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Over Wehman Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144, Residence
Over Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; . Residence 595-J
11 HE
Union City Commercial. established 180 . , . ...
VOL. 31, NO. 10
West Tennessee Courier . established 1897 i ov-s
J- Streets of Union City Honeycombed
v' .;.'- with Drunken Joyriders.
Tho Lions Club baa inaugurated
quite a number of things, varying
In character from public enterprise
to public morals, but none of more
Immediate snd vital importance than
the camDaisn about to be made
, against bootlegging and drunken mo
tor driving in Union City
The Lions Club met last Tuesday
at the Palace Hotel and spent some
time in arranging for the delegation
to meet with the Lions at the District
. Convention in Pad u tab. on Juno 9
These and other matters of a peace'
ful nature were given due attention,
and the meeting wa3 about to ad
journ when one of the members arose
and made a statement that he had
"something on his mind." He waded
right in with the statement that on
Saturday and Sunday nights the
streets of Union City were honey
combed with drunken joyriders and
that bootlegging was carried on open-
v ly and boldly in Union City. He had
not gone far into the subject until
everybody sat up and began to listen.
A few of those present had heard
about it, others there had not even
had an inkling of these things. To
some of us. it was like living in a
peaceful valley, with cowbells tink
ling and milkmaids lost in slumber.
Tho earth, a3 it were, was wrapt
with the cloak of quiet repose and
But not bo! We had tobe told that
Bacchus and his hell hounds were
alive And had Invaded the quiet and
orderly "thorofares of the city, and
that some of these had even dared to
take refuge' under the drippings of
the sanctuary.
Tho speaker was intensely in earn
est and stated that what he was say
ing came under his own personal ob
servation. He had seen men maudlin
drunk on the principal streets of.
Union City at midnight. In one of
the Joy cars a man was lying flat on
his back insensible in a stench of
bootleg whiskey.
The speaker stated that he did not
know what others thought about it,
but that it was somebody's move. As
for him, he was ready to start some
thing. He had not more than taken
his scat until it wan taken up by oth
ers and the result was that the club
passed a record vote to lead its sup
port individually and collectively to
a campaign to move hip and thigh
against this Invasion and prostitu
tion of the streets of Union City ,es
pecially the polluting of the, mid
night hours of Saturday and Sunday
nights and the early Sunday and
Monday morning hours.
The speaker suggested again that
it was the duty of the newspapers
and the ministers of the city to take
up the work. The conditions are
wholly, disreputable and inexcusable
and if the sane and sensible people
of Union City do not make an attempt
. to wipe out this rottenness it will
become Intolerable.
The members of the club have not
' asked us to withhold their names,
and we presume that if proof of their
statements is wanted it will be freely
, No:; reflection upon the officers of
Union City is intended, but the ob
ject of the disclosures is to enlist the
personal and moral support of every!
law-abiding citizen in a general cam
paign t, clean .out this pollution.
1. J. Bonner,
Cox and County
City co-union-Rlves,
Rev. W,
Talks: Prof.
Supt, Vaughn.
Song "Wo Will Win the World."
Aaronic benediction.
Organist, Miss Louise Adams.
Music conducted by Mrs. Rt A. Na
pier. '
Everybody cordially invited.
Takes His Prisoner.
J. C. Locke, sheriff of Stone Coun
ty, Miss., wa3 here last Saturday,
bringin with him requisition papers
from Governor Taylor, which gave
him authority to take the prisoner,
Talmadge Miller, back to Wiggins,
Miss., where Miller is wanted for
bank robbery. One of the men impli
cated is already in Jail at Wiggins.
Burlington Soon to Enter Paducah
Paducah, Ky May 30. Under an
agreement with the city commission
ers the Paducah and Illinois Railroad
is to start construction of its term!
nals not. later than the first part of
of December, 1921This project will
mean the expenditure of more than
$1,000,000 and is expected to lead
to vast industrial and railroad devel
opments in and near Paducah. The
first unit of a freight depot must be
constructed of fireproof material and
will be 300 feet in length. When the
terminal is completed all passenger
trains of the Burlington Railroad
will enter the city and connection
will be .made at Paducah with the
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis
to our
S. T. I.
The W. C. T. U. meeting and pres
entatioh of S. T. I. essay prizes con
ducted by tho county president, Mrs
W. J. Caldwell, . at the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church in Union City,
beginning at three o.clock June 12.
Music. .
Invocation by minister.
. Devotional Mrs. Bonnie Maxwell,
of Troy Union.
Prayer by Mrs. W. L. White. '
. Address by the Rev. Mathis.
"Some Things That Are Necessary
to the Living of a Clean Life."
"a T. I. Teaching in the Public
School.'? ' .
"S. T. I. Teaching in the Public
School," Mrs. Lizzie Gibbs. :
; Music.
"Benefits , Derived from Writing
S. T. I. Essays," Prof. W. H. Craver,
' Song "Wind the Ribbon Around
the Nation."
Presentation of Medals for Union
SundaySchool Work at Eives, Tenn.,
Sunday, May 29, 1921.
The convention was opened by
President R. L. Harper at 10 a.m.
Devotional services were conducted
by Rev. E. Rueb, of Trimble, Tenn.
The open conference on the duties of
tho superintendent was ably ' con
ducted by Prof. S. H. Snow, assisted
by T. C. Callicott, J. G. Cunningham,
G. W. Stovall and V. E. White. Rev.
W. H. McLe3key, cf Nashville, Tenn.,
favored us with a splendid address on
the S. S. literature in which he said
the hope of the nation was through
the Sunday school and that the Sun
day school was the open door to lead
the world to Christ. He admonished
us to take hold of the golden oppor
tunities that we might have a vision
of qur possibilities through the Sun
day school.
' The Rives Quartette rendered t
beautiful piece of music. The con
vention sermon was preached by
Rev. E. Rueb from I. Pet. 2-2, "As
newborn , babes, desire the sincere
milk of the word that ye may grow
thereby," "Grow Thereby" being his
text, in which he emphasized the fact
that in order to grow physically we
must both be nourished and have
the proper exercise. So it is spiritu
ally; we must be fed with the word
of God and given the proper train
ing and development. In fact it was
a treat to hear this wonderful dis
course. '
Then came the ' noon hour. We
were invited to the Methodist Church
lawn where wo found tables laden
with all the good things the appe
tite could desire prepared by the good
people of Rive3 and community, who
knew Just how these things ought to
be done. We were also provided with
plenty of cold ice water and from the
expression of all there this bountiful
repast was greatly enjoyed"
Afternoon session was opened with
a song by the choir.1 t
The Ebcnezer Quartette added
very much to the convention with
their splendid music.
The Future Work Committee made
a report which is a3 follows:
First, that we take for our goal the
next six months, every member of
the church a member of the Sundav
committees serve from one conven
tion to the next
Fourth, that honorable mention
be given at next convention to the
school reporting the most work done
along these lines, and also we would
recommend that the same be ex
tended to he Sunday school report
ing the largest per cent in attend
anco, one hundred per cent being per
Fifth, that we heartily commend
the supplemented graded course got
ten out by our Sunday School Board
and that we urge each Sunday school
to use it in whatever way may seem
most practical for them.
Sixth, that we teach missions to
our children in the way best suited
to each individual school and we
would specially urge that they be in
structed regarding our own Cumber
land Presbyterian missions and work
Respectfully submitted,
Seventh, that we every one srTive
faithfully to become banner Sunday
schools. ,
Eighth, that the secretary have a
typewritten copy of this report made
for each Sunday school in this dis
trict,; that they, bo kept and used as
a goal toward which to work.
Respectfully submitted,
Next tho Committeo on Resolu
tions submitted the following
First, our appreciations
God for the favorable weather and
His divine blessings.
Second, to all of the speakers and
the choir and the different quartettes
for their co-operation in the splendid
programme. ' . ,
Third, to the Methodist officials
for the iise of their grounds and
church and the Board ef Education
for the use of the school building.
Fourth, to the programme com
mittee, president, secretary and
treasurer for their faithful efforts
Fifth, last bji.t not least, to the
people of. Rives and f T others who
provided for our entertainment. We
recommend that these resolutions be
adopted by standing vote.
S. H. SNOW, .
A delightful song was rendered by
the Cioverdale Quartette.
Relation of the Sunday School to
tho Home and Church" was ably dis
cu3aed by Rev. W. H. McLeokey, Rev,
E. Rueb and Prof. W. H. Cravens.
Open conference,
MiBslons in the Sunday School."
Leader, Mrs. D. A. Peeler, assisted by
Mrs. Emma Coldwcll. These discus
sions were very impressive, giving
the Importance of teaching missions
in tho Sunday school.
The concluding remarks on "The
Main Thing in the Sunday School'
were forcibly discussed by President
R. L. Harper. - "
Song end benediction, after which
all went away feeling happy and en
couraged in the Sunday school work
j Ice Cream Supper.
The ladies of the Order of the
Eastern Star will give an ice cream
supper north of the N., C. & St. L.
R. R. Park and City Playground
Thursday night, Juno 9. Ice cream
and home-baked cake will be sold at
a reasonable price. ' Your patronage
will be appreciated.
Chapter Meeting.,
Leonidas Polk Chapter, U. D. C,
will meet on the 9th bf June with
Mrs. Henry Hassler and Mrs. Fair
cloth at 3:30 p.m. . Miss Minnie Beck
is chairman of the program. This
is the last meeting until September
and it is hoped that everyone will
be present.
"If labor persists in its arrogance,"
said the town man, the time will
come when tho hired man who does a
full' and honest day's work will be
denounced as a traitor by his class."
"The hired man who does good
gosh what?" astoundedly yelled
Farmer Bentover. Kansas City Star.
Reynolds Theatre
"Double Adventure" Serial
"Dynamite" Comedy
"Vodavil Movies"
Mae Murray in
"The A. B. C. of Love"
Prices 5 and 10 Cents
May Allison in
"Held in Trust"
Prices 5 and 10 Cents
A butcher in a small town was in
the habit of sending a roast out to
the home of an old farmer every Sat
urday during the summer. One Sat
urday morning in the fall the butch
er received this note from the farm
er: '
"Deer Sir: Do not send me no
mnPA moat T liava Huf-nhAraH rnv-
self!" '
First National Presents
Prices 10 and 20 Cents
William Duncan Serial
Comedy and Einograms
Prices 5 and, 10 Cents
. .
Eatherine McDonald in
Prices 10 and 20 Cents
We are again receiving
Cumberland Block
We are not handling any
inferior grades to sell cheap-
Bundle Kindling
Union City, Tenn.
school, either active or in the home
department, and each child's name
Second, that every teacher in this
district appoint three members of his
or her class be. knovn as a visiting
and lookout committee to 'consist of
a chairman and a first and second
vice chairman. The duties of these
committees will bo to visit the sick
and absent ones, to look out for new
members and keep a general over
sight of the class.
Third, that some member of each
committee make a report every Sun
day and the teachers keep a record
of these reports and also that these
P. 0. Watts Honored.
8T. LOUIS, MO., May 26.-F. O.
Watts, president of the First National
Bank of St. Louis, and known in bank
ing circles throughout 'the Mississippi
Valley, has been appointed chairman of
the finance committee of the American
section of the International Chamber
of Commerce, it was announced bere
to-day. ,. With his family, Mr. Watts
will sail June 14 for England, where he
will represent the finance group at the
meeting of the International Chamber of
Commerce to be held in London, begin
ningJune28. '
Tho undersigned Commissioners
of Election of Obion County, Tennes
see, hereby call a special election to
tie held in end for the 13 th Civil Dis
trict of Obion County, Tennessee, on
MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1921, within
lawful hours, for 1 the purpose ' of
electing a Justice of the Peace for
said district to fill out the unexpired
term of W. J. Davidson, deceased.
We appoint the following persons
to open, hold and make, true return
of said election:
Officer, R. T. Roberts;, Judges, W.
J. Brings, Louis Lockhart, G. M.
Adamo; Clerks, A. B. Coble, W. C.
Watts. - ",. ' ;
This l:ay 31, 1921.
W. M. MILES, Chm.
Obion County Election Commissioners.
Beginningtwith June 1, we will place our business on a
STRICTLY CASH basis. We take thisstep in the in-
Jjterest of our patrons as well as . ourselves; for, by getting cash
for each order, we will eliminate a great part of our office
work and overhead expenses, and can sell our products at a
lower price than, we could do otherwise. ,
We respectfully request those who owe us to call at our
office and settle their accounts, as we must get all accounts off H
our books by July 1. t-: . '
1 Thanking our patrons for their past favors and assuring
all of the best service and the lowest possible prices, we are,
iespecuuny, r. i. ri i iivii uuiviriiN x. M
' The" Ford Sedan with electric starting and lighting system and
demountable rims with 3-inch tires all around, is the ideal family
car because of its all-around utility and refined and comfortable
equipment. Finely "upholstered. Plate glass windows. An open car
in the spring; summer, and early fall. A closed car in inclement
weather and winter. - For theatre parties, for social visiting, for
touring, and for taking the children to school, it is just what you
want. 'The low cost of operation and maintenance is not the least .
of its charms. A regular Ford car, simple in design, strong in con
struction, and durable in service. Won't you come in and look it over?
tThe . comforts of an electric car with- the economy of the Ford.1
Authorized Ford Dealer. Phone 40

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