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The Commercial, , Union City, Tena
will exceed that obtained from any
other makes. This is due to the ex
treme care with which the cells of
this battery are made, the extra-substantial
materials, etc. Pay a little
more and get double ( service.
sWe are needing more live stock every week. Whether
you have one animal or a car load, see us or call us up, we
can use them at prices that will be interesting to you.
Help the little packers grow to be "big folks." May be we
can soon double what we are now using. We are paying out
the cash for live stock at the rate of nearly a thousand dollars
every day My, how good that sounds to the farmers.
There is such a wide range between corn and'hog prices
that it would pay you greater profits in hog feeding than at
.any time for the past twenty-five years.
When you buy Meat,
call for our products.
. J. G. Saunders
Stock Buyer
Reynolds Packing Go.
You are entitled to the benefit
of the doubt. Why not take
advantage of it?
The law is very careful in protecting the
rights cf a prisoner charged with a crime.
Kow about the Law of Common Sense and
the men who has committed an error only? Isn't
this a good place to use the benefit of the
doubt, too?
.Take your own case: II you den't know for
curs whether tea or coffee is harming you, you
dp know that many . are harmed by the dru
eleiTscr.t in tea and coffee, and that headaches,
nsrvor.3ne33, or high blood pressure are symp
toms vnich often tell that the-drug, caffeine, is
the nervous system too much jolt.
Prcbably you know, too, that some people
can't -drink a cup of tea or coffee at bed-time,
and sleep well that night.
Where many have been harmed by tea and
ceffee, and you may be harmed, isn't it well to
put the benefit of the doubt on your side before
doubt becomes an unpleasant certainty?
There's charm without harm in Postum a
pure cereal beverage, rich in flavor, fully satisfy
ir.g; the favorite labia drink of thousands.
Suppose you try giving yourself this benefit
today, and keep up the test for ten days; then
judge the results. See if you'don't feel better and
work better, You can get Postum wherever good
food cn-2 drink are sold or served.
Postum comes in two forms: Instant Postum (in tins) .
mcde instantly in the cup by the addition of boiling water.
Postum Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for those who
prefer to make the drink while the meal is being prepared)
made by boiling for 20 minutes.
Postum for Health
"There's a Reason" .
Low Toll Rates at Night
Station to station long distance calls
when made in the evening between 8:30
and midnight are one-half the day rate.
When made be
tween midnight
and 4 :30 A. M., the
charge is one-fourth
the day rate.
The service is quick and clear. ,
; . V A station to station call is for a telephone
and not for a particular person and cannot
be "reversed" or sent "collect."
, Ask Long Distance for rates. " :
County Superintendent's Report.
Report of County Superintendent
of Schools of Obion County from Ju
ly 1, 1920, to July 1, 1921, to the
January term of Court: .
The scholastic population of Obion
County for the year 1920-21 was
10,500; for the year 1919-20 it was
10,720, or 220 less in 1920-21 than
in 1919-20. There were 8922 chil
dren last year who could read and
write and there were 1578 who could
not read and write. There were en
rolled, in 1919-20, 8227 pupils and
there were enrolled, in 1919-20,
8565, or there were 338 less number
of pupils enrolled in 1920-21 than in
1919-20. '
The scholastic population was .019
per cent less last year than the year
before; the enrollment of elementary
pupils was .019 per cent less last
year than the year before, while the
enrollment of high school pupils was
.019 per cent more.
The average daily attendance for
the past year shows a very hopeful
sign. There were 5588 in daily at
tendance,, or 488 more than the year
previous with a greater population
by 220. The average daily attendance
for this last year was 773 more than
in 1918-19, although the population
of 1918-19 was 232 more than it was
this last year. This means there were
775 more children going to school
every day In Obion County, this last
year than attended every day in
1918-19 and 448 more this last year
than in 1919-20.
There were 1995 enrolled in the
First Grade; 1048 in the Second;
1001 in the Third; 859 in the
Fourth; 820 In the Fifth; 721 in the
Sixth; 582 in the Seventh; 543 in
the Eighth; or a total of 7569 en
rolled in the first eight grades. In
the First Year High School, or Ninth
Grade, there were enrolled 291; in
the Second Year, 178; in the Third
Year, 125; in the Fourth Year, 64,
or a total of 658 in High School.
There were 134 teachers employed
in white high schools, 24 negro
teachers in negro Elementary
Schools, or a total of 191 teachers
employed last year.
There are 6 third class, 3 second
class, and 5 first class High Schools
in the county, or a total of 14 High
Schools. There were 83 schools in
session during the last year.
There are 12 brick or stone and
107 frame, or a total, of 119 school
houses in the county. There are 47
public school libraries containing
5815 books valued at $3773. The
school property of the county is val
ued at $394,776.
The total receipts from the State
for Elementary Schools were $21,
333.90; from tho county, $71,935.95.
Total receipts from State and county,
$93,269.85. Amount on hand at be
ginning of year, $45,584.41. Grand
total, $138,854.26. Expenditures for
last year were $95,795.76. Balance
on hand at close of year $43,058.50.
(V Because we sell for CASH.
p Because we can sell good goods reasonable ;
Because good goods are cheaper in the end
v Because we can guarantee every article sold.
Much Oblige
A. E. K
Matinee Music Club.
The Matinee Music Club met Sat
urday afternoon In the home of Mrs.
Owing to the absence of the leader
Mrs. Thad Lee took charge. The sub
ject was a "Miscellaneous Program."
The "Caruso Fund," which Is to
consist of donations from all parts of
the world, amounting to one million
dollars yearly, and to be used for the
betterment of music and musical ed
ucation, was discussed.
Also a site for a clubroom to be
used by the various Womens clubs of
the town ' furnished a topic for
lengthy discussion.
The program for the afternoon was
as follows: '
Voice: "I Love Thee," Mrs. Carl
ton. Accompanist, Miss Beck.
Piano: "Die Lorelei" (Liszt), Miss
Imogene Jones. "
Voice: "The Prayer I Make for
You" (H. T. Burleigh), Miss Coving
ton. Accompanist, Mrs . Carlotn.
Piano: "Staccato Etude" (Rudolf
Frime), Miss Clcmmons.
- Violin: "Air Vairie," Miss Nellie
Dietzel. Accompanist, Miss M. Diet
zel. Piano: "Shadow Dance" (McDow
ell), Miss Woodrow.
Piano: "Impromptu" (Schubert),
Miss Sullivan.
The hostess served dainty refresh
ments before the meeting adjourned
to meet with Mrs. Cunningham on
Jan. 21, 1922.
Stat of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas
County m.
Frank J. Cheney make oath that ho ia
enlor partner of the firm ot F. J. Cheney
tc Co., doing business In the City of To
ledo, County and State aforesaid, and that
aid firm will pay tho sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the uaa of
Sworn to bSforo me and subscribed In
my presence, .this 6th day of December,
(Seal) A. "W. Gleason, Notary Public.
n internally and acta throurh the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the By item.-
Drug glita, 75c. Testimonials free.
r. J. Cheney s Co., Toledo, Ohio.
What This Buffalo Physician
Has Done For Humanity
The picture which appears here oi
Dr. Tierce of Buffalo, N. Y., was taken
in 1910. As a young man Dr. Pierco
practised medicine in Pennsylvania
and was, known far and wide for his
great success in alleviating disease.
He early moved to Buffalo and put up
in ready -to -use form, his Golden
Medical Discovery, the well - known
tonic for the blood. This elrem:lh
builder is made from a formula vhiel
Dr. Pierce found most etlec-t-ve i:
diseases tf the blood. It cental::! ;
alcohol pud is an extract of muiv.
roots villi tha ingredients iLi...;.,
stated on the wrapper. Good l.l
blood, vim, vigor and vitality are mm
to follow if you take this Alterative
Extract. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery clears away pimplea and
annoying eruptions and tends to keep
the complexion fresh and clear. This
Discovery corrects the disordered con
ditions in a sick stomach, aids diges
tion, acts as a tonic and purities the
blood. Write Dr. Pierce a Invalids
Hotel in Buffalo, N. Y., and receive
confidential medical advice without
charge. All druggists sell Discovery,
tablets or liquid. Send 10c for trial pkg ,
Obion County Teachers. ..
Following is a program for Jan
uary 14, at Cunningham School:
'Devotional Rev. Jno. R. Wil
liams.. ' First Grade Misses Johnnie Horn
beak, Grace Owens, Mr. R. J. Glover.
Reading Misi Pauline Cashdol
lar. NOON.
Business Meeting
Consolidation Prof. E. P. Smith,
Supt. of Mar tin Schools.
Duet Rev. and Mrs. B.A. Walker.
Relation of the Public Press to
Education E. P. Waddell, Editor
Birthday Entertainment,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hamilton enter
tained Saturday with a dinner hon
oring the birthday of the latter's
father, Mr. J. A. Morgan. Those
present were: Mrs. W. A. Forrester,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Todd, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Adams, Mrs. M. E. Hamil
ton, Miss Cassie Hamilton, Miss
Adele Todd, Bill Adams and Leonard
Todd. Mr. Morgan was remembered
with some nice presents.
Old Grandma Stanfleld and Mrs.
Anna Williams are on the sick list.
Mrs. Herman Cloar visited her
grandmother, Mrs. Bettie Caldwell,
who ia very low, Saturday. ,
Mr. Pleas Williams is improving.
Mrs. Garrett Williams' children
are recovering from scarlet fever.
Mrs. Goldle Kllilon has returned
to her home in Hickman after a two
weeks' visit at her mother's.
Miss Eva Williams and Miss Lbvie
Williams visited Miss Norma Haw
kins Sunday afternoon. -
Mrs. J. S. McConnell was in Union
City shopping Friday.,
Mrs. Annie Killion visitled her
daughter, Mrs. Ruth Vinsom Friday.
Mrs. Ruth VinsoiyFrlda
Commpdore, Burtons
na Hindman.'of wf"
were married in Us
evening, the 8th i '
odist parsonage, 1
ofnclating. j
ThanKs to You.
We come to the New Year of 1922 with
many thanks for your patronage, kind
ness, love and friendship for all the past.
We go forward into the new year
with bright hopes and bigger hearts, to
endeavor, if possible, to serve you better
this year than ever before. In soliciting
your business we hope to have your
patronage and co-operation for a bigger,
brighter, happier year for us all.
With thanks to all, we are yours for
business, '
The Nashville Banner is pre-eminently a home
newspaper. While it has unsurpassed facilities
for giving all the news (local, state, national and
foreign), yet it prides itself upon the clean, whole
some and reliable QUALITY of its news.
J Its editorials and features are meritorious, yet
refreshingly free from coarseness, sensation or
flippant suggestion.
It is taken in the most refined and cultured
homes with the full assurance that its influence
will be wholesomely instructive and morally up
lifting. Served by the , Associated Press, International
News, United Press, Chicago Tribune Special
Service and a large corps of special newsgatherers.
For subscription price, apply to the local Banner
Agent or write direct to
Nashville Banner
Read the Banner for
True Pure ,
News fr

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