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ii. ir: i .
n's Hardware Store
i City, Tenn. ,.
ephones . ;
' . UK, E. II. EOJJG
'J ' DEKTIST ' .
Over Wehman'j 'Hardware 2toi i
''r. Union City, Tenn J-
Telephonei- '
Office 144; Residence 595-J;
Residence 9 5-J
. ' S,,,kCUT CommercialestatellBhed 190 j cnso,idated September 1. 1897
V; West Tennessee Conner, established 1897 I . .. .., .. , ,.
VOL. 32, MO.; 41
ii V ill!
Kelly's Generous Reception by
Union City Audiences. ' .
udgG Camlllb Kelly, Judga of the
onile Court, Memphis, Tenn., was
guest of the Christian Endeavor
JetieB of tho Cl : P. and Christian
arches, giving three very interest-
-g addresses,'. ' ' '
Judge.Kclly is one of the few wora
n Judges in the country,, and her
ourt is known all over the TJnite.
tates for its wonderful work. This
due to the fact tint Judge Kelly
herself, the mother of . throo chil
dren, has enlarged the walls of her
own home to embrace those whose
honje lifo has not been what It should
be, trying with hor big mother-heart
to change the tendency from evil to
good; and if possible, relieve the c6n
ditions that have led to their wrong
doing. She would not punish the
children but their, parents vho have
ogused ttfem to' -violate the law.'
Judge Kelly spoke to a Jarge audi-enco-jat
Jimmle's,. Playhouse."1 She
rora the pages oft hecrdaily lire
forceful Illustration's "to show
the whole fault was adult and
Juvenile delinquency. . She, de-
. 1. .1 ... ! 1 .1 .11.-
iiueu iuv vuruus minuses, luuiueia
d advised more home life, particu
Irly the old family circle, and that
lie Christian people should throw
yiut their 107118 and save the children
before they f reach the ; Juvenile
r ourt, She pictured the 'Christian
people as the "House by the Side of
'the Road" and the Juvenile court as
"Ambulance' in the Valley' that
Vks them iid after thev are all hrok.
I and twiste"d,''ofteri beyond repair.
begged that every '. Individual
v'd throw out the helping hand
who are weak and help them
assurance that they would all meet
again. I thank' God for such men as
he, men who love home,' men : who
love' God and His people1, men , who
fear nothing like 'they, fear doing
wrong(jnen whose highest ideals are
that'thoir families may be useeful as
citizens and yionsecrated as .servants
of God. ,; , '';
Brother Pruett was an unassuming
man, Ho cared . little "for style and
popularity. He loved honest, upright
ness, consistency ; and stability. He
was looking for a ciiy.,.whose builder
and maker is God. " 1 " , j
The funeral service was conducted
by the writer and a large number of
friends were" present. May the, Lord
bless, help, comfoSand protect p
iovea o.nes.iS' my pn!r.-., .
irt Failure Follows Sudden Attack
- of Pneumonia. ' . '
, H,il ST
: JANUARY;lj;.i TKiS Ml
Court Makes Provision to Determine
. Character of Kignway
' The County Court convened last
Monday in Jhe first' quarterly erm
of 1922, with proceedings embracing
annual reports for the year by" the
various departments of the county!
Among these were thq reports of'the
County Superintendent of Public In
struction, County Health Offi'clrt
County Farm , Commissioners, ill
more or less complete in detail and
accepted and approved by.the court
When , the court opened the ques"
tion of making provision for the sellV
lngr'Qjf $150,000 of county bonds for
the Feredal Highvay. contract for
which' Is ' to be made and road from
Union Citato Troy to be built as soon
as pjaftticab'4. This was disposed of
tLtt bt appmnting a committee to
SteteVmme be! ween three kinds - or
character of public roads now, under
construction byl the. State 4 Highway
are weak and help them Department. This committee is to
out right. She said that feo visit tho variou points where road
rjelTpneuW Ci
TT tlied of M
re like . the Inezperieu
Varful and uncertain, ttJ
icr vuo emu uy auuie cvm-
ar would give the'm
Vihe water and "th ,ij-
(0. the vest, ( '.
KrKeliy -"smik-aksi
ookirfg toward civic
jviged jforming an bt?
jroviCingsome form
me to save tho 6hil-
iming criminals to
ormal child from th
h thqse who can not ,
to use their hands.
rged that correction
id not negative, that
ited by things to dn
and elsewbfireori
(fully planned recrei
vork is . being dhm and investigate
the mattof fOeport at a special
called sessibl ie court 'thin
thirty days aiKfine nutter then final
ly ettlpji. A ""--i. f'1
' Mnioni was made by Esq. H. F0F
rum that'a committee of five be aj-
pcinted to investigate -and report at
a called session of the County-Court
as "to the kind?1, or character of road to
be built' in Obion County by the State
High way v Commission, said iport to
be made , within jthirty days. ( Said
motion prevailed1 and the committee
Is as follows: H. Porcuni, S. R. Brat
ton, C. M. Montgomery, Aiwyn Bre
vard, W. M. McNeill. , . i;:,";r -;
Ordered by the cotkr that the sum
of 113,000 be set aside out of the
general purpose fund of , the county
imes V. Porter, 47, secretary-
turer of B. H. Stief Jewelry Com-
S ; died in Union City Friday
W, Dec. 30 :1921, at 6 o'clock.
ihfemoved one of Nashville's
Itizenq and business men.
r.. . i .. . t..iii ,H
. win, ue waa visiiiH-s in
Mrs."' Porter's parcel ts,
W. H. SwlggarCin
iving gone there "for
is stated that he was
11 when ho left Nash,-
morning. He devel
"Thursday afternoon
art failure'.' k
Mr. . Porter " had beoa secretiary-
treasurer ot the Stief Compairy .for
eight years, and was in . the enjploy
of the firm altogether for fifteen
years'y ; He came herein f rom ;'nion
City, iwhere he was( i engaged iwShe
Jeweliry business lor . a long period
He wis reared In Springfield, .v:--
While in Union City.r'Mr. Porter
fnarrU.Miss Lulu Swlggart, .daugh
Judge -Wi. H. Swlggart.- In
Ie he was well known social
in a business way. Ha took
ar interest In religious mat1-
"Was a steward in the Wast
hodistv Church. His home
iicated. .at 351 8. Central av-
was considered a man of
lligence, tof unusual busi-
men and oi" distinct ability.
ition, to hi wife, Mr. Porter
. .. y-', , .'
ea - oy 9e son, wiinam
t Potter, 9 years old ; three
Mrs A. C. Powell and Mrs.
ng,, of . Springfield, and Mrs.
Castleberry of Cincinnati; one
brother, John' Wt. . Porter, of Spring
field,. Another brother.j Arch Porter,
is dead. .-."-,. .
Inl Nashville he has a few ' more
dlstalnt relatives; among them .being
Boydl Woodard, a couBin, W.H.' Swlg
gart, f Jt'.t assistant attorney-general
of the lat, is a brother-in-law anl
COEgressman Joseph W. JByrps is a
cousin by' marriage. Na&riyilje Ten
nesscan. . - v - "
A sflort prayer service was heid at
the home of f Judge- Swtegai t .and
the bodywas 'shipped from Union
City- Saturday morning, 'accbmpanled
bv Mrs. Porter Judge and Mrs
.Heal Estate Transfers.
Blanton et tix. to Marvin A.
featedly stated andao ie used by the highway depart-
IJnent for the year.1922 in addition to
pie regular road fund already pro
dded for. --"v; . ; ' o';.' -Ordered
that the ladies'vrest room
b furnished in' a, suitabl manner
fot the use of the ladies', attending
court and that Miss Nell MaAhall be
aoDinted . to act with tue- Jail Com
missioners insecuring-suitable fultni-
C.! Fi Directory for OMoa County,
Union : City, ; C. P. Church,
I fact that only oiq
liked unspotted - from
ve - or any otner wave
was not natural for the nor-
to be a criminal.
Kelly's wonderful personal-
er cee? interest in humani
er keen sense of humor com
ak her by far the most in
woman that .bas ever ap-
efore a local , audience,., not
some of our Chautauqua
Pnntfrtn 'oAifAltrtc
ta a musical prbgramf next
I afternoon at Jimmie's Plav-
Some of the best talent will
eath, of a Good CitizenV
I Robert Turner Pruett, . cf
nd Mills, left his family and
f and Joined ithe heavenly host
ia,n eve at 9 p.m
t was a son of jJoseph and Sarah
j ruett. Ho was , born in Sumner
County, Tenn;, Aug 31, 1859, and
departed this life lj)ee. 24, 192lj age
62 years, 3 months'and 24 days lis
was married to'Mlsjs Rena Hefley Oct.
union were born
of w'tiom aij yet
behind his wife,
:"i'fi childran, three brothers, one
31, 1S88. To- this
eleven children, all
liviiijj. He leaves
many relat
t frfenSa to
' Pr&ett '
ives a-
" 3 r.c;I unit
:'.t c:.L--
lie c--"ti
! a great
his going.
1 f.-.ifli in
i vwith the
; t Woji
1 a fiith
C ' d !,:'.)
r I r t
Jr.,1 and ... fri
Tenn., there 4
home place, o
sister, Mrs. K
IW. H. Swiggart,
for Sprins'tleld,
to the old Sorter
pica cy Mr. sorter;
C' Powell. Services
were held Sunday afternoon. ,
Christmas a!t Crittendon Groves
Vievalloper, Corresponding Secre-j
" j i
; Uni(U City, Christian Church, Miss
Lottie I Nolen Corresponding Secre-
i j
tary..' "v - !'
BeeclhChurch, Misa Mary Latimer,
Corresponding Secretary, Union City,
Route 2.Y ' v - ' ; : V -S'
Bethleliem Church, Miss " Virginia
Mozello , pucker,' Corresponding , See-
retary; Unlioh City. 1 v '
Antioch. - Misi Ida ATayThomaa,
Corresporiding' Secretary,' Union City.
Rives Union Society, MisS Mary
Belle Cummings, Corresponding Sec
retary. '. , "' ' ' , , ' f
Crittendon Grove, Mrs; ; Leonard
Stovall,, Rives.- ' ; ' :
North Union C. P." Church, Miss
La Verne Vee IIiara, Corresponding
Secretary, Kenton.. . ." ; -.
" JUNl'pa SOCIETIES. . " ;
Union City! C. P. Church, Miss
V."l.i, C. i f . r.i.;iig Secre-
r, J J
; On the 27fch day' of December thft
Christian Endi'avor Society . of Cr it
tendon Grovel gave a delightfal
Christrrs program ' consisting ff
songs, driIIsvVti,-'-!, and play,
Christmas V"1
Each mc
tici Dated ln ,
unusual talent and a
fl Boyte as 'JHanhah
Lurline BulTington as.
son" i and Glenn Pehnl ai
chievous boy' deserve sp?
tion, - while Hubert BoyiKf
Hall as "colored ladies'. wl
Ungly funny. Miss Olga H
oe of her always appreci;
ssisted by, the. Rive:
tbis society ,was 'organize
wittt eleven active members
A. Blanto'n, 72 acres in Koi'iC, $7200
,': L. B.'jJVork et a to Hugh Langley,
39 acren No. 5, $1225. , -.
' Fred H,ays et al. andi J, M. Hays
et ux., to Andy Hayes et al., C3 acres
iii No. 6, $2200. .
r J. "M.. Hays St al; and Andy Hays et
a!?-to Mary Hay's et al.,, 82 acres in
No? 6, $600. ' '
Sam Walker et al. to H. A. Brans
ford -35 acres in No. 8, -$3000.'
ii yv. i-. niuiiiKiou ei ai. , io m.-. a.
Wely, 235 acrtfen No. 5, $6500.
H- B.NeeIy,, trustee, to W. P. El
lington, 235 acres in No. 5,. $6500.
Sallie Paschal et al. to- Rooert
Barnes et ux.v land in No. 8, $2000.
' Roy Keathley et al. to W. L. Bry-.
antseven acres in No. 8, $1750. .
pi Uond, Clerk, to A.L. Hays et
al Vres in No. 5, $ 2890,
G"S. Boyot et r.x. to Porter F.
Piorilot in No. 15, $550. ''
1 SH,-Holmau-et al. to A. M.,Nu
gent.'lot in No, 16, $470. : -;
'"TgOw. Forrester et al. to, M..' E.
Neely et al.,Jot in No. 15, $4000.
M, Nceley et al. to G.. W. Davis,
6 aces in No. .p- $3750. : , ..:
W.'E. Huey and wife to Chas. B.
Patrol), lot in No. 6, $700. - .
J. N. Tull to W.L. Cowsert, lot in
No. 8,. $3000. '' ' ' !
Harris Park3, trustee; et al. to W.
Miles,' 100 acres In No. T, $1100.
Oco McFall to W. C. Farrls, lot in
No..13, $450. v
J, R. Mllb et al. to Geo: Yates et
al.lot in No. 15, $610. '
Wa J. McCoy to J. W. Darnell. 40
acts'Jn No. 9, $1100. -."
Feart J. Clayton . et al to John
Ralney, .6 acres in No, 5, $1000. "
John Rainey et al. to Pearl J. , Clay
ton, 6 acres in No. 5, $750.; "
J; C. Bramms et ux. to W. O. Stub-
blefleld, 60 acres in NOj-16, $6000. f
S. B, Cloys ct al. to E. T. .Threl
keld 24 acres In No. 7 $2050,
H. Cr .Stauflold, tijfistee, to Reagor
Motlowr?s in No 13, $32,000
Reagor Motlow to Motlow Milling
Co., slots In No. 43,' $3000
E. H.vLannom,' trustee, to Motlow
Mt!llfl'A. 'ot in No,-.TcS,-$390
yv yV.' Litton et vA so B. C. Char
LCI, lUt 1U 1MU. O, f lilU.' '
' H. W-. Tate et al. to A. Charter
land in No.' 5, $500.
.f J. S. Harris to ElizabetJi F. "Gray,
lot In No. 16, $6600. , mW) ,
All.. B. Gantlfctt.et al. versus Delia
Buchanan et al. to J. .W. Alexander
lot In No.' 5, $905.
C6ra Lt.Demyer to J.H. Duncan
16t in, No. 16, $100
increVwed that number t for
quite & number of honorarf
bers. lIuch of this success is
the untiring efforts of the i
Miss.Ceojile Olive, and tie , '
ing meetings arranged by ie j
meeting cofiktee.
" i.
CumbeK.d...i5 .Tutiior.Party.
The C. E. ' Society of Uu
Church has just closed an inter
contest 'for'' attend .hcv, enUir
day, December 25, losing
give . the winners . t;-
Christmas w6.k. ?.i
little Endcavorcrs ev:
InV.y planned afteriio-i :
of Vi.-ahiia Howard. C
" etc, r -t i':
T1 ' f Carriage licenses.
: H.' Sirarell and A. Fltznatrick. D
House and Martha Smally, Joe Tate
and.Ruti' Ha',1, John Pinion and Ma
ry, Harifugton, -Raymond Bennett
and . KaWirfnfi MnriHa. Rptiti(a T.ao
ffFerrell and MamioSnowden, Andrew
Scott and Eunice - Moffatt, Odie B.
Stover and. Nell G.' Ferguson, Leon
ard A. Walker and Ver. Roberts, C.
C.!, Bradberry and Celia Lacewell,
Webster Harrjson and Hazel Xace-
welU Franklin Cooley, and Annie May
Davis, B. Thornton and Viola Mc
Makan. Lem Trice and Nannie Pat
y, John ;WI. Johnston, Jr., and Una
pberta Roland, lisson Dozier and
j iNfille. Sharp, - Harman Darnell and
Annie 'Adams, Herman Simms and
Novella Wheeler, Clifton Austin and
Lois, Yates, Jesse Knight and Leon a
haw.V John E. Lee ; and Ornice
rown Littleton Pounds and Clara
Reynolds, John In man and Rachel
tiler, Dewey Davis and Essie Rog
" Herbert Burgess and Edith Den4
'on., Wesley Rudd and Constance
,hn, -Frank- Rumage and L'iicile
, Willie Johnson and Jessie Al-1
ITuoy Stark and Vesta, Rhodes,
. - t ler and Ruby Han-
' v "nmersoa - and ' Hazel
. Thiirman" and i Alice
Mowell and Irene Al
r and Miss Robert
K. Jiimtnerson and
3;an, Boniiie Austin
jllaco, K.
I. J. V. T;
j, i.hatu,' '
s : . ' . . .
Shows at 2:00 and 3:30
. j ...... j., .
' II
From 7:00 to 10:30
The Moral Uplift League of Americalr resents Doctor
, Haiselden's Sensational Photo Play. -
"Are You Fit To Marry?"
It wouldV be a grave mistake for ay woman to miss it.
Life's darkest secrets revealed. Vaggering, startling,
sensational exposure. . Showing way Dr. Haiselden re
fused to operate to save the, life of the deformed baby
The Most Daring Exposure ever Attempted
Based on the famous1 Dr. Haiselden-Bollinger baby case.
Scenea that bpiSfJj-stagger- the imagination. Mothers,
vov fnt
NOlrrl his him has been arranged in a most re-
fined manner but owing to the delicate subjects it will
be shown strictly to separate audiences, and no children -
will be admitted.
'i;ne Payne. -i ;
' Alberta Faitn,-
Ibe shown strictly to separate audiences, and no children- . . 1
. will be admitted. ' ' r I ;
1 ' ,1 ' I - '
II ' Dr. Haiselden personally appears , in this tplay. t ? , j ; ti
I 0r "' You can't afford to miss this startling exposure. I ..
'Admission 30 cents including war tax. , - '
.. " .. ,- , . ... ... .. r. - -. .. .-. . - : '
, . : -
i ni ' -ii m
. 11 fur iiunrr-cfrf- ' , I III I .
u r . I I
k I I - ' xT I I '
I - . y V X -i. f 9 1' ' 11 Id I jr , , . B III - )S.:
; 'I I Jk. ,' '
. -i-- vv ..... rw i' , .
iiiiivifjr' 'i :'V ' iir
-11 - - - Ill
I I I t ' TMlE Ford 'ear fa -A si'mnln fn ." tilll r "V?
'J. II ..... I 1 j-t.f. i ii- l;!il
111 - action, so easy to, operate and handle , f if
I r .that almost anybody and everybody ;f ii
II.". can safely 'drive it. 'l ' '! '
III I , . . f '
' II
f 1 , -omie
Ford Coupe, permanently enclosed
sliding- glass' v.iLdowv 13 cozy,'
roomy modest end refined a ccs
you, your wife or diihtcr Will ba
to ovra and drive.' '
of courts it has all tlia Fcri c ccn-
of.cpcrctlcn rrJ :
Cell end loc! -c.k r

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