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Tte Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
. Jj. A. Smith, of Troy, was a visitor
last week.
lrW. F. Roberts, of Troy, was a
visitor Sunday.
O. D. Capps and daughter, Edith,
were In Martin Sunday.
' Mr. Ed Reeves Adams was a social
.visitor" in Trenton last week.
Mlsa Eva Lee, of Memphis, was
with Mrs.'Woodard tor a holiday tls-
Mr. Herschel Bradley and family
were in Jackson for a few days holi
day Visit, ,
Henry E. Williams, of the Bowers.
Store No. 14, Memphis, came home
Christmas. '. - . .
' Mrs, E.J. Evans and daughter, Bet
tie, were in Jackson this week for a
few days visit. '
; Mrs. Ethel Daniels and son visited
the family of J. W. Burney. in the
city this week. t '
Mrs. C. 'S. Whitley spent the holi
days in Fulton visiting Mr. mi Mrs.
R. S. Williams. V
S. W. Pressly and Misses Pauline
and Anna Mai Pressly, of Troy, were
I In the city Sunday, i .
Miss Georgia Usry, who is teaching
in Sharon; was hre during the holi
days with her parents.
Miss Josie Ward Campbell
baby Bister spent Xmas with thei
grandparents at Obion.
The. friends of that fine citizen
regret the Illness this week of Mr.
Will Latimer 1 of Beech. !
Mrs. F. J. Bartoldus, Jackson, was
reported very sick, but considerably
Improved with later news.1' ' ; '
Miss Birdie Waddell went to Mar
gin this week to visit her friends,
JMr. and Mrs. J. T. Perkins. ;
Misses Lottie Capps and Louise
Hughes were in Martin and Sharon
visiting during the holidays. ,
Mr. Howard Hickman was a visitor
this week with his uncle, Mr. Mr. R.
H. Hickman, of, Crutchfleld, Ky. . v
-See '' Conway .': Tearle in "The
Oath" ext Thursday at Opera House.
Ufcuse. : ;. .;'-' V''V '
G. W. Cox, of Paris, was visitor
In the city during" the holidays with
Jiis sister, Mrs. Sam T. Bowden.
Miss Lorene Capps, x of Martin,
, f spent Christmas holidays with her
I parents? Mr. and Mrs. Hi EL Capps.
Walter W. Pierce was here for a
few days this week visiting in the
borne of Mr. and Mrs. 'J. W. Burney.
' Charter No. .
- Reserve District No. 8 .
w mm mm
in the State of Tennessee, County of
: Obiori, at the close of business i; :
on Dec. 31, 1921.
. - . . .- '
Loans and Discounts includ- : ;
inn rediscounts, except v
thoxe shown iu baud c.. .: . $320,097.41
Overdraft)). unsecured.. y , 366.63
U. S. Government Securj- s . ; .
tibsOwnkd: . '
Deposited to secure circu- , : :
lation. U. S. Bonds, par
value .. 30.000.00 '
All other United State Gov-
ernment securities... - 21,168.75 r.
Total :
Other bonds,, stocks, securi- ,
ties, etc......
nankins' house$12,262.50; fur-
nitureand fixtures, $4,055.00
Lawful reserve with Federal
Reserve Bank..: 25,657.18
Cash in vault and amount , .
date from national Banks. 123,588.93
Checks on other banks in
the same city or town as
reporting bank other
than Item 12..... .... . 2,891.92
i . . , . : ;
Total of items 9, 10, 11, ,12.
and 13 126,480.85
Checks on banks located
utside of city or town of .:
: reporting: bank and other v
cash items .- 89.25
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer and due from U.
S. Treasurer
Total ,
: ", - '.
Capital stock paid in.. . .;
Surplus fund .. ...... '
Undivided profits .......
Circulating notes outstand
ing ... .' ,
Amounts due to State banks,
bankers and trust com- ,
panies In the U S. and ; v
tlian included in Items '
21 o 23.- . 6,178.76
Cashier's -checks on own JZ
bank outstanding.. 595.87 ,
3, 956.44
Total of items 21V22, 23, 24.
and 25 L.. '
Demand Deposits
than bank deposits)"
its payable within 30 c
Individual deposits subject
to check. ....
Time Deposits Subject
to Reserve payable
' after 30 days, or sub
ject to 30 days or more 1
notice, and postal sav- .
infra): . ' ;
Certificates of depositother
than for money borrowed 86,404.64
' 420,836.43
Total . 554.92.qt
State of Tennessee,
County of Ojbion. )
I, Hunter Elam, Cashier of, the
above named bank, doolemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belie.
; Hunter Elam, Cashier.
Subscribed and "sworn to before me
this5th day of Jan.; 195$. ,
LSeal.J W. E. Hudvns, - -
Correct Attest: i Notary Public. ;
Jno. T. Walker, .
Walker L. Martin,
D. N. Walker,
. Directois.
Miss Hazel Bowlaiil, of Men .
spent Christmas with Mr. and I .
E. E. Williams, returning home J -day
evening. . ,
Mrs. Sue Malone, of Dresden, spent
the holidays with her brothers,
Messrs. Arch and Jim Thompson,
north1 of the city.'
Miss Fannie Reeves and Miss Allie
May Reeves visited relatives and
friends at Obion and Rives during
the holidays.
Mrs. A, B. Cook and son, of .Mem
phis, and Miss Mattie Cook, of. Sha
ron, were .the, guests of Mrs. G., p.
Capps for a fe.w days. : . ?' ,
Mr. and Mrs. M. M'. Tulloss n&
daughter, of Hickman, spent the hol
idays with Mrs. Tulloss parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Walters.
O. E. Williams, traveling for the
Ellis Drug Co., Memphis, spent the
Christmas holidays , wlth-r relatives
and friends in Union City..- ' T
Mr. Wpi A. Chambers, of, Lexing
ton, Ky., now located wfclythe A. T.
&'.T; Co., spent the holidays with
homefolks and friends,
Mrs. Lena Gaulden, accompanied
by her husband, M. A. Gaulden, was
a visitor during the holidays with
her sister, Mrsi J. W. Burney.
Rev Leland Atwood, wife fand
daughter , of Murfreesboro, Tenn.
were visitors in the home" of i Mrs.
J. W. Woodard for the holidays, T
' ' Grandma Ritta' Harper, mother of
Mr. Walter Harper, has been very
sick this week of pneumonia at the
home of Mr, Harper near Beech. .
Mrs. James Reeves and , son, of
Hornbeak, have returned home after
spending Xmas with Mrs,- "Reeves
parents, Mr. arid Mrs. W. E. Walters
- You say you want to' see the
Packing Company do well, then show
your, faith by your works. - , Call for
our products.; They are better.
Misses Nell and Helen Milam, of
Obion, 'spent a portion of last week
with their grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. L. Milam, of. South - Ury
8treet? ;.;. J .r ""I
Rev. J.' ii'. Sanders, of the Nazarine
Church urill preach at the Presbyr
terlan Church on First street ' next
Sunday, the 8th Inst., at the morn
ing hour. ' Everybody invite.1.
Mr. St. John Waddell, of Memphis,
with the McAdoo Construction Co.,
is engaged with' Mi LouisfcAdoo
at Gleason this week in somVsjf very
big concrete bridge contracts, which
they are completing, j ;
' Our Regular January Clearance
and White Sale. . All winter' goods
sacrificed. ''-4 ' ,
;e Harmony TichetT
"oadow." ' f
C. L. Andrews. i
J. Adais. ,
R. L. Cummings.
1. Walker Kerr, .
C.1 T. Lovelace. " '
G. B. White.
t No. 9029
Look' for our ..advertisement ; Iii
next week's issue of this paper., It
contains eight , ads, written by the
pupils of the U. C; H. S. of the Com
mercial Department. They are some
of the finest you ever read, and con
tains much .information, that the cit
izens of Obion County; have never
known or thought ot,V'-p'.'':'2-''-REYNOLDS
Mr. Frank Harris, who is attend
ing the 'Bliss School of Electricity in''
nessee, at the close of
Dec. 31. 1921.
LoansMnd discounts, includ
ing iredifcounu texcept
thoje shown in b and c).,
Overirafts, unsecured
U. Sf Government Skcu- f r
M ritirs Owned:
Der'Wited to secure circula- '
t ii, U. S. Bonds par value 50,000.00
Al ther United States Gov.
fit securities .. 61,000.00
January 5, 1922.
4 Permit me to take this opportunity of addressing you .relative
to my candidacy , for Alderman' in the election to be held January 7ti,
J1922. On account of the' shortness of the time before electionjit..
Trill be impossible for me to see every voter in' person, hence '.L.,ay: '
taking this method of reaching everyone.- - '
If .honored with your- vote and elected an Alderman,. I make this
I solemn promise now to giveryou an honest administration of the.af-.
fairs 6f this ci ty so far as my part goes , based on what I conceive
,- o be a sound ' efficient , business administration.
Zi-v Aaflo political factions or fights , I do not think it: necessary
to discuss this issue, for in reality it is not an issue, for -factional
ism .is dead inUnion City, and it is useless to discus dead
Maaues. ' I believe in discussing live ones. ' ; ,
. 'I believe in a government, of the people, for the people and by
the people, and if elected I want my election to. come from the people
as a whole", wi th' -the votersras'a whole to express their choice at, the
polls on election day in;a free and untrammeled manner, and if elect-
ed I am tied to no man or -set or men.
A V n a ' J am rn n n a a a i va fn'oll ' t Vi H n rl o nha tVian At Via ni1 vats
civic or public affairs,' and I bow to no man or setc of,. men on ithis "
point. In considering public? improvements or progressive measuresj N
X shall be governed in my . judgment xn these mattersby cpnditions and
the will of a majority of- the people ,'that I necessarilyxwould. be rep
resenting .f And in spending the city's money Iv would ;f. eel it; my sol-
enn duty1 to spend itas cautiously and1 judiciously asI would my own
I firmly believe in a bigger and better public school f ree 'from any
antancl insf political 'all iahce and summing it all up, I bel ir and
tr bonds, stocks, securi-
s, etc . .
king house,tt.000.00:Tur-
itufe and fixtures $2,283.70 ' '
ivful reserve with Federal - ' , '
ieserve Bank 27,013.89
.hin vault andautount due
pom national banks....... 93,781.13
lounts due from banks,
oankers and trust com
panies in the United Stales - '
(other than included in
items 8 ,9, or 10............. 8,464.34
lieckson other banks in the
isame city or town as re
liortiutr bank, other than
(item 12.....!.... . 4.610.S8
ecks on banks located j
"i'yf city or town ot
V bank and othr V
- -J?T' K8.64
1U, 000.00
V 6,283.70
We are authorized to ban
W, Woosley as a candidate t
of Union City, Election
January 7, 1922. i
We are authorized to y
the fclISTTing T.Z.ZZ.ZZ. Cut;
candidates for Aldermen of
City, election Saturday, January
1922, as follows:
A. F. Tittsworth.
J. C. Brdick, Sr.
W, H. Hopper.
T. W. Jernigran. '
Washington City, is reported to b
iU of appendicitis.: tor. Jo'e Hift
of Baltimore, was instructed t(
charge and the probability is
an operation has been perform
TT. In. I IV. .1. '
Kilty IB luib ween. 2
her Public Health Nurse,
nie-D. Butler, who arrived H
day from her home at Vi
Miss Butler is a graduate n
one of Atlanta's best trainirl
for nurses, ..having , also a course in
public health nursing and. Varied exr
perience id this lme of her profession
during the war an4 sinee, serving aa circulating; notes outstand'sr
... ... , . , i Amount Oue - to National
a scnoui nurse in wacou ana later as
. vt
r uutr ' i ,
fisiirer.. . V , 7 on
.......-i J $573,853,38
Capitni otock paid in..'..
Surplus fund. .......4..
imaiviaea prouts
industrial nurse at the International
Cotton .Mills- at Foagansville,, Ga.
Miss Butler will have her office Joint
ly with Miss Little, American1 RAd
Cross, Home Service Section, and will
keep certain office hours which
be announced later. She wl be
working in the schools at once.
Capt. O. Dircks, of this city, t;
us that he had a very agreeable
prise Christmas present as a ho
announcement. .' Mr. Dircks .has
some others, a little oil interest
side line in the Owenwood Oi
poration, Fort Worth.VTexas, an
announcement runs thus: "I've
the rainbow I saw ihe smile
the canopy of oil thatarose like
gantic mantle abov (he crown bll
ot the derrick of Qwenwodd
No. 1 December 16, hen we brou
in the largest gusher In the entir
Mexia field, actually gauging 16,00
barreis daily thru the pipe line of th
Humble Petroleum Co." This is th
first pay oil for Mr, Dircks' company
and he is feeling like a winner,
If you need any winter wean
bles come to our clearance sale.
Amounts due to State banks.
bankers and trust com- ' ,
panics in the United States- "" ,
aud foreign countries .
' (other than included in
Items 21. or 22 2,081.19
Cashier's checks on own
bank outst,ndinK... 691.85
Demand deposits (other
than bank deposits) sub- v
jkct to Rkpbkvb "depos
its payable within 30 days:
iamvidual deposit subject
videnf s unpaid ---,,- 7,444.50
MB deposits, Subject to '
serve (payable after 30 s
days, or subject to 30 days
or more notice, and postal
savings: .. ,
'ertificatesof deposit fother.
thaifor money borrowedj 51,003.07
We opened school Monday with a
full attendance. New pupils bring
our enrollment ; up to one hundred 1 1
and eleven. , . v ' y
"We wish to thank our friends w he J
heinnri tn main rtnr" nlnv n. aiifconq'
Receipts were $20. 50, which was
very fine considering the very bad
eyening. v - . "
, Mr. W. H. Latimer i3 recovering
from an an attaak'of pneumonia.' His
mother, Mrs. Harper, is very ill of
the same malady, v; c
The younger set enjoyed the holi
days with several parties, Miss Gay
Cloar, Miss Sophronia Allen and Mr.
Paul Houser entertaining.
Services at' Beech next Sunday
with Sunday school at 10 o'clock by
the pastor, Rev. R. L. Keathley. You
are invited. - , ,
State of Tennessee, I
uouhty.of Obion. ).
I, A. L. Garth, Cashier 6f theove
iftinied bank, do solemnly ?ear tf.'.t
the above statement is trueJjo the best
of my knowledge and belief , A
A. L. Garth Cashier i
Subscribed and sworn u beforeme
this 6th day of Jan., 1922 ,
Seal. ., ' Noary Public.
Correct Attest: ' .
ii. A. Beck,,.
A. J. Cobtjm.
Ejii -gftOVER,
Our school opened again Monday
morning, Jan. 2, after one week's
suspension for the Christmas holi
days. We now have an enrollment
ol 146, the exact number thkt was
assessed Jn this district. . . t"v
un jjec. zwe,gavo an entertam y
ment for. the Tehefit of the 'school I
and in spite of a threatening storm i
the house was crowded ana every one
seemed to enjoy the plays that were-
given by home talent. Mr. Neel and
I are doing our best to make Lee's
school at Samburg the best in Obion
County, and I believe we have the
hearty co-operation of the people.'
fio, hurrah, we are going over the
top! By the Assistant Teasner,
mv i .
r Po3oibly the most Important sale-
Ot tne season. All winter stocks must
be cleared out, also very low prices
quftcd on all staple dry goods.
-Messrs. Jewitt Wheeler and 1
Stufjbroker, vyho are in thei
sity Vf Tenneseee, Memphis,
students, were, here for the
visiting the home of Mr. W7
nds In Union
Pi -
i 1 1
ptjvjj " j . y j 'j , I
Ii . , - ' ' Ik
r' x,; .- ) ' I
I mes'q'iuiit hocMm i
" "IT r i' '
,' -.' : ' .". .1''"
x .j' ' :- l'.I'j . . . rr' .. ; . 'rL 1 '
v mi "nm ---rr TrmrniniTnTr-tni - iiiihi iiiiiiiimi in hi mis ism
"f i i ,,.:!.., su-.i- : :t
. ' . - J'
x . . ,
, t
km for a Bigger ,' better- arid more, aggressive' Union i ty with
pinned tola city of ten thousand hppya and contested people b.
- henor f with ut vote ,-Iwant to asure. you it v.
v.culd 'youV
it to
to vote forlr
iuci? iu y
11 feeli

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