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Shoes, Men's fiats, Overalls, Shirts. Blankets, Ladies' Tarns and all Winter Goods
SUflCQi We are over- I nrlino' QhflQO In order to reduce our stock, we will cut the' price hllU frim 110
IIUlOi stocked on LdUICO OIIUCO- from SOC TO $1.00 on every pair you UUj IIUIII UO
- I"
t i
is ,
H A TCa We are over-
& Jm stocked on
MITM Fl il T In order to reduce our stock, we will cut the price TT T
L,Vi sJ llrk&sJ ft.OO to $1 .SO on every hat you buy from yJ
BLANKETS I OVERALLS Work Shirts Ladies' Tarns I Mil's Dress Stilts
Full size, double Blankets, worth Best made, full cut, 220 weight, Extra heavy, full cut, reinforced, Big assortment, all wool, worth Going absolutely at wholesale
from $2.50 to $3.00, cut price, reinforced, worth $1.75, the $1.00 grade, cut price from $1.00 to $2.00. cost. Don't miss it.
per pair cut price, i 65c or 2 for Take your choice for 35c, or 3 for O 'YE IVOV
$1.75 $1.20 $1.25 $00
Tell your friends about it I
Ohio River Salt, per bbl $3.30 Alen CI flmrortOQ A biS line of Candy, Oranges,
Ohio River Salt, per 100 lbs. 1.15 VYK ni5U JKII WULCTlt Apples and Nuts at low prices.
The Commercial, Union City, Tcnn.
Mrs. C. W. Craver, of Martin, was
in the city Saturday visaing rela
tives. Diamonds, Dietzel's. 36-3t
Mr. A. W. Morris, a business man
of Pulton, was a visitor here last
Eversharp Pencils, Dietzel's.
H. P. Moss, Jr., is at home for the
holidays visiting homefolks and
friends in Union City.
Rub-My-Tism, a pain killer.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fuqua leave
this week to spend a few days visit
ing in St. Louis.
Ice all the year. Call 150.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Moore, of St.
Louis, are in the city for the holidays
-visiting relatives and friends.
Fresh Oysters at Burdlcks. Phone
185. -
Mrs. C. E. Underwood, of Toledo,
Ohio, is in the city visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Key.
Freoh candies, fruits and nuts.
Mr. Merritt Taylor, who has been
located in Mississippi, i3 here for the
holidays with his family and friends.
Rub-My-Tism for Rheumatism.
W. S. Moore, of Chicago, is to be
here for a holiday visit with Judge
and Mrs. F. W. Moore, Exchange
Eversharp Pencils, Dietzel's.
Wallace Stone, Marshall Garth,
King Cox and Glyn Brown are home
from the University of Tennessee for
the holidays.
A Train, Load of Toys just ar
rived at Wehman'B.
Mr. Jimmie Boyd was here this
week as a visitor in Utiion City look
ing over the business interests of
Jimmie's Playhouse.
Don't fail to see Anita Stewart
in "Sowing the Wind" at Opera
House Monday. A big picture at
small prices.
Cleaned and Repaired.
Staffords Superfine Ribbons
Cumb. phone 317
Notice to Buggy
Before you buy a new buggy get
my prices on Painting and Rubber
Tiring. 'I also have twenty sets of
Rubber Tire Wheels for sale. -One
set of these will make your buggy
as good as new.
Cumberland Phone 43
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davidson, of
Knoxville, are here for the holidays
visiting in the homes of Mrs. David
son and Mrs. Taylor.
No better candy than Bunte's
Diana Stuft Confections, sold by The
Candy Shop.
Mrs. C. F. Ong, who has been lo
cated with her daughter, Mrs. Wheel
er, at Jackson, has returned to Union
City and is at home on south First
High-grade furniture varnish,
$2.50 per gallon. Red Spot Store,
Wnshington avenue.
Miss Willa Whltson, of Oxford,
Ohio, and Miss Ruth Whilson, of St.
Louis, will be here for the holidays
to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. E Whitson, and family.
Don't forget the ones who are
gone. Cemetery wreaths at Roper'i
Floral Shop. ,
Clerk J. N. Ruddle, of the Obion
Circuit Court, was taken to the of
nee of Dr. H. W. Qualis last Monday
for an operation for appendicitis. Dr,
Qualis was assisted by Dr. Latimer
and the patient is doing fine.
Subscriptions taken for all mag
&2ines.- Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
503. 37-4t
Mr. I. B. Dawson, formerly of this
city, now of Chicago, was here last
week as the guest of Mr. and Mrs,
Clarence Reynolds. Mr. Dawson is
one of the general agents of the In
ternational Harvester Co.
Don't forget that we are selling
men's and young men's suits at
$12.50 and $15.00, so get your Xmus
suit at Phil Hyman's Cut Price
Mrs. L. F. Alexander writes from
Montgomery, Ala., that Mrs. W. L,
Alexander is visiting the home of the
former in that city, that the family
are enjoying flno health and the an
ticipations of a happy Christmas.
A picture of high society life,
"Sowing the Wind," Opera House,
Monday. Prices 10c and 20c.
Rev. Hamp McLeskey, of Nash
ville, was here last week to visit his
brother, Mr. Jamie McLeskey, and
family. . Rev. McLeskey filled the
pulpit of Cumberland Presbyterian
Church Sunday morning, preaching
to a large audience.
Say Merry Xmas with Flowers
Mrs. W. L. Helm, of Tuscaloosa,
Ala., Mr. A. E. DeBow, of St. Louis,
and Mr. H. A. DeBow, of Pittsburgh,
will be in Union City for a holiday
visit with their mother, Mrs. Ida De
Bow, and their sister, Mrs .A. E.
Go to Mrs. Arnn for a new hat
at cut prices. She has some very
beautiful new styles.
Miss Margaret Blanton, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Blanton, of
Polk, was taken to Memphis last
week for appendicitis, in a very se
rious condition. Dr. Johnson oper
ated and the patient is said to be doing-fine.
- Ladies, have your old suits made
over into pretty dresses. Also plain
and fancy sewing. Prices reasona
ble. Mrs. Lula Simmons, 704 South
First street, Union City, Tenn. 35-4p
Gen. W. H. Swiggart, Jr., Mrs.
Swiggart and children and Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Porter, of Nashville, are
here for the holidays in the home of
Judge and Mrs. W. H. Swiggart,
Main street. Gen. and Mrs. Swiggart
are also visiting Mr. and Mrs, W. J.
Our sale prices are lower than
the present wholesale costs. Phil
Hyman's Cut Price Store.
Mrs. J. R. Moffatt, accompanied by
Miss Sarah Pressly, of Troy, left
Wednesday going to Lake Wales,
Fla., to enjoy the Southern climate
for the remainder of the winter. They
will be with Miss Maude Moffatt who
is teaching music in the school at
Lake Wales.
Xmas Cards, Dietzel's.
Mr .P. Hyman leaves Saturday for
California to Join Mrs. Hyman and
their daughter, Misa Rena, for a few
weeks. Miss Hyman is said to be im
proving very rapidly and will be out
in a few weeks. The many friends of
the family In Union City tender them
the kindest holiday greetings.
You are cordially invited to
visit our Big Toy Department. We
have a complete line of Christmas
goods and our prices are 'way down.
Miss Clara Catherine Whitesell,
who is a student of Gulf-Park Col
lege West Beach, Gulf port, Miss., is
here for the holidays visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. White-
sell and family. This college is a very
popular Southern instituti n, with
its fine student body from twenty
States, its basket ball, bathing, ten
nis and out-door sports, and above all
its fine faculty and endowment. To
the scholarship features are added
all the healthy and wholesome enjoy
ments of out-door life and it is a fine
or w m -t
union ctry,
Dear Santa Claus: I am a little
boy four years old. I want you to
bring me a cap pistol, a little car, a
train, a knife and a watch, some Ro
man candles, oranges, apples, and
nuts, and 'most anything else that
would please a little boy. Be sure
and go to Cousin Cloys' candy shop
and get lots of good canay for me.
Don't forget grandpa and grandma
Cloys at Harris. I am,
Your little boy,
Aaron Cloys Prather.
Rives, Route 2.
Dear Santa: I am a little girl
10 years old. I go to school every
day. I want you to bring me a pret
ty little sewing 3ct if you can find one
in town. If you can't, please bring
me a pretty cameo ring or a pair of
kid gloves. I want a game of "Old
Maid," some books, fruit and candy.
I'll go to bed early and mind mama
and papa. Your little girl,
Edith Capps.
Union City, Tenn.
Dear Santa: I am a nice little
boy. I go to cchool every day.
mind my mother. I want you to bring
me a sleigh, a Kiddie Kar, a tricycle
and a little horn. I want some can
dy, Long Johnny chewing gum and
all kinds of nuts.
Your little boy,
Seldon Owens.
Dear Santa Claus: I have been a
good little boy and help my mother
every night. I want you to bring me
a pop gun, a sled, a pair of little red
boots, lots of candy, nuts and chew
ing gum. 1
Your little boy,
Jim Foulks.
Dear Santa Claus: Well, I thought
I would write you and tell what I
would like for you to bring me for
Xmas. I would like to have a doll,
a doll bed, and nuts and fruits of
all kinds. I am a little nine-year-old
girl. Don't forget my teacher, fath
er, mother, sister brother and school
Your little friend,
Nellie Thompson.
P. S. Don't forget my Sunday
school techer, Mrs. Mamie Tucker.
Union Mity, Tenn.
r. s. Santa, don t rorget my
3weet mother and father, brothers
and sister. My oldest brother is on
the lake be sure and go to see him.
Union City, Route 5.
Dear Santa Claus: I am a little
girl 8 years old. I go to school every
day and am in the third grade. Please
bring me a doll and a doll bed, a sto
ry book and all kinds of fruit and
nuts. Your little girl,
Venlta Kersey.
Union City, Route 3.
Dear Santa Claus: I thought I
would write you a few lines to let
you know what I want for Xmas. I
am seven years old, go to school ev
ery day. I want you to bring me an
auto that I can ride in and a rain
coat and cap to wear to school and
everything god to eat. Don't forget
my mama and papa and my school
mates and teacher.
Your little boy.
J. A. Vaught.
Union City, Tenn. i
BETTER and CHEAPER than ever
The Candy Shop
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Farmers Ex
change Bank of Union City, Tenn.,
will be held at the banking rooms at
2 o'clock p.m. on the 12th day of
January, 1922, for the purpose of
electing a board of directors and for
such other business as may properly
come before said meeting. AH the
stockholders are urged to be on hand.
HARRIS PARKS, President.
C. W. MILES, Jr., Cashier.
To the creditors and beneficiaries of
the estate of Mrs. Sallie J. Fer
guson, deceased:
You, especially the creditors of
said estate, aro hereby notified that
I, J. D. McBride, was duly appointed
and qualified aa the administrator of
the estate fo Mrs. Sallie J. Fer
guson, deceased, on the 9th day of
September, 1921, in the County
Court of Obion County, Tenn., and
all persons having claims against
said estate, be samo due or not, are
hereby notified to file same with the
Clerk of the County Court of Obion
County, Tenn., duly .authenticated
and verified as required by law, with
in one year from the date of this no
tice, which date is December 9,
1921. This December 9, 1921.
37-4t J. D. McBRIDE,
Administrator of Sallie J. Fer
guson, deceased.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular meeting of the stock
holders of The Third National Bank,
of Union City, Tennessee, will be
held in the directors' room of the
bank building at 10 o'clock a.m..
Tuesday, January 10, 1922, for th
purpose of electing directors for the
ensuing year, ana for the discussion
of any other business that may prop
erly come before the meeting. A
full attendance is requested. 37-4t
D. N. WALKER, Vice Pres.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Old National Bank of Union
City, Tenn.,(will be held in the bank
ing room of said' bank on Tuesday,
January 10, 1922, at two o'clock
p.m., for the purpose of electing
eleven directors to serve for the en
suing year, and to consider any other
business that may come before said
meeting. We urge you to be present
at this meeting. 37-4t
A. L. GARTH, Cashier.
H. A. BECK, President.
To R. I. Davis and Victoria Davis.
Carroll P. Wilson et als. vs. R. L.
Davis et al. Chancery Court,
Obion County, Tennessee.
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master
from the bill of complaint, which
is sworn to, that, the defendants,
R. L. Davis and Victoria Davis, are
non-residents of the State of . Tennes
see, so that the ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon them. It
is therefore hereby ordered that the
said above named defendants appear
before the Clerk and Master of the
Chancery Court of Obion County,
Tennessee, on or before the Third
Monday of January, 1922, that be
ing a rule day of said Chancery
Court, and make defense to the said
bill, or the same will be taken as
confessed by them, and the said
cause set for hearing ex-parte as to
them. It is further ordered that pub
lication of this notice be made for
four consecutive weeks In The Com
mercial, a weekly newspaper pub
lished in Obion County, Tenn.
This December 8, 192K 37-4t
,.t . 'i Clerk and Master.
By Nelle F. Marshall, D. C. & M.
Pierce and Fry, Sols, for Complt.
Special Election.
We the undersigned Election Com
missioners of Obion County, Tenn.,
hereby call a special election to b
held at Hornbeak in Civil District
No. 5, on Saturday, Dec. 31, 1921, to
elect a constable to succeed J. . W.
Dean,, who has not qualified.
We appoint the following persons
to open, hold and make return of
said election:
Officer, J. W. Dean; Judges, John
White, Pleas Hornbeak, E. M. Tate;
clerks, E. O. Wilson, Marvin Neeley.
This Dec. 14, 1921. 38-2t
H. H. LANNOM, Chair.
Mary Francis Parker vs. Will B.
Parker. Petition Divorce. In the
Circuit , Court of Obion . County,
Tenneseo. To Will B. Parker. ,
A bill for divorce has been sworn
to and filed in this Court, which bill
avers that you are a non-resident of
tho State of Tennessee and a resident
unknown so that the ordinary proc
ess of Jaw can net bo served upon
you. This is therefore to notify you
the said Will B. Parker, defendant
in abovo styled cause, to appear be
fore the Circuit Court of Obion Coun
ty, Tenn., on or before the first Mon
day In January, 1922, and make do
fense to said bill filed against you or
the sama will be taken for confessed
.nd proceeded with ex parte us to
you. ' 6
This Nov. 23, 1921.
J. N. RUDIT,E. Cl. rX;.
Geo. R. Kenney, Sol. tor Compit,
1 ,

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