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Jho. T. WalRer . Co.
phone us,
FOR KENT With basrd, one
front room.. Will accomniodaje two
people comfortably. Call 277-W. 41tf
LOOKi When ' you need &r: good
jersey cow see Ollle Nichols? tl, will
treat you right. v Telephone "389-J.
41-4t - " '.
LOST Black ; beaded purse be
tween hotel and Methodist Church.
Finder return to. Mrs. Henry O: Head,
Jr. Reward. '.-'. ' 41-lt
LOST One bird pointer bitch,
about one year old, white with brown
spots. Please notify the undersigned
at Southeastern Express Office. 42p
' FOR SALE Ten acres of - land
near Union City, good five-room
house, good barn and well. 41-2tpd
Union City, Tenn., Aoute 1,-
FOR SALE New, late model, No.
9 Oliver! Typewriter, good shape, just
the thiDg for a Christmas present, dirt
cheap., Address "Owner,"' The Com
mercial office.
The Commercial, Unjon City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1922. s -
FOR SALE Cypress boards, $1.00
per hundred; shingles, ?7. 50 per
thousand: cypress lumber at $2.00
per hundred, apd all other kinds of
lumber cheap. D. J. simmuns.
39-4p R.F.D. No. 1, Rives, Tenn.
FOR ' SALE Starr, Richmond,
Trayser and Remington pianos, play
er nianos, Starr phonographs. Some
bargains in used pianos. Terms to
suit you. A. N. DICKSON,
37-4t Phone 101
LOST Hand bag and a pair of
rubber shoes in Union City between
the First Christian Church and For
rester's Garage. Return to White
Furniture Co. store and receive re
ward. : 41-lt
We. are again receiving
plenty of -
Cumberland Block
We are not handling any
inferior grades to sell cheap.
Bundle Kindling
Dr. W. J. Jones
Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phone 214-J
A Modem Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Narsea
DR. W. A. NA1LL1NG. . .. .Chief Surgeon
Onion Gty, Tnnv Both Phone 41.
. . . ( Cumberland 461 : ' 1
TelePh0neS: I County 262 ....
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mrs. Aran Millinery Store
Union City, : Tenn.
Cleaned and Repaired.
Staf fords Superfine- Ribbons
Little Mlssr Irma Douglas has re
turned 'from a holiday visit in Bard
well, Ky. ' ,x'
Mr. ) John D. Wilson, former Army
Field Clerk, was a holiday visitor in
Union City. ;-; . , ;.;. v.;
666 -cures Chills and Fever.
Miss Lydia Stone has returned to
her school work in Memphis, after a
visit home for the holidays.
Mrs. Rayburn R. Rose has been
enjoying the holidays visiting her
parents and friends at Kevil, Ky,
; -r"HabIt,;. the big fashion show
at. Or5era House Monday. .
Dr. McCall Morris, of Cincinnati,
was a holiday visitor in the city in
the home of his aunt, Mrs. Geo. Nash.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robey, of Nash
ville,, were here last week as holiday
visitors With relatives and friends.
; 666 cures Bilious Fever.
; Mr, and Mrs. Claude Allen enjoyed
a holiday visit to 'the home of Mr.
Board in Number Seven last week.
Miss Eleanor Spencer has returned
to-Memphis, after a holiday visit with
Mrs. Mark Forroster, Morgan street.
, Monday at Opera House, Mil
dred Harris Chaplin in "Habit."
Mr. Harry Gibhs , is visiting his
brother, Mr. Chas. Gibbs, who is said
to be very ill at his home in Helena,
Mr. Harry Dircks, of Rochester,
N. Y., was a holiday visitor with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Dircks, in
Union City. "
The best 13 the cheapest in coal
Call 150. '
Misses Alpha and Juna Roach, of
Hickman, Ky., have . been visiting
Misses Gladys and Sue Wheeler in
Union City.
Mr. Chas. Neoly, of Memphis, was
here during holiday week with Mrs.
Neely at the home of Mr. and. Mrs.
W..J. Mayes. . .
-Next Thursday at Opera House,
Conway Tearle in "The Oath."
Mr. Joe F. Posey, w,ho is attending
school in the Georgia Tech., was
home for the holidays visiting his
mother, Mrs. Myrtle Posey.
Miss Ruth "Crenshaw, engaged in
the work of the American Red Cross,
came in last week for a holidav visit
with relatives and friends.
Conway Tearle in "The Oath"
at Opera House Thursday.
Mrs. Nellie Whitley and daughter,
of New York City, were here for the
holidays visiting Mrs. Whitley's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. O. Dircks.
Mr. Ras Bransford was very sick
with an attack of pneumonia during
the holidays, but is improving and it
is hoped will be up in a few days.
New stock window glass, all
c.zes: wind shields for automooues.
Red Spot Store, Washington ave
W. F. Tate was a visitor last week
with W. P. Pardue in Chicago, look
ing on at Lightning" and other good
theatrical and musical offerings
Mrs. P. A. Smith and children, of
Chattanooga, were visitors here last
week in the home of Mrs. Smith's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Peeler.
Subscriptions taken for all mag
aiines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, PJione
603. '37-4t
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Smith and ba
by daughter, Sara Frances, of Jack
son, were in the city last week vis
iting Mrs. Sara McClanahan, Division
Mr. Robt. Bell and Mrs. Bell and
children were here for the holidays
visiting Mrs. T. L. . Bransford and
others of the relatives and friends in
the city.
4100,000 worth of furs, and fur
belows are shown in "Habit," a fash
ion show for the ladies.
Mr. and Mrs. H. G. KittreH, of
Mount Pleasant, Tenn., were here
in the city last week as holiday vis
itors in the home of Mr. .and. Mrs.
Walker Martin. . .
Mr. Emmett
Cumb. phone 3 1 7
. Mr. Moore Joyner and sister, Miss
Sue, little Sue Gunter and Alline
Noah, visited relatives at Elbrldge
during the holidays.
' Miss Gladys Wheeler, who has
been visiting her- aunt, Mrs. F. P.
Evans, at La Center, Ky.,. has re
turned for a short visit with home
folks before sheHeaves for Kenton,
Tenn., to resume her work as teacher
in the Kenton High School.
, Judge and Mrs. N. L. Bachman
and daughter, Miss Martha, Messrs.
Sam Erwin and Chas. Preston, of
Chattanooga, were In the city last
week for an annual visit to Reelfoot
Lake. ' The visitors were in the city
as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dan
Glenn. ' '
Order a cay of our "pure open
kettle hog lard through your mer
chant. Take no substitute, once you
try it you will never use any other.
W. E.. Walters enjoyed, a holiday
visit to Philadelphia' last week a3 a
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Rippy.
Mr. Ripty is now practicing law in
Philadelphia. He was formely with
Senator J. K. Shields in Washington
City as clerk. , Mr. Walters came
home highly pleased with his' visit
and with: the home, of Mr. and Mrs.
' A. R. Turley, of Louisville,' Ky.,
was in the city last week visiting our
local stock dealers. Mr. Turley wants
to give the dealers of Obion County
the advantages of a new market-for
their live stock, not only in the way
of prices but of attention and square
treatment. Ho represents Stewart,
Leonard, Bell & Co., all men of well
known character' and experience in
the livestock business. ,
Prof. Geo. E. Shankle, of Union
University, Jackson, Tenn., was here
last week enjoying a visit to friends
in Union City and Troy. Mr. Shankle
is a professor of English in Union
University. He has degrees from
Dickson, Tenn., College, Hall-Moody,
Martin, A.B. from Valparaiso Uni
versity, A.B. from Missouri and M.A.
from Union University. Mr. Shankle
is making arrangements to enter Ox
ford University, England, next year,
and also expects to have college work
in Germany and France before he re
turns to America. His friends are
anticipating fine things of Mr. Shan
kle as an educator, and he is es
teemed by many of his old-time pu
pils in Obion County
Episcopal Hector Praises Picture to
. Be Shown at Jimmie's Playhouse.
' The following communication was
printed in the. Anderson, S.'C Mail
pf June 20, and signed by the Rev.
Guy H. Frazier. The communication
expresses Mr. Frazier's opinion of the
picture which is to be shown at Jim
mie's Playhouse In this city Tuesday,
Jan. 10, and is as follows: t
j, "''To .Editor Daily Mail: In view
6f the crying need of shielding and
saving our young people from the
horrible and unprintable deformities
aid abnormalities of life when
abused, I wish it were possible for the
police to Urrest every young man in
Anderson and . take , them to' the
Strand to-night and compel them to
sit through the picture entitled "Are
You Fit to Marry?" We believe in
cpmpulsory education, and this con
templated act, if it could be carried
out would be entirely in keeping
with that principle, for education of
the sort contained in that picture,
if heeded, will do more for the salva
tion of the race than almost any
amount of preaching.
; "I am not advertising the Strand
but I say all glory to the .theatre
When used for the benefits of the
race. We have not begun to capi
talize the moving picture home as a
blessing. On with the show. Guard
our young women for the sake of the
little angels.
from this hand made storage battery
will exceed that obtained from any
, ottier makes. This is due to the ex
treme care with which the cells of
this battery are made, the extra-substantial
materials, etc. Pay a little;
. more and get double service.
Red Spot house paint, 3.25 per
gallon; Red Spot flat coater, $2.75
per gallon; Red Spot stucco coater,
$3.1& per gallon; Red Spot concrete
coater, ?3.15 per gallon; paints and
varnishes for all purposes.-r-R. C.
Woods end J. M. Russell's Red Spot
Store. - - ' ' '
.. .... . t .:'. ):"
We are needing more live stock every week. - Whether
you have one animal or a car load, see us or call 'us up, we
can use-them at prices that will be interesting to you.
. Help the little packers grow to be "big folks;- May be we
can soon double what we are now using. We are paying out
the cash for live stock at the rate of nearly a thousand dollars
every day. My, how good that sounds to the farmers. .
There is such a wide range between corn andhog prices
that it would pay you greater profits in hog feeding than at
any time for the past twenty-five years.
When you buy Meat,
call for our products.
J. G. Saunders
Stock Buyer
Reynolds Packing Co.
Cooper, the well
known wholesale merchant and citi
zen of Nashvillo, was a visitor here
during the holidays in the home of
his daughter, Mrs.' John Waddell.
Miss Mary Swiggart was a visitor
during the holidays with Jadge and
Mrs. W. H. Swiggart on Mara street.
Miss Swiggart is with the American
Red Cross engaged la the- Southern
Atlantic' States department. .J
Informal Dinner.
On last Thursday evening Miss Ed
Lois Carr was hostess at an informal
dinner party, at Carhaven. Covers
were laid for six guests. The rooms
were beautifully decorated with the
Christmas motif.
Hawes-Hall. '.;
The many friends of that princely
young man, Mr. Morris Hawes, were
delighted to hear of his wedding,
which took place on Christmas day
at Waco, Texas. Mr. Hawes and Miss
Ethel Hall were united in the bonds
of wedlock and the warmest congrat
ulatlons are extended. Mr. Hawes
has become a very distinguished
teacher in the Waco schools and is
also interested in insurance work in
that city.
X. 0. T. M.
The Maccabees announce a special
meeting of the order in Union City
on the second Tuesday night in Jan
uary, 1922, the 10th inst. A large
attendance is urged. Addresses will
be made by Commander Fry and
Grand Deputy Drummond, with also
some remarks by C. L. Andrews, of
this city.'
'-.-'...''. m
Birthday Party.
Mrs. Hunter Elam entertained on
the 26th in honor of her little daugh
ter, Miss Harriot Hunter Elam, for
her seventh birthday. Quite a num
ber of young people were out in
honor of the occasion. ' "
The Devi!
. George Arliss' screen version of
The Devil" was one of the feature
attractions of Jimmie's Playhouse
just before the holidays. George
Arliss is an English artist, a very
distinguished actor, whose style and
manner is after the same school as
that of the celebrated Sir Henry Irv
ing. Arliss producad "The Devil" on
the New York stag j for a year's run.
and the play was then adapted for
the screen and Mr. Arliss opened
early In the year with "The Green
Goddess," which la now running in
New York with prospects of a year's'
The jilay Is suggested by the con
flict between good and ej-jf'n
ice case oi ine ievu it y
to prove that the' r -
conquer good with y.
This is Mr. Arliss
but as in the coun.
ence the good ma
ends The Devil v
School resumed work last Monday!
The Edwards, Grady and Thomp
son children are absent, having
moved out of the district.
The Covington children have
moved nearer Jacksonville, but con
tinue to come here to school.
The school and visitors present en
joyed a delightful Christmas tree
with appropriateprogram before
closing for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. P. Hefi'u are
occupying the house of their son-in
law, Mr. Will Baulch, having sold
their place in District Number Six
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey McClard, of
near Ralston, were visitors Christmas
with Mr. John McClard and family.
Mrs. Ola Weaks, who is teaching
in the Sixteenth District, spent the
holidays with relatives and friends
in4his vicnity. Her son, Darrel, was
with her.
Witt Cloys left Tuesday, returning
to Ames, Iowa, after several days stay
at home.
Mr. Noah Reid, with his family, is
visiting his sister and family near
Clayton this week. '
Mrs. Harriet Thompson is improv
ing after being confined to her bed
several days. Her ' son, Mr. Bob
Thompson, of Jackson, Tenn., has
been to see her.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McClain
visited Mrs. McClain's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Leak-Wood, and uncle, Mr
T. ;F. Wood, Christmas. The young
people are newlyweds and reside be
tween Martin and Ralston.
Rev. Oscar Reeves, who is attend
ing school at Jackson, Tenn., went to
the home of a Mississippi, classmate
and returned with her as his bride.
The young minister has many friends
here who have many good wishes for
him and his wife.
Alabama Lady Was Sick For Three
Years, Suffering Pain, Nervous
and Depressed Read Her
Own Story oi Recovery.
Faint Rock, Ala. Mrs. C, M. StegaH,
bt near here,' recently related the fol
lowing interesting account of her re
covery: T was In a weakened con
dition. I was sick three years In bed.
suffering a great deal of pain, weak,
nervous, depressed. I was so weak,
X couldn't walk across the floor: just
bad to lay and my little ones do thd
work. I was almost dead. I tried
every thing I heard of, and a number of
doctors. Still I didn't get any relief.
couldn't eat and slept poorly. .- I
believe if I hadn't heard of and taken
Cardui I would nave died. I bought
six bottles, after a neighbor told me
what it did for ber.
I began to eat and sleep,, began to
gain my strength, and am now well
and strong. I haven't had any trou
ble since ... X sure can testify to the
good that Cardui did me. I don't
think there is a better tonic made
and I believe it saved my life." ,
For over 40 years, thousands o.wo
men have used Cardui succe,f !!y,
in the treatment of many
umenta. i.
r you soff-fy; TUw
Cardui. ; W L. Jord
an err j ,
BETTER and CHEAPER than ever
The Candy Shop
Harpole-VValkeT Furniture Company
' 354 AND 216-3 RINGS 432 AND 32
Nashville; Chattanooga & Saint Louis Railway
Co-Operative Marketing Service
The Marketing Division of the Traffic Department of the
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad and associated
lines yill furnish to persons desiring to purchase the names
and addresses of the owners of the following :
Yates Apples; Baskets; Hampers; Crates; CATTLE: Angus
Cows and Heifers; Grade Cows, Calves and Heifers; Hereford
Bulls and Heifers; Holstein Bulls, Cows, Calves, and ; Heifers;
Jersey Bulls, Cows and Heifers; Shorthorn Bulls, Cows and
Heifers; FEED: Corn; All kinds of Hay, Cotton Hulls and
Meal; Straw, Tenant Farmers wanting Land; Limestone, Sor
ghum Molasses; Strawberry Plants; Sweet Potatoes, car lots
and less; SWINE: Berkshire, Duroc Jersey, Hampshire, Poland
China, all ages; Cord wood; All Kinds of Second Hand Farm
To producers will be furnished on application the names and
addresses of persons by whom the following commodities are
Corn; Hay, all kinds; Peanuts.
Breeders of live stock and producers of field,' garden and
ducts for, sale, except such as reach tlie market through
ogical channels, are invited to communicate to the
descriptions, . quarjtities and ther liecessary mf omao
Sodities.: w'ri- '-.'VY
"tractive 1 ;
SAL- " tJ
jancastV ami OfScers
Tarris are a duty.
A- '
-! ' i
-,. i

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