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The Commecial, Union City, Tenn
FRIDAY. JUNE 17, 1921.
- Some of the members of the Park
Commission In Union City are very
anxious to enlist the interest and '.he
support of the business men of Union
City In the Fourth of July enterprise
aiow on foot, the object of which is
to extend the work of park Improve
ments and the children's play
grounds. They desire especially to
call attention to the efforts of the
Lions Club of Union City in the de
. Telopment of the Glbba highway and
the public roads of the county, the
mammoth equipment of the County
Highway Commission and other,com
jnendable enterprises undertaken by
the patriotic members of that body.
The citizens are urged to co-operate
-with the Park Commission in this,
the latest enterprise in which the
lions Club, the Milton Talley Post,
the Music Clubs and others are
Heartily engaged the Fourth of Ju
ly celebration and carnival te take
place in Union City. You are, Mr,
Citizen and Mr. Business Man, in
vited to Join in the work. You are
not only invited but earnestly, so
licited' to help in this commendable
enterprise, the object of which" is to
benefit in health, pleasure and mor
ale every man, woman and child in
Union . City and community. - Come
out to the meetings and lend your
moral and active support. It will be
.a, wonderful help and you cannot tell
Tiow much it will be appreciated.
Death of Mr. Jake Caldwell.
e The entire community mourns the
death of Citizen ' Jake Caldwell,
which took place Tuesday, June 11,
at 12:30 p.m. '
Mr. Caldwell was 56 years of age.
He was the son of Robert and Addle
Caldwell, of Civil District dumber.
Three. : He was as a young man
united In marriage to Miss Lillian
Scott about thirty-three years ago.
Of the union there were jeight chilr
dren, Mrs. Caldwell and six children
arriving. The daughters are Mrs.
Will Ed Shelton. of Mayfleld, Ky.;
Mrs. Allen Williams, of Newbern,
Tenn.; and little Miss Edna. Cald
well; the sons, John, Jake and Ben
jamin. ' ''
Mr. Caldwell is survived aiso Dy a
brother, John Caldwell, of Louisiana,,
and Mrs. T. E. Marshall, of this city.
For many -years Mr, Caldwell and
family resided in the vicinity west of
Union City. There they enjoyed
beautiful home and the many ad
vantages of modern farm life.
Mr. Caldwell was a citizen of the
. . . a nA
nignesi lyye, a man ui uuc vcl ouum
honor and greatpopuIarlty. . He was
preferably interested in hi3 family
and home life, but took also a great
Interest in his church and schools,
the public roads and many civic en
terprises. He was universally es
teemed as one of the very best men
In the county. He was a member of
Ihe Cumberland Presbyterian Church
at Antioch, a Mason and active in all
the relations of life. His illness for
two or three months and sudden de
vise were unexpected, but the entire
community mourns his passing.
The kindest condolences are ex
tended to the bereaved family.
Services were conducted at the
residence yesterday morning at 10
o'clock, Revs. R. E. White and W. B.
Cunningham in charge. - .
Returns After 40 Tears.
Pulton, Ky., June 14. John Clan
ton, who left this city more than 40
years ago, and who has been in the
"West since that date, is visiting his
relatives here this slimmer. Mr. Clan
ton has six sisters and they are all
.expected to be hero this week for a
family reunion. He states that the
changes in this county are very great
over the conditions of 40 years ago.
Mr. Clanton expects to return to his
home in Burkburnett, Tex., " some
time in July.
Wheat Crop Pleasing.
Hickman, Ky., June 14. The
wheat crop is turning out far better
than expected and is making a splen
did yield. In some cases it is yield
ing as much as 35 bushels an acre
and on an average will yield 25
bushels. The crop early in the spring
did not look so promising, .but with
the excellent weather that followed
it matured beyond expectations; This
applies to all sections of the country.
Threshing is well under way now. '
. A Card.
We wish to convey our sincere
thank3 to the relatives and many
.friends for the kindness shown, the
sympathy expressed and the beauti
ful floral offerings tendered us dur
ing the sad hour of bereavement oc
casioned by the loss of our husband,
eon and brother. Florence Bradley,
mother, Bisters and brothers.
I will preach Sunday morning at
11 o'clock at Shady Grove and hope
to see a full attendance.
; , ; G. y?. EVANS.
In Stack
2000 Pairs
We quote a few of our
many numbers as follows
Men's heavy cotton mixed Hose,nV
' 1 pair 10c, 3 pair.. ,.VU
Men's cotton Hose, all colors, nn
1 pair 10c 3 pairs ....
Ladies' cotton Hose, any color. C)(n
1 pair 10c, 3 pairs.... UU
Ladies' cotton Hose, 15c val., QCln
1 pair 15c, 8 pairs..... .OUU
Ladies' lisle Hose, 35c val., r7ff
1 pair 85c, 3 pairs...
Ladies' silk Hose, 50c val., ! ff
1 pair 50c, 8 pairs 51. UU
Ladies' thread silk, 85c val., dj-f n(
1 pair 85c. 8 pairs ...... .F A v
Ladies' thread, silk, $1.19 d0 QQ
val., 1 pair $1.19. 8 pairs-3P00
Ladies' thread silk, $1.48 val. dhf) Qf
1 pair $1.48, 8 pairs .....iPD
Misses' and Children's Hose 10c up.
Every time you buy two pairs - you get
one pair free. "
Men's cotton Hose, 20c val., ' Afin'
1 pair 20c, 3 pairs . tUO
Men's lisle Hose, 80c val., Rfn
1 pair 80c, 8 pairs . UUL
Men '8 silk Hose, 60c val., ' (fjl f)f
1 pair 60c, 8 pairs ..'Pl.U
Men's silk Hose, 75c val.. S1 fTf
1 pair 75c, 8 pairs.-,.... W OU
Beginning to-day we will give away
absolutely free two thousand pairs of
Armor Plate and Buster Brown Hose.
6000jpairs to select from -frojn the
cheapest cotton to the best silk hose
made. All you have to do to get a
pairjfree is to buy two pairs at our
regular low price and we will give
you one pair of the same value FREE.
Do you know that you pay out more money each year
for hosiery than you do for shoes. Then why not select
your hosiery with the same care in regard to quality and
price as youjdo your shoes? True economy is buying
with discrimination. What you buy from us must be
worth the price.
We, could not afford
to sell these well
known brands of
hosiery for anything
near these low prices
were it not for
special arrange
ments with the fac
tories for advertising
purposes. ;
This special arrangement per
mits us to save you l$ of your
hosiery cost and at the same
time gives us a chance to show
you through our big depart
ment store, where you will find
thousands of bargains staple
merchandise that we can sell
you for less money than you
can buy it elsewhere.
Business Fine. - Thank You.
-: We Attract Great Crowds to our Store with GOODS and PRICES :-
There is a wave of prosperity going to cover this country like the dew in November, the like of which has never been known.
It's on its way now, can't you see it coming? We will all soon be earning more and living better. The good things of life
are for those who earn them. ' ' . "
Dry Goods
Our stock of Dry Goods is
large and complete. You can't
beat' our prices, that's a cinch.
Come and be convinced.
When sugar hits the bottom it will bounce like a rubber
ball. Buy it NOW.
100 lb. bag pure cane granulated for
25 lb. bag pure cane granulated for
10 lb. bag pure cane granulated for
5 lb. bag pure cane granulated for .. .
The reason we sell more shoes
than the other shoe stores is
because we sell better shoes
for less money.
We have just received another big car load- of Flour.
Better than ever cheaper than ever. Follow the crowd to
COal Oil 15c
The house that undersells them all.
Gasoline 11 cts.
Dodge Brothers announce a sub
stantial reduction in the price
of their cars, effective -June 8. ;
Richard Semones, Manager
Dodge Brothers Dealers
Phone 166
. - -
Union City, Tenn.
Fulton Officers Surprise Negro in
Drug Store.
Fulton, Ky., June 14. Night Po
licemen Ed Drysdale and Harve Hart,
discovered a rear door open in the
Irby-Redfearn Drug Store on Lako
street last night. Entering the build
ing they surprised a negro who waa
burglarizing the Btore. When dis
covered the negro made a dash to
ward the officers' and both fired three
times. All' six bullets took effect,
and it is thought the negro is fatally
wounded. Tho negro, who gave the
name of Ezzell Moss, claimed to be
from Mayfleld. He was sent to the
hospital in Paducah this . morning.
Local officers have been very alert of
late, and this is the third negro to bo
shet by officers here during the past
few months.
Miss Nelle Bryant is here from
Eldorado, Ark., visiting her sister,
Mrs. T. G. Martin.
Mayor and Mrs: Cothon Bonner are
entertaining an infant son, born Sat
urday morning.
Moidames John Ezzell and Willis
Carter vrere over from Hickman Sun
day to see their father, Mr. Bill Rob
inson, Confederate veteran, ill In the
Orie Brown home with a serious' in
Jury to the knee caused from a fall
In climbicgva fence on the trm. '
Miss Zelmc. Fossee, of Springfield,
Illinois, is. the guest cf Mrs. Bascom
Baldridge. ;
. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe McCowan
and Mrs. Si Pruett; were visitors in
the county seat Wednesday.
Miss Elva Woody is in Obion for
Redpath Chautauqua and a visitor
with her sister, Mrs. Oosnell.
Mr. Sanky Callicott and wife, of
Prescott, Ark., "are end-of-the-week.
gueots with Mr. and Mrs. T. C, Cal
licott. ' :-; :-'
We were very well represented in
Union City Tuesday for the opening
of Chautauqua. To have an educative
and Tconstructive week's entertain
ment by the Redpath Bureau is a
great privilege.- :- . ,Y - .
Miss Iina Lee Hclloway was in Un
ion City Wednesday attending tho
Burnett-Caruthers wedding.
- First Christian Church. i
- . E. S. 'Baker, Minister. ,
Sunday school, 9:50 a.m.
Preaching 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.
.Public most cordially invited to
all iiirviccs. " ... ' - .
Cypress Creek Drainage District.
In tlte matter of Cypress Creek
.Drainage District of Obion and
Weakley County, Tennessee. In
the County Court of Obion County,
You are hereby notified that each
tract or parcel of land situated in
tho above styled Drainage District
has been classified and the assess
ment roll, showing tho amount as
sessed against each tract of land, has
been prepared and filed In this cause
and you are hereby further notified
that if you desire to pay the amount
assessed against your land in cash
you will be given until the 23rd day
of June, 1921, to pay tho same, which
you will pay to the Trustee of Obion
or Weakley Counties, according to the
location of each respective tract.
This the 16th day of June, 1921.
12-lt R. H. BOND, Clerk.
Notice to
Buggy Owners.
Before you buy a new bugzy get
my prices on Painting and Rubber
Tiring. I also have twenty sets of
Rubber Tire Wheels for sale. - One
set of these will make your buggy
as good as new. - '
Cumberland Phone 43 ;:
If you are troubled' with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache;
indigestion, insomnia ; painful pass
age of urine, you will find relief in-
The world's standard imdv for U4n.
liver, bladder and nric acid troublaa and
national xamaoy oi Holland sine 1696.
Thr sUm, all drug-giits. Guaranteed.
Lk far tiU mm GU Madal tnrr Urn

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