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Marshall & Balrd, Union City, Tenn.
Entered at the pout office at Union City, Ten
nessee. as second-class mail matter.
Judge S. R. Bratton went to Nash
ville last week, attended the Demo
cratic caucus and did little work In
the Interest of his candidacy for the
speakership'of the lower house. . He
met many friends and thinks he has
a good chance cf being elected. Be
fore the caucus he mado a speech and
talked; good,, hard,. common sense, In
large chunks. Said he was a Demo
crat, was last year and would be
next year and expected to work for
his party and do everything in his
power to return Tennessee to the
Democratic column. He also stated
that If Alt Taylor, recently elected
by the Republicans and the Demo
crats, offered measures beneficial to
the people of the State; measures to
lower indebtedness and strengthen
the State's credit, benefit public
schools and public utilities, ho ex
pocted to favor and vote for such
measures: not to try to bluff and
block good legislation because advo
cated by a t Republican ' governor,
That's Sam Bratton: Ho will make
Obion County a good representative,
! V Cheap and Good.
Any one by the exercise of a little
care can get food as cheap now as it
was purchased six years ago.
Sugar is down .to 12 cents a pound,
flour is approaching 1 a sack, corn
meal is proportionately much cheap
er, rice is retailing at t cents a
pound. .
People should eat more rice. Rice
is a good substitute for both flour
and meat. Irish potatoes are very
. cheap, 3 cents a pound. The Irish
potato is a well-balanced ration.
Butter is sky high, so are eggs
and so is breakfast bacon.
Cut out sliced breakfast bacon and
buy it in slabs and you can get it for
20 cents a pound less. Ham is much
cheaper than breakfast bacon. Buy
ham and cut out breakfast bacon.
Buy oleomargarine instead of the
dairy butter. The superior brands
are one half as cheap as butter, are
purer and more cleanly made. Eat
m rff AArnhKoail nnrl 1 Ann Aaiih knnn A
l V Wl U Ul CI LIU UUU1 11 CAUl
Eat more rice and potatoes and less
breakfast bacon.
Eat more navy beans and sweet
potatoes and less eggs axd you will
have more strength and more health,
provided you eat a little fruit, either
fresh or dried. Memphis Commercial
lied technical experts with the Ger
mats, and also a meeting of the al
lied premiers in Geneva in the first
half of February, to discuss the total
amount due and Germany's capacity
for payment.
The French government is una!
terably opposed o the admission of
Germany to the league of nations at
this time, it was stated at the for
eign office to-day. Some "drastic ac,
tion" would bo a consequence if the
lea erne voted to admit Germany, It
was intimated.
The foreign office said that there
had been conversations with Great
Britain on the subject, and that Ihe
British, who had been Inclined to
favor German membership in the
leaerue. now have accepted the
French viewpoint.
The French hold that Germany
must prove her intention to fulfill
the terms of the treaty and live
peaceably with her neighbors before
seeking membership to the league,
The nossibiltv of the admission of
Austria and Bulgaria Is regarded In
a different light by the French. Ger
many has not yet applied, for mem
bership. -,?2
Thanksgiving Proclamation.
It has been said that November 11
(Armistice Dry) should have been
declared a holiday. for our city, and I
heartily agreed with the spirit of
the suggestion, but knowing the con
ditions and depressing tendencies up
on all business and business people
of our city, and I did not feel that we
could afford to close at that time.
But as the one great day of thanks
giving is now close at hand I am go
ing to ask every business institution
and factory in our city to close for
the entire day and allow all em
ployees and business ' men of every
walk of life to fittingly observe this
day and request that you attend and
participate in any patriotic service
that may be held. 1
I therefore designate Thursday,
Nov. 25, 1920, a full holiday, and
would respectfully request that the
stores and business places be closed
Wednesday night and remain closed
until Friday morning, that every
ne may be privileged to cease the
ordinary avocations upon this
Thanksgiving day, remembering His
many blessings during the past year.
In witness whereof, I have aft xed
my hand and official seal this No
vember 11, 1920.-
, F. L. PITTMAN, Mayor.
' Training School Locals.
- Charles S. and Gene Talley were
absent from school Monday " on ac
count of. the death of their grand
mother. .
' Miss Alma Bruer, of Terrell, has
been absent from school for the past
two weeks on account of-an attack
of appendicitis.
Finis and Cecil Caldwell were ab
sent last week.
The new pupils for the week are
Miss Nell Darnell in the literary de
partment and Miss Ella Marshall in
the commercial department.
News has been received . by . Mr.
Aydelott from Odelle Warmuth, a
former Training School pupil, that
he is well and prosperous.
Arthur and Lewis Beauchamp are
absent from school this week on ac
count of corn gathering.
Mr. F. C. Aydelott will be in Nash
ville on business Thursday and Fri
day. -
The seniors, have been exceedingly
busy this week trying to pass some
very difficult tests.
News has been received from
Frank Parrish, a 1920 graduate who
has entered school at the University
of Missouri, that he is well pleased
with his work.
J. L. Holt was absent from school
Monday and Tuesday.
Another victory was added to our
list last Friday when we defeated
Paris with the score of 80 to 6. This
make3 our score for the year 253 to
The Training School boys go over
to Martin to-day to have a game with
the Purple and White boys.
Miss Elsie Mott spent the week
end In Jackson with relatives and
Tennessee Farms Show In
creased Values.
- According to the government cen
sus Just published all the counties of
West Tennessee show large increases
in farm products during the last It
years. An increase is shown in cattle,
but a general falling off in sheep.
Farm cash values.
Obion County ....
Gibson County . . .
Dyer County ....
Fayette County . .
Hardeman County
Haywod County .
Lauderdalo County
Madison County . .
. 2C.528.131
. 11,306,461
. 13.269,121
. T.366,741
. 13.3I7.976
. 14,133,412
. 15,941,215
Germany Must Pay Off Before Joiniig
itg League.
Paris, Nov. 11. A definite agree
ment concerning the procedure to be
followed with regard to the repara
tions due by Germany was reached
to-day. between the French ad Brit
ish governments. The agreement
calls for a meeting at Brussels ot al-
A Storm.
A storm visited the Union City
circuit parsonage Monday night; not
to dovastato but to bring the young
preacher and his wife peace and love
and joy and all kinds of good things
to eat. ,
This storm was so wide in its ex
tent that iT"reached the district par
sonage and made the aged presiding
elder think that we are living. in a
new era,-that a presiding elder should
be pounded. G. W. EVANS.
Red-Blooded Men and Women Are
Seldom Sick
If Ton Look Pale, Feel Gloomy and
Bun-Down, Take Pepto-Mangan
and Build Up
You See men and women who are
never sick. They work hard, look
robust, eat heartily and enjoy life.
They have plenty of rich, red blood.
That is why they are never ill.
People who try to get along with
weak, impoverished blood always
have a struggle. They go from one
rslckness to another. Children the
same way. '
If you keep your blood rich and red
you'll enjoy full vigor. Disease has
little chance to develop in healthy
blood. As soon as you feel run-down
take Pepto-Mangan for awhile. It
will feed your blood with the ingre
dients needed to create a good sup
ply of red corpuscles.
' Pepto-Mangan is sold in both liq
uid and tablet form. Take either
kind you prefer. They are alike in
medicinal value. . But be sure you
get the ' genuine Pepto-Mangan
Gude's.0 The full name," "Gude's
Pepto-Mangan,'.' should be on th
package. Advertisement.
Easy for the Training School.
Another ' disappointment and an
other victory resulted from the
Grove's High School Football team
at the Training School Park last Fri
day when the U. C. T. S. boys rode
over the visitors by a score of 80-6.
At no time during the Bhort game
did Grove show up in class with the
Training School boys.
The playing of every member of
the team during the entire season is
commendable, and especially that of
Gibbs, Talley and Holt during this
game. The crowd was limited to a
small, number and as a result big
money was lost. This team is worthy
of the presence of every man and
woman at its games. .The character
of both sportsmanship and plays is
excelled by no high school in the
The lads motor over to Martin Fri
day to clash with a very reputed
team, McFerrin. The game will be
called at 2:30 o'clock. Let every
interested person hero go over and
help us defend our distinguished
foot ball team. There will no doubt
be the biggest crowd to see this game
of any this year as there has always
been strong rivalry between the
schools. The last two foot ball games
between the schools were won by the
U. C. T. S. boys. Lot's go over. It
isn't too cold. Put on enough1 clothes
and be a sport once more. Don't
miss the Thanksgiving game.
'Letter From Union City Boy.
Prof. F. C. Aydelott,
Union City Training School,
Union City, Tenn. , '
Dear Boy: 1 i
Was just wondering how the old
U. C. T. S. was coming along in foot
ball this season and thought I would
drop you a few lines. Have been
reading of a few of the games but I
don't get to read about 'em all.
I went into Birmingham to see the
Sewance and Ala. game, also to see
the Vandy and Ala. game and I won
der if the Berryhill now playing half
back for Vandy is the same Berryhill
that was at McFerrin when I was
going to the Training School. Or per
haps it was McTyere he was playing
with, I cannot recall, at present,
which one it was. Anyway McGu
gan would have beat U. of Ala. if he
had started that kid instead of Neel-
ey. As usual, more side lines dope,
ha! ha! But sure enough, Mr. Ayde-
lot, that kid stood out in that crowd
like the Statue of Liberty in New
York harbor. He was speed, effi
ciency and sureness all in one.
But to get back to the subject
nearest our minds if not our hearts,
how is the old school? And also how
are athletics in general? Have the
kids as much pep as in the Honeycutt
and Rankin days? Does the old U.
C. T. S. spirit still live as it did the
day we "swan" Jackson a game of
football at Jackson. I am sure you
remember that game. I do too, and
will never forget it. Have a picture
of that team on the mantel at home
and there it- will stay.
Well, Prof., there is nothing too
good I can say about the U. C. T. S.,
and if ever I can do anything for you
or the school ask me and I will go
my limit. Tell the team to "give
'em Hail Columbia" for 60 minutes,
then rest, and talk about how it was
won. Hoping to hear from you real
soon and hoping that you may never
be defeated, I am as ever,
Your old pupil,
W. O. War moth,
Ensley, Ala.
Bought Farm.
Forrester & Forrester and Oliver
P. Bishop,, auctioneer, last Friday
sold the McConnell farm of 227 acres
near Jordan, Ky., to Mr. Robt. Dar
nell, of the Pleasant Valley section
It is a splendid farm and Mr. Dar
nell will make his home at Jordan
in the future. Tho farm sold for
175.50 per acre, considerably less
than it would have sold for twelve
months ago.
McEIwrath, Duke & Killebrew, vs.
J. F. Parsley.
By virtue of a venditioni exponas
issued by J. N. Ruddle, Clerk of the
Circuit Court of Obion County, Ten
nessee, on the 1st day of November,
1920, in the above styled cause, di
rected to the sheriff of said county, I
will sell to the highest and best bid
der for cash, at tho east door of the
courthouse in Union City, Tennessee,
on Monday, the 6th day of December,
1920, at 1:00 o clock, p.m., the fol
lowing described property, towit:
A one-eighth undivided interest
in a certain lot in South Fulton, Ten
nessee, the 16th Civil District of
Obion County, Tennessee, commenc
ing at a street between this lot and
the old Carnage lot, which last nam
ed lot is owned by W. D. Slaydon, on
the- State Line between Tennessee
and Kentucky, running West 90 feet
with the State Line, to a stake;
thence South 100 feet to a stake;
thence East 90 feet to a street;
thence with the street North 100
feet, to the beginning, as shown by
doed in Book "P" No. 8, at page 67
of the records in the Register's of
fice for Obion County, Tennessee. :
3 5-3 1 - Sheriff. 1.
666 breaks a cold quicker, than
any remedy we know. ;
Harpofo-Valker Furniture Company
354 AND 216-3 RINGS
432 AND 32
Illness Strikes
and often creates unusual needs, which
cannot wait. Make Cobb's Corner your
find there everything for ordinary and
unusual wants. A hurry call or phone
message, No. 96, always receives imme
diate attention. .iui
Cobb's Corner Drug Store
Our Motto: "Service."
Phone 96.
Pure Pork Sausage
-Is unusually fine these cool days. Our
Pork Sausage is absolutely all pork, seasoned
to suit the popular taste. It is making its own
reputation by its goodness.
Reynolds Packing Company
The Best in Things to Eat. "
The Oldest, Newest, Neatest, Clean
est, Most Sanitary, Up-to-date
. Grocery and Meat Market in Union
City for Everything and Everybody.
We handle several standard brand groceries, and two of
the very best Richelieu and American Lady.
All the specialties in meats Beef,
Pork, Veal and Lamb.
If you eat, just let us send it to you. If you don't 'feel
like eating, come to the store and get hungry.
. Everything in Eats at
Save Time and Money
Traveling menl When
bad roads prevent the
use of your car you can
often accomplish the
same results by calling
on your customers by long distance telephone. The
low STATION TO STATION toll rate saves
time and money when you are reasonably sure some
one witn whom you can talk business will be present.
In the matter of Cypress Creek Drain
age District ot Weakley and Obion
Counties, Tennessee. Pending in
the County Court of Obion County,
The undersigned Directors in the
matter of Cypress Creek Drainage
District of Weakley and Obion Coun-
lution of said Board of Directors, ap
proved by the Court, hereby give no
tice of the letting.of the contracts on
Saturday, the 4th day of December,
1920, for the clearing of the right of
way and the construction of the ca
nal or ditch, as provided by the de
crees and orders of the Court in this
cause in accordance with Chapter
185 of the Acts of the General As
sembly of 1909 and the amendments
thereto. Said drainage District be
gins at a point in the South line of
tho right of way of the Nashville,
Chattanooga and St. Louis Railroad
Company and in tho West line of the
high water or overflow line of said
Cypress Creek, in Weakley County,
thence southwestwardly crossing the
line between Obion and Weakley
Counties to the North side of the
Obion River, immediately east of the
right of way of the Mobile and Ohio
Railroad where Cypress Creek empties
into the said Obion River, thence with
the North side of said Obion River,
in an eastwardly direction to the east
side of said Cypress Creek valley,
thence northeastwardly with the
high water or overflow line of the
East side of said Cypres3 Creek val
ley croc3ing tho lino between Obion
and Weakley Counties to a point on
the South side of the right of way of
tho said Nashville, Chattanooga and,
St. Louis Railroad Company and on
the East side of said Cypress Creek
vaiiey, tnence westwaraiy witn tn
South side of said Nashville, Chatta
nooga and St. Louis Railroad Com
pany's right of way across said Cy
DrC?8 Creek valley to tbo point of be
ginning! Saw Drainage District ex
tends southwestwardly following the
general course-of said Cypress Cr$ek
valley, " which Incluaes tuu water
soaked lands embraced in the En
gineer's report filed in this cause
that are benefited by the improve
ment proposed in the proceedings in
this cause.
Said construction is a one boat
Job and will be let as a whole, and
the estimated yardage is 325,054
cu. yds. The maps and profiles are
on file with the County Court Clerk
and can be inspected by prospective
bidders. Bids must be filed with the
County Judge of Obion County,. Ten
nessee, by ten o'clock a.m. on Satur
day, December 4, 1920, accompanied
with a certified check for the sum
oi tnree tnousana aoiiars 10 oe neia
pending the acceptance of the con
struction bond of the successful bid
der. Bids for the clearing of the
right of way must be ftied in the
same manner as the bids - for the
construction contract and must be
accompanied with a certified check
for the sum of six hundred dollars
to be held pending the acceptance of
bond of the successful bidder for the
contract- for clearing said right of
way. Bidding may bo mado on the
construction of the canal or ditch
and the clearing of the right of way
as a whole in the same manner as
above set out. Said work will be let
to the lowest responsible bidder and
the right is. reserved to reject any
and all bids.
This November 6, 1920.
County Judge and Chairman.
34-4t Directors.
Rubber Tiring and
Painting Buggies
Buy and Sell Rubber Tire
Phone 43.
Cor. Main and Third Streets
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurse
DR. W. A. NAILLING. . . . .Chief Surgeon
Union City, Tenn. Both Phone 41.
Til ( Cumberland 461
elephones: j 262
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mr. Arnn's Millinery Store
Union City, : : : Tenn
Modern V ferinary Hospital
E. W. Y0UN68L00D, D. V. M.
Graduate Veterinarian
Calls answered promptly. Botk phones.
Dr. W. J,. Jones
Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phone 2 14-J

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