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dr. e; m. long
Over Wehman'a Hardware Store
Union City, Tena.-
Office 144, Residence 595-J
Over Wehman" Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; Residence 5 95-J
Union City Commercial. established 18 . , . , ,
VOL. 29, NO. 36
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 I
Karris Craig Held for $13,000 Bail
at Tiptonville.
, Tiptonville, Tenn., Nov. 18. Mar
Tin Craig and Dennis Laird, white
men; Katia Underwood, Fannie
Hicks and Laura Hunter, negro wom
- en, and Shammle Hicks, Ike Bryant,
John Barksdale and Will Redman,
negro men, all oi tnis place, wno
were arrested six miles south of this
place on the farm of Marvin Craig
: Friday, charged with robbery, were
, given a preliminary bearing Tuesday
' at Ridgoly before Esq. T. J. Murdock.
State's Attorney . T. O. Morris was
'present at tho trial and had gotten
all evidence obtainable against the
defendants, while the . defense was
represented by Hon. Rice A. Pierce,
e Union City. ' '
' The negro, Ike Bryant,' who has
been Identified by Henry Wallle,
white, a fisherman, who was robbed
aad shot four times In his houseboat
near here last Friday morning, as be
ing the one that fired the shots and
who ban been held In the Dyersburg
Jail since that time, was not brought
back for trial, but will be given trial
. as soon as Mr. Wallle Is able to leave
the hospital
Mose Smith, - traveling 'salesman
tor the J. S. Reeves Dry Goods Com
pany of' Nashville, Tenn., who was
robbed of about $250 worth of sam
ples here Oct. 11, was a witness and
identified some of the goods pre
sented at the trial. Four stores were
robbed at Ridgely last Wednesday
light of about $1000 worth of goods
and practically all of the goods were
All of these goods, officers say,
were found on the farm of Marvin
Craig. There are eight charges
against Craig, two of carrying a pis
tol, five of robbery and one for at
Parent-Teacher Association.
Mothers, fathers and citizens of
Union City:
Are you members of the Parent
Teacher Association of the Union
City Public Schools? If not, why
The Parent-Teacher Association is
an organization of the citizens, par
ents and teachers of Union City. It
has enrolled every teachers in the
school. It should enroll every father
and mother who has a child In this
school and every citizen who has an
interest in Union City's greatest in
stitution. . It meets regularly twice
each month at 3:15 o'clock, the sec
ond Thursday of each month at High
School, the fourth Thursday at West
The Parent-Teacher Association
has for its object, "The united effort
of citizens, parents and teachers to
raise the ' standards of home and
school life and especially to study the
child in all its relations and to work
for its highest development." It is
and should be essentially a child
study circle.
What did it . mean to fathers,
motners ana teachers that Z9 per
cent of our young men of draft age
supposedly in the prime of life were
rejected from the army because of
physical defects which might have
been readily remedied in childhood?
What of the fact3 and figures that
from out of ou - twenty-three million
school children, 250,000 are hand!
capped by organic heart trouble,
1,000,000 have or have had tuber
culosis, 60 per cent of our children
suffer from bad pesture, three to five
million annually have their bodies
poisonod by pus sacks from bad ton
sils and their bodies depleted by ad
nolds and scores of remedial ail
ments. Are there none of these chil
dren in Union City? v
,1s there need of child study" when
wo read that last year in the United
States forty billion of cigarettes were
consumed? . When wo know that 12
nr PAnt of th hnvn in tho TTnfrm
tempt to murder. His bond was hed CUjr puW,c gchool8 flre userg of
bacco? .
Does It mean' anything thstt noted
brain experts say that 90 per cent of
our insane have histories traceable
to a childhood which indulged in fits
of temper, violent quarrels and Jeal
ousies and the mind most easily un
at 113.000. Dennis LaiM has nve
eharges robbery against biro. His
bond was fixed at $7600.. Katie Un
derwood, Fannie Hicks, Laura Hunt
er, Shammle Hicks and John Barks
dale aro charged with -robbery and
All Have the Attention of the Union
City Lions Club,
Continuing the promotion of the
work on the Gibbs road, the work of
the United Charities was taken up
for consideration last Tuesday at the j
Lions Club luncheon, a the Jones
Mr. Oliver disposed of the road
matter by a resolution to constitute
committees for the purpose of rais
ing a balance needed to complete the
road and to keep it dragged and in
good condition during the winter.
The work will be presented to the
citizens in a few days and should
have your earnest attention. The
small amount should be forthcoming.
It can not be negloctod without dis
credit to Union City and her people
and it will not be. V
The management of the United
charities in Union City was dis
cussed. Rev. Clark suggested that
an organization be effected with
minister from each of the churches,
a layman and another suggested by
the -city officials, three men repre
senting each church, to take charge
of dispensing the work of charity in
Union City, and that a committee
be constituted to act upon each case
of charity brought to the notice of
the city and the churches, and that
all charity be reported to this or
The anti-tuberculosis work was al
so discussed, and recommendations
made to aid Mrs. W. H. Swlggart in
the work she is doing in Obion Coun
ty. Mrs. Swlggart has been engaged
in this work for a number of years,
practically alone, and the sugges
tion that the Lions Club take an in
terest in the movement was accepted
heartily, there being no better or
worthier cause in which people are
vitally interested.
their bonds fixed at $2600 each.
Will Redman, after proving that h,nged ,g Qne Mt taugM C(mtrol
he had only gone to.this farm the ln chUdhood? - is not the child whose
day before the shooting of Mr. Wal- flt - tGmner ara losBBd over. who
He occurred and presented proof
i ... x 111.
enough mat ne naa no nanu wim
the other robberies, was released,
raig and Laird were taken to Dyers
burg and placed ln the county Jail
for safe keeping under orders of At
torney General Morris. The five ne
groes were brought back to this place
. and placed In the county jail to
await the regular term of circuit
ourt, which convenes next March.
None of the prisoners -has made bond.
First Woman Jnry in Tennessee.
Judge Robt. W. Smartt has been
holding Circuit ' Court in Fayctte
rllle, and during the term the. first
jury in Tennessee composed of wom
en was called into a case. The case
ander consideration was that of
Alton Sanders,aged 18, charged with
drunkenness. Judge' had fined him
$50 on the charge and tno question
before the Jury of women was wheth
er of not the Jail sentence should be
suspended. The Jury heard the proof
and recommended that the youth be
" given another chance and that no
Jail sentence be , given him. The
ourt accepted the recommendation
and suspended the jail sentence.
Negro Shoots Employer.
Hickman, Ky., Nov. 20. This
community was greatly aroused to
day when Frank Williams, negro
farm hand, is said to have attempted
to kill his employer, Charlie Lattus,
well known young farmer. Fortu
nately the No. 10 shotgun he used
was loaded with a No. 12 shell and
only a few shot took effect, one pass
ing Just above his eye, one through
his mouth and two in his head. Lat
tus was insisting that Williams pick
cotton., Williams' wife came to tne
door and drew a shotgun on Lattus.
Lattus drew his pistol and Williams
ran into the house and grabbed the
gun from his wife and fired at Lat
tn a. Officers pursued as soon as
word reached here. Bloodhounds ar
rived four hours late and the negro
was traced to a thicket, where the
trail was lost. ' Lattuo is only slight
ly Injured, but the attempted murder
greatly stirred the community..
la not taught to respect the rights of
othen tho one most likely in adult
life to bring, havoc to his own and
often to some one else's life
How important is the fact that
only 5 per cent of people embrace
Christianity after the teen age and
that 90 per cent of the church mem
bership is made up between the ages
of fifteen and twenty-two? Does
this toll us that tho implanting of the
faith of our fathers must be done in
early childhood
Is it woi
13 too late? A cry from every under
fed child, from every underslept
child, from every unmoral child
from every immoral child goes out to
every Parent-Tetcher Association
Does it mean anything that 700,
000 of our young men of draft age
were illiterate Does it mean any
thing that out of the children enum
era tea in the last scholastic census
of Union City only 619 are in attend
ance at school?
Is there any need for study circles
with the child as the pivotal
thought? Is the child worth inten
slve study?
Defeats. Union City Training School
in Fast Game, Score 28 to 0.
Martin, Tenn., Nov. 20. In a
fiercely fought contest McFerrin de
feated the strong Union City Train
ing school eleven, which had won
six straight . games, score 28 to 0.
McFerrin failed to scoro In the first
quarter, but scored one each in the
second and third and two in the
fourth. Thomar, kicked goal after
each touchdown. -
One of the features was Anderson's
spectacula 60-yard run after inter
cepting a 'orward pass. Carman and
Burko were consistent ground gain
ers for tho Martin eleven, while
Gibbs gained for Union City. Wil
liams. ' the' big McFerrin tackle.
th studying evil before itTcked the Union rfty line and
tnrew tne Dacks lor n&avy losses.
Anderson and Morelock sifted
through the Union City interference
and threw the runner for a loss al
most every time.
Freq tent fumbles cost the McFer
rln team the loss of at least one
touchdown. Edwards and Vowell al
so starred for McFerrin and Talley
for Union City. Line-up:
McFerrin. Position. Union City.
Morelock . . . .Right end . . .Fowlkes
Calhoun . . . Right tackle . . . Ferrell
Ponagin. . .Right guard . . .Caldwell
Vowell Center Brewer
Simpson .... Left guard .... Brown
Williams .... Left tackle .... Moss
Anderson . . . . .Left end . . . . .Rollin
Hopper...... Quarter Talley
Burke Right half Gibbs
Edwards (C) . . . Left half Holt
Carman.. Fullback . .Thompson (C.)
Substitutes For McFerrin, Thom
as lor Hopper, fortson ior simp
son, Howard for Jonakin. McFerrin
Scoring: Touchdowns Carman 2,
Anderson 2. Goals Thomas 4.
Referee Vowell, U. of T. Head
linesman Jewell, Colo.
The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system, with demountable"
rims with 3H-inch tires all around, i3 a family car of class and comfort, both in
summer and in winter. For touring it is a most comfortable car. The large
plate glass windows make it an open car when desired, while in case of rain and
all inclement weather, it can be made a most delight
ilFjggsiiSSfea ful closed car in a few minutes. Raia-procf, dust- o
proof, fine upholstering, broad, roomy seats. Simple
l" nwS3555?B in operation. Anybody can safely drive it. While ;
; CsajggfcLASa it has all the distinctive and economical merits of .
iaamaiiwfmvTriniygvrtW the Ford car in operation and maintenance. Won't
TATE BANffl") you come in and look it over? . ,. "
P" Ilf HPr" E. H. BUST "
1 """! iTr Authorized Ford Dealer, Phone 401 -. I
j I . jit I
Birthday Celebration.
4 r -
Mr. Wilton Hauser was the, recip
ient of a most bountiful feast last
Sunday celebrating his birthday.
This spread was most abundant and
quite a surprise as it-was carefully
and quietly planned by his parents
and immediate family.
Mr. Hauser is a genial, whole
souled man who enjoys good health,
prosperity and many of the the good
things of life. Mr. Hauser and fam
ily are greatly enjoying tho pleasures
and comforts of a beautiful- new
home one that can hardly be sur
passed in Obion County. - They look
with pride on their home and their
hospitality is moot liberal. Only the
Immediate family were participants
in this feast. We hope that Mr.
Hauser may live many years and
fully realize the' blessings that life
has in store. , .
Confederates Who Died inPrison.
MrSjJBennett D. Bell, of Gallatin,
president of tho Tennessco Division
of the U. D. C, has started a cam
paign for a monument to the Confed
erate soldiers who died while in the
prison at Camp Gordon, Ind'&napolis.
It appears that a little banjf of south
opiors at Indianapolis is interested
ln the monument and is asking help.
To Visit President-Elect.
Tour battery bad? Let us fix it
and guarantee. It. Temple Motor Co.
Knoxvllle, Nov. 19. Senator John
K. Shields, of Tennessee, read out of
the Democratic party in Tennessee
by act of tho last State Convention
for hl3 attitude toward the League of
Nations along with other leading
Democrats and Republican leacfess -f
the upper house, has been invited to
Marion, O., to confer with President
elect Harding on the nation's foreign
Senator Shields, who was In Knox
vllle, to-day, said that he had . re
ceived a personal letter outlining the
purpose of the conferences and added
that he had accepted. - .'
. . . " '
The. wave of crime now sweeping
over the country has included Union
City In its path. Sneak thieves en
tered tho home of H.' B. Horner Fri
day night and got away with $90 in
cash, and left a bunch of checks. The
same, night crooks Altered the home
of Chas. Bushart, East, Main, and
appropriated a good supply of fresh
meat. They made It fifty-fifty with
the owner tad left a big half. Kauf
man's store was-.visited but the en
trance through a brick wall led to
a coal bin Instead of the store. Here
they secured nothing. "
It attracts especially those who are in
clined to look for beauty combined with
comfort and economy.
This is evidenced by the astonishing
number of women who own and drive
Dodge Brothers 4 Door, Sedan.
Just received car load Dodge Brothers
Cars and we invite you to call and look
them over.
The best car on this market, with Rich
arc! Semones on the job looking after
all the mechanical wor(c.
The gasoline consumption ia usually low.
The tire mileage ia unusually high. ' 1
Citizens Auto Co.
Phone 166
W. J. RUST, Manager

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