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' dentist
Over Wehman's Hardware Store
, Union City, Tenn.
, i( Telephones
Office 144; Residence 5 9 5-J
Over Wehman'd Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn. ,
Telephones .
Office 144; Residence 5 9 5-J
Union City Commerdal,eitabH'ied 1890 j cntumUAairA .ntmhr 1 law
WMtTennesiee Courier, established 1897 I Consolidated September 1. 1897
VOL. 32, NO. 42
Harmony Ticket Gets Its Feathers
; 'i.v' . Plucked. .
: Evidently the people of Union
City didn't take to the idea of select
lng a city ticket " in mass meeting,
either that or they preferred to make
It a political affair. 'The result shows
a slight variation from all the elec
tion . propaganda. The ticket is
mixed both as to the manner of selec
tion and politics.
Only three of the harmony candi
dates were elected. (What is known
as the citizens or Democratic ticket
elected four of their men, the mayor
and three aldermen.
The poll was a small one compared
to the election two years ago in
Union City, only a small portion
of voters having qualified by pay
ing their poll taxes. . The tax laws
require the payment of poll taxes
sixty days before election' and that
caught a large number of the voters
of the corporation . of Union City
without the right to vote. This law
resembles a lot of things that pig
headed majority did in the last Leg
islature. ,
One thing we can say. The board
is made up of good men, and we have
a right to expect some sensible
things. They succeed an administra
tion of fine men, who go out with the
best wishes of the people of Union
City for the work they have done.
No board ever passed thru a more
trying time, and if the present board
lives as near its duty as did the past
one they'll ' never have a regret to
face. Of course no one will deny that
we needed some street improvements,
but the best wisdom in the world was
exhibited in self-restraint during the
period of reconstruction, when al
most every city and town and gpv
ernment in the world was going wild
with extravagance and waste. It was
easy then to go wrong, but f it rre:-1
quired courage to go right, and the
result is 1 hat Union City is finan
cially on her feet to-day while other
towns and citioa are floundering
under a debt and no more means to
go on but the revenue from high
taxes. Their bonds are not worth
par value in the market, and they are
in the middle of a bad fix.
v Not so with Union City. She is
still , able to meet her obligations
with a fine credit to her balance, and
when the proper time cpmes she is
. able to build and maintain all the
Public improvements she needs.
The result of Saturday's election Is
as follows:
T. R. Meadow 194
J. W. Woosley . . 338
John Adams ..... 233
C. L. Andrews .............. 304
J. C. Burdick, Sr. 314
R. L. Cummings 179
W. H. Forrester 71
W. J. Hopper 261
T. W. Jernigan 227
J. Walker Kerr 266
C. T. Lovelace . 224
R. H. Rust ....i . ... 237
A. P. Tittsworth . . . ..... 333
G. B. White 285
From the above it is to be seen
that J.W. Woosley was elected Mayor
and tho Aldermen are as follows: A.
F. Tittsworth, J. C. Burdick, Sr., C.
L. Andrews, Q. B. White, J. Walker
Kerr, W. J. Hopper.
which is a law of the State. Let us
observe more of our good laws and
then, perhaps we can getter enforce
others, '- ,
Being . thus fortunate to get the
"Rules and Subjects" early let us not
fail to do our very best. Contests may
be held, conducted in the way best
suited to each school, provided the
rules as to number of words, sub
ject, etc., be adhered to. Then the
best essay in each department must
At the Lions meeting last Tues
day a number of visitors were pres
ent. This was to be a dav with
be sent to Miss Lucy Enochs, KentojU-repreBentatlve8 of the Cumberland
Mr. Bass, of Nashville, and Members
of City Council.
Tennessee, who is our efficient su
perintendent of this work. She will
have them graded by a competent
committee for a county prize.
There will be one prize in the high
school and one in the grades.
We would also be glad to have
poster contests. Those securing the
county prizes will be sent to the
State Superintendent and entered in
a State contest.
Please urge every contestant to
stay by" the subjects. Do not tell
anything about how tobacco is pro
duced, nor how beer or alcohol is
manufactured, but the harmful ef
fects of these poisons on our minds.
Now, all together, and let's be
Pres. Obion County W. C. T.
P. S. All essays should be Sent to
Miss Enochs not later than May 1.
S. T. S. Essay Contest.
Dear comrades and friends: At
the beginning of this new year we
should begin arranging for an essay
contest in scientific temperance in
struction. In order to assist our
busy teachers in taking up this im
portant work the county W. C. T. U.
lias purchcased "Rules and Subjects'
for every public school teacher In the
county. Superintendent Vaughn has
them now and has kindly consented
to send to each of you a copy togeth
er with a few leaflets which we trust
you will find instructive.
If you fail to receive yours within
the next few days please confer with
Supt, Vaughn and he will see that
you get them.
While an organization of the W.
C. T. U. near your school is of great
benefit, always being willing to as
sist with this and all other helpful,
uplifting work, and while we would
be delighted to go at any time and
organize a union among the patrons
of any of our schools, this must not
deter you from taking up this work
History, like a loose-leaf ledger is
bound together by certain unaltera
bio links that . stand for great
achievements that wo date great or
ganizations from.
One of the greatest dates in the
progress of Christianity that the last
century gave us was February 2,
1881, when Dr. Francis. E. Clark, at
that time pastor of the Williston
Congregational Church, Portland
Maine, feeling that the young people
must have an organization of their
own organized the first Christian
Endeavor- Society "With tW'moltb?
'For Christ and the Church," having
no thought of the movement being
used outside of tho church.
But the rest of the world was also
feeling the need of a similar organi
zation, and Christian Endeavor is
now being used in every country on
the globe, and has 80,000 societies,
with 4,000,000 members and is used
in 87 denominations.
Throughout the world the Meth
odists lead in the number of their
Christian Endeavor Societies; the
Presbyterians of various names come
next; the Disciples of Christ and the
Baptists third, the reformed churches
fourth; the Congregational ists fifth,
the Lutherans sixth, etc. '
In Dixie, as a rule, the Methodi3t
and Baptists churches use their own
denomina'ional society, but there are
a " goodly number of Christian En
deavor societies in branches of these
churches in our Southern States.
In the recent Extension Campaign
in Dixio there were over 3,000 new
societies organized, and almost a
to m is
half million . dollars given
During the past year more than
two hundred Dixie Christian Endear
orors became Life Work Recruits,
and many are in school preparing for
their work.
The fourth All-South Convention
will be held at Hot Springs, Ark.
July 13-17, 1922. The Governor of
Arkansas, Hon. Thomas McCrae, will
deliver the opening address. Mr. E,
P. Gates, General Secretary of the
United Society of Christian Endeav
or, Boston, Mass., will also speak on
the opening night, and will remain
throughout the entire convention,
and other speakers oT national prom
inence have accepted places on the
The Goal for the convention is
1000 registered delegates, and each
State in Dixio has been apportioned
a part of this goal.
You have probably noted from the
above facts that Christian Endeavor
Is a strong worth while organiza
tion. Are you a member? Is there
a society In your church? If you are
not a member Join at once. If there
is not a society in your church, or
ganize one. ' . r-
Legion Auxiliary.
The Auxiliary of the American Le
gion is to have a specially important
-neetlng at the American Legion
Tome on Thursday afternoon .Jan.
9, at 2:30 o'clock. All members are
earnestly requested to be present.
Telephone and Telegraph Company,
but they were not present. So it
was turned into a get-together day
with members of tho new Board of
Mayor and Aldermen and the Lions
Mr. Bass was present as a guest
of J. C. Burdick, Jr., together with
Mr. Hodson, of Terre Haute, Ind
Mr. Bass was very much pleased to
be with the club. He complimented
the club as an indication cf a live-
wire citizenship and he knew the
people of Union City are public-spir
ited. He spoke of his friend, Mr.
Burdick, now interested in the move
ment for better train service, and he
said that, he had met him quite fre
quently in Nashville on his missions
to railroad offices. .
Mr. McGruder was also present as
a guest of the club in the interest of
dairying. He did not favor going
into dairying as an investment but
growing into it gradually. He
thought it would be worth the at
tention of our people to investigate
the 'matter.
Mr. Burdick, Sr.( as a member of
the , New Board of Aldermen, re
sponded to an invitation to make a
few remarks. He said that he had
revised his vievy of public matters
and that he had become specially in
terested in the affairs of Union City
and its city government. He pro
posed to give this work his attention
and his efforts would be directed to
the best interests of Union City.
Mr. Luther Andrews was called on
next and responded, as he always
does, with something interesting. He
was, .encouraged . to. go forward with
the splendid record and example
made by the last administration,
which had left the city in fine con
dition. He was for a bigger and
better Union City, and told a story
of the petrified city, where every
thing was pertified, even a petrified
'possum in midair as it leaped from
a tree. There was some doubt about
this, that it could not exist under
the laws of gravity, but the story ran
that gravity itself was petrified
Here the president, Dr. Turner,
took occasion to say that the newly
elected board was one of the finest
in its personnel that had ever been
elected, and that the members were
capable of great things. He said
that law enforcement would be one
of the pressing problems in Union
City, and that the board must have
the co-operation of the Lions and
all other organizations in Union City.
He said that it was our duty to sup
press botlegging.
Mr. Walker Kerr said that the
board could not function properly
unless the city got behind It. , The
enforcement of law is encumbent not
only on the officers of the law but
upon every individual citizen, and
it remained with our people as to
how well this work is done.
- Mr. Tittsworth, as one of the re
cent claimants to oratory, was called
on by the president, and this gen
tleman, who developed the most pop
ular vote in the election, arose with
a big, bland smile to admit the truth
of the claim and give an account of
his aims and purposes as a member
of the board. We was in all respect3
in accord with the sentiment express
ed for a bigger and better Union City
and for tho enforcement of law.
Mr. Howell Bransford, retiring
member of the old board, made some
pointed remarks concerning the con
duct of some of our own people and
said that he was heart and soul with
the work of the' new board in the
enforcement of law. He was in fa
vor of getting behind the board In
contributes to a bigger and better
citizenship, but is' never associated
with factionalism and he was glad to
be present and indorse the work pro
posed to be done in Union City by
the new board of Mayor and Alder
Judge Sam Bratton was called on
and he arose to say that he was in
position to say, altho he had nothing
to add to the discussion in city af
fairs, that the State Highway De
partment had assured him that the
problems connected with the survey
of the State highway from Union
City to Troy would all be worked out
satisfactorily and that contracts
would be made inside of thirty days
for work on the highway, and that
in less than sixty days a force of one
thousand or fifteen hundred men
would be at work on the road. The
committee will report on the char
acter of the road in a few; days and
the county will advertise the sale of
Ladies Organize Club.
The ladies of fUnion City, a large
number, met last Friday at the office
of Miss Annie Little and organized
what is known as the Business and
Professional Women's Organization
with a membership of thirty-two la
This organization is a branch of
the National and International clubs,
working along with such organiza
tions as the Lions and other men's
clubs. The attendance was good and
spirit fine.
Mrs. A. J, Scates was elected pres
ident, Miss Cassie Hamilton, vice
president; Mrs. J. J. Miller, second
vice president; Mrs. Steve Caruthers,
treasurer; Miss Annie Little, sec
Union City has been having a sam
ple of the bold exploits of modern
burglary. Last Friday night the
front of the F. C. Wehman hardware
store was entered. The lock was
pfized off and the front door opened
and two fine guns were the first of
the loot. One of these was a $65
Remington pump gun and the other
$55 Winchester pump gun. Some
pocket knives, flashlights, eight or
ten dollars in money and other
things were missing. Mr. Wehman
has offered $100 reward for arrest
and conviction of the party who stole
the goods.
Another, raid was made last week
at the Central School buil ding, when
a lot of the overcoats, wraps, etc.,
of the school children were taken.
Nothing has been heard of the
burglars and so far no one has been
its work and supporting its every
good movement7
Pastor Baker made some remarks
complimentary of the newly elected
board, and spoke encouragingly of
the spirit of .co-operation between
the citizens of Union City, the club
and other organizations with the
Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
Supt.' Ranckv of the City Schools,
was called on "; and spoke In kind for
the ,work of the new board. Mr.
tanck has alwWB iTited a fine
soirit In his arm "-. ? 1 Mi h nuh.
lie anairs of UiT Teium
'h the pub-
He is in
terested In eve Co" TMient that
A. F. Tiittsworth was a business
visitor this week in Memphis.
R. H. Rust was a business visitor
this week in Mississippi.
To prevent a'cold take 666.
W. C. Morris, who has been lo
cated in West Virginia for a few
months, was here this week for a
visit to his family.
Mr. Pratt Jennings left this week
for his territory in North Carolina
as traveling salesman for the Dick
son Raincoat Co.
666 cures Malarial Fever.
J. B. McDoannon, of Columbus,
Ky., was here this week as detail for
the M. & O. R. R. Co. to take the
place of Mr. Clark, who was off duty
for a few days.
Floor brushes, $2.00; window
brushes with long handles, $1.25
each. Red Spot Store, Washington
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Noah and fam
ily have moved to their country home
southwest some two or three miles
from Union City. Mr. Noah has de
cided to retire from public life and
live quietly. . He has served the city
faithfully and efficiently, one of the
best officers the city or the county
ever had. Fact Is, that our peace
and quiet during these troublous
days are largely due to Mr. Noah's
administration,' and we regret that
he will no longer be our chief.
Baptist Church.
.stoV -
Morning worship, 1 1 : 0 y
Evening worshipi"
B. T. B. U., 6:15
Payer meeting, W
Subject for Sunda I
Greatest Need In th
Sunday evening:
God." .
Sunday school, 9:30 a.m..
Sedan $660
F. O. B. Detroit
With Starter
mountabis Rim
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result of buying wisely arid econom
ically rather than the desire and means
to buy extravagantly.
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balanced diet" may sound
confusing to many people
The facts, as explained
here, are simple.
The secret of a "balanced diet" is to have food
containing all the elements needed for proper
nutrition. These elements are protein, to nourish
the tissues; starch and sugar to furnish energy; ;
fat to supply heat; and mineral salts to provide
the material necessary for building nerves, brain,
and tooth and bone structure.
Grape-Nuts, the nourishing cereal made of
. whole wheat flour and malted barley, served with (
cream or milk, is a complete food for young and
old alike.
Go to your grocer today and get a package of
Grape-Nuts. Eat it with milk or cream for
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Every member of the family will relish this
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Grape-Nuts the Body Builder
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