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Owing to the fact that the firm of Bransford & Andrews will soon be dissolved,
! we are going to put on an honest to goodness sale.
Nothing Reserved, Stocli, Fixtures and Accounts.
Diamonds, Watches, Cut Glass, Silverware and everything we have in stock. Some at cost, some below cost. Come
early and get your pick of these bargains. Now is the time to lay away your graduation and wedding gifts. There
will be several weddings and lots of graduates between now and June 15
This. sale will last from April l, ''tp . April 1&
Not just a lot of odds and ends, but the entire stock will be closed out. , No auction sale of questionable goods, but a
bona" fide reduction on what we have. Now is the time you have Jbeen waiting for, to buy that diamond or some other
jewelry or. silverware or perhaps a watch, at a great reduction. ; Come early and get the best selection. Absolutely
CASH, v No goods on approval or exchanged. , ' '
' - ' - ' ' - ' , ' ' . ' ' 7
All persons who owe us are respectfully-asked to either pay their account or give us a bankable note.
Aftefr May 15, all accounts not closed up will be put into the hands of a collector.- ,
Phone 89.
Union City, Tenn.
J The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
t FRIDAY. APRIL 1, 1921.
' The Oil Well.
Judge Star and Attorney Roney, of
Hickman, were' In the city last Tues
day night, addressing an audience at
Reynolds Theatre in behalf of the
Mitchell-Roney oil well below Hick
man. These gentlemen, in connec
tion with Mr. Mitchejl and a number
of other gentlement, began some time
ago the drilling of a well along the
same anti-cline, or something like
that, as far as we know, but with
an honest effort to test the Reelfoot
Lake territory for oil. This Is the'
ilfth well." Every one heretofore has
been discontinued or abandoned for
the reason that funds were not forth
coming or for some other cause. None
of them has been drilled thru the
V big stone strata, and every one has
been left after reaching this stone or
rock. The idea, or the big idea, as
' oil men have it, is that oil will be
found under thi3 rock, if there is any
oil in the lake region. These gen
tlemen are all local people, living at
Hickman and vicinity, and they have
Interested others here and at Martin
and other points, all . on the same
footing. The investment interests
are to be the s&me--the chances for
oil the samo. There ha been no
' stock selling. The bject is to make
a complete test -for oil at Reelfoot
5 Lake. Judge Starr and Mr. Roney
spoke to this effect at Reynolds The
-atre, and our people and others have
"been invited to co-operate -with the
Hickman people with an equal right
and interest in the work and what
ver the well . produces., ' Mr. Rose
.and many others are lookin ; after
the interests at this end of the IJne.
It )s worth something to know that
the drilling of the Mitchell-Roney
. -well is down into the big rode at a
much greater depth than any well at
the lake heretofore has been drilled,
and the drilling is at -the rate of
twenty to thirty, feet' a day. Think
of it, half a mile down into the bowels
of the earth and drilling thru the
rock twenty feet a day.
West Tennessee Teachers Association.
The West Tennessee Teachers As
x sociation wiJJ convene at Memphis,
Tenn., April 8 and 9. County super
intendents, city superintendents and
principals are earnestly requested to
assist In advertising this meeting and
to encourage their teachers to at
' tend.-
Attention, Democrats.
The Democratic Executive Com
mittee of Obion County is, called to
meet at the courthouse in Union
City, Tenn., on Monday, at 1 o'clock,
April 4, 1921, for the purpose of
electing district committeemen for
districts that have lost thelf confmlt
teemen by death or otherwise, and to
name a time for a primary, election
to nominate candidates for county
offices of Obion County, and any oth
er business that may properly come
before the committee.
Hastings Seeds
1921 Catalog Free
It's ready now. lit handsomely Il
lustrated pages of worth-while seed
nd garden news. This new catalog,
we believe, is the most valuable seed,
book ever published. It contains
twenty full pages of the most popular
vegetables and flowers in their natu
ral colors, the finest work of Us kind
ever attempted. ,
With our photographic illustrations,
and color pictures also from photo
graphs, we show you just what you
grow with Hastings' Seeds even be
fore you order the seeds. This cata
log makes garden and flower bed
planning easy, and It should be In ev
ery single Southern home. Write us
a post-card for it, giving your name
and address. It will come to you
by return mail and you will be mighty
glad you've got it. '
Hastings' Seeds are the Standard
of the South and they have the larg
est mail order seed house In the world
back of them. They've got to be the
best. Write now for the 1921, cata
log. It is absolutely free.
. . ATLANTA, 6A.
Unable to Gain Strength
, "After Operation '
Fredericksburg, Va. "After I had
gone through a very serious opera
tion I could not
regain my health
and strength. I
suffered with
pafns and aches
all over and was
also very nervous.
My mother - ad
vised my taking
Dr. Pierce's med
icine. I took the
'Pa vo rite Pre
scription' and the
'Golden Medical Discovery', alter
nately, and they soon built me up
and seemed to give me new. life. I
heartily recommend these medicines
to women who suffer with any sort
of weakness." MRS. W. S. COX, 908 v
Hanover St All druggists. .
.The VodavU. :
Col. Ann Cox is offering, this week
at the Reynolds Hauk's Sunshine
Revue, presenting Helen Kennedy in
"Dolly Dimples," a company of com
edy sketch artists and a crate of Cal
ifornia peaches, who have some love
ly scenery In Scotch plaids find other
high-tide garments. This Is by no
means a notice to the effect that the
offering is mostly girls and smiles.
The beauty chorus does some singing
and the four musical klngB have a
sketch "all their own." They sing
and Jazz on the orchestral instru
ments and they do some really Can
tor comedy that goes over with a
punch in the side. It is all stage
work of standard quality and the re
ception in Union City, has been very
generous and kind.
The Reynolds picture programs are
also pf the popular variety and the
house has its patrons who are pleased
with 'the management and the show.
For Community Nurse.
For the benefit of the community
nurse fund the local U. D. C. chapter
will give - two card partie3 next
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock and
evening at 8 o'clock. The tickets are
fifty cents each and it Is hoped that
every man and woman who enjoys
playing cards will be present and
help this splendid cause.
Mrs. Wallace Moore, and Mrs.
Hugh Smith are in charge and are
assisted by Mrs. Harris Parks and
Mrs-. George Gibbs, Jr. - .
Death of Mr. Groverjfalson.
The young men especially who
have graduatedfrom the Union City
Training- School hear of the death of
Mr. Grover Wilson with deep regret.
Mr. Wilson-was a member of the U.
C. T. S. alumni. His -aeath took
nlace at the home of his mother,. Mrs.
Agnes Wilson, in Number Three Sun
day afternoon at 4 o'c1ock.( r
Mr. Wilson had been n poor
health for several years. He spent
some time in New Mexico and came
home some months ago.v Several
years ago Mr. Wilson became asso
ciated with the Redpath Chautauqua
enterprises. He was a christian and
a young man of fine character. . He
was about thirty-two years of age, I
a nephew of Mr. Robt. Carpenter, of
this city, and leaves two brothers,
Messrs. Delbert and Rice Wilson.
The 'remains were interred at
Crescent. Funeral services at home
were conducted by. Rev., Walker.
$14.79 will pay 1 years' Preniilim on
$1000.00 Life Policyage 35.
x Jno. T. Walker & Co.
More than 25 years spent in serving the Insuring Public. We
appreciate 'yQur business.
PHONE 118.
- yuf $5Riropraetors
TO TWWt'Z2o f ' J If J
te ww turns IfH v Jt 5f AJ
TOiMalMHiVO I ' ?
(A r II ML u I
Re.id.nc 202. W. Office 393
The Prejudice .
against chiropractic is only in the
minds of those who have not tried
it. ' Anyone who has submitted
themselves to chiropractic Adjust
ment, and obeyed the directions of
; the chiropractor has nothing to say
against this science.
The fact that during the "Flu"
epidemic chiropractors lost only I
out of every 886 patients while the
"medicine-men" lost one out of
every 1 8 patients, shows pretty
plainly what, Chiropractic can do.
- If you are tired of having "the
medicine-men" guess about what
ails you, come in and let a Chiro
j praetor get you well.
Martin ,Tenn
Tien oxter
fas Oosh uroceru
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Union City,Tcmm.
Offices eOef
Dr. Philip N. Matlock.
Death came to another one of the
well known Confederate veterans
and Obion County citizens, Dr. Philip
N. Matlock, at Minnick last 'Friday
morning, March 25, 1921, at 5
o'clock. ,
Dr. Matlock was about eighty
years of age. For many years he was
a resident of the vicinity of Mason
Hall. A few years ago he located in
Union City and more recently at Min
nick. He was stricken with Bright's
disease and in feeble health for a
few months. ,
Dr. Matlock was born and reared ..
In Middle Tennessee. From Davidson
County he entered the service of the
Southern Confederacy under Gen.
Nathan Bedford Forrest and received -military
honors as- a surgeon and of
ficer. He served thruout the war and
soon after his. discharge he came to
Obion County and settled in the
Eleventh Civil District. Here he was
married and of the famiy his wife
and two children survive ,One is a
&otv- Preston Matlock, at Jackson,
aid a daughter, Pressly, who is mar
ried and a resident of Memphis. '
Dr. Matlock was a man of affairs.
He was active in politics. He was a
Mason, i nd in Jhat order he achieved
th! rank ct Thirty-second degree.
He was ?lcct.od and served one term
as Grand Master "Mason of the State
of Tenniee. His services were al
ways iii demand . in Masonic work.
As a veteran of the Civil War he was .
associated for many years with the
Warren McDonald Camp, and served
as commander for some time. Dr.
Matlock was in politics a Democrat "
and for some years he was chairman
o the Democratic Executive Commit
tee of the county.
Dr. Matlock was a man of fine
moral courage and integrity of char
acter. He wa3 connected with the
schools and churches in their forward
progress. In every work he was use
ful and Influential. He was a man of
mental and social stength and in all
a most excellent citizen.
He was united with the Methodist
Church, and the remains were con
veyed to Mason Hall for burial, with
services from his home at Minnick
by Rev. Norman. A very large con
course of people assembled at Mason
Hall for the funeral and the body
was laid away with Masonic honors.
Batteries all makes repaired
and recharged. Reece Alexander's
Jcs all the year. Call 150.
.- V
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