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-'fr IJ- III! I 'fll "" I
DRf E."m; LONG
Over Wehman't Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
' Telelphonee
Office 144; . Residence 595-J
Ovei Wehman" Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
' Tc lephone ' -
0S U4, Residence 595-J
VOL. 29, NO. 42
CnionXity Commercial, established 130 CongoUdattd September 1.U97
West Tennessee Conner. established 1897
I . .
1 '
i"-v. r
; - -
! c
'( i
? J
Taxes Delinquent First Monday in
April., Supt, Vaughn Re-Elected.
Tho County Court of Obiou County
met tha first Monday in January iu
quarterly session with the following
proceedings: '
The first order of business was the
election of County Superintendent of
Public Instruction. Nominations of
Ba; Vaughn, C S. Fowler and Miss
Ethel Henderson were made. Point
was made against Misa Henderson
that she had not qualified at the reg
ular examination provided by the
Department of Education. The ques
tion h,owever was finally decided to
the effect that this did not legally
bar ber from the election, that the
law did not prevent her from quali
fying after the election. Tho ballot
ing proceeded with Mr. Vaughn and
Miss Henderson in the lead, first Mr.
" Vaughn and then Miss Henderson,
thero being no election until the
fourth ballot, when Mr. Vaughn re
ceived the necessary majority of a'l
the votes cast by the court, giving
Mr. Vaughn 17 'and Miss Henderson
15. Mr. Vaughn was declared duly
elected for the ensuing two years,
the salary having , been fixed at
$1200 a year by previous vote.
W. T. Stover was unanimously
. elected as County Surveyor for the
ensuing four years.
Dorrel Harris wa3 unanimously
re-elected as County Ranger for the
ensuing two years.
J. J, ;Wells and C. C. Marshall were
elected to succeed D. A. Dean and C
C. Marshall as County, High School
Directors. . "
J.W. McCorkle, W. J. Davidson and
R. C. Reynolds were duly elected
Courthouse and Workhouse Commis
sioners for the ensuing two years.
Notaries public were elected as
J. R.. Mills, H. E. Williams, R. B.
Lathan, F. R. Robertson, W. J. Hop
per, C. C. Ivaslcy.
L. C. Caldwell was elected to fill
the vacancy for Constable in No. 10.
. By a resolution offerred by Justice
McNeill the election of district road
commissioners was deferred until
such tine as the proposed new coun
ty read law is passed by the General
Assembly. ,
' It was ordered that the Trustee be
instructed that the tax books of the
county should not be placed out for
delinquent tax until the' first Mon
day in April.1921.
A motion that $1500 be appropri
ated for a home demonstrator, pro
vided Miss Luther would accept the
position, was lost.
By a unanimous vote the Repre
sentatives from Obion County in the
General Assembly were Instructed to
have as a provision of the proposed
now road law five highway commis
From a financial report made by
Judge Wadell the total expenditures
- of the county for the year 1920 were
$63,848.15. Total receipts from all
sources will be $55,958.15. The bal
ance was $7,850. The expenditures
included J. P. per diem, charity,
maintenance of county farm and in
mates, circuit court costs, prisoners,
asylum patients, elections, tax equal
ization, "audit, insurance, coal, water
and lights, tax releases and sales,
trustee's commissions, levees, roads,
bridges, salaric3 of county officials,
etc. Collections included general
taxes for 1919, also railroads and
utilities assessed for 1919, collections
from county officers in revenues,
etc.. fines collected by Justices, in
tereat, etc. The totals are tabulated
aa follows:
Expenditures .. v ..... . '. .$63,848.15
Collections ............ 55,998.15
J. P. Attendance i,, ..... , 283.30
.Andy L. Giffln, H. P. Naylor, Al
vyn Brevard,-T. M. Flack, F. R. Rob
ertson, J. A. Jackson, T. P. Palmer,
W. A. McNeill, G. D. Summers, J. W.
Yarbrough, D. H. Burnett,' C. W Cur
ry, T W. Cunningham, E. L. Bowers,
J. C. Walker, P. H. Carroll, C M.
Montgomery, H. A. Moore, H. B.
Fleming, W W. Pierce, J. B. Skin
ner. J., D. McBride, R .B. Gantlett,
J. W. McCorkle, R. C. Reynolds, A.
K. Wella, A. M. Moultrie. J. W.
Buchanan, S. A. McDade, J. H. Jon-akta.
0. E. S.
The following officers were elected
at a regular meeeing of Chapter 165,
Order of the Eastern Star, Tuesday
night, Dec. 14, as thi3 was the regu
lar timo for election of officers.
Mrs. 'Elizabeth (Bramham) Jack
son, Worthy Matron; Mr. J. J. Mel
vin, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Susie Jor
dan, Associate Matron; Mrs, Cam
(I-,bel) Park, Sec; Mrs. Nellie Hy
man, Treasurer; Mrs. Daisy Pursley,
Organist; Misa Prather Hamilton,
Adah; Miss Kathryn Bryan, Ruth;
Miss Cillio Howell, Esther; Mrs. Sa
dio Chambers, Martha; Mrs. Kittle
Shapiro, Electra; Mrs. Maggie Whit
son, Warder; Mr. Jack Hubbs, Sen
tinel. A public installation of officers
was conducted at the Masonic Hall,
Dec. 30. Mrs. Heathcock, Past
Worthy Matron of Jackson Chapter,
O. E. S., conducted the installation
ceremonies which were evry impress
ive. The Christmas idea was beautiful
ly carried out in the decorations,
which were of poinscttias and holly.
Officers were presented beautiful
flowers, the colora blue, white, yel
low, red and green, emblematic of
their stations, by Mrs. Frances Mel-
vln, Installing Marshal.
An address giving the purposes of
the organization was given by Mrs.
Eilis Jcckscn, retiring Worthy Pa
tron, also some fitting remarks were
made by Mrs. J. J. Mclvin, newly
elected Worthy Patron.
Splendid talks were made by
Judge Henry Stanfield, Mr. C. B. Jor
dan, Mrs. C. E. Trevathan and Mrs
Susie Jordan, Past. Worthy Matron of
this chapter.
Delicious refreshments, consisting
of all kinds of Christmas cakes and
ice cream,, were served by Mr. C. B
Jordan and Mr. Arthur Hamilton.
The Christmas spirit prevailed and
all present seemed to vote this a very
pleasant affair.
Letter from J. Randall Farris.
Editors of Commercial, Union City,
Tenn., Dear Friends:
Inclosed you will find a check for
paper. I feel like I am receiving a
letter from "homo each week when it
comes to me. Always find some news
in it.
Will , you also be kind enough to
express my very best wishes to all
tba oeoplo of Union City. We have
received so many kind greetings from
there this Christmas, It is impossible
to send return greetings to all. Just
toll every one that we are all well
and never happier in our lives, and
prospects are brighter than ever for
our work here, after a most successful
year. Also say to every one that we
wish for them the best tnat the new
year can possibly bring? With hap
py memories and best wishes for all,
I am,
Yours in His service,
Ga., Dec. 28.
On Tuesday evonins, Jan. 4, at 8
o'clock, at the Cumberland Presby
terian parsoncge at Troy, Tenn., Miss
Alone Caudel and Mr. Fred Taylor
were united in holy bonds of wed
lock by Rev. Raymond White.
The bride was beautifully dressed
in a tailored suit of midnight blue
trice tine, with picture hat of dark
brown and other accerorles to match
and wore, a corsage of bride's roses
and valley lilies. The groom vas at
tired ia a drens suit of bluo serge.
Tho bride is the beautiful and ac
complished daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
G. W. Caudel, of Troy, and has for
several years been ' connected with
the firm of J. S. Moffatt & Co. as
saleslady, while tho groom is the
son of the late Jco Tayior and is a
prominent farmer of that section and
13 also connected with the New York
Life Insurance Co..
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor left immedi
ately after tho ceremony for south
ern points and will npend the rest of
the winter in Florida. They both
have a host of relatives and friends
who wish then a long and prosperous
Hickman, Ky., Jan. 1. Miss Dora
McNeill and Edwin Fuqua were mar
ried hero at the home of the brid's
brother, D. L. McNeill, tho Rev. E.
L. Wiley officiating. Mrs. Fuqua is
the only daughter of . Mr. Btrry
Stubs, of this city. Mr. Fuq la con
nected with a newspaper ia Browms
ville, Tenn., where the couple will
make their future home.
Christmas Cheer Workers Play Santa
If you helped to fill a basket
. For a home In need this yar,
Thea, you scattered Joy and gladness
And a world of Christmas heer;
If you filled an empty stocking.
Made a child-heart glad to look.
Then the great Recording Angel
Wrote your name down in his
- book. . " ;
'Sixty-eight little children still be
lieve in Santa Claus. No matter if
daddy had no Job a id mama "was sick
in bed good old St. Nick called at the
home and left r. big basket running
over with good things to eat, warm
clcthcs to wear and dolls, toys, etc.,
dear to the heart of a child.
Santa traveled by automobile from
his headquarters, tho White Furni
ture Co., which vas made his home
through their hovpltalfty. Early in
tho morning of Christmas Eve DayT
the fir3t part of fcia cargo was de
livered from the Union City Ice &
Coal Company. Mr. Fred Dahnke
generor.Hly contributed all the coal
needed to warm these who were cold
and his drivets unloaded a good sup
ply to rll the sl'.ivsring home3.
Promptly at two c'clock the same
day the active representatives of San
ta fell in line and began the gigantic
task of assortment, packing and de
livery of goods to all part3 of the
city. They were Mrs. Clara' Prieto,
Mrs. Rcbert Whipple. Miss Elizabeth
Chambers, Mr.-. H. Hassler, Miss
Clare Parks, Curtis Ruddle, U-ndreth
Thomas, Robert Bend, Carey Brum
moll, Dr. Ira Parle and the writer.
Housevlvcs from fll parts of the
city filled with the. spirit of the sea
son and dosiding to help these in
need donated clothing, cakes, Jelly,
fresh meats, which werer added to
the big basket, making the load so
heavy that Sana carrier, "Robert
Bond, Ciftis Ruddle and Lcndreth
Thomas, had a fine opportunity to
us9 muscle to a gcod advantage.
Through the kindness of Coram'
& Jackson and Shatz a wool sweater
and cap was donated "to every child.
The baskets were received with much
pleasure in many hemes while in
others we found the occiifants away
end in that instrnce a window was
prld open a 'id the bankets set in
rde. Christmas day we visited the un
fortunates , in our county who are
forced to mako the Jail their bond
while awaiting the court's action. A
great br.sket of Christmas goodies was
distributed -there and Smoking to
bacco and cigars. Even inside these
bleak walls the Christmas spirit was
evident. Tho only white man there
said he wished his part could be giv
en to his folks, but thanks to a lov
ing, liberal people, I could tell this
man that his family vas remembered
the day before with necessary food
and Christmas sveets.
The co-operation of a loyal citizen
ship has made this great work pos
sible, and tho liberal contributors who
gave their money through tho -dif
ferent church. fund9 or otherwise to
the "Christmas Choe Committee,
and the children who gave their toys
to otherB lesa fortunato have the last
ing gratitude and the thanks , of
thoso who received . them.' , To. the
Press, the 4 News-Banner - and The
Commercial we are extremely thank
ful. Their columns were the medi
um that aroused the impulse to duty
and reminded the general public, and
these columns have always been open
to any good movement in tho county.
All in all, nany have had a merry,
merry Christmas wlio otherwise
would have remained sad, cold and
destitute and who 'might otherwise
have lost faith in a Santa Claus. - ;
Six O'clock Dinner.
On Wednesday evening, December
29, Mr. and Mrs. C. L Wade enter
tained a: few of their many friends
with a six o'clock dinner at their
beautiful country home northeast of
town. Mr. and Mrs. Wade are pop
ularly known by the younger set,
and thig dinner and evening, were
enjoyed very muck. T Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil 1 Wither-
8poon, of Fulton, Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Austin, Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Wade,
Mioses Anna' D. Key,' May Samons,
Rubye Allen and Messrs.' Frank and
Fred Ky. V. '- .:
Another Seed Sowing Season
ill soon be here.
We are prepared to furnish you all kinds of seed at
nearly pre-war prices.
Red Clover Timothy
Red Top Alsyke Clover
Japan Clover Alfalfa
All kinds of Grain and Feed-
Pure Corn Chops
Wheat Bran
Wheat Shorts
one sack or a car load.
C. S. Meal
C. S. Cake
We are in the market all the year for Corn and Hay.
Let us have your offerings. "
Gherry-Moss Grain Co.
Mr. R. H. Rust, . Detroit, Mick, December 28, 1 920.
Authorized Ford Dealer, t '
Union City, Tennessee. ' ,
Dear Mr. Rust: - V : ,
On the eve of a New Year, we look back with pride upon the accom
plishments of the twelve months just closing proud of our splendid force of loyal
Fordjdealers whose sincere efforts and co-operation have made possible a record out
put of Ford products and confident that with the service they have rendered, the
demand they have created, and the pull-together spirit of our entire organization, the
coming year will be even more pleasant and profitable for all of us.
Nineteen Twenty has been a wonderful year with a record since Jan.
1 , of 1 ,05 1,1 43 cars and 69, 1 23 tractors and the last few months of adverse condi
tions have demonstrated more than could anything else the accomplishment of our
dealer organization and brought forcibly- before the buying public the superiority of
Ford products. .- ; . t X' ,1, - .
It is this quality !of product and aggressive dealer representation that
inspires confidence for the future; so let us all therefore, welcome the New Year with
eager, high ambitions,, and with greater resolve to make 1921 surpass all previous
records. . -
Several inquiries have recentlycome to us concerning the likelihood of
another reduction in the price of our cars, and as these inquiries no doubt emanate
from prospective purchasers, we want to state agahi with greater emphasis that Ford ,
cars are already being' sold at a figure actually below cost and for an indefinite peri
od another reduction or change in design is entirely out of the question and not at
all contemplated.
. V We believe the public will be fair enough to fully appreciate the frank- -nessof
the above when they consider the extent of our recent price 'cut, which was in
fact the equivalent of several reductions in one, in our desire to. contribute toward ' V
satisfying their demands for lower living costs, notwithstanding our sacrifice in mar
keting our cars at a loss until we were able to materially reduce present costs through
lower material prices and greater manufacturing efficiency. While we have of course
made some progress in bringing down operating costs, we still have a long way to
'. go before any thought can be given to further reductions in present car prices, so we
have na hesitancy in making these open statements to acquaint you with the true V
situation, ; - - ; r
' . You can, therefore, give assurance to prospective purchasers of Ford
cars that now is their real opportunity to buy below cost and obtain delivery. Eve
. ry one is familiar with the heavy demand for Ford cars in the Spring and this year
1 will be no exception, as in spite of conditions, business is already rapidly accumulat
ing, so that many who desire Ford cars will be obliged to wait perhaps until mid
'.summer for delivery, causing considerable inconvenience and possibly finan
cial loss, particularly to commercial customers. "
, -, v We expect you to protect the interests of prospective buyers in your
community by placing these facts before them. ' "" ;. ; . -
You have our sincere wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy Pros
perous New Year. - Yours very truly, - ':T''::.:."'
? - Signed! W. A. Rvan, General Sales Mcr.
. -r JT
3- -
J! i

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