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January Clearance Sale
Manhattan Shirts
$2.50 grades reduced to...,..,....'....., $1.65
3.00 grades 'reduced to 1.95 ,
3.50 grades reduced to 2.35
4.00 grades reduced-to '2.65
4.50 grades reduced to 2.95
5.00 grades reduced to.: ..,......'.. 3.35
6.00 grades reduced to.:.......... 3.85
All new Fall Patterns, full run of sizes, 13s to 18s
W. Q. Clag-ett' Co.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn
; FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1922.'
v Vote for T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
- Mrs. Riley French is reported bet
ter. ' - ' . , "
Mrs. Rayburn Rose has returned
from a visit to relatives at Kevil, Ky.
Vote for T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
Mr. and Mrs. Hays McClure spent
' several days in Nashville last week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Oliver motored
over to Hickman one day last week.
Vote for T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Bradley and
. children visited relatives In Jackson
last week,
Mrs. S. J. Cannon, who has been
confined to her bed for some weeks,
is improved. , .
Miss Annie Pitts is taking a
month's vacation visiting her par
ents" at Trimble. e -
Vote-for T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
Mrs. Emily Holloway, of Rives, an
aged lady, enjoyed a visit in Union
City during the holidays.
i Messrs. Elmore and Henry Wil
liams, of Memphis, were here for the
holidays visiting homefolks.
' Mayor T. T. Swayne and family,
of Hickman, were in Union City dur
ing the Christmas holidays..
v Miss Annie Margaret McClanahan
i spent the week end at Newbern a's
guest of Miss Lucilla Ford.
: Vote for. T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
Mr. RR. S. Moffatt was in the
City last week taking orders for a
clothing house in St. Louis.
Miss Hazel Bowland was a holiday
guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Emerson Williams, Vine street.
Misses Mildred and Hattie Mai
Bushart were in Martin and Hick
man as visitors for the holidays.
" Mrs. W. E. Eason and son, Lexie,
have returned from Obion, where
they have been visiting relatives.
.Vote, for T. R. Meadow for Mayor.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred McClanahan
and children are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. McClanatan on Second
street. "
Mr 3. W. M. Stale up t "
yfi iM r i t . s '
: f mm 1 unm
surgical treatment and hospital care.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Howell,1 of
Obion, were in the city this week as
guests pf Dr. and . Mrs. C. E. Up
church. ; - '.. .. ' , -
Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Thomas
have retufhed from Savannah, Tenn.,
where they spent the ' holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. Otho Beck are in
Nashville this week, taking with
them their. little son : for surgical
treatment. " i
Mrs. Paul Croft, who has been vis
iting her mother, Mrs. D. J. Caldwell,
left last Sunday for Chicago, her fu
ture home. "
Mrs. M. W. Barney left the first of
the year to spend the winter in Flor
ida with her son, Earle Barney, at
Tallahassee. -
Mrs. Otis Bogle, of Brinkley, Ark.,
was here for the holidays visiting her
sisters, Mrs. E. M. Long and Mrs. R.
M. Jackson. '
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Chandler write
from Burlington, 111., that they want
the home newsThe Commercial
to keep coming. '
Miss Estelle Stovall, of Memphis,
was a holiday visitor with .her par
ents in Number Seven and was in
the city Tuesday shopping.
Mrs. Olive Canaday Morrow late
of Los Angeles, Cal.i is spending the
winter in Union City looking after
business interests in the South. ,
Mr. John P. Adams continues to
improve after an attack of apoplexy
two weeks ago, and is feeling like
warming up his campaign for Alder
man. .. . -. .: -
Mrs. Stacy Samons, who has been
visiting her mother, Mrs. Tobe
George,. for the past few weeks, has
returned to her home in Mount Ver
non, 111. 1 J "
Mr,' and Mrs. Sol Ford, of Hohen-
walf, Tenn.,! who were here tor the
holidays " visiting Mrs. Anna Ford
Walden, went to Newberu, and Mr.
Ford left last week' returninghome.
7 Vote the Harmony Tlcket
T. It, Meadow..
C. L. Andrews.
J. P. Adams. 1
R. L. CummiE.s. .
J. V.V.ker Kc.r.
C. 7. Lovi.". .4.
Mr. Ford tells us that there are good
oil prospects in his territory and that
tests are to be made by men w,lth
means to carry out the work.
Misses Miriam Edwards, Thelma
Dickson and Harriett Tate, niece of
W. F. Tate, accompanied by Messrs.
W. P. Rogers, Pratt . Waddell and
Ferrell Kirkman, motored over to
Dyersburg Christmas week.
News from Dr. Joe' Hibbitts in
Washington City comes to the effect
that Mr. Frank Harris has been op
erated on for appendicitis and that
he is out of danger. C Mr. Harris is
the son of Mrs, Geo. Stone, this city,
attending the Bliss Electrical School.
For the information of the rail
road authorities Col. Wv H. Caldwell
has been faking a census of the cars,
vehicles and pedestrians crossing the
Church street iailroad crossing for
the period of three days as follows,
Pedestrians. 6148 : cars and vehi-1
cles, 3354. , Some stirring this for
a small town.
During the holidays Miss Thelma
Dickson entertained the younger
bridge club. .. For the occasionthe
room was decorated in the holiday
motif of red and green. High score
was won by Miss Naideen Jordan.
Miss Lola Harper cut consolation. I
The refreshments were exceptionally
nice and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Mr. Ben B.: Hughes has signed as
traveling salesman with 'the Gallon
Iron Woiks, of Gaiion, Ohio, for the
sale of highway construction mar
chinery. Mr. Hughes is known as
one of our best tractor-and" farm im
plement men and machinists. ; He
has a place that will give him lati
tude for his knowledge and experi
ence and he will make good success
with it. - " '
Miss Fannie. Mott Drisiill enter
tained the Tuesday afternoon Bridge
Club at .her residence on College
street. Miss Minnie Beck won high
score prie, a beautiful; brassiere, and
Mrs. Luther Morris cut consolation. '.
At the conclusion pf the games de
liciolis .refreshbif 4ts were served.
Mrs. Mott was a fted in enWtain
lug by her sister rs. Fr lAyde
lott, of Memphis 1 v V
W. S. Moore, of ( '"e
of tho holiday visitor?
Sir. year;
- A..
of industry and a success in his busi
ness. He was here visiting the fam
ily of his uncle, Judge F, W. Moore,
and the friends, those especially who
remember him in the days of yore,
are always glad to see bim.
- Death of Mrs. J. F. Cox.
Mrs. J. P. Cox; daughter of Joseph
and Sara Pruett, died at tl, family
home in the vicinity! of WcjdJand
-Mills, .on Tuesday afternoon, the 3d
inst., after a short illness. Mrs. Cox
was born in Sumner County, Tenn.,
October 14, 1864, being 58 years,
two months and twenty days of age.
She was married to William Ingram
November 20, 1881, and five children
blessed the union, three of them sui
vlying. Mr. Ingram died in 1889.
Mrs. Ingram was again married in
1900, united with Mr. Cox, and to
this union two children were1 born,
both dying in infancy. The daugh
ters "surviving the. first marriage are
Mrs. Arthur Evans, Mrs. Luther
Carr, Mrs. Amos Kendall. ,
Mrs. Cox professed faith in Christ
at the age of 25 and Joined the Bap
tist Church, living a consistent mem
ber and devoted mother and friend,
a woman of many kind deeds ' and
christian virtues. Mr. Cox died sev
en years ago.
Funeral services were conducted
at Salem Church by Rev., H. W. Stig
ler, and "the remains were interred at
Salem 'Cemetery.
Parent-Teachers Meeting,
Under the management of the
Parent-Teachers Association the first
program for the new year will take
place in the auditorium of the High
SchPool on Thursday afternoon," Jan
uary 12, at 3:15 o'clock.
The program will consist of an in
teresting course of lectures on child
life from pre-natal stage to adoles-.
cence. Dr. Quails will give the first
lecture on Thursday afternoon on
pre-natal care and influence.
The second lecture will be on Jan
uary 26 at Westover School, given by
Miss Butler, our local Health Nurse.
Subject: Infant Care. ;
The remaining parts of the pro
gram will he given in lecture form
by good and competent speakers at
dates to be announced later.
Interesting musical numbers will
be given. to add to our programs. We
feel sure that these lectures are very
important and should be very inter
esting, and as a large per cent of in
fant deaths is due to ignorance on
the part of the mother, before and
after birth, every mother and girl bf
marriageable age should be interest
ed enough to attend and take advan
tage of the benefits from these lec
tures. -
: A special invitation is extended to
the mothers who have children at
Westover for the second lecture.
Serious Injury.
;' Jim Stone, Jr.,, aged about eleven
years, residing . with his father in.
Number Seven, fell out of a barn and
his body struck a large metal hook.
Which pierced his lower Iwwels and
held 4 him above the ground." His
cries brought assistance and he was
taken home in a critical condition.
Drs. Hibbits and White were called
and found besides' the other injuries
a rib broken, 'which perhaps saved
the boy from greater danger, i It is
understood that the patient . is inv
proving. "
Nurse for the State Board of P
of the
ie Southern pivJpn, A'
Cr-.s for t'- 'Vi--f
Red Cr-s
iS F""4 Wr"
Because we sell for CASH.
Because we can sell good goods reasonable
Because good goods are cheaper in the end
Because we can guarantee every- article sold.
Much Oblige
Thanks to You.
We come to the New Year of 1922 with
many thanks for your patronage, kind
ness, love and friendship for all the past.
We go forward into the new year
with bright hopes and bigger hearts, to
endeavor, if possible! to serve you better
this year than ever before. In soliciting
your business we hope to have your
patronage and co-operation for a bigger,
brighter, happier year for us all.
With thanks to all, we: are yours for
J. W. Johnston and Miss Una
Alberta Roland were married at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. L. Roland, Dec. 29. It was
a quiet but pretty home, wedding.
The rites of matrimony were beauti
fully solemnized by Rev. Petty, pas
tor of Hickman Baptist Church, in
the presence of a few immediate
friends and relatives. The decora
tions were of holly and ferns, simple
hut very charming. The bride was
dressed In a tailored suit of blue
tricotine and nat to match, wearing
a corsage of bride roses. She looked
pretty. The happy groom was hand
somely dressed and looking as If he J
had won a queen. The bride will be
greatly missed from the community
in which she lived. They were the
recipients of many pretty and useful
gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Johnston are
making their home in or near Hick
man. ,
.'' '.
' On the afternoon of Dec. 24, 1921,
at the parsonage of the Union City
circuit, Rusaell M., Houser and Miss
Hazel ; M. McDaniel were united in
marriage by Rev.. G.;W. Evans.'
0. E., S.
- Tuesday night will be the regular
meeting of the O. E. S. A1I1 members
are urged to be present for the trans
action of importnat business.
Officers for the year 1922 have
been elected and installed as follows:
Miss Nelle Marshall, W. M.; Dr. All
mond, W. P.; Mob. Massengill,: A. M.;
Mrs. Park, Cond,; Mrs. Allmond, A. I
Cond. ; Miss Louise Shropshire, Sec
retary; Mr. Jackson, : Sent.; Mrs.
Whitson, Warder; Mrs. Bryan, Chap
lain; Miss Roberta Marshall, Organ
ist? Mr. Hamilton, Treasurer; Miss
Hamilton, ' Marshal; Mrs. Stalcup,
Adah; Miss Katherine Bryan, Ruth;
Mrs Powers, Esther; Mrs. Chambers,'
Martha; Mrs. Jackson,,?v5ta; Mrj
Jordan, Critic; Mis;j'41toofS
Corresponding S" 1 VA.hl' -
Terbert.E. "
Vorwioh C-
Removal Notice.
Dr. J. F. Roper, Physician,
Announces that he bas moved from tbe
Nailling building on First street and is
now located at the Eed Star Drug Store,
Main street.
Postmaster's Greetings.
To the patrons of the post office
greeting: 1 ' . . '
On behalf of the employees of this
office, I extend to you my heartiest
Christmas greetings.
I feel that it would be ungrateful
to fail to thank you for the liberal
patronage extended to this office this .
year. Notwithstanding the general
financial depression,. the misfortunes
in business, etc., in our little city,
the post office has had the largest
business both in volume and amount
of gross receipts ever. The parcel
post business is growing by leaps and 1
bounds. We attribute this to your
confidence in , the parcel post sys
tern as the cheapest and best method
of transportation of articles carried
by that system. , :. '
It has been our purpose to render
service to the people, realizing that"
we are SERVANTS of the people. We
have received many , helpful sugges
tions from business men which have
been incorporated in our , business
policies. ; We hope to have this same
splendid spirit of co-operation con
tinue. We assure you that much.
good in service will be the result. : ?
With kindest wishes of the season, v
, Sincerely,
G. W. PHEBUS, JR.. 'A;..
Union City, Dec. 25. '
Elmer DeVore vs. Lucy DeVore.
Chancery Court, s Obion County
Tennessee. -.-. 1
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master from '
the bill of complaint, which is sworn,
to, that the defendant, Lucy DeVore, "
is a non-resident of the State of Ten
nessee, so that ordinary process of,
law cannot be' served upon her. It
Is therefore hereby ordered thafeathey
said ; above iamed defendant appf j
before the Clerk and Master
Chancery Court of Or' y
Tennessee, on or befc
Monday of February, j
ing a rule day of ii
Court, and make
bill, or the same
.confessed by her,
set for heart f '"
It is fur1
f r -
p s.-i I :. I. -- ' i
-1- '

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