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Over Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Term.
Office 144, Residence
Over Wehman's Hardware Ston
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; Reaidence 59S-J
Union City Commercial. established 1S90 c ;j t d R,n(,mvI . ,o
West Tennessee Courier. etablihed 1897 Co00""5" September I.1S97
VOL. 29, NO. 51
Thousands See Supreme Gift of Re
public Accepted by Harding
Washington, March 4 Solemnly
mindful of the great responsibilities
that will be hii for the next four
years, and expressing a prsyer for
Progress in breeding poultry stock
will be made most quickly by picking
out the best individuals in the flock
and using them as breeders, rather
than by breeding from the flock as a Bishop Moore Addresses Large Audi-
whole, say specialists of the Division ence at Methodist Church.
of Extension. University of Tennes
see. The selection of a male for mat- Bishop John M. Moore, of Tennes-
ing will be influenced largely by the 8ee- was ln Union City last Sunday
ana preacnea at the Methodist
Church at 11 o'clock. Bishop Moore
character of the females used. If
there ia A general woalrnona in the fa.
divine guidance in the solution of 1 ,n should was here in the interest of the Cen
lue muiuomuuj pruu.cm, 'u6 u,m, ,ffset &a ,Mle b strength tenary moTcment. but his preaching
in that particular respect in the male w far more reaching than the mere
Reynolds Theatre
"King of the Circus."
Comedy and. Vodavil Movies.
? Prices 5 and 10 Cents
Warren Gamaliel Harding, of Ohio,
became the twenty-eighth President
cf the United States at 1:18 p.m. to
day ln on inaugural ceremony in
whicli simplicity and lack of ostenta
tion replaced the usual pomp and display.
routine of raising a church fund. He
neither took up a collection nor asked
for any. Ho simply and with the
watch the breeding nock carefully most powerful and convincing
and see that the fowls keep in good speech, in one of the most striking
breeding condition, the United States sermons ever heard, told the people
Before a great standing crowd ct Department of Agriculture advises, what vast and illimitable grounds
thousands, which completely filled In Farmers Bulletin 1116, on the se- for the good of the church and Meth
tho broad plaia end ended four blocks lection and care of poultry breeding (Jdism are covered by this work, and
around the Capitol itself, tho new stock. The birds and houses should that every child of God is a debtor
President accepted the supreme gift be examined to see that they are not to the movement,
of the republic in a short inaugural infested with lice or mites. His text was taken from the fourth
address cn address in which he did SELECT SETTINGS WITH CARE, chapter and fourth verse of Luke,
not attempt to outline in other than Eggs that are abnormally small Tlz! "Man stall not live by bread
general t'enm the program of inter- and poorly sbaped Bh0uld not be used a,one' but everv word of GoL"
national and domestic policies to be tor jncUDation; neither should eggs Tno minister epoke of his work in
followed by his administration. that have thin or very porous shells, Brazll a,so niB travels ln China and
Vice President Calvin Coolidge say the specialists. If possible, eggs JaPan nd ln these things he sug-
took tho oath cf office at 12:21 p.m. should be set when fresh, and it is seated the Importance and value of
Pressing his lips to an historic never adv'sable to U3e for hatching educating men for the ministry. The
Bible used at the inauguration of eggs that are more than two weeks churcn ha3 cal13 fr thousands of
old. One of the Quickest wavs to ob- mnlsters ana none to respond. The
dent took the oath administered by tain uniformity in the offspring is m,ssIon fleld 2s s5lrt of ministers and
Chief Justice White. He had chosen to select uniformly good-sized eggs no onxe t0 E-
of the same color. 1 ne msno P s"'a ino ministry must
.... , ,. , ... . not depend entirely upon the educa-
the Lord require of thee but to do ,, oto oV,..i- .,i tion of the aind- but Bha tav the
justly and to love mercy and to walk egg shell8 are both, neCeSsary. Neith- ' ad e"avohd "ie, 80U;
hnmhiv with thv find V ' t .,.,.... Man s.ir.ll not live by bread alone."
er-will replace the other.
humbly with thy God?
President Wilson yielding to the
last minute entreaties of his family ... Why Boys Leave the Farm.
and his physician took no part in the ..Why dld you leave the farm my
inaugural ceremonies other than to jad,
accompany the incoming President Why did you bolt and quIt your dad7
from tho wmte House to tno uapuoi
Why did you beat it off to town
And turn your poor old daddy down? thJa work
ininKers oi piatiorm, puipit, press
ON 71ST BIRTHDAY Are wallowing in deep distress;
They seek to know the hidden cause
Why farmer boys de3ert their pas.
Therefore Clirist took with him into
the mountain? none of the frivolous
things to aid Mm in the redemption
of man. The first thing, says the
minister, la tho preparation of the
soul, and then the mind. The Cen
tenary movement embraces all of
Tom Moore in "Stop Thief,
i Prices 5 and 10 Cents
Fisk Jubilee Singers
' Prices 50 and 75 Cents
Metro Presents
). "Burning Daylight",
i Prices 5 and 10 Cents.
Bowline Green. Mo.. March 7.
Champ Clark was laid to rest after a Some sayjjpuljn to get taste ,tr
simple ceremony in the little mound 0f aster llfe and BOC,al. waste;
cemetery here to-day on what would Some Bav you Bllly utQ chumps
have been his 71st birthday anniver- Mistaite your suitecards for your lgter did pot denounce wealth and
He took" tho audience with him
-thru nume-ous avenues of the sub
ject. One ilUr.tratlon was that to
prepare for business a man should
not begin with "a commercial school,
but that a foundation of elementary
education should be laid. Ti e min
sary. The Democratic leader was bur-
the proper uses of amusement, but
led beside his father, John Hampton in wagering fresh and germless air these things should be uplifting. He
Against the smoky thoroughfare, spoke of the Rockefeller foundation,
We're all agreed the farm's the place that which had been given to man
So free your mind and state your kind by tho great Baptist deacon in
cf his children,
who died in ln-
Clark, and two
Camp and Anna,
fancy. -. - '
There were no eulogies at the
grave and the expression frequently
was heard that it was a democratic
funeral" in keeping with tie stal
wart statesman's love of simplicity.
stamping out disease and pestilence.
Another very interesting point was
the influence of heredity. For in
stance, in Brazil the Portuguese lan
guage is spoken, and the" people look
to Portugal for their national char
acter. In some other of the South
American countries the Spanislupeo
Clark's memory at the Congressional , Jeft dad t - f pie predominate and these people
Becailse my colt became his horse
I left mv dad to sow and rean
woull desire that the local services Because my lamb became Ug sheep I world is )o amplify and ennoble these
uo as Biuipis as iJOBBiuie. T droDDed Loe and Btuck f k .uB.8 , greuter sources oi enugni
In line with this purpose there was Re(,ailRe mr hfiama h, nnrb enment, even greater than the great
no funeral sermou at the grave. The . ' nations of the earth. Here the Bishon
exercises which tonsisted only of Tne garden truck, that I made grow, made it plain that he did not agree
prayers were conducted by the Rev. Twaa his to sell but mine to hoe. with President Harding ln his exclu
Robert S. BoyJ. a nephew of Mrs. 11 not ine smote in me aimospnere Bive principles of Americanism. In
Clark, and pastor of a Kansas City Nor the tasl for that brought other words, it is inferred that Bish-
"Well stranger, since you've been 30
I'll roll aside the hazy bank,
The misty cloud of theories.
It was felt here that little in the And show vou whera the tronh,e
way of oratory could be added to the x ,ft mv dad hla h. . w
wiome wu.cn uu oeu k.u to Because my calf became his cow,
uiarn s memory ai ue congressional
services in Washington and that Mrs,
Clark, wearied by tho long journey,
Presbyterian Church.
me nere. ; op Moore preferred the international
Please tell the platform, pulpit, press spirit of the .League of Nations.
He addressed a large audience and
No fear of toil or love of dress,
Is driving off tho farmers' lads
carried everybody with him in pro-
CATTLE Beef steers 7.00 to
110.50; stockers and feeders, $5.75
to $7.75; stock cowa and heifers $4
But Just the methods of their dads, found interest and attention.
The Christian Endeavor of tho C.
P. Church will celebrate Dixie En-
to $5.50; butcher cattle $6.50 to deavor Day by giving "Dixie En-
$9.75; beef cows $5.50 to $7.00; can- deavor, a one-act play, at the regu-
ners ana cutters .ou to ?4.&o; can- lar evening worship, Sunday, March
. " ner-yearlings $3 to $3.50; bbef bulls j3 at 7:30. "
$5.50 to $6.25; sausage-balls $4 16 xhe play will be directed by Miss
Vieva . Roper, corresponding secre
. Bulk of tj:c 150 to 215 pound hogs tary and wlll be Dreceded bv an in-
soia at ?iu.tu to io.u; zzu to Z40 8piring Gong Bervice.
id. at ?iu.uu to fiu.4o; Z5U lbs. up at
io tiu.uu; rougm pacKers ?s
to $8.25. Piga 120 lbs. at $10 to
$10.85; 90 to 120 lbs. af $9.25 to
' $10.25; rccweer. $8.00 to $9.25.
SHEEP Goo', to choice lambs
Song service.
Devotional by pastor.
Song by quartette.
Introduction of program, by tho
$$9.50 tr-- $10.25; medium lambs president of the society, Miss Nel!
$8.50 to $9.50; culla $6.00 to $7.50; Bond. :
choice yearling weathers $8.00. Fat
ewes $5.50; choppers and bucks $3 Christian Endeavor
to $3.50; canneru $1 to $1.50.
National Stock Yards, III
Obion County Teachers' Association.
Rives, Tenn., Saturday.jMarch 12,
1921. Come- and get acquainted. 1
Welcome Address D. W.. Woody.
Response L. D. Williams.
The Functioning of the Obion
County Teachers' Association F. E.
Ranck, pr?3., Mr3. J. F. Darnell, T. J.
Home Economics and Its Value to
the Girl Mi3s Virginia Scott.
Educational Measures, Mrs. E. H
Pressing Needs of Obion County
Easter Market.
Circle No. 2 of the Missionary So
ciety of the Methodist Church,, will
have an Easter market, also bonnet
and apron sale on Saturday. 26th.
before Easter at White's Furniture Messenger
Store. We wll'. take orders for hens A good dea, of behaving hurts no
and cakes. Phone Mr3. Arthur Titts-1 body and a little of it goes a long
worth, captain. I way.
Miss Mary B. Parsley, Miss Hessie
Miss Louise Shropshire Smith. .
itiley French Open Forum (This is an opportu-
Mr. Lehman. ........... .Ira Park nity for any person present to dis-
Mr. Gore Landreth Thomas cuss the following topics or any other
Mr. Milley... Robert Bdhd in which ho may 'be interested).
Mrs. Taylor. ... .Miss Hattie Stalcup Thrift Child . Study Discipline
Junior Endeavor. . .Virginia Howard Opening Exercises What Is a School
Intermediate Endeavor
Elizabeth Lovelace
Dixie Endeavorer Paul Bond
, .Joe Kenney i
Athletics Luncheon.
Business Meeting. .
"Is the drama going back?"
"I think, not. Chorus girls seem
as shapely as ever."
What he saya goes when a man
talks to his wife through a telephone.
William Duncan in His New Serial
'T "Fighting Fate."
Also Comedy and News,
t Prices 5 and 10 Cents
Clara Kimball Young in "Hush."
Prices 10 and 20 Cents.
Hardly Consoling.
"The idea of applying for that po
sition haunts me."
"No wonder; you haven't the ghost
of a show."
More and better corn
Swift's Red Steer Fertilizer gives
corn a quick start, causes rapid
steady growth, increases yield, and .
improves quality.
It often means the difference be
tween hard and soft corn because
it hastens maturity.
Use Swift's Red Steer Fertilizers
on every acre.
For Sale By
t HAVING leased the plant of the Crystal Ice Co., one of the best plants of its
kind in the country, equipped with all new modern machinery for ice making, and
having, had previous experience in the ice business, we are in a position to offer the
public our services. ' .
You can depend upon our giving you good service and good ice at all times ;
ice made of pure distilled water in the modern way.
We employ only careful, competent drivers, and your refrigerators will always
be carefully filled. -
We make prompt delivery at any season of the year.
Save money by buying coupon books. Books may be bought from drivers or at
office. Give us a chance to satisfy you with our firm ice and prompt service.
A trial is all we ask. , '
Harrison Street and M. & O. R. R. Cumberland Phone 32.
The Ford Coupe has an especial appeu. real estate folks because
of its splendid up-to-date appointments. A comfortable and depend
able motor car every day of the year shine, rain, mud or snow.
Equipped with electric self -starting and lighting system and demount-'
able rims with 36-inch tires all around it, brings its owner all those
established dependable Ford merits in economy in operation and
upkeep, with assured long service. Not alone . for professional and
business men who drive much, but as the family car for women, :
the Ford Coupe meets every expectation. The demand for them
increases daily so we solicit immediate orders to make reasonably
prompt delivery. Will you not make our shop your repair place?
Genuine Ford parts and skilled mechanics.
- , R. H. RUST
' Authorised Ford Dealer. Phone 400

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