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traveling In an ox wagon, behind tw
of Mr. Lannom's trusted home-grow
j complete end includes plenty of ev
erything to supply them on th
week'3 camping trip.
-Gude's Pepto-Mangan Makes Bed
Blood; liquid and Tablet Form.
When blood becomes thin and weak
It is due to a falling off in the num
ber of red blood cells. It is easily
recognized by the pale skin or a
blemished complexion, loss of appe
tite or unnatural irritability and a
sensation of weakness. It is not dan
serous at first. In fact, many people
scarcely notice it and go on for days,
thinking they will be better the next
The great danger is in the possibil
ity of becoming seriously - 111 from
disease, which can work fiavoc in a
body that lack3 the endurance and
resistance in rich, red blood.
Taken in time and steadily, a few
bottles pf Gude's Pepto-Mangan are a
great help. It improves the quality
of the blood by adding red blood
cells. They check the weakness, im
prove the appetite, and clear the
You can get Gude's Pepto-Mangan
In liquid and tablet form at your
druggists. Get the genuine with the
name "Gude's Pepto-Mangan" on the
package. Advertisement.
"The Only Girl."
We are requested to announce at
Dixie Schoolhouse for to-morrow
night, Saturday, Nov. 5, the play,
"The Only Girl." Admission 15 and
25 cents.
Can Loses to Union City.
The Purple Tornado of Union City
High ripped through the Carr Instl
tute team for a 32 to 0 victory. This
is the fifth straight victory for Union
City High, and the second victory
over the local team.
Carr was unable to gain through
the Union City line, although Kirby
and Reed played a great game for
the locals. Reynolds and Callicott
were the bright stars for Union City,
Fulton Leader.
Little Dolph Hicks is on the sick
Mrs. Myrtle Powell visited Mrs.
Luther Wilson Sunday.
Mrs. Howell Hicks and children
spent Sunday with Mrs. Bob Askew.
Miss Biddie Garrigan spent the
end of last week with home folks
near Woodland.
Several of the young people of this
community enjoyed a 'possum hunt
last Friday night.
Mr, and Mrs. Charlie Kirk are en
tertaining a fine baby girt, which ar
rived last Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Jones spent
last Sunday in the home of Mr. Jones'
brother, Mrs. Charles D. Jones.
Bob Askew, Thelbert Hicks and
Mrs. Earmon Hicks motored over to
Hickman Saturday afternoon to do
some shopping.
Several around hero have received
cards announcing the birth of Mr.
and Mr3. O. J. Elam's daughter, Oct.
26 at Rosedale, Mis3.
, The death angel visited the home
of Mr, and Mrs. Howell McQueen on
last Thursday night and claimed
their onlv child. The little one had
been sick for several weeks.
Baptist Church.
A. R. McGEHEE, Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:30 a.m.
Morning worship, 11:00 a.m.
Evening worship, 7 p.m.
Theme for Sunday morning: "The
Christ Who Cannot B Taken Away."
Evening subject: "The Secret of
The B. Y. P. U. will meet at 6:15
Sunday evening.
Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing, 7:00 instead of 7:30. .
The public is cordially invited to
all the services of the church.
Ye Olden Way.
Col. C. N. Lannom and Maj. Sam
Carter left Monday headed for Half
Moon Lake, over in Number Eleven,
near Mason Hall for a week's outing
hunting, fishing, etc. They are
Missionary Society.
The pretty suburban home of Mr,
and Mr3. W. D. Fry was thrown open
Monday afternoon, October 30,
Circle No. 3 of the Missionary Society
of the M. E. Church. The home was
artistically decorated in autumn
leaves, fruit and jack-o'-lanterns, a
note of Hallowe'en. Music and read
ings and a contest proved to be all
very delightful, after which the
guests were invited to the parlor to
view the many pretty articles re
ceived. A nice sum was realized from
the free-will offering. Delicious re
freshments were served and expres
sions of genuine pleasure were ex
tended to the hostess.
Birthday Dinner.
Mrs. Henry Howard's fifty-seventh
birthday was made very pleasant on
October 29, when the following chil
dren and relatives surprised her, at
11 o'clock, by arriving at her home
on North First street with baskets
of ham, chicken, cakes, pies and oth
er good things to eat. She received
also several gifts. Those present
were: Mr. Henry Howard, Sr., Miss
Hattie May Howard, Bob and Henry
Howard, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nor
rid and son, Ralph, Mrs .J. S. Bur
cham and children, Randall and Mar
garet, Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Cherry
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Howard and
children, Deward and Ruth, Mr. and
Mrs. L. E. Haskins, A. W. Howard,
Miss Mat Ferrell, Mrs. Levicy Irvine
and daughter, Fern, - Mrs. Mabel
Nichols and daughters, Hazel and El
sie, Mr3. Vira Kerley and son, How
ard, Mrs. Lovie Richie and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Howard.
She-had stomach trouble for years
After giving her simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed in Ad
ler-i-ka, her husband says: "My wife
feels' fine now and has gained weight
It is wonderful stomach medicine,'
Adler-i-ka acts on BOTH upper and
lower bowel, removing foul matter
which poisoned 'stomach and which
you never thought was in your sys
tern. EXCELLENT for gas on the
stomach or chronic constipation,
Guards against appendicitis. The
impurities it brings- out will surprise
you. Sold by leading druggists every'
where, In Rives by T. J. Bonner &
Son, druggists. ',
Your state of health largely
depends upon the food you eat
No one who is physically ailing in any way
can afford to take chances with the food he eats.
For upon the selection of your food, and upon
its perfect digestion and assimilation largely de
pends your state of health.
The most important thing in connection with
the digestibility of any cereal food is the way it
is prepared and the length of time it is cooked
or baked.
Grape-Nuts, the rich cereal food made from
whole wheat flour and malted barley, is probably
baked longer than any other cereal food.
A large part of the starch of the wheat and
barley is changed into dextrin and grape-sugar in
preparing Grape-Nuts. This is one reason why
Grape-Nuts is so easily digested by even the
most delicate people.
. , Grape-Nuts is wheat and barley so processed
: as to make it delicious and appetizing ; even young
children thrive on it and grow strong and rosy.
Go to your grocer today and get a package
of Grape-Nuts. Eat it as a cereal with milk or '
cream, or make it into a delicious pudding. It
will be enjoyed and relished by every member
of the family.
Grape-Nuts the Body Builder
"There's a Reason"
Tractor Demonstration Extraordinary
Free barbecue, November 8", 1921,
all day. We are going to have a
tractor demonstration that will be
interesting to every farmer, whether
he owns a tractor, intends to bwn
one, or if he never thought of own
ing one.
We expect to feature our Fordson
Tractor with the new mpwer attach
ment, driven direct from the engine,
mowing clover and grass at a speed
of five miles an hour. We will also
run a hay press, feed mill cut-off saw,
plow, disc harrow.
The location is on Mr. H. T. Ed
wards' farm, half mile southwest of
Union City. R. H. RUST, Dealer.
I wil preach at Pleasant Valley
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock and
at Shady Grove at 3 p.m. Come one,
come all, to the last service of the
year. If you have not paid your gen
eral collection please bring It Sun
day. I am eloping my third year on the
Union City Circuit and wish to say
this has been one of the most pleas
ant years of my life. I want to ex
press my appreciation for the kind
ness and love the people have shown
me during my stay among them as
their pastor. G. W. EVANS.
A Great Success.
Dear Sirs: Perhaps it will be of
interest to you, and those interested
in school work, to hear about our
box supper at Turnage Schoolhouse.
We had our supper on the 29th
inst. and realized one hundred fifteen
dollar8($115.00)from the sale of the
boxes. One small box of home made
candy, about 1 pounds, sold for
ninety dollars and forty-four cents,
which wo believe is a rqcord, in this
county, for one box.
We had quite a large and orderly
crowd of patrons out to the supper.
A great interest is being shown in
the school and its work.
We are hoping, with the interest
shown, to either remodel our school-
house ' or consolidate with another
school and have a larger school with
better facilities.
Hoping this wilT find space in your
columns, Respectfully,
JAMES H. WI3E, Prin.
Elbridse, Oct. 31.
High School Locals.
Everyone knows, or should know
that two of the biggest games of our
season were played last Friday on
our courts. The first was the foot
ball game with the speedy eleven
from Carr Institute, Fulton. The sec
ond was the basket ball game with
Alamo High School, the first game
to be played by the girls. Both games
were fast and hard fought but we
were victorious in both. And now
our principal informs us, each and
every one, that eight more important
and difficult games will be, held on
Thursday and Friday, the 3rd and
4th better known as the first quar
terly exams.
On Monday night the Hl-Y Club, a
very estimable organization, enter
tained the entire Senior Hi and fac
ulty with a Hallowe'en party in our
gym. After games and otner ironcs
were over delightful frappe was
The first joint meeting of the two
literary societies was held last Thurs
day. A good program was given, in
cluding opening addresses by pres
idents of both societies.
Let's all be sure and see the game
with the heavy South Fulton team
on our court Friday. "
Death of Mr. Will Hauser
Mr. Will Hau3er died at his home
in tho vicinity of Pleasant Hill on
the 14th of October. Deceased was
59 years of age. He had been sick
for several months and was in bed
nine weeks, but bore his suffering
without a murmur and was ready
when the Master called. Mr. Hauser
professed religion and - Joined the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church at
Pleasant Hill in 1886. He lived a
consistent christian and a faithful
member and remained with the
church after it was moved to Rives,
Mr. Hauser was married to Miss
Mittie Holloway, December 8, 1887.
Of the union there were five children
and Mrs. Hauser and four children
survive, viz: Aldrick, poller and
Polk and Mrs. Ruby Maneese. There
are also two brothers and five sisters
and a stepmother, besides a host of
relatives and friends to mourn the
passing of the good man.
Blessed is the thought; that he Is
only sleeping. - - -
"Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep,
From which none ever wake to
Mr. Hauser was loved by every
one, esteemed as a citizen and neigh
bor and honored as a man of fine
moral and personal character. We
should follow his example and shape
our lives to join him with tha hosts
of the children of God.
Funeral services were conducted
by Rev. Thomas and the body was
laid to rest in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
ephant Gray to
a Mosquito
We can fit any boy from the smallest to the oldest man
in the world. And in a suit that will give service, in
any color or style.
We do not sell CHEAP merchandise
just to get the money, we sell to make
you come back again.
Every Suit is Guaranteed
You are going to need a suit this fall. Why not come
in and look our suits over?
Our prices are reasonable on good goods.
We have a line of Overcoats that cannot be duplicated
in the city.
Our Suits will be handed down to the six-year-old boy, they are so good
' Shoes for the whole family.
Lion Brand Hats Stetson Hats
A. C. Kirkland. reasonable
C. P. Church Notes.
SUnday school, 9:45 o'clock.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock.
Evening worship, 7 o'clock.
Junior Christian Endeavor, 3 p.m.
Senior Christian Endeavor 7 p.m,
All members will note the change
in the worship from 7:30 to 7:00
The Junior Endeavor Society en
joyed a delightful Hallowe'en party
at the home of Mies Ena Roper Mon
day evening. All of the bnosts, gob
lins, etc., were there and reported a
delightful time. Are your boy and
girl enjoying the benefits of this so
ciety' or are they on the streets
The Senior Christian Endeavor So
ciety is taking on new life," some
thing worth while every Sunday,
You are welcome.
Rev. Chas. A. Galloway, of Jack
son, Tenn., will assist the pastor in
a series fo revival services beginning
Sunday, Nov. 6. The pastor will open
the services Sunday morning. Rev.
Galloway will be with us Monday
and will preach twice dally, at 3
o'clock and 7 o'clock. All Christians,
regardless of denomination, are cor
dially invited and urged to assist in
this revival.
How's Your Stomach ?
and Your Liver ?
Health is Most Vital to You
Durham, N. C "As for Dr. Pierce'a
Golden Medical Dicovery which I uso
constantly, I don't believe there is a bet
ter liver medicine made. I use it for head
ache, stomach disorders and torpid liver.
It is not unpleasant to take and does not
leave a constipated condition as so many
of the liver pills and medicines do. It
does it3 work and loaves one feeling like
a new person." Howard llolden, 1306
Glenn St.
You can quickly put yourself in A-l
condition by going to your druggist and
obtaining this Discovery of Dr. Pierce's
in tablets or liouid. or write Dr. Pierce,
president Invalids Hotel, in , Buffalo,
N. Y., for free medical advice.
Place our hand-made battery in
your car and forget all your battery
troubles. , It 13 a real battery of
service. Whatever you use if for
for ignition, for starting, for light
ing,' etc. it will serve you well. A
battery you will recommend to your
fellow motorists.
Union City, Tenn.
' Cloth Covered Button.
I furnish moulds and make but
tons of your material. Also do hem
stitching. Mail orders solicited.
Union City, Tenn.
Cloth Covered Button. ,
I furnish moulds and make but
tons of your matorial. Also do hem
stitching.' Mail orJers Policited.
Union City, Tenn.
We are needing more live stock every week. Whether
you have one animal or a car load, see us or call us up, we
can use them at prices that will be interesting to you.
Help the litde packers grow to be "big folks." May be we
can soon double wnat we are now using. we are paying out
the cash for live stock at the rate of nearly a thousand dollars
everyday. My, how good that sounds to the farmers.
There is such a wide range between corn and hog prices
that it would pay you greater profits in hog feeding than at
any time for the past twenty-five years.
When you buy Meat,
call for our products.
Makes Hens Lay
Gets the eggs io ny weath
er. It is easily given in the
feed and doesn't force or
hurt the hen in any way. Don Sung
Is a real tonic. Try itif it doesn't
pay for itself and pay you a good profit
besides, your money will be promptly
refunded. Trial size 50 cents,
Iacub&ton and Brooders.
J. G. Saunders
Stock Buyer
Reynolds Packing Go.
HarpoIe-VValker Furniture Gomriypa
, 354 AND 216-3 RINGS 432 AND 32

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