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Oyer Wehman' Hardwire Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144, Residence
Over Wehman'a Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; Residence 595-J
Union City Commercial. established 1S?0 j ConsoHdaUd September 1. 1S97
West Tennessee Courier, established 1897 1
VOL. 29, NO. 47
Everybody Invited to City Hall
for Discussion.
Every citizen of Union City, both
ladiea and gentlemen, is especially
Invited to attend this meeting. Let's
pull Union City out of tho old rut
and the mud streets make a good
town and a sanitary and healthful
town. Materials are getting cheap
er, let's do something for our town
and its citizens. The front foot as
sessment plan will be fully explained
and by this plan good streets can be
built without the burden being hard
on either the city or the property
owner. If you have any interest in
Union City and want it to grow and
be like other cities, attend this meet
ing. Don't come knocking; bring
your booster friend with you.
P. L. PITTMAN, Mayor.
Got. Taylor Calls Attention to De
pleted Condition of State's
Nashville, Feb. 7. Gov. Taylor
sent a message to the General Assem
bly calling attention to the State's
present financial condition and urg
ing the strictest economy in the gov
ernment of Tennessee.
He urged the abolition of all use
less offices, and asked that no sal
aries of present officers be increased.
In his message he pointed out the
-Tact that the State's deficit on Jan.
15 was 11,444,749.09, with two
short term notes of $300,000 due on
Feb. 17 and $200,000 due on March
1. Interest on the bonded indebted
ness of the State due on July 1
amounts to $63,422.50.
Gov. Taylor declared that many
bills carrying heavy appropriations
have already been passed at this ses
sion of the Legislature, and said that
unless something is done to stop this
and to bring more economy the State
will suffer further from financial ills
In his second message he vetoed the
appropriation to former Adjt.-Gen.
Baxter Sweeney for services aa head
of the State police, basing his veto on
the grounds set out in his first mes
sage to-day.
Immediately after the Senate con
vened a message was presented from
the Governor in which he vetoed the
so-called attorneys general bill that
provided for annual expenses of dis
trict attorneys for $600 and for as
sistant district attorney's of $300
Senator Womack moved that the
veto be overruled and that the mat
ter bo set for special order Wednes
day morning at 10 o'clock.
A resolution was passed to name
a committee of five members of the
Senate to investigate conditions at
Reel foot Lake with special refer
ence to what had been done under
the original Newberry oil lease, now
the Sudekum lease.
A resolution was adopted express
ing regret and nympathy on account
of the death of the, Hon. Seid Wad
dell, of Union City, Tenn., and an
nouncing the appointment of Mr.
Spoaker Bond and Messrs. LeDuke,
Craig and Fuller to serve with House
members as honorary pallbearers at
the funeral.
The Senate Committee on Banking
will conduct a public hearing in the
Senate chart J, er immediately after
the morning session to-morrow, when
the bill authorizing a contractural
rat of Interest not to exceed 8 per
cent will be discussed. -
Rev. J. L. Hudgins to Conduct the
Che congregation of Central Cum
berland Presbyterian Church, Mem
phis, is manifesting great interest in
the fact that the church will be for
mally dedicated Sunday, Feb. 13. An
elaborate program has been ar
The sermon of dedication will be
preached by Rev. J. L. Hudgins, trav
eling editor of The Cumberland Pres
byterian, Nashville, Tenn., while the
dedication services will be conducted
by Rev. W. H. McLeskey, also of
Nashville, and editor of the Cumber
land Presbyterian Sunday school lit
erature. A special musical program
is be ng arranged by Mrs. Charles G.
Moo ., choir director.
-Christian Endeavor.
Tho Senior Society of Christian
Endeavor, C. P. Church, meets every
Sunday at 6 p.m. All young people
are welcome to the series of interest
ing meetings. Something new every
The Junior Society meets every
Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.
"White Coal" Can Now Be Made
Water power development on nav
igable streams in the United States,
contemplated under the new federal
act, shows a total of more than 2,
000,000 horsepower, as follows:
State Horsepower.
Washington 660,000
Montana . . T. 100,000
Minnesota 30,000
Iowa 60,000
Maryland 110,000
Massachusetts-Connecticut 30,000
Georgia 158,000
Alabama 690,000
Tennessee 25,000
Kentucky 26,000
North Carolina 200,000
Virginia 55,000
South! Carolina 78,000
Total, 2,122,000
After ten years of contention and
a serious drain on the coal and oil
fields throughout the country the
door has been thrown open fcr "white
coal" to serve industry and the home
by the signing of the waterpower de
velopment bill. The vast waterpow-
ers of the country may now be util
Fifty million horsepower comprise
the total, both steam and water gen
erated, now in use in the United
States. It is conservatively estimated
that as much more can be developed
by utilization of the waterpower re
sources. The department of the in
terior has placed the potential water
power at 60,000,000 horsepower, of
which but 10,009,000 is now devel
oped. This saves the country up
wards of 33,000,000 tons of coal an
Assuming that a stteam produced
One of the great problems . that
confront the public schools is that of
choosing from among the many ap
parently useful kinds of knowledge
that arc offered for selection those
that are really worth while. Any
thing then, thatnters into the lives
of the boys and girls of the public
schools and promise3 better condi
tions for coming community life and
citizenship is an advantage.
Is it an advantage for our children
to have better bodies? Then a knowl
edge of those subtle enemies that en
ter into their stomachs and steal
away their strength and will power,
is not only an advantage but an ab
solute essential of education.
Is it an advantage to know your
foes and their manner of approach
and attack. Then it is an advantage
for our children to know the veri
table facta of the insidious effects of
stimulants and narcotics. Because
these are advantageous an insistent
demand ha3 come for a scientific de
volopment of tho whole body, mind
and soul.
Scientific temperance instruction
in .the public schools has been only a
forerunner of the new purposes of
education in tho public schools.
These excerpts taken from a leaf
let sent out by the W. C. T. U. should
cause us all to think and act. Send
to-day to National W. C. T. U. Pub
lishing Hou3c7 Evanston, Illinois, en
closing twenty-five cents, stating
what is wanted and all needed helps
will be sent you. Also ask for rules
and subjects for essay contests.
Why not every school in the coun
tv have a contest? We can do it
and it isn't necessary to give prizes
I know of ono place where they are
going to entertain with a banquet
every student who writes an essay,
and this is an excellent plan, for no
one will be left out.
Don't fail to grado and send best
essays to Supt. Vaughn, Union City
to be entered 'for a county" prize
which will be onnounced later.
Now everybody interested get busy
and let's put Obion County "over the
top," in S. T. I. work.
County Pres. W. C. T. U.
White Asked to Call National Com
' mittee Meeting.
Washington, D. C. Feb. 6. The
fight which has been going on under
the surface since the November elec
horsepower generated daily for only tlon for the control of the nati0nal
A 1 . , . I I
iweive nours mrougnoui a penou oi Democratic organization, la now to
twelve months required the consump
tion of five and one-half tons of coal,
the substitution of 50,000,000 horse
power rrom water should make an
annual saving of 275,000,000 tons of
fuel and avoid the movement of 7,
000,000 freight cars. The economic
gains, if we made use of our falling
waters, would bo tremendous, yet
there ia in service to-day but 10,000,-
000 horsepower developed by hydro
electric plants.
It is not contended that water-
power can entirely take the place of
coal. In some instances a substitu
tion for "black coal" cannot be made,
but as a supplement it will add. great
ly to the total, pull down the average
cost per unit, set electricity to work
in the home far more extensively
than at present an-', bring about such
public comforts as the substitution
of electricity for coal ha3 done on
some of tho larger railroads.
Recruiting Station.
Just a Street Car Drizzle.
She (getting ready for theatre)
"Is it raining?"
He "Not a taxi rain." New Ha
ven Register.
The recruiting station in this city
received telegraphic orders to dis
continue recruiting at 8:35 Tuesday
morning, Feb. 8th.
Since the last issue of this paper
the following named men have been
accepted at the Union City recruiting
station and forwarded to the main
station a Nashville:
John E. Johnson, Hickman, Ky.
Lawrence Daniels, Hickman, Ky.
Henry Marshall, Linden, Tenn.
Joe Hopkins, Senith, Mo.
Clark H. Bynum, Route 6, Union
City, Tenn.
Mr. Bynum left Union City one
hour before the telegram waa handed
to Sergeant Bennett, and was the
last man accepted at our station.
Regardless of the fact that recruit
ing has been discontinued, Victory
Medal applications will still be taken
care of.
be waged in the open.
Thomas B. Lowe, Democratic Na
tional Comittceman from Texas, and
an ardent McAdoo man, nas ad
dressed a letter to Chairman George
White and members of tho recently
appointed executive committee of the
Democratic National Committee, ask
ing for the committee to be called to
gether on March 1, at St. Louis, or
some central point, to organize for
1924. -
The 48 Joint signers of Love's com
munication include Miss Charl Wil
liams, of Memphis, and other mem
bers of the Democratic "National
Committee and the woman's auxil
iary organization. Chairman White
announced at detection time that he
would call the committee together
soon for reorganization purposes, but
later ho apparently became fearful
that the McAcloo adherents on the
committee would vote him out of the
chairmanship, once the conference
When Governor Cox waa here a
few years ago, ho met White and
other personal friends, and it is un
derstood plans were then laid to re
tain control of the organization in
anticipation of a 1924 comeback by
Cox. The general feeling .among
prominent Democrats here is, how
ever, that Cox has had his fling and
that no obstacles should no placed in
the way of a popular choice within
the party four years hence.
The Press.
It's wonderful to think about
The power of the press.
It tells us what the statesmen say
And how the ladies drc3S,
What's on at every movie show
And who is going wrong,
Without this monitor and guide
Wo couldn't get along.
Birmingham Age-Herald.
fleece Alexander
Any body or anything.
Taxi Service -j Anywhere.
( Any Time.
Tires, Tubes.
Rubber Goods of anv kind.
t United States Tires Rec
IFree Water.
Free Inspection
I New Batteries.
Repairing -j Trucks.
( Ford work a Specialty.
The above is an outline of our Business. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Both Phones 19 2.
Another Seed Sowing Season
will soon be here.
We are prepared to furnish you all kinds of seed at
nearly pre-war prices.
Red Clover Timothy
Red Top Alsyke Clover ?
Japan Clover Alfalfa
All kinds of Grain and' Feed onesack or a car load."
Pure Corn Chops ' C. S. Meal
Wheat Bran C. S. Cake
Wheat Shorts Oats -
We are in the market all the year for Corn and Hay.
Let us have your offerings.
Cherry-Moss Grain Co.
The Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system, with demountable!
rims with 3M-inch tires all around, is a family car of class and comfort, both in
summer and in winter. For touring it is a most comfortable car. The large
plate glass windows make it an open car when desired, while in case of rain and
all inclement weatner, it can De maae a most aengnt
ful closed car in a few minutes. Rain-proof, dust- O
proof, fine upholstering, broad, roomy seats. Simple
in operation. Anybody can safely drive it. While
it has all the distinctive and economical merits of .
the Ford car in operation and maintenance. Won't,
you come in and look it over?
. it
Authorized Ford Dealer, Phona 403

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