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To Otto Pate, A. .11. Nugent, G. A.
Covington, and the Farmen Bank
of Fulton, Ky. . . '
M. H. Levy- and L. E. Holliday vs.
Harry Crow et ala. Chancery
Court, Obion County, Tennessee.
. In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master from
the- bill of complaint, which is sworn
to, that the defendants, Otto Pate,
A. M. Nugent, G. A. Covington, and
the Farmers Bank of Fulton, Ky.,
are non-residents of the State of
Tennessee, so that ordinary process
of law cannot be served upon them.
It is therefore hereby ordered that
the said above named defendants ap
pear before the Clerk and Master of
the Chancery Court of Obion County.
Tennessee, -on or before the First
Monday, of January, 1920, that be
in a rule day of Said Chancery Court,
and make defense to the said bill, or
the same will be taken as confessed
by 'them, and the said cause set for
hearing ex-parto as to them. It is
further ordered that publication of
this notice be made for four consecu
tive . weeks in Tne Commercial, a
weekly newspaper published in Obion
County, Tenn. 344t
This Nov. 9, 1920.
Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
Lannom & Lannom, Sol. for Complt.
To Langstaff-Orm Lumber Company.
W. A. Hoiiser vs. R. L. Usry et als.
Chancery Court, opion county,
. Tn thn nhove stvled cause it ap
pearing to th Clerk and Master
from the bill or compiami, wnic i
sworn to, that the defendants, Lang
t a it -firm Lumber Company, are non
residents of the State of Tennessee
so that ordinary process oi law can
not ha norvi nnon them. It is there
fore ftereby ordered that the said
above named defendants appear be
fore tho Clerk and Master of Chan
nnurt nf O.i ion Countv. Tennes
see, on or before the first Monday of
December, 1920, that being a' ruie
day of said Chancery Court, and
make defense to the said bill, or the
same will bo taken as confessed by
tho and thA said cause set for hear
ing ex-parte as to them. It is further
ordered that puDiicauon oi im
tice be made for four consecutive
weeks in The Commercial, a weekly
news paper published in union coun
ty, Tonn.
This Nov. 2, 1920. 33-4t
Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
C. N. & H. H. Lannom, J. A. Whip
ple, Sols, for Complt.
McElwrath, Duke & Killebrew, vs.
J F Ptirsl6y.
By virtue of a venditioni exponas
issued by J. N. Ruddle, Clerk of the
Circuit Court of Obion County, Ten
nessee, on the 1st day of November,
1920, in the above styled cause, di
rected to the sheriff of said county, I
will sell to the highest and best bid
dor for 'cash, at tho east door of the
courthouse in Union City, Tennessee,
tn Monday, the 6th day of December,
1920, at 1:00 o'clock, p.m., the fol
lowing described property, to-wit:
A one-eighth undivided interest
in a certain lot in South Fulton, Ten
nessee, the 16th Civil District of
Obion County, Tennessee, commenc
ing at a street between this lot and
the old Carnage ltt, which last nam
ed lot 13 owned by W. D. Slaydon, on
tho State Line between Tennessee
and Kentucky, running West 90 feet
with the State Line, to a Btake;
thence South 100 feet to a stake;
thence East 90 feet to a street;
thence withi the street North 100
feet, to the beginning, as shown by
daed in Book "P" No. 8, at page B7
of the records in the Register's of
Ice for Obion County, Tennessee.
S5-3t Sheriff.
Mrs. Hattie Armstrong vs. Tom Arm
strong. Chancery Court, Obion
County, Tenne&"ee.
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master from
the bill of complaint, which is sworn
to, that the defendant is a non-res-iHant
r.f thn State of Tennessee, so
that ordinary procesa of lav cannot
be served upon mm. is mereiuic
horohv ordered that tho said above
named defendant appear before the
Clerk and Master or unancery wun
of Obion County, Toanes3ee, on or
Kofr.ro tha First Mondav of January,
MO.WI . -
1921, that being a rule day of said
Chancery Court, ana mane aeiense
rv tho cairf hill nr tho same will be
taken as confessed by him, anl the
said cause set for hearing ex parte as
to him. It is further ordered that
publication of this notice be made for
' fou5 consecutive weeks in The Com
mercial, a weekly newspaper pub
iiohoii in Obion County. Tenn.
' Thu Wnt ifith. 1920. 35-4t
' ' Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
E. A. Morris, Sol. for Complt.
Rosa Thomas vs. Clarence Thomas,
In Circuit Court of Obion Coun-
. t ' .
a Kill fnr divorce has been sworn
to and filed in this court, which bill
avers that you- are a non-reside.nt, or
...Mnt Tnt known, an that the or-
dinary process of law can not be
served upon you, ' ' '
This 13, theref re, .Jo. notify you
the said TJiarence i nomas. uuui,
in above styled cause, to appear uc
tKo r Iran it Court of Obion Coun
4v TAnnocoAo fill fll" before the First
Monday In January, 1921, and make
defense to saia diu niea ugaiuoi. juu
will he taken ' for COn-
Ul IUC QJii ...
fessed and proceeded with ex parte
o a tn vmi- ow-ii.
J. N. RUDDLE, Clerk.
J. W. Burney, Sol. for Complt.
This Nov. 18, 1920.
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v from '
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Wuui-Palmer. - .
In a-very Imposing ceremony by
Bishop Winchester, in the Episcopal
Church of Uttlo Rock, Ark., the 17th
Inst., 5:30 p.m., Miss Frances Clare
Winn, accomplished and beautiful
rfnii(Thter of . Lieut. Col. and Mrs.
Walter E. Winn, 301 North"Ialm
street, Pulaski Heights, became the
bride of Ensign K. W. Palmer, U.
S. N., son of Dr. and Mrs. T.P
Palmer, of Rives, now cqflimistoned
to he destroyer Hatfield, with
quartersi New York City.? X t ,i
The bride, charmingly gowned In
travelling costume of brown duvtyn,
carrying a shower bouquet of bride's
roses and lilies of the valley, was giv
en away by her father, with her sis
ter, 'Miss Elizabeth Winn, as attend
ant of honor, while Mr. Carroll
Short, of Little Rock, was best man
to the groom. Mica Winn wore pink
charmeuse , and carried sunburst
After the wedding quite a few
guests vero entertained in the bride's
home at Pulaski Heights. The wed
ding gift of Bishop Winchester, a
marr'age register, was Bigned by
those present. The huge wedding
cake waB cut and while being gener
ally discussed , Ensign Palmer and
brido effocted an escape by the rear
door to take the 7:30 train fof; St.
Louis. However, their otor ave
them away,- and a number of the
guests rushed out in tinto to bid them
goodbye. Later, after partaking of
salad and ice courses, they louowea
to the depot In time to . throw the
usual amount of rice and confetti.
Friday evening tho bride and groom
arrived in Rives, wore met by a bevy
of young people and escorted to the
parental roof of Ensign Palmer, ,
Ensign Palmer and wife left over
the I. C. Sabbath morning for New
York City. The bride and, groom
were very splendidly remembered
with various gifts of beauty and use
Kentuckians Wed.
i Two promialng young men of Kel
vis, Ky., and two beautiful young
women of LaCentcr, Ky., came to
Union City Wednesday and were
united in marriago in the County
Judge's offico, Rev. W. B. "Cunning
ham, of tho C. P. Church, officiating
They were Mr. Albert Davis and Miss
Eunice Moss, Mr. Freeman .Norman
and Mi3s Annie Goe.
f; Miss Myrtle Stanfleld continues.
xo nanaie cui nowers ai uuiun iuy
Laundry and any orders given her
fcir cut flowers and funeral designs
will be appreciated at any time. 35-2t
Training School Locals. . ,'
Mr3. Luetic New Lucas, of Dyers
burg, i3 Miss Henderson's . holiday
.Miss Alma Br uer continues absent
on account of an attack of appendi
i Mrs. Luke Maxwcllof th6 primary
department, will spend the Thanks
giving holidays wrth her brother at
H. L. Bondurant, the commercial
teacher, is suffering with a sprained
arm, caused by cranking a car.
Miss Leila Mai Spcnce has been
forced to stop school on account of
ill health.
Prof. F. C. Aydelott is in Nashville
this week attending his mother, who
has had a serious operation.
Prof. T. M. Flanary, president of
Draughon's Business College at Okla
homa City, was an interesting visitor
at school Wednesday.
A new pupil for the week is Leslie
McC.mahan in tho primary depart
Misses Isabella Everett and Sarah
Holt spent last week end in Martin
Miss Ola Akin 13 teaching in Mr.
Aydolott's placo this week while he
is in Nashville.
Our football tean went td Martin
last Friday aftcrnon and met the Mc
Ferrin boys on Glass field. Although
they were defeated for the first time
this season, they stowed the Martin
people a good game. , '
Sella Turkey Flock. ; ;
Hickman, Ky'., Nov. 21. Mrs. J.
M. Roper, of this county,, this week
marketla her flock of turkeys, selling
to Roper Brothers, of Hickman, the
flock bringing $188.2.0. There were
35 birds and they sold for 37 cents a
pound.' One cf . the lot brought
$12.55.'- - r" ' ' ? . fc-J'"-
V Preaching. J v.
I will preach at Mount-Zion-Sun
day at 11 o'clock and at Salem at 3
o'clock p.m. " G. W. EVANS.
A Card. r V
m.Lv tut wioti tn ttinnb Tinr frlpnrta and
V-r "
neighbors- for tlieiRukindnesa and
evmnathv in the loss of infant Harry
Eugene Frenchi, and ask continued
prayer in behalf of his mother. The
family. '
Wri2leys and ifs
good for them. '
Made under conditions of
absolute cleanliness and
brought to them in Wrteley's
sealed sanitary package.
Satisfies the craving for
' sweets, aids digestion. sweet
ens breath, allays thirst ano
helps keep teeth clean.
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but eye beauty is deep as the brain.
Superficial beauty mky - fade, - but
when the eyesight fades or grows
dim or goes out altogether, the light
of youi life hai gone and little re
mains to cheer. Avoid this possible
danger; keep your eyes young, beau
tiful, clear and undimmed by wear
ing our proper glasses if you need
theni. '
DR. S. E. ALLMOND, Optometrist
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