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Over Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; Residence 5 9 5-J
Over Wehman'd Hardware Store
Union City,. Tenn. -Telephones
Office 144; Residence 595-J
Union City Commercial. established 180 j consolidated Kn,mtr 1 l97
WetTenneweCourier.established i897 teo,,,oU'll,tea September I.
VOL. 32, NO. 32
sflLA Hit?
Public Demonstration of Citizens
When Milli Begin to.Run.
Representative business men of
Union iCty gathered at the. Motlow
corn mill Monday morning, following
.the first whistle blast indicating the
return of activities of the corn
and wheat mills in Union City, as a
public testimonial of the, apprecia
tion and esteem of the men who have
taken control of these mills and
for the identification of their indi
vidual interests with the people of
Union City and Obion County.
Senator D. P. Caldwell spoke in
, behalf of' the citizens, extending as
surances of welcome and good will on
the part of the people of Obion Coun
: ty, pledging community spirit and
... co-operation at all times with the
splendid enterprisowhich h&s been
for so many years' a valuable aid to
the agricultural and Industrial in
, terests of the city and county.
At the close of the speech the mill
whistles end thoso of every other
plant in the city joined in the dem
onstration a general signal of re
Mr. Reagor Motlow responded to
. the address of Mr. Caldwell to the
effect that he appreciated .the very
kind and cordial welcome that had
been extended to him and his associ
ates in the management of the mills
He felt that he would be serving his
best interests by first establishing
cordial and mutual relations with
the people of Obion County and ter
ritory nearby, and therefore it is
great pleasure indeed to have a pub
lie manifestation of friendly feeling
in greetings such as are exhibited on
this occasion.
Mr. W.' M. Warterfleld, general
nanager of tho Motlow mills, was
heard next in a characteristically
sincere and sensible talk, stating that
while every effort would be mado by
Mr. Motlow and the management to
preserve the best standards of pro
duction , and business integrity,
was indeed encouraging and stimu
lating to redoubled efforts to have
the personal and public indorsement
of these citizens.
Mr. W. W. Cowden, who is also re
sponsible in a large measure foe the
resumption of mill life in Union City
and for inducing these fine people to
locate and invest their means in
Obion County, assured us that they
had always kept their pledges they
were men of their word and we would
have no regrets that the mills had
fallen into present hands.
Nearly every business house In
Union City was represented and the
meeting was in all respects a popular
Articles of incorporation were
filed this week by the Motlow Milling
Co. for a charter of Incorporation un
der the laws of the State of Tennes
see, signed by Lem Motlow, , Reagor
Motlow, W. M. Warterfleld and oth
ers. ' . '"-V' 1 ' ' '
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 26. Pol
lowing the election of Gen. Julian S.
Carr, of Durham, N. C, as the new
cuuiuiaiiuer-iii-ciiici, eui;i;t;euiii& ueu.
K. M.iVan Zandt, of Texas, and the
.selection of Richmond, Va., as the
next reunion city, the 1921 sessions
of the United Confederate Veterans
: . i .t i i .1 : .
came to an end.
Commander Van Zandt delivered
a brief valedictory to the veterans as
sembled before him, announced his
final determination not to let hit
name go before the convention as a
candidate for another term as commander-in-chief,
and left the hall to
attend receptions given in his honor.
Richmond won as the next re-
unlin rtii-o Airar Savannah Maahv11a
and Sulphur, Oklahoma.
The association went on record
with a declaration that these re
unions would be continued from year
to year as long as there are enough
veterans left alive and able to travel
to the reunion city and so long as
the people of Southern. cities see fit
to invite them to come."
of the reunion was the receipt r.f an
iavftation to-send representative? to
the memorial exercises that will take
place next year at Point Pleasant,
O., in commemoration of the 100th
anniversary of the birth of Gen.
U. S. Grant. The invitation was read
by Adj. Gen. Booth from Hugh L.
Nichols, chairman of the Grant Mem
orial Centenary Association.
The convention immediately voted
authority to Gen. K. M. Van Zandt,
commander-in-chief, to comply with
the invitation. C. Irvine Walker,
chairman of the Rutherford commit
tee, submitted his annual report,. at
the close of which he caled on the
convention to adopt a resolution re
ouestine national publishers
school' books to use more articles
written by Southern authors. A res
olution covering the recommendation
was adopted. - . . '.
Following memorial exercises in
which all organizations participating
in the reunion joined. Congressman
W. D. Upshaw, of Georgia, made a
plea to the veterans when they went
homo to consecrate their future lives
to the Lord. "
A resolution was introduced by W
J. Bonn, one of Gen. John M. Mor
gan's men calling on Tennessee to ob
perve the day of Sam Davis' execu
tion as "Sam Davlp' Memorial Day.
The resolution was adopted.
The second number of the Redpath
Lyceum Course for the winter season
of 1921-22 at Reynolds Theatre will
be by Eugene Knox, a character im
personator. It i3 said of Mr. Knox
that he i3 a genius: that he attempts
difficult and trying impersonations
with a degree of intimacy and assur
ance possible only with a man of the
highest human intelligence and
skill. The following introduction in
dicates the scope and nature of his
He has succeeded because he
pleases he pleases because his char
acters are represented true to life.
Ho uses no makeup, yet his imper
sonation3 are fully a3 striking with
out it.
His changes are , instantaneous.
and in this respect truly wonderful.
Mr. Knox not only attempts dif
ficult character work, but every ,at-
titude, every face is so different that
one can scarcely find a trace of sim
ilarity. Ho loses himself completely
in hi3 work.
His programs are largely humor
ous. but one cannot say tnat it is
alone in this phase that he excels.
He is equally powerful when inter
preting the Ptrongly dramatic num
bers. He feels and makes you feel with
him each passion, each Joy, each
sorrow the author has written down
Mr." Knox has given over thirty-
five hundred entertainments and his
appearanco' in Union City will be at
Reynolds Theatro Monday night, No
vember 7.
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 26. Births
have more than doubled the deaths in
Tennessee during the first six months
of this year, according to the report
of the department of vital statistics,
submitted to the State , board 'of
healh at "" its semi-annual meeting
which ended to-day. The total num
ber of births recorded was 27,291,
against 13,636 deaths.
The complete record of births and
deaths in the State for the year 1920
was submitted to the board at this
time, since it had not been completed
at its last session. This shows total
deaths during 1920 of 28,392,
gainst births of EO.904. These
figures are exclusive of still births. -
Opera House soon, "Passion."
- The Cotton Crop.
Mr., Wallace R. Nolen, represent
ing the U. S.-Department of Com
merce in Obion County, is "hi receipt
of a census report of the cotton crop
of Obion County a3 follows
Number of bales ginned in Obion
County from the crop of 1921 prior
to Oct. 18, 1921, 1847 bales as com
pared with 569 bales for the same pe
riod in 1920.
Report from Weakley County,
1921 1394 bales; 1920323 bales.
Report' from Fulton; County, Ky.,
19211651 bales; 1920937 bales.
A cracker Jack home for sale,
direct from owner, save agent com
mission, cash or easy termo. . If in
terested, leave name .and address at
this office and owner will see you
and show you tho place in person.
Grammar School Contest on Subject
' of Public Highway,,
To County Superintendents
Allow me to call your attention to
the contest for the best essay by
grammar school children on How
I Can Make the Highways More
Safe," directed by the Highway &
Transport Education Committee,
Washington, D. C.
Every gramar school pupil has an
opportunity to win a gold watch and
a trip to Washington by writing the
best five hundred word essay on the
subject given above. Medals and cash
prizes also are to be awarded in each
1. Any pupil of grammar school
grade, 1 4 years old or under, may
2. Each essay shall be about five
hundred words in length.
3. The essay shall be on the topic
"How I Can Make the Highways
More Safe." It may tell about traffic
rules, how to cross the streets, why
children should not play on the road,
or any other means that will make
the highways more safe.
, Each essay should be illustrate !
by a drawing or photograph clipped
from a newspaper or magazine, or
made by the contestant.
5. The name, school and home ad
dress of the pupil should be written
in the upper left-hand corner.
6. Essays must be handed in to
the school principal on or before De
cember 10, 1921.
Announcement of the winners will
be sent to the State and local super
intendents of education, and to the
There is also a contest for gram
mar school teachers for the best class
room lesson for the grammar school
grades, teaching children safe be-
itornii the highways. ..Prizes in
this contest are, First $500 and a
trip to Washington, all expenses
paid; Second $300; Third $200.
1. Any teacher of a class in the
grammar school grades in the United
States and territorial possessions may
2. The prizes will be warded for
the best lessons teaching children
safety on the highways. .
3. The lesson need not be on the
subject of safety alone, but may be
brought in as an integral part of a
history, arithmetic, geography, or
other subject lessons.
4. It may tako the form of a lec
ture, recitation, game, drama, man
ual training, or other form which
the teacher considers best presents
the subject.
5. The contestant should write
name, school, and homo address in
the upper left hand corner.
Lessons cubmltted in the contest
should be handed to the school prin
cipal or superintendent on or before
Dec 10, 1921.
Write the Highway & Transport
Education Committee, Willard build
ng, Washington,-D. C, for posters
giving details in full...
I trust that the grammar school
teacLers end pupils in your county
will enter tiese contests and that
Tennessee may win first place in both
these contests.
Very truly yours,
Oct. 28, 1921.
Chattanooga, Tenn.,, Oct. 25.
The welcome to tlio Confederate Vet
erans' Reunion on behalf of the State
was delivered this morning by Gov.
Alf Taylor. Tho Governor said:
"The honor falls to me to welcome
on behalf of Tennessee the surviving
soldiers of the Confederate amies, to
this, their annual reunion, and to
thank those in charge for having
selected as the place of reunion, our
great industrial city of Chattanooga.
" While v we ? re ever ready and
anxious to dp honor to the heroes of
the present, at the same time, our
affectionate regard for the heroes of
ihe past is none the less ardent and
we hold ourselves in readiness at all
times to honor them also. ,
"I have heard it said all my life
that there is nothing in a name.' 'A
rose by any other name would smell
as sweet" is a proverb hoary with age,
as the prince of poets, its author,
would be were he alive to-day; but
this proverb fails utterly when ap
plied to Dixie. , As I have said before
on another occasion, the name of
Dixie stirs the harpstrings of historic
memory and awakens into life and
action an epic more thrilling than
the Illlad of Homer an epic of men
as knightly as Henry of Navarre; of
women as beautiful as Helen of an
cient Troy and as heroic as Joan of
Arc; a new epic of battle as celebrated
as Marathon or Thermopylae; of sol
diers a3 illustrious as Militiades or
Leonidas; of Statesmen as renowned
as Poricles; of orators as brilliant
and as powerful as Demosthenes; of
poets as Bweet, as melodious and as
passionate as Sappho or Alcaeus as
weird and as tragic as Euripides. The
name of Dixie calls into being a new
epic of success and failure; of hope
and despair; of victory and defeat;
of prosperity and adversity; of love
and hate; of poetry, song and ro
mance; of valor and patience, and of
dauntless courage in the face of ovor-
L whelming cataclysm! .
"I repeat again that through such
vicissitudes, no people in all the
history of the race has ever passed
and risen so quickly from such depths
of disaster to such a restoration of
blighted and ruined fortunes. I
yield to no one in my love of Dixie,
because I yield to none in my love
for this great republic! Once di
vided and therefore weak, it is now
united and therefore powerful. The
foundation for this unity of the sec
tions was laid in the Spanish-American
War, when the first blood shed
in the cause of ..humanity was the
blood of a son of Dixie. The recon
ciliation became universal and com
plete when MCKInley. ordered head
stones, at the expense of the Federal
Government, to be placed at the
graves of the Confederate dead, and
assigned as a reason, that men who
were willing to die for what they
believed to be right were American
heroes. So when in the course of
time the Armageddon of revelation
was at, hand and the Christian civ;
zation was undergoing its final
in tho great battle between good and
evil when the backs of the allied
armies were against tho wall then
it was, at the critical moment, that
the sons of the gray and the sons of
the bluo united in sentiment and
purpose after a most hazardous Jour
ney across 3,000 miles of ocean in
fested with submarines and floating
mines, marched shoulder to shoulder
in solid phalanx to the front, broke
thru the Hindenburg line, turned the
tide of battle and thus contributed
to a victory which sounded the death
knell of imperialism and autocracy
and secured to mankind forever the
inestimable blessing of liberty to be
restricted only by constitutional
boundaries self-prescribed and self
imposed !
" I now take special delight, re
garding it as the greatest honor" of
my life, to welcome you with open
arms to the homo State of the boys
who constituted fifty-two per cent
of the Thirtieth Division a division
of the American army which will go
down in history as the first to break
through the Hindenburg line at it3
strongest point a point which the
Germana heralded ac absolutely im?
pregnable. .
With all my heart and with all
tho earnestness of my soul, I extend
to you a most cordial welcome to the
homo State of Andrew Jackson,
James K. Polk, and Andrew Johnson,
with tho same warmth end the same
earnestness, I greet you and bidyou
thrice welcome to the native State
of Nathan Bedford Forrest."
In Memory of Minnie Belle Douglas.
Silent moon, sweet' omen to me,
Of love and eternal. loyalty,
She who had lived not life's half day.
Did. they open the gates of pearl
Open them wide their wings unfurled:
Tell mo, O tell me, I pray, I pray.
All my tears and sorrows allay.
Dancing smiles and a fair young face,
Deep blue eyes and a soulful grace,
That's the way I beheld her last,
Beyond the brink as she safely ppssed.
see her there in the fairy bowers,
The joy bells ringing in the diamond
:t towers, -
In our Saviour's arms she is safe at
r Harlingen, Texas.
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tion of "The Sporting Duchess," fea
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tacle, "Deception."
Complete automobile satisfaction is the
result of buying wisely and econom
ically rather than the desire and means
to buy extravagantly.
Figure out your every automobile re
quirement and you will find it in a Ford
Sedan a family car of distinction and
beauty a car of comfort and conven
ience a car of dependability and
service a car that will give you com
plete satisfaction. .
You should place your order now if
you wish to avoid delay in delivery,
- R. H. RUST
Authorized Ford Dealer. Phone 400
When you have corn for sale we
will buy it at the market price, and
will be glad for you to call or write
us. .
' All the corn will have to be shelled
thiB season, as there will be no de
mand for ear corn, other than for
shelling purposes.
We are equipped for shelling, dry
ing and storing a large amount of
corn and if you do pot want to sell
it, but want to hold it for future sale.
you may ship it to us and we will
shell, dry and store it for yon at a
reasonable charge, and wfll render
you a warehouse certificate on which
you may borrow money until iuch
time as you may want to sell your
Your corn may be kept insured at
a low rate for your protection. '
Finally, when you are ready to
sell, we will be in the market, or
will help you to sell to others if you
should desire to do so. 29-4t
Charlie Owens, Col. vs. Claudia
Owens, Col. Petition for Divorce.
In the Circuit Court of Obion Coun
A bill for divorce has been sworn
to and filed in this court, which, bill
avers that you are a non-resident of
the State of Tennessee and a resi
dent of the State of Missouri, so that
the ordinary pocess of law can not
be served, upon you. ' ?
This is, therefore, to notify you
the said Claudie Owens, defendant in
above styled cause, to appear before
the Circuit Court of Obion County,
Tennessee on or before the flr3t
Monday in January, 1922, and make
defense to said bill filed against you
or the same will be taken for con
fessed and proceeded with ex-parte -as
to you. 32-4t
This Oct. 31, 1921.
J. N. RUDDLE, Clerk.
Sedan $660
F. O. S. Detroit -With
Slartmr miuldm
mtintmhl Rimt

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