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i p.,
Million Packets Of
Flower Seeds Free
We believe In-flowers around the
homes of the South. Flowers brighten
bp the home surroundings and give
pleasure and satisfaction to those who
bare them.
We have tilled more than a million
packets of seeds, of beautiful yet
easily grown flowers to be given to
our customers this spring for the
beautifying of their homes.
Wouldn't you like to have five
packets of beautiful flowers free?
J921 catalog Is a 116-page handsomely
Illustrated seed book with twenty
beautiful pages showing the finest va
rieties in their true natural colors.
It is full of helpful garden, flower and
farm information that is needed in
every home, and, too, the catalog tells
you how to get these flower seeds ab
solutely free.
Write for our 1921 catalog now. It
)b the finest, most valuable and beau
tiful seed book ever published, and
you will be mighty glad you've got It.
p"here is no obligation to buy any
thing. Just ask for the catalog,
Run-dawn Blood Impoverished
, Richmond, Va. "When I was a
girl I became all run-down, my blood
was imporer
ished and
my complex
, ion became
sallow. I also
from indiges
tion and con
stipation. I
was extreme
ly nervous
and as mis
erab le as
lone could be when Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery was recom
j mended to me. I took about four bot
' ties and some of the 'Pleasant Pel
lets' with it. After taking these
; medicines I was in better health and
felt better than 1 had for several
years." MRS. C. N. OLIVER, 908
N. 27th St. All dr-ggists sell Medi
cal Discovery, liquid "or tablets.
Makes Hens Lay
Gets "the eggs in any weath
er. ' It is easily given in the
feed and doesn't force or
hurt the hen in any way; Don Sung
Is a real tonic.'" Try it it it doesn't
pay for itself and pay you a good profit
besides, your money will be promptly
refunded. Trial size 50 cents.
Incubators and Brooders.
An Optimist.
Let poets sing their lilting song
And gayly smite the lyre;
Give me the man who whistles while
He's putting on a tire.
congregate; -men of
men in business, chaps in col
lege, men at work, men at
play or at the most formal af
fairs ; there you wil ;Knox
Hats. Always dignined, always
correct but never common'
place. Always of a quality that
marks them as distinctly Knox
as does the Trade Mark within.
W. Q. Clagett Co.
Powell, of Kenton, was here
Ashley Holloway. a visitor several
weeks in Arkansas, Is again in
Miss Lizzie Stitt was down from
Union City Saturday, staying over
Sunday with Miss Martha Wade.
P"ul Kelly is attending school
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kirkland, of the
ccunty seat, and Mr. and Mrs. H. D.
Webster, of the Moffatt vicinity,
were recent visitors in the Hubert
Shore home.
Mr. and Mr3. Wilce Alfen, of St.
Loui3, and Carl Witherspoon, U. S.
N., are reported guest3 with relatives
in Number Four.
Dr. T. P. Callicott was in Union
City several days this week visiting
professionally in the Burt Clements
lome. '
Jas. McDearmon, commission mer
chant, has sold his interest to Messrs.
Jerry Spike3 and Hubert Shore.
Mrs. Leila Taylor, of Halls, en
route to Kenton, was a visitor be
tween trains Monday with Mrs. E.
H. White. ,
Mrs. T. J. Bonner end Miss Bonner
Tuesday attended the obsequies in
Union City of the Hon. Seid Waddell.
The Book Club meets to-morrow
with Mrs. Leslie Shore.
Mcsdimcs T. A. Cummings and
Walter Agnew were business visitors
in the county seat yesterday.
Mrs. Maymie Phebu3, Miso Missie
Harris, Mrs. R. L. Harper anM Mrs.
McAdoo Harris are delegates to the
spring session of the C. P. Presbytery,
convening next month in Dyer, the
homo of Rev. J. H. Thomas, pastor
of this congregation.
Training School Locals.
School was dismissed Tuesday on
account of the death of Mr. Waddell.
We 'wish to extend our sympathies to
the bereaved family in their great
Mr. Aydelott's brother, Grady,
from Memphis, spent Monday night
with him.
Leslie McClanahan is on the sick
list this week.
Wo were glad to have Miss Sue
Brown Moss end Mr. Marvin McCord
visit our society Friday.,
vFaye .Mitchell visited school Wed
nesday. We are glad to have Ruth Foulks
back" in school after a few days ill
ness. Charles Hudson was out of school
last week on account of an attack of
Wo understand that Warren Cald
well, a graduate of last year, has ac
cepted a position . with Mayor Pitt
man as bookkeeper.
Buy your garden seed and tools
early. You will find .the best selec
tion at Wehman'a.
ever men may
affairs, young
i v v ... mi
' "Who Is tbe most sophis
ticated roan in New York?"
Mr. EdisoD selected Wm. J.
Burnt, who gladly made tbe
Mood Change test to assist
Mr. Edison iq his research
work. Mr. Barns' Chart is
reproduced. Mr. Edison needs
thousands of these charts.
Won't you help him by filling
out a Chart?
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Litch
ford last week,' a boy.
Miss Bessie Farley is sick this
Miss Vclma Donnell, teacher "at
Wells, visited her mother at Eben
ezer Saturday and Sunday.
' Mr. end Mrs. John Guy visited Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Erwin Sunday.
Mr. Morri3 and children, of Mem
phis visited relatives here la3t week
for a few days.
Lorene, little daughter' of Mrs.
Tom Grimes, has recovered from
scarlet fever.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Curry, of
Fremont, spent Saturday night and
Sundaywith Mrs. Fat. Owen.
Mr. and Mr3. Perry Bobo and little
son, of Obion, visited Mrs. Bobo's
parents, Rev. and Mr3. R. E. Hamp
ton. Miss Verda Bedford, of Troy, Sun
dayed here with homefolks.
Mr. end Mrs. Fred Bobo, of near
Campground, visited Mrs. Bobo's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Walker,
Mi3s Opal Dickey was the guest of
Miss Jessie Walker Sunday.
Mr. and Mr3. John Litchford and
children, of near Trimble, visited rel
atives here recently.
Mr3. Jennie Robartson was the
Sunday guest Of Mrs. Emily Wilder.
Dangerous Height.
Baby's Mother "What do you
think of the new nursemaid,
Baby's Father "She looks capa
ble, my dear; but she is so terribly
tall. Think what a distance poor
baby will have to fall when she drops
him." Answers.
The Phonograph With a Soul
i. riot'
fctomint U
. . i ....j
ELS "JSa a Comp
ml.-vl ntrrUir O .
' .. . ...i
the first Mood Change Chart
Will You Fill Out a Chart for Mr. Edison ?'
MR. BURNS pronounced the
test most interesting. He
enjoyed it and was glad to holp
Mr. Edison. y m
You'll enjoy filling out a Mood
Change Chart also and we know
you will eagerly help the great in
ventor in his latest research Lito
the effects of music on the minds
and moods of mankind.
Read Mr, Burns' Chart. Then
come to our store. Make the test.
Learn how music affects pour
moods. Your Chart will be sent
to Mr. Edison. -
DIETZEL JEWELER, Union City, Tenn.
To All Owners of Automobiles and
Trucks in Obion County.
NO. 149.
Section 15 of this act makes it a
misdemeanor for any owner to op
erate an automobile or truck In this
State before registering the same
with the State Highway Department,
thr.ough the County Court Clerk of
the county in which said owner re
sides. And section 20 of said act
makes it the duty of the officers to
enforce said act after February 1st,
of the ensuing year. Section 24 of
this act puts the penalty at from
$5.00 to $50.00 and makes it the du
ty of all peace officers in the State
to arrest and prosecute all violators
of this law before the proper legal
The Judges of the several circuit
and criminal courts shall be required
to give this act in charge to the
grand juries and all grand juries are
hereby given inquisitoripl powers as
to the enforcement of this act.
Copied from said Ecnata Dill No.
This February 8th, 1921.
County Court Clerk.
New Baptist Church.
The members of the Baptist Church
at this place have decided to erect a
new building at an early datr and
the present building will either be
torn down or converted into a par
sonage. The present building is not
sufficiently commodious to accommo
date tha large membership, besides
it is desired to have a building more
modern in construction and appear
- o :
' UVl .
what a' . ,
Bead of Wm. J. Burnt Inter
national Dtttetiv Agency
If you own a New Edison, ask us
for a supply of Charts and invite
your friends for a Mood Change
Chart party. They will find it more
entertaining than the Ouija board.
If you do not own a New Edison,
we will lend you an instrument
with a supply cf Re-Che'ations,
for giving a Mood Change Party. ,
The New Edison has perfect real- j
ism. Its Re-Creation of music
cannoi; be distinguished from the j
original music. This makes it pos- f
sible for every home to enjoy the full
benefits of the world's best music
Pointed Paragraphs.
A man seldom forgets his place
if he has a good one.
Many good examples are set, but
few of them are ever hatched,
Men glance at the past, especially
if she who pasced is pretty.
Many sermons are aimed at the
pocketbook instead of the heart.
Lots of people are too selfish) to
assist others in having a good time.
Contentment is all well enough in
its way, but it is death; to enter
prise. It is easier to see through the plot
of a play than through the ear puffs
in front of it. f
A man who soys a mean thing
about another isn't half a3 mean as
the man who repeats it. -
That respect which is due to age
is dealt out with a ladle to the
wealthy grandparent.
Occasionally a woman is glad
when her husband makc3 her cry
because she can work him for a
peace offering. '
Pound in His Car.
"Every day I find something new
about my car."
"So do I. This morning I found
three hairpins and a powder puff."
Florida Times-Union.
Unexpected Reply.
"Wofdman, spare that tree," cried
the poet.
"AN right. No more vood pulp,
no more paper, no more poetry."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
That Accounts for It.
Customer "That veal you sent
was spoilt."
Butcher 'Spoilt, ma'am? I cant
understand that, unless it came from
a calf that wa3 petted too much."
I have a new button machine
and can make Cloth Covered But
tons in the latest styles and sizes.
Send for a card of sample buttons
and prices. Mail orders given
prompt attention.
415 E. Palmer St. . '
Union City, Tenn.
Having qualified as administrator
of the e3tate of Peter Keffer, de
ceased, all persons having claims
against said estate are hereby noti
fied to file the same with me, duly
authenticated a3 required by law,
and all indebted to the 3aid estate
are hereby asked to settle within
thirty day3. 46-4t
This Feb. 2nd, 1921.
G. B. WHITE, Administrator.
A Modern Surgical Inititution.
Competent Trained Nurses
DR. W. A. NAILLING. . .'. .Chief Surgeon
Union City, Tenn. Both Phone 41.

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