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The Commercial, Union City, Tcnn.
Messrs. O. W. and Gus Carter were
business visitors l&et wees In Mem
phis. - "
To prevent a cold take 666.
Miss Maudo Mcffatt and Mr. Mike
Bright, of Troy, were in the city
Good goods reasonable. Kirby
. Klrkland.
Master Melvin Ramspott has re
turned to St. Louis after a vla't to his
aunt, Mrs. C. Wuench.
Boys and girls save the Yellow
Kids. . They are worth 110.00.
Miss Sue Joyner and little niece,
Sue Guntcr, were In Mart'n last week
visiting Mrs. Lynn Kel!.
Subscriptions tahta for all mag
azines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
VVU. ; ' . . tW-41
Mrs. John G. Saunders aualittte
son, John G., Jr., spent the holidays
With relatives in Pulaski. Tenn
Boys and girls, bring all the
Yellow Kids home and get your re
gard. Mrs. W. E. Ryan, of Springfield,
Tenn., is in tho city visiting In the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mrs. P. B. Curlln was called from
Hickman Monday on account of the
sudden death of her father, W. E.
Roasters for every size turkey
In Obion County at prices to suit the
times. Wehman's.
Attorney W. E. Hudglns went to
Chattanooga thi.3 week to attend the
-meeting of the Republican leaders of 1
tho State.
. n.. acaies, or the Memphis State
Normal, was called home this week
n a.cmint nf t-w Amii, nt 1,1- mi,..
William 17! Spot,
Christmas wreaths of all kinds,
;at Mrs. Hunt Roper's. Phone 519 or
.Friends of Rev. T. P. Pres&ly, at
Troy, arc- lndee-I glad to hear thr.t
he is improving after an attack last
week of congestion.
jAfter a very pleasant visit in the
home of Mr3. Mary Semoncs, Mrs. W
H. Gardner left last week for Fulton
rfin her way to Memphis.
Only one of its kind in exist
ence. Kirby '& Klrkland. .
Rev. J. V. Freeman, of Dyersburg,
was here this week ao one of the min
isters In the service attendant upon
tho death of W. E. Scates.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Karr liave re
turned to their home in St. Loulu, af
ter visiting their sister, Mrs. C.
Wuench, who has been sick.
Boys and girls, bring all the
"Yellow Kids home and get your re
Mr. and Mrs. Lavson Watts, of
.St. Louis, were in the city this week
visiting at The Beeches, the home of
-Mr.f nd Mrs. H. O. Head, Jr.
We are making special prices on
all heaters and ranges during this
-month. A call will convince you
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Paessler, of Tu
pelo, Mica., were in the city last week
tells us that he contemplates a trip
to New Mexico for his health.
J. E. Cox, former teacher in the
Special High School at Troy, is now
In the Junior high school work in
th Union City Schools. Miss Posey
has resigned and Mr. .Cox lakes her
place in tho cchool.
Christmas wreaths of all, kinds,
at Mrs. Hunt Roper's. Phone 519 or
66. 37-4t
J. E. White and family, formerly
of Dukedom, have moved to Union
City and are located on Ury street
Mr. White has two sons already lo
cated here and have been here for
-several " months. They like Union
City. - ; -
Mr. R. B. Love, of Crutchfleld, Ky.,
Mr. Beecher Love, of Wicklilfo, Ky.,
Mrs. James Cochran and Mrs. David
McFarland, of Fulton, motored to
Union City Sunday'and were guest3
-at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
J.me3 Bramhani.
Buy a Cole's or Moore's Air-tight
Heater and save one half your coal
MM. Call - Wehman's - for special
prices on these heaters.
Mrs. T. C. Smith, of Jackson, was
tere last week visiting the Obion
County jail. Mra. Smith held a serv
ice there with some attendants. Mr.
and Mrs. Miller were there. We are
-told by Mrs. Smith that our prisoners
are well fed and taken care of.
Mrs. Aydelott, of McKenzle, moth
r of our fellow-citizen, F. C. Ayde
lott, is under the care of Dr. Eve, at
Nashville, who operated a few days
ago, and we understand ' that Mrs.
Aydelott is doing exceptionally well.
The friends of the family are glad to
hear that the good' woman is recov
Tlng. -
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- - - - : ' ...-
tl;-.!...',,,-. , 1 -mi., r ..... ' .mi. in. li-T ,.,, 1 n r. nn.nwr.-ii.i-- 1 -i Tnr.r- 1 1 m.nTf-t., ni.i , ii - ., -rm .r-T.r.L 1.
- ... ; ; ' ' ... " . ' n
1 Millies mmr ii op w s mm i m iniwiwir
Reg. U. S. Pat Off.
End of Tliis 'Greait Patthc PiiomogFapli Sale Is to agiija
YOU CAN no longer put off, if you would take
advantage of the opportunity this sale affords
you, to own a perfectly wonderful phonograph
and procure $25 worth of genuine Pathe
records " absolutely FREE:
This sale is yirtually; at
an end.
Only four jof tKe
beautiful Pathe Pho
nographs, of which we
had-fifteen, remain.
Three or four days
at the most, and the
sale is over.
We believe it to be
a truthful statement,
when we say that this "
has been the most
successful sale of its
kind ever held in this
It has done what
we started out to do: It has demonstrated, conclusively, every point of
superiority possessed by the Pathe Phonograph.
The people of this community have been quick to see the advan
tages of the indestructible Sapphire Ball as a means of playing a record
in contrast with needles which scratch and wear out the records and have
to' be changed every time the record is changed.
So, come in at once. Make it a point to come in. To hear and
know the Pathe Phonograph is well worth the time it takes. For
sooner or later you will own a phonograph, and to know the Pathe is
to want it in preference to all other makes.
x .The "Conditions of Sale" are identical with those prevailing
in Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and every other
metropolitan city where this sale is being held.
' -
The Main Points of this Unusual Sale
1. This is a co-operative nation-wide demonstration sale of Pathe Phonographs . and Pathe
2. The sale is one of approximately five hundred similar sales which are planned to be held in
five hundred cities and towns of the United States. -
3. The plan, advertising, price of the phonographs, anct general conditions of sale are identical
in every city and town where the sale will be held.
. The reason back of this great nation-wide demonstration campaign is to better acquaint the
public with the superiority of Pathe Phonographs and Pathe Records by letting the people sets
and hear them direct rather, than to reach them indirectly through magazine advertising alone,
-5. The entire outfit offered through this special demonstrating campaign consists of: -
One genuine 1921 Pathe Phonograph, regular Model 10, as shown in cut.
One Universal tone arm and sound box for playirg all makes of records.
One indestructible Pathe Sapphire Ball (full-tone), and one Pathe Sapphire Ball (half-tone),
for playing Pathe Records. -
$25 worth of genuine Pathe Records given Free. - . v
One hundred steel needles.
6. The price for the full equipment is $150.
, 7. Your first or initial payment may be as little as best suits your convenience.
8. The balance ycu may spread out over, a period of one year.
10. You may cchnge the phonograph procured through this sale for any other higher priced
Pathe Phonograph at any time within six (6) months and receive full allowance for every
penny you havtf already paid. , v - -
11. v Every Pathe Phonograph sold during this sale is guaranteed in writing for one (1) year,
both the lr.nrutf ici'ner and ourselves agreeing to replacedny defective parts without charge
, should any appear within that time. ' -
IVfiusie Co.
' : Union City, Tenn.
$kH Worlh ol Genuine I'lBfC'l?
i I
Why you should own the
Jeweled Pathe
There are five distinct and definite reasons why you
should own the genuine jeweled Paihe in preference
to all other phonographs. And this great nation
wide Demonstration Sale is to prove the superiority
of these points, beyond the question of a doubt.
1st. Because the full, clear tone of each individually
toned instrument is reproduced by the pure tone
chamber and the famous Pathe Sapphire Ual).
The music flows from the records. -It.isiit
scratched off.
Because there are no needles to ctjnnge on
the genuine Pathe. The Saprl irw i3a;l
never wears out, neither does it ear outL
the records.
Because the Pathe plays all makes of reo.-r--r-and
plays them with more natural and lifelike
tone than any other Phonograph. The entire
wealth of music of the phonograph world is
available to you, if you own the Pathe. "
Because the Falhe is always ready to play. Just
slip on a record and the Pathe is ready. -
Because the Pathe Controlla enables you to play
any record loudly or softly with the same Sap-
5 th.
phire Ball.
Yet the Swk
bo nore than
the ordinary
5 v j"
Tear thi$ out, fill in and mail to us at once:
W. M. Turner
W. M. Turner, Jr.
During this Sale, this store will remain open evenings until 9 o'clock.
Without any obligation whatsoever on my part, you may
send me photographs and other descriptive matter of the
Pathe Phonograph you are offering upon special terms. Also
send photographs of tho Paths Actuelle Model you are offering
t $250. ; . '-. '
No. .Street. .T. . . . . . . . . . . . ........
Gty ......................... State..................

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