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The Comtbercial, Union City, Tenn.
. . ' ' Stocfctoiders' Jfeeting. 1 ' :'
' , The regular annual meeting of the
stockholders of tb Farmers Ex
change Baak, of Union City, Tnn
will he heW at the tanking rooms at
2 o'clook p.m. on the 12th day ol
January, 1922, Sat the purpose of
electing board f directors and for
such otiher business as may properly
come ihefore saM meeting. All the
stoclibalders are .urged to be on hand.
C. W. MILES, Jr., Cashier.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The regular meeting of the stock
holders of The Third National Bank
f Union City, Tennessee, will be
lield in the directors' room of the
"bank "building at 10 o'clock a.m.,
Tuesday, January 10, 1922, or the
purpose of electing directors for the
ensuing .year, ana for the discussion
of any other business that may prop
erly come before the meeting. A
full attendance Is requested. 37-4t
, D. N. WALKER, Vice Pres.
' HUNTER ELAM, Cashier.
Stockholders' Meeting.
- Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Old National Bank of Union
City, Tenn., will be held in the bank
ing room of said bank on Tuesday,
January 10, 1922, at two-o'clock
p.m., for the purpose of electing
eleven directors to serve for the ea
suing year, and to consider any other
business that may come before said
meeting. We urge you to be present
at this meeting. : 37-4t
A. L. GARTH, Cashier.
H, A. BECK, President.
Farm Loan Association.
To the stockholders of the Nation
al Farm Loan Association: You are
notified to attend the regular stock
holders meeting of the Obion County
National Farm Loan Association in
the county court room at Union
City, Tenn., on January 10, 1922, at
1 o'clock pjn., for the purpose of
electing a board of five directors and
to transact any other business that
may come before the meeting. A div
idend will be paid on that day. All
vlll piease attend.
DR. W. A. NAILUNG, Pres.
J. H. SHORE, Sec-Treas.
Meeting of Stockholders.
You are hereby notified that the
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Reynolds Packing Company
will l)e held in the City Hall, Union
City. Tennessee, Monday, January
16, 1922, at 2 o'clock p.m. for the
election 6f seven directors and for
4 . A I - . 11 1 ,
ui li ausauuun vl eucn uiuer Busi
ness as may be brought before the
The stock transfer books of the
Company will be closed January 16,
1922. W. G. REYNOLDS,
50-2t President.!
Mr, Clifford McClanahan, of Mem
phis, was a holiday visitor last week
in jUaion City, ' .'.'
W, P. Mock, of the John B. Rogers
Producing -Co., was here attending
the Elks dance.
Miss Charline Parham, of Mayfleld,
was the holiday guest of Miss Jo
sephine Everett. .
. --Call 150 for Bon Air. -
i G. B. DrlskiU, who has been in
Oran, Mo., with his sister for a few
weeks, has returned., , ,
Dr. Earl Kicizey, of Memphis, was
here during the holidays visiting his
mother and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Holman, of
Harris, spent the holidays with Mr.
and Mrs. Knox Everett.
To prevent a cold take 666.
MissjEstrel Grooms, who was very
ill during the holidays, is reported to
be considerably Improved.
Mr. H. Ligon, of St. Louis7 was a
holiday visitor in the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Ligon.
Mr. Key Mott, of Helena, ArK.
was here during the holidays visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Mott.
666 cures Malarial Fever.
Miss Mary H. Turner, of Chicago,
was a Visitor for the holidays with
relatives and friends in Union City,
Mr. and Mrs. Will ' Meadow, of
Dickson, were here for the holidays
visiting; Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Meadow.
Icwall the year. Call 160.
; Mr. Harold Henry, of the Trenton
Herald, was a visitor here during the
holidays with friends in Union City.
Mr. and M'. P. M. McHugh were
In Dyer, Tenn., as visitors during the
holidays with Mr. McHugh's mother.
, -Fresh Oysters at Burdicks, Phone
185. ' . :.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bamett, of
Sikeston, Mo.f were in the city last
week visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. M.
Woosley. ' '
Miss Ava Tune, of, Rives, spent
the week end in this city visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Tune,
Division street.
To break a cold take 666.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Roper, of Tip
tonville, spent the holidays with Mrs.
Roper's parent3, Mr. and Mrs. H. . A.
Tune, at Rives.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schmidt, of
Memphis, were in ihe city last week
visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Martin Schmidt. "
Dry kindling at Union City Ice
& Coal C
Mr. Herbert Williams, of Memphis,
was a visitor here for the holidays
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E,
Williams, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Ed Shelton and
baby, of Mayfleld, were in the city
last week visiting in the home of
Mrs. Shelton's mother, Mrs. Lillian
Rub-My-Tism, a pain killer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Davidson, of
Knoxviile, were here during the hoi
ldays visiting Mr. Davidson's' moth
er and other relatives and friends in
the city.
vinn o n
Ml W
Announces the DAHNKE-WALKER MILL in operation.
v r r and how ready to receive'
It is our purpose to maintain the highest possible-grain market .
; handling products direct from the farmers.
The Manufactured Products of tills Mill now' sold
by all Grocers and Feed Stores. Ask for them.
lieJiiaotloIilling Co.
mm mmmm ' ' mmmmmmmmmmm
Stockholders' Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
stockholders of the Obion County
Telephone Co. on Saturday, " January
14,. 1922, for tho purpose of electing
officers for the ensuing year and to
attend' to any other business that
may come before the meeting. Meet
ing to be held at tho City Hall at' 2
o'clock p.m. J. H. TODD, Fres.
41-2t ;. '
"Those Who Dance
Must Pay The Fiddler93
There's a settlement in profit or loss, for
nearly every indulgence.
Sometimes the pay day is Jong deferred, and
in that case the settlement may bear compound
. interest
Often a payment in ill health is required for
the dance had with tea or coffee during earlier
years. , Sometimes the collection comes in sleep
lessness, sometimes in headaches, sometimes in
high blood pressure, or in nervous indigestion
sometimes in all these penalties.
Nerves won't always stand the whipping of
. tea and coffee's drug, caffeine.
' If you've baen dancing to tea or coffee's fid
dling, why keep on till payment time comes? If
you're beginning to pay, now, why not cancel the
. contract?
, ,, . : ' a - v: . - . . J ' .
here's an easy and pleasant way to avoid 4
tea and coffee's penalties, as thousands have found
who have changed to Postum. It is a delight
.with any meal rich, comforting and satisfying"
and it never harms. Even the Jitile children :
can have a breakfast cup of Postum, with no fear ; "
f?r what may happen to sensitive nerves.
.Instead of 'paying pftaMes for your meal-
I drihk, let it pay bei fits to you, by giving
-al ?lootfK a "nil Kar
i restaurant win
-'Ties tn twr
'jid begirt the new
i wi yuu,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl McMichael, of
Detroit, Mich., were here during the
holidays visiting Dr. and Mrsi J. F.
McMichael. . ri
Mr. Fulton Moffett, of Memphis,
vas a holiday visitor in Union City
with his sistora, Mrs. Napier and
Mrs. Quails. .' '.
666 quickly relieves a cold.
Mr. Louis Hibbitts, of Nashville,
was a holiday visitor here last week
in the home of his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. J. B. Hibbitts. , .. . '
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Meadow, of
Nashville, were in the city last, week
visiting Mr. Meadow's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. T. R. Meadow.
-Fresh Oysters at Burdicks. Phone
F. C. Aydelott, of Memphis, now
successfully engaged in insuranco
work as general agent, was a visitor
here for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Davis and son,
of Nashville, were here for the hoU
days visaing Mrs. Davis' parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Wheeler. . ,a(. ,
Rub-My-Tism for Rheumatism.
Mrs. Vernon Verhine, accompanied
by Mr. Verhine and the pysician, Dr,
Quails, went to Nashville last week
for special treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Heathman, who
have been spending the holidays with
relatives at Dayton, Ohio, stopped
over here for a few days visit with
Mrs. Heathman's mother, Mrs. J. N.
Bramham, before returning to New
High-grade furniture varnish,
$2.60 per gallon. Red pot Store
Washington avenue.
The many friends in Union City
regret the serious illness of Mr. John
Godwin in Nashville. Mr. Godwin
was stricken for the second time
with paralysis and he has been in
a critical condition, but is said to be
somewhat improved this week.
One of tho misfortunes of the hol
idays in Union City was the serious
illness of Mr. John Adams, the East
Main street groceryman and a well
known citizen. Mr. Adams Buffered
a stroke of paralysis. He is however
much Improved this week, and it Is
hoped will soon bo well over the ef
fects of the attack. '
Returning to school this week af
ter a holiday visit are teachers and
students as follows: . Miss Mary
Dahnke, Misses Louise and Mabel
Luten, Kathleen Burdick, -Zula Mai
Harris, King Cox, Glyn Brown, Wal
lace Stone, Marshall Garth, Univer
sity of Tennessee; Misses Virginia
and Doris Niles, Georgia Rhoads, Ma
rV Butler and Jeanie Garth. Messrs.
Frank Kiinzey. Fred Dahnke, Harold
Caldieell, ,Mark Butler, ' Vanderbilt
wersity; Misses Sara and Louise
Romona Dietzel and Sara
, Messrs. C. N. and H. H. Lannom
have moved their law offices to the
Nailling Building above the Forres
ter Cafe, and Dr. J. F. Roper has
moved to the Red Star Drug Store,
where he will continue his practice
as a physician.
Floor brushes, $2.00; window
brushes with - long handles, $1.25
each. Red Spot Store, Washington
avenue. . '. ; y
. ' Dr. T. R. Garth, of -the University
of Texas, Austin, who has been at
tending a meeting of the American
Association of Scientists at Toronto,
Canada, was here Sunday stopping
oyer for a visit with the family of
his brother, A. L. Garth.
- Roller-screened nut coal at Un
ion City Ice & Coal Co. '
C. P. Church Notes.
V 'idlin.
d, Randoiph-Macon College,
V jr' " Clara Katherine
Sunday school, 9: 4 5 a. m. r
Morning and evening worship at
th usual hour, sermon by the pastor.
Junior Christian Endeavor, 3 p.m.
Senior Christian Endeavor, 6 p.m.
. In addition to the regular program
Miss Butler, 'our Community Nurse,
will tell us something : about her
work. '- .'
The strangers within our gates are
cordially invited to attend all serv
ices. " ." .' '
Half Sick, Cross Husbands Will Be
Helped by Gude's Pepto-Mangan.
Is he "cross as a bear" when he
comes home? Is he nervous and a
bit pale and always tired? You can
help him back to health with Gude's
Pepto-Mangan. He is run-down, and
Pepto-Mangan, -the ' wonderful blood
tonic with the right kind of iron in
it, will build, him up. Help your
husband get plenty of red blood and
he will be well and good natured
again and stronger, too. Good blool,
good health, makes happy good hu
mor that is the way It goes. If you
don't give him some kind of a tonic
ho will probably get ' worse--they
usually do. Go to the drug store and
ask for Gude's Pepto-Mangan in liq
uid or tablet form. It is pleasant to
take and works wonders ,if
daily for a few weeks.
Mr. Beauchamp McConnell, " of St.
Louis, was a visitor at home In Union
City with his mother, Mrs. A. M. Mc
Connell,, and family during the hol
idays. ,
Mrs. Hardy Brown visited her
daughter, Mrs.; Joe Turner, at Martin
Christmas. . V ;
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Curry were
in Hornbeak as visitors during the
holidays. .''''. . .
Miss Margaret Primrose, of Bethel, -was
a visitor Christmas eve with her
sister, Mrs. Alton Neeley.
On Tuesday, the 10 th day of Jan
uary, 1922; at 1:30 o'clock, p.m., at
the courthouse door in Union City,
In accordanco with the terms,, of a
deed of trust registered in Book G
No. 9, page 193, I, as trustee, will
sell at public outcry for cash the fol
lowing described tract of land in Civ
il District No.. 6, of Obion County,
Tennessee: . Bounded on the north
by Shores, on the south by Blanton,
on the east by Blanton, and on the
west by McRee, containing 135 acres
and now owned by D. E. Caudle. .
Said land will be sold to satisfy
the indebtedness mentioned in said ',
deed of trust and sold subject to a
lien of $6000.00 due the Federal
Land Bank of Louisville. -v
"H. C. STANFIELD, Trustee. .
Dec. 19, 1921. ' , 39-41-2t
January 5, 1922.
Permit me to take this opportunity of addressing you relative
to my candidacy for Alderman in the election to be held January 7th,
1922. On account of N the shortness of the time before election it
" . .-.-i-.il..- '
will be impossible for me to see every voter in person, hence I am
taking this method of reaching everyone. A
If honored with, your vote and elected an Alderman, I make this
solemn promise now to give you an honest administration of the af
fairs of this city so far as my' part goes, based on what I conceive
to be a' sound, efficient, business administration.
As to political factions or fights, I do not think it necessary
to discuss this' issue, for in reality it is not an issue, for fac
tionalism is dead in Union CI ty , and it is useless to discuss dead
issues. I believe in discussing live ones . - .
I believe in a government of ; the people, for the people and by
the people, and if elected I want my election to come from the people-
as a whole, with the voters as a whole to express their choice at the
polls on election day in a free and untrammeled manner, and if elect
ed I am tied to no man or set of men.
At heart I am progressive in all things, whether it be private;'
civic o public affairs, and I bow to no man or set of men on this
point.. In considering: public improvements or progressive measures,
I -''shall be governed in my judgment on these matters by conditions and
the. will. of a major! ty of the people that I necessarily would be rep
resenting. And in spending the city's money I would feel it my sol
emn duty to spend it as cautiously and judiciously as I would my own.
I firmly believe in a bigger and better public school free from any'
entangling political alliance, and summing it all -up, I believe and
am for a bigger, betterand more aggressive Union City, with my-hopes
pinned to-a city of- ten thousand happyand contented people by 1925.
if yn honor me with your vote , I want .to assure you it will be
I indeed. However, should you elect to vote for some One
assured that I will bow to your' will graciously and with-
feeling on my. part. ; "
ngypu ior ;wxi' ?r consiaeraLion you may. give to
my . can-
ily and sincerely yours ,

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