, unoading price 3.89
Good heavy ight coor Outing 15c
Mens Work Sox, un oading price ' 10c
Stape Patterns in Dress Suitings.. 15c
Boys and Girs heavy Union Suits $1.50 Vaue 98c
Everything in Ladies and Chidrens Shoes at uno ading
prices. Don't fai to get our prices on shoes
Everything in Ladies and Childrens Coats must be un
loaded regardess of cost or profit, so just keep coming.
We are going to ho d the prices down.
' . x
We have many bargains that we haven't space to men
tion, but you will be well peased with the unloading
. prices all the way through our store.
XL o
Union City, Tenn.
Honor Pupils.
Parents and 'citizens of Union City
would like to know what boys and
girla ranked highest in school during
tho first quarter. Here they are.
Five in the order of rank are given
for each grade.
First Grade: Morning class Ma
ry Love Jones, Whitesell Harpole,
Emmett Waddell, Irene Smith, Har
riet Hunter Elam. Afternoon class
Iris Friel, Ruth Green, Agnes
Dunn, James Isbell, Willette Friel.
Second Grade: Claudia .Chapel,
Louise Hinshaw, Frankie Cunning
ham, Francis Parish, Robert Suther
Third 'Grade: Henry Oliver,
Charles ' Bradley, Marion VerduFn,
Ada Howard, Sarah Frances Cum-mlngs.
Fourth Grade:' Virginia Oliver, Al
len Davis, Charles Edward Keiser,
Leah Moss, David Walker Harris.
Third Grade: Bessie Marie Hall,
Helen Mai Hawes, Laudell Harris,
Josephine Crowell, Camella Cunning
Fourth Grade: Charles Ridings,
Campbell Garth, Ralph Brice, Paul
Hudgins, George Cloys.
Fifth Grade: Helen Howse, Wil-
fQrd Quinn, Mary Virginia . Miles,
Virginia Howard, Willie Davis, Hall
Sixth Grade: Carolyn Kelly, Mary
Agnes- Oliver, Tom French Elam,
Frederick Verduin, Hunter Lee Brlce,
Elizabeth Rogers.
First Grade: Margaret Jewell At
kins, Je3samond Wood, Marguerite
Foster, Johnnie Forrester, Theresa
Second Grade: Dorothy Ann Al
len, Sanford Cpx, Glen Joyner, Min
nie Kaufman, Camille Wbitworth.
Third Grade: Martha Sue Houser,
Janctte Upchurch, Mabel White,
Willie Kaufman, Dan Glenn, Jr., Sa
rah Carter, Howard Morris.
Fourth Grade: Henry Edward
Cater, Ruth Bransford, Virginia
Houser, Evelyn Long, Richard Rey
nolds. Fifth Grade: Bernice Chandler,
Dahnko, Rebecca Atkins,
Virginia Corum, Herman
Cecil Cartwright,
Viola Weunch, Edwin Crenshaw,
Ozella Hammond, William Ford.
Seventh Grade: Margaret Brans
ford, Clyde Hudson, Porter, Byrn
John Woods,. Sarah Chapel.
Eighth Grade: Brownie Hopper,
Marjory Dahnke, Willie Varner Cald
well, Doris Klrkman, Hazel Anderson.
Notice to Obion County Teachers.
There will be monthly report cards
at the office for you if you desire
them. B. A. VAUGHN.
-666 quickly relieves a cold.
Methodist Church.
Rev. Robt. A. Clark will preach at
the Methodist Church Sunday night,
next, the subject being, "How Many
Men Under Your Hat?"
in New. York City alone from kid
ney trouble last year. Don't allow
yourself to become a victim by
neglecting pains and aches. Guard
against this trouble by taking
The world's standard ramady for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid trouble.
Holland's national ramady ainca 1690.
All druggists, three sizea. Guaranteed.
- for the name Cold Medal oa every bet
mud acc.pt no imitation
A Healthful Drink
No After Regrets
.You are sure of satis
faction when you make
- -your table beverage"
Coffee drinkers delight
in the change because
of greater comfort,and .
the price is attractive
because so moderate.
All the family will like '
tKe flavor of Postum
At Grocers Everywhere
Made by Postum Cereal Co, Inc., ' , :
Battle, Creek.Mich. .-.

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