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The Liaiercial, Union City, Tenn.
Notice to Buggy
Before you buy a new buggy get
my prices on Painting and Rubber
Tiring. I also have twenty sets of
Rubber Tire .Wheels for sate. One
set of these vPill make your buggy
as good as new.
. Cumberland Phone 43
E. V. Youngblood.D.V.M
Office: Corum's Livery Stable
Both phone Office 220. Residence 312.
Dr. W. J. Jones
Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phone 214-
Cumberland 461
County 262 . . .
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
DtNl is r
Over Mr. Ainn'i Millinery Store
Union City, : : : Tenn,
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurse
DR. W. A. NAILLING Chief Surgeon
Onion City, Tenn. Both Phone 41.
CAFE and
Candy, Soft Drinks,
Cigars, Tobacco and
Every thing Good to
Where Quality and Prices Meet
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of E. C. Ownby, de
ceased, all parties having claims
against said estate are hereby not!
lied to file the same, properly authen
ticated as the law directs, and all
owing said estate are requested to
make settlement with me at once
This September 7, 1921. 24-4t
W. L. WHITE, Administrator.
'You to know we carry a full line
of sewing machine supplies, needles
and oil, also repair work done by
experienced man. In fact, bring to
us all your sewing machine Worries.
lcic xmiMr 3TH
A Tonic
For Women
, "I was hardly able to drag, I
was so weakened," writes Mrs.
W. F. Ray, of Easley, S. C.
"The doctor treated me for about
two months, still I didn't get
any better. I had a large fam
ily and felt I surely must do
something to enable me to take
farm rf mw tiffin nnac I UiA
fr heard of
The Woman's Tonic
"I decided to try it," con
tinues Mrs. Ray . . . "I took
eight bottles in all ... I re
gained my strength and have
had no more trouble with wo
manly weakness. I have ten
children and am able to do all
my housework and a lot out
doors ... 1 can sure recom
mend Cardui."
Take Cardui today,
be Just what you need.
At all druggists.
II tasf
Pawing over the ears oi corn after
they have been stored away in the
crib and picking seed from the like
liest looking ears is a method that
belongs to the ox-team and the cra
dle. - .
Up-to-date farmers nowadays
choose their own seed corn from the
standing stalks where they can ob
serve tne growing conditions, an
thus often immensely increase the
value of a given lot of seed.
When selecting seed corn in the
field, keep your eye out for the stur
dy upright stalk of medium height
and thickness, with short Joints and
broad leaves carried cil down
which stands in an average soil
Then look for an ear well matured
and set fairly low, of medium size
cob, a not too large butt and a husk
protecting the tip. Remembering
also that one good ear is better than
two nubbins, be satisfied with the
single good ear on the stalk when
the stand is thick.
Another advantage of selecting
corn in this way is that stalk charac
terlstics can be noted and selections
made accordingly. For Instance, the
more or less hereditary tendency to
produce suckers can be reduced by
selection; stalks blown over by
storms are inherently weak and
should be avoided; under no circum
stances should ears from diseased
stalks be considered.
When selecting corn in the field
it is often hard for the grower to
pay as much attention as he would
like to the ear characteristics. It is
a good plan, therefore, to select wo
or three times as much seed as is
needed, and to go over it again in
the spring with an eye to ear charac
teristiC3. Often growers carry for
ward good seed from one spring to
the next in case of emergencies that
might arise from unfavorable weath
er or storing conditions.
On account of i the relative high
price. of hogs, many farmers have
planned to produce fall litters of pigs,
instead " of fattening their brood
sows for the market, according to the
specialists of the Division of Exten
sion, University of Tenr,esee. The
ratio between the prices of hogs and
corn makes this a commendable prac
tice. With corn at .present prices, 8
or 9 cent hogs should return liberal
profits, and farmers "who raised
good spring crop should return liber
al profits, and farmers who raised a
good spring crop should consider
themselves fortunate. Witlf another
big corn crop practically assured, the
production of fall pigs has been en
couraged. While hogs may not hold
their present high market position
it would take , a material drop in
prices to make feeding unprofitable
at present corn values. Men who
have gone through similar periods of
depression in years past say that
once again nogs nave, come to me
rescue of the farmer. Time and again
hog3 have : "rooted" the farmer out
of distress, and there is every reason
to believe they will do it again. An
abundance of corn plus good pork
prices bid fair to hold up the morale
of the farmer, provide him with mon
ey to pay his interest and taxes, and
encourage him to stand ready for
another year.
Farm Breeding Pen.
The question of a special breeding
pen on the farm is apt to bring fortn
doubts of its being a workable plan.
However, it is easy enough and can
be managed in at least two ways that
any farm woman can carry out, says
Mr3. Kate M. .Wells, 'poultry special
1st, Division of Extension. The most
important point is furnishing a sep
arate house or room for tho roosting
and laying quarters for the breeders.
This can most easily be oxme by put
ting a partition In one end of the
poultry house, large enough to house
the breeders. Twenty-five hens can
be housed in a 5x16 or a 6x12 room,
arranging it as to roosts, nests, feed
hoppers and water vessels as in the
larger laying house.' . ; . -
There's a Reason.
All the "movie"; stars, it is said,
are coming Jfiast lor mucn needed
vacations." About thirty of them
made a special trip to New York to
attend the opening of Marcus Loew's
now State Theatre. .
But it is hinted that most of them
will put in their leisure in hunting
the elusive "job." Life in the land
of klieg and sunlight arcs is not all
sunshine these days.
We do hemstitching and Picoting
for the public. All work done
promptly by experienced operator.
Mail orders given special attention.
Resolutions of Respect.
Wiereas our Heavenly Father has
seen best to remove from ur asso
ciation and receive unto Limself and
the heavenly angels our "beloved
friend, associate and Suuay school
worker, Bro. John Baulch, be it re
solved: First, That in the death of Bro.
Baulch our Sunday schocl has been
deprived of one of it most faithXul
members, and the community of a
citizen whose life was full of sun
shine and who made otherii cheerful
by his very presence. .
Second, That our entire Sunday
school extend to the bereaved broth
ers, sisters, and relatives our heart
felt sympathy and words of endear
ment In our incomparable ioss.
Third, That a copy of these reso
lutions be furnished the family of tht
deceased, one copy to each of our
local papers for publication and an
other copy be filed on the records of
out- Sunday school. The Bethlehem
Sundey Schocl. 27-ltpd
Real Estate Transiers.
T. J. Eastcrwood, trustee, to W.
A. Jackson, 61 acres in o. 7, 5200.
Dr. Jno. D. Adams et a. to W. A.
Edwards, lot in No. 5, 12300.
E. Morton to Mrs. L. A. oavis, lot
in No. 11, $500.
Clara Woods et al., 30 acres In
No. 3. $200.
B. C. Long et ux. to H. C. Holley
et al., $140.
Sam Wade aand wife to Howell.
Bransford, 122 acres in No. 8, $7340.
Hugh Langlcy et al. to Emma D.
Work, 30 acro3 in No. 5, $1600.
F. J. Smith to L. M. Smith, 30
acres in- No. 7, $1650.
' G. L. Swiggart et al. to J. T. Eth
eridge, 10 acres in No. 16,. $1000.
B. B. Jonakin to D. D. Jones, lot in
No. 1, $1000.
..J." J. Etheridgo et al. to G. L. Swig
gart, lot in No. 16, $1500.
Walter Wade et ux. to C. M. Hol
lins, lot in No. 16, $650.
. Monroe Garrison et al. to Cleve
HoIIoman, 99 acres ' m ino. 11,
666 cures Chills end Fever.
Pointed Paragraphs.
Some peoplo are so funny that they
make others sad.
When Satan employs idle hands
work is always well done.
Anyway, we never knew a man to
marry a woman to rerorm ner.
It takes a wise woman to trans
form a "good fellow" into a model
husband. -
Few men ever live long enough to
discover why the neighbors dislike
In the majority of cases the sad
look on a man's face is due to over
When a man owns but one suit of
clothes he is in a position to laugh
at the festive moth.
Marriage licenses.
Herman Gray and Maple Cole.
Robert Hughes and Hazel Sudber-
Marvin McCord and Pauline Fui-
zell. '
Canal Tonnage Greatest on Record.
Washington, Sept. 22. Despite
the , world-wide trade depression
which held during the fiscal year
1921, a new high record was estab
lished for the Panama Canal, accord
ing to official reports received here.
In a total of 2,892 Bhips traversing
the waterway, 1,212 were American,
exclusive of Government-owned and
chartered vessels. The nearest com
petitor of the-United States was
Great Britain, whose flag appeared
on 970 snips, carrying 3,zz tons,
against 5,179,000 tons freighted un
der American colors. . :
With the single exception of the
Mexican oil traffic, the current issue
of The Panama Canal Record points
out, "the trades in which American
vessels secured any considerable ton
nage had the United States either as
origin or destination,"
So Why Need Go Hungry.
New York. Chronic habitues of
New York's park benches are utter
ing the praises of their newest and
most beloved benefactor, West Thir
ty-fourth street restauranteur.
Coincident with the opening of the
doors of the new bean emporium
there was an elaborate display of the
sign painter's art, bearing the follow
ing magnetic phrases: '
"All the beans you can eat for 15
cents." .
"All the spaghetti you want for 15
cents." -
"All the coffee you can drink for
"It's hell to be broke; if you're
hungry, come on in anyway."
"People ask how we do it. The an
swer is: 'We do.' "
The proprietor said the restaurant
was a great success. ; r
'There are few," he said, "who
haven't 15 cents. .Those who haven't
are ' such goo. walking advertise
ments that it is a joy to see 'em eat."
"Cold In the Head"
la an acute attack of Nasal, Catarrh. Per
sona who are subject to frequent "colds
In the head" will And that the use of
build tip the System, cleanse the Blood
and render them less liable to colds.
Repeated attacks of Acute Catarrh may
lead to Chronic Catarrh. t
n internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surface of the Bystenv-
All Druggists 76c. Testimonials tree,
tinftflft for ht earn of catarrh that
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
J 1
in all lines-
The house that undersells them all.
buying has started
a tremendous rush
Shoes, Dry Goods and Groceries
Cash Grocery Co.
Obion and adjoining counties greatest
trading center.
This announcement extraordinary of the fall opening of
Union City's greatest distributor of high class merchan
dise of all kinds,, is dedicated to oyer 2000 satisfied
customers, who have been trading here long enough to
find out for themselves that they can get better goods
for less money than any where else. When i you are
spending your money here you are saving the middle
man's profit of from 20 to 30 per cent, which amounts
to hundreds of dollars. Our big outjet for merchandise
of all kinds gives us a tremendous buying power, enabel
ing us to buy in solid car loads, direct from the manu
facturers at the lowest price obtainable. You save the
difference. : : : : : : : :
OhioRiver Salt, per bbl. .... . . ......... .3.30
Gold Dust Flour, per bbl ... 8.90
Ca-Mi-Co Flour, per bbl. ....... ....... . . 9.20
No. 10'Syrup Pails, per 100... ..; . 8.75
Pure Lard, per pound........ 1. .15
Swift & Go's. Empire Skinned Hams, .25
15 pounds pure Cane Sugar for.............. ..... 1.00
100 pounds pure Cane Sugar for ....... ... 6.50
Buying on a credit breaks more peo
ple and wrecks more homes than all
other causes combined. That's why
we sell for cash. We do not want to
be responsible for no man's down-fall.
Wine of Cardui, Woman's Relief, a strengthening tonic
for weak women of all ages
Price per bottle, dollar size......... ...75c
Thedford's Black Draught, 25c size .....15c
Menthacol same as Vick Salve 25c size ..;........15c
The reason we sell more Shoes than
the other shoe stores is because we
sell better Shoes for less money.

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