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Farm Insurance
Jno. T. Walker Co.
PHONE 118.
WANTED To exchange good pho
nograph machine in good condition
FOR SALE If you want to buy
a home in Union City I hare four. I
can please you. R. L. Cumminga.
Tie Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
Want toTrade?
" Hare you a house and lot or va-
cant lot to swap for a good touring
car and the difference. See Frank
Oliver at Ford Garage. 24-4t
WANTED A good milk cow with
second or third calf not over one or
two. months old. Cow must give three
gallons. "v R. A. CLARK.
FOR SALE Coal yard office and
yard lease, together with delivery
wagons,, office furniture, etc. For
particulars apply to C. W. Miles, Jr.,
Fanners Exchange Bank. . 24-tf
FOR SALE Five-room cottage, all
conveniences, close in, large garden,
garage, barn and good place, priced
right for quick sale. G. B. JONES,
23-tf Hickman, Ky.
Nice five-room house, water and
lights, nice yard, garden and lot,
good oubuildings, near Public School
on Cheatham street.. Apply to Z. W.
Corum. , 23-2t
WANTED To rent or share crop
a farm of 50 to 75 acres. Have stock
and tools to operate the place. Can
furnish references. ' 2l-4tpd
Union City, R.F.D. 7.
FOR SALE Nice 6-room dwelling
house, all conveniences; located on
College street. One brick store and
fixtures, Home and College streets.
If interested it will pay you to look.
19-tf E. P. WRIGHT.
Hickman, Ky., Phone "305.
Buy a Home.
I have for sale a fine little home of
12 rich acres 3 -room house, . barn,
wagon shed, chicken house, smoke
house, pipe well, under good fence,
on proposed highway leading from
Union City to Martin, a darkly home
for some one for $1,500, one-third
cash, balance 1 and 2, years. Frank
Oliver at Ford Garage. 24-2t
You to know we carry a full line
of sewing machine supplies, needles
and oil, also repair work done by
experienced man. ' In fact, bring to
us all your sewing machine worries
ion City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. Byer, of Dyersburg, was
Wednesday visitor.
Miss Pearl White has returned
from a visit to Memphis.
Roller-screened nut coal at Un
Miss Mamie Thompson, of Nash
ville, was a Monday visitor.
L. B. Taylor, of Nashville, was s
visitor Saturday and Sun.i7.
666 cures Dengue Fever.
Mrs. Jas. Blanton, of Troy, was a
visitor Wednesday in the city.
J. L. Haguewood, of Rutherford,
was a business visitor this week.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Bennett, of
Troy, were in the city Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Thompson, of
Mason - Hall, were in the city Mon
"Why Change Your Wife."
Mrs. R. L. Andrews and daughter,
Virginia, of Polk, were Saturday vis
Miss Ruth Watts is visiting her
sister, Mrs. Dautray, in Bowling
Green, Ky.
"Why Change Your Wife."
Mrs. Dr. Callicott and Miss Jessie
Callioott, of RivdS, were in the city
"Why Change Your Wife."
Miss Nelle Bondurant, of Hickman,
is here visiting her cister, Mrs. J. R.
"Why Change Your Wife."
Union City, Tenn.
E. W.Youngblootf.D.V.M.
Office: Recce Alexander'! Garage
Both phones:- Office 192, Residence 312,
Dr. W. J. Jones
Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phone 214-J
Telephones: j
Cumberland 461
County 262 ...
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mn. Aran' Millinery Store
Union tity, : : : l enn.
A Modern Surgical Institution.
, Competent Trained Nurse
DR. W. A. NAILLING Chief Surgeon
Union City, Tenn.' Both Phone 41.
' i J ' .i sWf
The best is the cheapest in coal.
Call 150.
Dr. 'and Mrs. atimer were in
Trimble last week visiting Mrs. Lat
imer's father.
"Male and Female," r, big pic
ture, a clean picture, coming soon.
A. K. Wells, Esq., of Nashville, and
Dr. J. J. Wells, of Glass, were in the
city this week.
When you want fish call phone
185. We will deliver them to you.
Miss Lawrence, of Texas, is visit
ing in the nome of her aunt, Mrs.
Saml. D. Woosley.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hurt, of Kenton,
rero in the city this week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Fry.
Go to Cprum's Cafe for Bread
ana cakes Baked Daily. ,
Miss Irene Bogle, of Kenton, was
a visitor this week with Miss Juna
Reynolds, College street.
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Meadow were
in Nashville this week visiting their
son, Mr. Ge( rge Meadow.
"Why Change Your Wife."
Mrs. Jennie Leo Taylor, of Long
view, Texas, is to be here for a few
weeks visit with relatives.
Miss Willa Whitson left this week
for Oxford, Ohio, to resume ter work
as teacher in Western Ccllege.
''a Wise Fool" a big Paramount
' Mrs. J. A. Whipple and Miss Willie
Belle Mayes visited relatives and
friends this week in Nashville.
Mr. Thad Leo is in Birmingham
visiting his brother, Mr. Harry Lee,
and wife, and enjoying vacation.
-"A Wise Fool," a George Mel-
ford Production.
O. W. Johnson, of Water Valley,
Miss., was a soc'al visitor this week
in Union City on South Ury street.
Mr. J.J, Raney and Miss Jessie
McClain, ?f Cottage Grove, Tenn.,
wore here this week on a aotor trip,
"A Wise Fool" a great story!
A fine picture! It's a Paramount.
J. G. Smith was a visitor this
week at Polk enjoying a few days
hunt with his kinsman,"Bates Ander
Old Father Stork visited the home
of Mr. and Mrs. L.-R. Flowers Wed
nesday noon and left a bouncing' ba
by boy. '
Car syrup pails just arrived--8.50
hundred. Woosley's.
Mr. Herbert Tisdale has returned
from a successful trip as traveling
salesman s for the Childs Specialty
Story of "A Wise Fool" one of
great appeal. '
Mrs. J. T. Burnett and daughter,
Mis3 Marian, of Tiptonville, were in
tho city this week visiting relatives
uud friends.
Horseshoeing at Martin Schmidt's
reduced to $1.75 old shoes $1.00.
Your patronage appreciated.
After a long fast the roaring Lions
feasted on the fat of the land Tuesday
Tuesday afternoon. At 4 o'clock the
Lions made their way to the now famous
Yellowstone Park and enjoyed the lair
of that most hospitable of all Lions,
Mr. Wilford Farris. The surprise of
the day was sprung by the Lioness and
jungle sisters in the form of everything
possible that is good to eat.
Dr. W. M. Turner, president of the
club, presided and introduced Kev.R. A
Clark, who said that be was ' too full
for utterance." He talked of thereat
meaning of Lionism, but due to the fact
that he ha ueatem too much cut his re
marks short.
Dr. H. M. Oliver was introduced
as the "tail twister" of the club and
proceeded to do his work. He told
of the past work of the club and
hoped for great things this fall. He
thought that the fellow who loafed
in a silk shirt on one corner and
talked about high taxes, and then
walked to the next corner and fussed
about the poor streets, or sat over in
the park and whittled on the benches
and knocked the city government,
should be put to work building
streets. He deplored the fact that
Union City is a town where the work
of the community is done largely by
The Lions Club will be in the fu
ture foster the diversification of crops
and the growing and marketing of
small crops.
Dr. F. M. McRee in a short talk
on his recent trip abroad compared
our condition to that of foreign
countries, and stated that it all made
him love Tennessee more.
The large number of lovera of
Yellowstone Park will be glad to
know that Mr. Farris, ever anxious
to make improvements in every way,
is building a rustic clubhouse so that
rain'or shine Yellowstone Park will
always give entertainment. '
All members of the Lions Club are
urged to be present at the regular
noon day luncheon next Tuesday.
Let's start right and if possible find
the medicine that Union City has
needed for some time.
f While the Prices
J AKL KlGfll
We are presenting the best Clothes made, such as
Hart Schaffner & Marx and Michaels Stern.
We are
Showing the
Most Complete
Line of
HATS and '
CAPS and ,
Ever shown in
Union City
Don't Forget
That we
Carry a
Line of
To fit all
Feet and
J. C. McAmls, of Jackson, was here
this week with Mrs. McAmis, who lias
been visitins relatives and friends
for several weeks.
"East Lynn" modernized into a
wonderful nlcture; One of the sweet
est pictures you eversaw.
Mrs. Edwin Rodgers and, son, of
Covington, are here this veek visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rodgers on
Church street.
666 cures a Cold quickly.
Mrs. Will Ed Shelton, of Mayfield,
was here this week vlsitlngher moth-t
er, Mrs. Jake Caldwell, in the vicin
ity west of the city. '
Rub-My-Tlsm kills infection.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Hall and
little son, of Martin, were in the city
this week visiting Mrs. Georgo and
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bramham.
Chas. Ray and Harold Lloyd at
Jimmie's Playhouse Saturday, Sept.
10. See this, it's great.
Miss Volla Rudolph, Misses Von
elle, Alma Ray and Inez Burch, who
were here this week visiting Miss
Flavella Wooeley, have returned to
Chas. Ray and Harold Lloyd at
Jimmie's Playhouse Saturday, Sept,
10. See this,, it's great.
Mrs. D. A. Peeler went to Jackson
this week to join Mrs. G. W. Court
ney on a touring car trip to Arkan-
cas to visit Mrs. Peeler's si.Uer, Mrs,
- Chas. Ray and Harold Lloyd at
Jimmie's Playhouse Saturday, Sept.
10. See this, it's great.
Mrs. Lydwell Garner and daugh
ter have returned to Little Rock,
Ark. .after a visit of- several weeks
in Union City with Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Reynolds.
Car syrup pails Just arrived
$8.50 hundred. Woosley's.
Mrs. Emmett Conner and baby, of
Ashport, Tenn., and Mrs. Lee Win
chester and baby, of Memphis, are in
the city this week visiting their sis
ter, Mrs. H. C. Stanfield, East Main
"A Wise Fool," adapted by Sir Gil
bert Parker from the novel, "The
Money Master.
Eev. W. H. Chandler, of Wheaton,
111., will preach at the Christian and!
Missionary Alliance Chapel Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.
Services at 3 o'clock in the afternoon
and 8 o'clock in tba, evening. All are
cordially invited to attend.
E., B. Mayo, of Nashville, is in the
cityt, this week operating tho Linotype
machine for the News-Banner. Mr.
Mayo has recently , been "occted in
Washington City. He was formerly
with the Nashville Banner and was
here f ora f cw, months with The Com
niorclal. , , . ,
Mr. Thos. Feuner Heathcock. son
o Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Heathcock,
th: city, was a-toitted Jto th bar of
Obion County to the practice of law.
Mr., Heathcock i a graduate of Van-
uerbilt University and a young man
of fine attainments and personal ad
dress. Tho Union City bar will give
him, a kind hand.
Just received our fall line of Hand Bags, Suit
Cases and Wardrobe Trunks.
KgOur motto: Your money's worth or your money bak.gJlUr
Shialz . Byer
The only exclusive Men and Boy's Furnishers in Union City
The many friends of Mrs. F. W,
Pardue and family are indeed glad to
know that Mrs. Pardue, who has
been seriously ill for many weeks, is
improving rapidly. Mrs. Pardue is
so much better that her sons have
returned to work J. W. Pardue
to Memphis and W. P. Pardue to
Horseshoeing at Martin Schmidt's
reduced to $1.75 old shoes $1.00.
Your patronage appreciated.
Two small boys stood looking Into
a window containing an exhibit of
the Tuberculosis Society. There were
two glass jars, one labeled, "This
lung diseased," the other, "This
lung was diseased but it was cured."
"Aint it funny," said one of them,
"if the man was cured, how they got
his lung in that Jar?"
If silk hats are on the way back,
as they tell un, we do hope that Con
gress will provide a nuisance tax for
every one of them that is made
whether sold or not. Nashville
Mr. Bryan should be eminently
pleased, with the way he was treated
when, arrested in Illinois for speed
ing. They couldn't have done more
for Jack Dempsey. Nashville Ban
ner. '
, ' Plunging in Authorship.
Can't you lend me a ten spot, old
man?" remarked Black, who Lad
chanced to meet White at tne corner.
"I'm dead broke. Been writing sto
ries for the magazines and haven't
made a cent.!"
"What became of that $5,000 your
uncle left you?"
"I used that up for postage."
Wayside Talcs. ,
To W. H. Newberry and C. T. bondurant.
"What're ye comln home with
your milk pail empty for?" demand
ed the farmer. "Didn't the old cow
give anything?"
"Yes," replied the chore boy,
"nine quarts and one kick." Just
like the vein injection theory.
As we understand the efforts to
purify modern dances, the half-Nel
son and scissors holds are to be
Mr. Newrich (examining a curio)
"Two thousand years old? You
can't kid me! Why, it's only 1921
True Hospitality.
"Order in the court room!" bel
lowed the Judge sternly, pounding
with his gavel.
"Thash right, judge, and then snee
what the boya in the back room will
have too," genially came back the de
fendant who hadn't taken Volstead
seriously American Legion Weekly,
Baptist Church. '
A. R. McGEHEE, Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.
Morning worship, 11:00 a.m.
Evening worship, 8:00 p.m. ,
B. Y. P. U.,' 7:00 p.m.
, Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7530
Morning subject, "The Inner Cir
cle." '
Evening subject, "Taking God at
His Word."
The public is mist cordially in
vlted to all the services of this
church. Good music at every serv
You may think
all com flakes are alike
until you taste
Post Toasties
-best corn flakes
Then yoa'U understand why the flavor, crispnew
and. texture nuke "Port Toasties" the superior hind.
E. Rogers vs. Reelfoot Ranger Oil
Co. et als. Chancery Court Obion
County, Tennessee.
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master
from the bill of complaint, which
is sworn to, that the defend
ants, W. H. Newberry and C. T.
Bondurant, are non-residents of
the State of Tennessee so that
ordinary process of law can
not be served upon them . It is there-,
fore hereby ordered that the said
above named defendants appear be
fore the Clerk and Master of tho
Chancery court of Obion County,
Tennessee, on or before the First
Monday of October, 1921, that being
the first day of said Chancery Court,
and make defense to the said bill, or
the same will be taken as confessed
by them and the said cause set for
hearing ex-parte as to them. It is
further ordered that publication of
this notice bo made for four consec
utive weeks In The Commercial, a.
weekly newspaper published in Obion
County, Tenn. ' 24-4t
This Sept. 7, 1921.
Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
C. N. & H. H. Lannom, Sol. for
Complt. '
Mrs. La Nelle Stephens vs. H. H.
Stephens. Chancery Court, Obion-
County, Tennessee.
In the above styled cause it appear
ing to the Clerk and Master, from
the bill of complaint, which Is sworn
to, that the defendant, H. H. Steph
ens, is a non-resident of the State of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary proc
ess of law cannot be served upon him,
It ia therefore hereby ordered that
the said above named defendant
appear before the Clerk and Mas
ter of the Chancery Court of Obi
on County, TennesjwMj, on or be
fore the Se ' "aday of October,
1921. that utting the second Monday
of the said Chancery Court, and make
defense vto the said bill, or the same
will be taken a3 confessed by him,
and the said cause set for hearing
ex-parte as to him. It is further or
dered that publication of this notice
be made for four consecutive weeks
in The -Commercial, a weekly news
paper published in Obion County,
Tenn. 24-4d
This Sept. 8, 1921.
Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
Pierce &? Fry, Sol. for Complt
And now they're calling them
desk stockings the roll top kind.
you know. 1
The little Job, the' petty job
That ycu and I must do.
Tho dull and humdrum drudgery
wnicn ciany wo go througa.
TLere, isn't any fun to it,
not any thrill or throb:
And yet the world Js made to rc?ve
By Just that kind of Job.

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