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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 1921.
Do you lore your husband in ."
Civilian Clothes?
Rev. J. L. Hudgins, of Nashville,
-was a visitor last week in Union City.
Judge W. W. Cochran, of Tipton
fille, was a visitor here this week.
Dr. F. M. McRee went to Tupelo,
If Us., Wednesday to attend a. Con
federate reunion. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Devinney, of Troy,
were in the city last week attending
the trade 'days sales. ' '
666 cures Malarial Fever.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Pearson, of
Hollow Rock, -were in the city last
week for trade days.
- Mr. Burch Anderson, a former cit
iaen of Union City, was here for a
short visit la3t week.
Revs. Mathio, Clark and Evans and
families left Tuesday for a day's out
ing ou Reelfoot Lake.
Call 150 for Bon Air. .
Mr. Smith Gregory Allen, of Nash
Tllle, was here last week visiting
homefolka and friends.
Miss Ollio Preuett, of Woodland
Mills, was the end of the week guest
of Ml3s Sudie Turner.
) Sometimes they make tho man
'; Civilian Clothes?
" Mr. Mark Butler, in the medical
department, Vanderbilt University,
came home this week for vacation,
' Mr and Mrs. T. W. Wrleht. of
.Grand Prairie, Texas, are In the city
-visiting Mr. And Mrs.' A. J. Harpole
Misses Lavera and Inez Lovelace,
"who have been attending the West
Tennessee Normal, came home last
' ' Have you always worn
.. .Civilian Clothes?
ters,' Misses Nannie and Cassie, left
Tuesday for a week's stay at Okolona,
Miss., visiting with relatives.
Mrs. Teresena Cox, of Paducah
was a visitor this week in the. vicin
ity of Union City with her brother,
Mr. Geo. Bufford, and family.
. 666 cures Dengue Fever.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Taylor and lit
tle daughter, Virginia, Messrs. Clint
Tipton and Dewey McLaughlin, of
Tiptonville, were in the city Monday
Suppose you came DacK irom me
-war and your wife didn't like you in
Civilian Clothes? v
M. A. Kaufman went to Nashville
this week to buy new goods, and his
chief Of Btaff, Robert McGowen, and
first aide, Carl Wingo, are in charge
of the low-price store.
Mr. Rice A. Pierce, Jr., of St,
Louis, Mrs. S. B. Hunter, of Cape
Girardeau, and Mr. Hunter Bird, of
Cairo, wero here to attend the fu
neral of Mrs. Rice A. Pierce.
" 666 cures Chills and Fever.
The following company of young
ladiea left this week for the West
Tennessee Normal -for a summer
course: Misses Brucie Kirkman, Iris
ACcCorkle, Imogene Jones, Gladys
"Wheeler. .
Mr. Huffman and family, of Num
ber Seven, were, unfortunate thls
-week in the . destruction of their
home by fire. The loss of home and
furniture was complete without in
surance. . '
Bruer & McDanlel bought the
Wheatley Bros, stock of groceries on
North First street this week and will
continue the business at , the same
stand, soliciting a share of the public
patronage. " . -
Rub-My-Tism kills infection
Dr. A. P. Warterfield has returned
from a viait to Nashville. He was
there visiting his son, W.M . Warter
field, and family, at the time Mrs,
H. O. Head, hia daughter, was ill at
tho hospital. '
Mr. John George, after an absence
of several months, goes to St. Louis
next week to take up hi3 work for
the" Herker-Melsel' Trunk Co.- He
will get his samples ready for anoth
er lour of his territory.
Mrs, Anna Phillips, of New Madrid,
Mo., who was visiting Mrs. , R. A.
Pierce when the latter was suddenly
overtaken .by her last illness, came
over two weck3 ago at the invitation
of Mrs.. Pierce, who wa3 not feeling
well. ,
. , 666 cures a Cold quickly.
H. H. Bowen, advance representa
tive of the Redpath Chautauqua, ar
rived here Monday to complete the
distribution of literature for the com
ing attractions. Mr. Bowen thinks
we are 10 nave some very uu iicui
and a good meeting.
' Miss Anna Mai Pressly, . who has
.been teaching music In the schools
of Fayettevillc, Tenn., came home
last week. Miss Dora Pressly went
to Due West, S. C to attend com
mencement exercises. The young la
dles are residents' f Troy.
Qlie Phonograph
nDith a Soul09
3 Days of Helpful Music
Try, for Mr. Edison i 10,000. Send in"
your ideas. You'll ret the best idea by
living and experimentinf with the New
Edison in your own home. If yon don't
own a New Edison, 'we'll loan you one for
. three' days, absolutely without charge or ob
ligation. Sign and send the coupon below.
D it ihJayiecauu few hatntmett
r tviiUbUftr. tk'u pttrfst. . J:
Use Coupon Below
The tense strain oJ business -' ' MwHlW8 &Q I
Mosici '
pleasant relief
Mr. Edison will pay
$1.0,000 io'someffibti
MUSIC can help youl The pictures above
show one way. There are many other
; : ways. - . .. -:
Mr. Edisoni has developed an instrumentality
by which these benefits of music are placed at
your command in your, own home. Its Re
f CREATION of music is so perfect that it cannot
f be told from the original music, even when
heard in direct companson. ,
; , . . , -.. . .
' Sign and Send the Coupon ' .
It will brine the two things you need. Folder of complete
information, and a New Edison with which you can experi
ment in your own home. We'll loan ' you the instrument
for three days. - No charge or obligation. Mail the coupon
- "today. .
' Union City, Tenn.
This instrument, which brings both the true
beauties and the full benefits of music, is a
great deal more than a mere talking-machine.
Therefore, Mr. Edison wants a phrase of four,
or five words, which will distinguish the New
Edison from all other sound-reproducing ;
devices. : r ,: .,-'- ' "
He will pay $10,000, in 23 cash prizes, for
the best ideas submitted. 1
Three Day Free Trial Coupon
You may deliver to my home New Edison and a choice
of Ri-CatATtoiu for a three day free trial in order that I
may leant what music will do for me. It t nndcrttood
that I amme no expente or obligation whatsoever.
Mr. R. H. Rust was in Detroit
the first of the week looking after
some business at the Ford Motor Co.'s
headquarters. - Mr. Rust is one of the
live ones; spends time and money
gathering information and keeps his
business place here at the top.
J. W. Hughey, of Dyer County,
was here Monday. Mr. Hughey's son
was killed in Dyer County. The
Tucker brothers, , who sold young
Huey a farm, are Implicated. They
wanted Hughey to give up his deed
and he refused. Then Hughey was
The best is' the cheapest in coal.
Call 150.
Accompanying Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
Pierce, of St. Louis, who were noti
fied pf the death of Mr. Pierce's moth
er, Mrs. R. A. Pierce, in Union City,
were Major J. I Howell, general at
torney, for the St. Louis Terminal
Railroad Association, and Mr. Julius
S. Walsh, vice president of the Wa
bash Railroad, who arrived here Mon
day morning. m.
Subscriptions taken for all mag- j
azlnes. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
503. 37-4t
1 yV
Kenton City Election.
Election held at' Kenton June 9
for municipal offlcero and city coun
cil, resulted as follows:
Mayor : C. Bogle. Aldermen : Sol
Shatz, C. 0. Ramer, C. R. Wade, Hen
ry Flowers, R B. Gray, J. T. Free
rraii. Recorder: W. C. Stovall.
Obion Jledicos Meet
The Obion County Medical Associ
ation met lact week in this city, with
Dr. Olin Wesf, of Nashville, as
guest." Dr. West is president of the
Medical Association of Tennessee and
is editor of the medical Journal ' of
the association. He made a short talk
on the subject of contagious dis
eases.' " " .
J27 inches wide,' 6c per 'yard at
cm mustbetahm to provide
young bodies with proper
x with milk or cream
furnishes just the food ele
ments Nature requires for
building healthand strength.
This wholesome,appeting
blend of wheat and malted
barley builds strong and true,
and children love it. -'
: A favorite
"htade hyPoshtm C&vdCbmpanyJncJhtlJeCirekffich'-
Mrs. T. P." Pressly, J. W. Pressly,
J. W. Bennett and Joe Scearce, of
Troy, . were in the city last week.
J. a; Harpole, of Clinton, was a-4
visitor this week in the city with
Mr, and Mrs.. A. J. Harpole.
Joyful Family Reunion.
"Two of my brothers, a sister, as
well as myself have been chronic
sufferers from gas in the stomach,
indigestion, pain in right side near
appendix and liver trouble for many
Years. My sister tried Mayr's Won
derful Remedy with such good re
sults that we all took a course of it
and it helped In each case. Last
Sunday we had a family reunion in
celebration of our recovery and
what .we all did eat. It is a simple,
harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus from the intes
tinal tract and allays the inflamma
tion - which causes practically . all
stomach, liver and - intestinal ail
ments, Including appendicitis. One
dose will convince or money re
funded. Sold by Oliver's Red Cross
Drug Store and druggists everywhere.
During a street brawl an Irishman
got struck in the eye with a stick,
and he immediately started proceed
ings against the offender.
"Come, now," said the Judge, you
don't really believe he meant to put
your eye Out?"
' "No, I don:t," said the Celt; "but
I do believe he tried to put it 'further
in," yer ' honor 1 "-"Chicago Daily
News.- -' '
' A Trifle Extreme.
"The wets have no chance In this
"None whatever," replied Uncle
Bill Bottletop.
"Some of us even got absent mind
ed and gave three cheers when the
news was passed around that the,
town pump had gone, dry." Wash
ington Star.
She Was Fortunate.
There was an old woman who llvedjn
a shoo, .
But that was long ages ago;
The price of as hoe in those glad days
Would not now pay for the toe.
. A Chicago store advertises a "Dog
Day Sale." Do you suppose it's bony
fldo? Mexico has given us the boll worm
and Jack Johnson, but she still has
Pancho Villa. -
Tho undersigned Commissioners-.
of Election of Obion County, Tennes
see, hereby call a special election to
be held in and for the 13th Civil Dis
trict of Obion County, Tennessee, on
MONDAY, JUNE 27, 1921," within
lawful , hours, for the purpose ot
electing a Justice of the Peace for
said district to fill out the unexpired
term of W. J. Davidson, deceased.
We appoint the following persons
to open, hoM and make true return
of said election: :
Officer, H. T. Roberts; Judges, Vf.
Brings, Louis Lockhart, G. M.
Adama; Clerks, A. B. Coble, W. C.
Watts. ' . ,7 .' ' -
This Kay IX, 1921. " " j"
W. M. MILES, Chm.:.
Obion CountyElection Commissioners.
To tho creditors of S. P. Harris, de
ceased : - ' -' ,"7
By order of the County Court of
Obion County, Tennessee, notice is 1
hereby given to all , persons . having
claims against the estate of ,8. P.
Harris, deceased, to come- forward
and file same with the clerk pf said
court, authenticated in the manner
prescribed by law, on or before Aug- s
ust Z4,- 19Z1, as tne insolvency ot
said 'estate ' has been suggested, or
said claims not so filed will be forever
barred both in law and in equity.
Thia klay 24th, 1921,, ; ' ;
' ' 7 W. " G.RE YNOLDS,
Maggie Kir by vs. Will Klrby. Peti-
tlon Divorce.- In Circuit Court ol
' Obion County, Tenn.
AMU for divorce has been sworn
to and filed in thii Court which bill
avers that you are a non-resident of
the State of Tennessee and a resident
of the State of Missouri, so that the
ordinary process of law can not be
served upon you. This is therefore
to notify yon the said Will Kirby.
defendant in above styled cause, to
appear before the Circuit Court of
Obion ' County, Tenn., on or before
the first Monday in September, 1921,
and make defense to said bill filed
against you or the same will be taken
for confessed and proceeded with cx
parte as to you. -." ll-4t
This May 30, 192L " ;
J. N. RUDDLE, Clerk.
M. M. Miles, Atty. for Complt.
WHEREAS on May 1, 1916, James
T. Jackson and O. M. Jackson, exe
cuted a trust deed conveying the
land hereinafter described to M. E,
Clark, and A. Y. Allen, Trustees, for
the purpose of securing an indebted
ness therein mentioned; of record in
the Register's office of Obion County,.
Tennessee, in Book 7-Ph page 313..
and whereas default has been made;
in the payment of the indebedtness
secured by said trust deed nd the'
holder thereof has made demand up
on the undersigned to proceed to ad
vertise and sell said land in accord
ance with the provisions of said trust
NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of
tho premises and by virtue of the
powers conferred upon the under
signed,' the undersigned or one of:
them, will on Wednesday, June 29,.
1921, between the hours of 10:00
a.m. and 2:00 p.m.-at the east door-
of the Courthouse in Union City,
Obion County, Tennesseee, proceed to
sell at public outcry to the high est -bidder
for cash, the . following de--
scribed real estate, to-wlt:
A tract of land in Civil District
No. 7 of Obion County, Tennessee,,
particularly described as beginning -at
a stake in the northeast corner;
thence west 46ft poles to Nelms'
northeast corner; thence south
173 poles and bounded by
Nelms, Dahnke and Coble lands; .
thence east 46 poles with the
north boundary line of the Dahnke:
and Coble tract to Genevia Z." Sim
mons' southwest corner; thence north '
173 poles to the beginning, con
taining 50 acres. ; -
Said trust deed waives equity of
redemption, dower and homestead,.
and the title to said land is believed .
to be good, but the undersigned will .
sell and convey as Trustee only.
M. E. CLARK, Trustee.
A. Y. ALLEN, Trustee.
Robert B. Goodwin, George A.
Gibbs,'Atorneys for Trustee and ben
eficiaries. - ' 10-3t;

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