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Price Reductions
in Every Department
Don't pay regular, prices for your
present household needs. Buy cheaper
at our big Blackboard Sale.
Weeks of preparation have, filled
our store with a lot of new things.to
show you. Every department offers, j
outstanding bargains.
Make your money go twice as
far as last week. You .can'do it
5aie starts Saturday, September 3,
ends Saturday, September 10.
McELROY'S 5c and 10c STORE
The "Folly of Cheating Nature
Many people get the
idea that they can keep
their nerves on edge and
their digestion upset year
after year, find "get away
with it" They sleep only
half as much as they
should- and never get
properly and thoroughly
If you tire out easily,
if you are getting pale and
anemic, if your food
doesn't digest as it should,
would it not be well to
stop and consider whether
coffee or tea is having its
effect on you?
The caffeine and thein
found in coffee and tea
are drugs, as any doctor
can tell -you. Is it any
wonder thatthesteadyuse
of these drugs sometimes
causes serious damage?
If you really want to
te fair with yourself, and
give yourself the oppor
tunity you deserve in
order to do your best
work, make up your mind
to quit coffee and tea for
awhile and drink delici
ous, appetizing Postum
Postum permits
sound, refreshing sleep
which builds strength,
energy and endurance.
. Order Postum from
your Grocer today. Drink
this hot, refreshing bever
age in place of tea or coffee
for 10 days and see what
a wonderful difference it
will make in the way you
Postum comes in two
forms: Instant Postum (in tins)
made instantly in the cup by
the addition of boiling water.
Postum Cereal (in packages of
larger bulk, for those who pre
fer to make the drink while the
meal is being prepared) made
by boiling for 20 minutes.
Postum for Health
"There's a Reason"
Having bought the Quality Store, on
the corner of Home and College Streets,
owned by F. E. Ranck, I began business
Sept. 1, 1921, as a cash meat market and
grocery store.
My intention of a cash market is to make the prices so it
will be to your interest as well as mine. While I expect this
to be run as nearly cash as possible, but for the convenience
of my old friends and customers whom I deliver to, I will allow
them to pay for their goods weekly, but in no exceptions will I
run an account longer than one week and will give my weekly
customers the same advantage of the cash prices I have made.
I will appreciate your trade on these terms and assure you
that I will sell you as cheap as possible. Give me a trial and
see how much you can save by paying cash.
V. E. WHITE, Comb. Phone 337, Home 170
The Commercial, Union City, Tena.
cibcuit court
Cases Heard State Docket
Called Next Week
The September term of Obion Or
cult Court was convened last Mon
day, Judge Elkins presiding, with
Gen. Thos. O. Morris representing
the State in the findings of the grand
jury. Clerk Ruddle, Sheriff Cherry
D. S. Chas. Harri3 and Deputy Clerk
Lon Lancaster are all busy with their
respective duties.
A number of civil cases have been
called and heard. One of these is
suit for damages versus Dr. W. A
Nailiing. brought by J. T. Davis for
$5,000, and another against Dr. Nail
ling, brought by J. T. Davis by
his next friend, Paul Davis,.for $10
000. Paul Davis was a patient
Dr. Naillmg and the father is un
dertaking to establish proof of mal
Another is a case for debt, Etyled
R. H. Rust vs. John Dortch. Dortch
bought a Ford tractor and gave
note for $619.65. He refused to pay
the note on the grounds that the
machine was not as represented. Ev
idence was introduced showing that
the engine had not been given th
proper care, that it was burned bv
improper oiling, etc. The Jury found
judgment for plaintiff in the sum of
$649.15, principal and interest on
the note.
John Keith vs. R. S. Talbot, ap
peal, judgment for defendant an
cost taxed to plaintiff.
Myrtle Thorne by his next friend
W. A. Thorne, suit dismissed, plain
tiff and security taxed with costs
Everett Jones vs. E. W. Parks
damages for $25,000. Jury found in
favor of defendant, cost taxed to
plaintiff, and case dismissed.
Nap Spain vs. Sam Barnett, appeal
plaintiff takes non suit. ,
Horace Diggs, admr. of Jas. Diggs,
deceased, vs. I. C. ft." R. Co., damages
for $1900. Verdict for $300 and
S. P. Cutler vs. C. E. Allen et al.
plaintiff takes voluntary non-suit
Thos. Fenner Heathcock was ad
mltted to the Obion County bar as at
torney at law.
J. C. Potter, foreman; Jim Har
mon, J. M. Hickman, s. A. Key, J. E
Byrd, C. W. Brevard, Jr., J. A. Hart
Malcolm Callls, L. B. Isbell, Will
Witherspon, R. L. Hays, W. J. Pierce,
C. W. Petty. Officer, J. W. Dean,
W. B. Grisham, C. D. Barner, W.
M. Freed. E. D. Austin, B. V. Jerni-
gan, Li. H. Lockhart, R. C. Reynolds,
J. D. Carroll, E. P. Jones, S. F. West,
Lon Polsgrove, W. C. Ledbetter, H
P. Allen.
Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Caldwell and
two daughters spent Sunday after
noon with Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Caudle.
Mr. Robert Caudle filled his regu
lar appointment Sunday, afternoon
Mrs. Hurtle Ray and baby and
Mrs, Tillman Shlpp and baby spent
Monday with Mrs. Annie Killion.
Mr. and Mrs. Elton Caudle spent
Saturday night and Sunday with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Osborne.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Killion spent
Sunday at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Edwards and
family spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. Thunnan Edwards.
Mr. and Mrs. Jnrmie Pricet spent
Sunday with their parents.
Mrs. Willie Caldwell spent several
days with her sister, Mrs. Hart, of
Mr.' and Mrs. Johnson and chil
dren, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Wyatt
and baby spent Sunday with Mrs.
Sam Williams.
Mr. and Mra. T. D. Killion spent
Friday night with home folks In Un
ion City.
Miss Mozelle Reeves spent Satur
day night and Sunday with her sis
ter, Mrs. Killion, at Fremont.
State Convention Christian Endeavor.
The Tennessee Christian Endeavor
Union will hold Its annual conven
tion at Cleveland, Tenn., October 14,
15, 16.
This will be one of the greatest
conventions that Tennessee has ever
had; some of the greatest religious
leaders will be there. I. will be
worth your while to attend.
Union City is making a fight for
tlio 1922 convention; it would oring
five hundred visitors. Are you for
it? If so, come on; let's go and get
Mr. Frank Wilson, State Field
Secretary far Christian Endeavor will
visit as many of the societies in the
county as possible on October 7-8.
If you want him to visit your so
ciety call Mi33 Vieva Roper at once.
Governor Will Request Reason for
It in Formal Letter.
A spirited controversy between
Governor Taylor and the members of
the State Funding Board, composed
of Treasurer McAlister, Comptroller
Thomason and Secretary of State
Haston, over the floating of a $2,
000,000 loan to meet temporarily the
State's pressing financial obligations
ha3 arisen, it was learned last night
by the Tennessean.
The Governor last night said he
would forward a letter to-day td th
funding board, requesting that th
f.ppeal and reason for the $2,000,000
loan be submitted to him in writing
as he was anxious to know more del
initely the cause of the Bhortage of
funds in the State treasury. He afso
intimated that he was surprised that
the State was in pressing need of fi
nancing. '
His first knowledge that the State
needed money at once, he said, came
last Friday morning at a meeting of
the funding board, when Treasurer
McAlister and Comptroller Thomason
informed him that the above sum was
needed to meet pressing obligations
It was stated that the greater part
of the money wa3 required for the
State Highway Department for road
building over the State. The Gov
ernor said he would object to the
money being spent for this purpose,
as he believed that the penal instltu
tions and other necessary depart
ments should be taken care of first.
A close political friend and adviser
of the Governor last night said that
the chief executive would request a
thorough, investigation of highway
expenditures and requirements. Gov
ernor Taylor, however, declined to
discuss the matter, but did say he
would refuse to approve the proposed
$2,000,000 loan if the money was to
be turned over to the highway de
Governor Taylor said the funding
board had bcqn informed that it could
borrow the sum required from East
ern capitalists at 7 per cent, but de
clared he objected to this proposal
Mrs. Lou McCall, of Dukedom, ac
companied by Mrs. Rebecca Taylor,
of Shawnee, Okla., were in the city
last Saturday visiting the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John E. White.
MY8. W. S. Long has returned from
a summer visit to her daughter, Mrs
W. P. Mahan, at Cottage Grove,
Miss Hallie White 1s visiting
friends this week at McKenzie.
Mrs. Turner Fuzzell is convales
cent from a severe illness of typhoid
Mr. and Mrs. Billstein and two
children, B. F., Jr., and Donny Bird,
are expected as visitors soon with
Mr.' and Mrs. Tom Brown.
Miss Lady Chloe Holloway, of
Rochester, Minn., is in the city and
county visiting relatives.
For a New Umbrella.
Before using a new umbrella inject
small portion of vaseline Into the
hinge portion of the frame. If put on
carefully the vaseline will not spread
md is a sure preventive against rust.
Also always stand wet umbrellas on
their handle to dry. This allows tho
water to run out of, them instead of
nto the part where the silk and ribs
meet, thus causing the metal to rust
and tho silk to rot. Good Housekeep
Alfalfa Came from Asia.
Alfalfa is a native of Asia, but has
been cultivated in Europo since be
fore the time of Christ. The Span
iardr, introduced it into South Amer-
ca until some time between 1850 and
860 when it was brought to Cali
fornia. Since then it has become the
most extensively cultivated forage
crop in the united States.
"Crocodile Tears" Real Thing.
It is said that crocodiles moan and
sigh like a person in distress to at
tract people to the spot. They even
shed tears over their prey while de
vouring it.
Enormous Spider Harmless.
The "crab spider" of Brazil is
nearly two inches long, and its feet,
when stretched out, occupy a surface
of nearly a foot in diameter. This
great spider ts perfectly harmless.
If the Question is
Which Phonograph
the answer is our Edison Turn
Table Comparison.
This is Mr. Edison's own scientific
device for "comparing four leading
,. phonographs. It plays them in the
'4: same room, from the same posi
tion, using recordings by the same .
artist. Absolutely scientific! Won
derfully helpful, because it en- -ables
you to decide for yourself
which is the best phonograph.
Gome in I Hear it ! We are glad
we can offer you such an advanced
phonograph service. . . . 4
Ask for the Edison '
Turn-Table Ccmparbca
(Given only on request)
Union City, Tenn.
Notice to Manufacturer
The talking machines used in these tests are kept
by us b the best possible condition. Manufacturer!
of such machines or their representatives, are in-
' yjted to inspect them, or to substitute other machines
t the tame make, of thcr own selection, of equal
or greater value, at any time during business hours.
Stop - Read - Listen
We want you to take a personal interest in our store;
consider it's advantages are for your benefit and conven
ience, Our employees, stock and equipment are at your
A4I of our sales are Guaranteed and we
make, them right all right.
Rembmber that something to eat 'is
the most essential thing you buy.
So be square, be fair, be just, and always
pay your grocery bill first. 1-1-.
Groceries and Meats
TTCT. im TTftT SAVV ' "
MJ14f AAV In
New Corn at $1.00 per Bushel.
That is what we estimate we can pay for seventy-five
thousand bushels, to be taken within the next twelve months.
We would want it in this way: that it shall be fed to hogs, and
delivered to us as we can use them. One car per week, taking
fifty-two cars or about five thousand hogs in twelve months."
We are now using that amount of hogs and possibly may run
a lot over that. '
On the basis of corn at 30 to 40 cents per bushel, don't
you think you had better go to raising hogs for us? No doubt
at all about realizing that much for your corn fed to hogs.
See or call our buyer, Mr. J. G. Saunders, when you have
any kind of live stock for sale.
Reynolds PackinglCo.

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