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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn
Bank Elections.
Death of John L. Godwin.
Miss Martha Wade is in home from
a week's stay in Memphis,
T Ant i a CliAra kna Knail a . tiif of.
ftfin fi T Withiifrh nnrt FMUnr " "
P T Mrtrtnftv rif Mpmrh in wtvro In 1 ' r..
the city yesterdas sncn&inE a few I '
hours with Union City Deonle. They A certain young man says uib ouu
were on their way to Fulton, where day visits to Newbern promise to be
General Fitzhugh had an appoint-1 a serial.
ment to deliver an address. This, Mrs. Adolphus Thorne was called
the General states, had no connection to Terrell Wednesday to the bedside
vith politics, but he will later make I of her father, at death's door,
a canvass of the State as a candidate Mesdames Sam Parker, of Hick
for the United States Senate. In a man, and L. A. Smith; of Troy, were
brief conversation General Fitzhugh visitors overnight Tuesday with Mes-
said that he would have an an- dames Hutcherson and McDonald.
nouncemeni 10 mane inaicaung legis- Mr and Mrg Mlke FryC( from p.
lative work of a constructive char- L - and Mr and MrB. Chas. Sum.
acter. General Fitzhugh wants to f MemDnls - were dinner
see Congress function with a greater gue8ts Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs
aegree , 01. oroer ana einciency ana oe0 gotts
with a proper sense or common m-
terests. The government is strug
gling, so we suggested, with a multl
plicity of bodies and complex pur
poses, and thene things need scaling
and simplifying to the end that co
ordination and efficiency may be pos
sible. The General consented to
this, and added that better results
might be had with readjustment on
these lines, especially leading to
economy and efficiency. The Com
Dr. and Mrs. T." P. Callicoft a few
days since entertained with a tur
key dinenr. Among those present
were Dr. and Mrs. E. H. White and
Mesdames McDonald and Hutcher
Mrs. Bascom Baldridge had a few
friends in for dinner Tuesday to meet
her mother, Mrs. Cantrell, here from
Illinois. Other visitors recently with
Mrs. Baldridge were her brother and
mercial was favored by both these hls wIfe Mr- and Mrs- Cantrell, from
gentlemen with a delightful call. Chicago..
To-morrow is the day to elect a
CTITC llin Pllll IMPACT Ace well, refuses to consider re-elec-01
Alt AnU UIVIL UUOKCI The noll3 -m ODen by nine
o'clock with Mr. Will Smith in
Keep Court Busy.
Hornbeak School Case and Others charge and Mesdames phebus and
Caldwell as clerks.
The M. E. Missionary Society
Quite a number of the citizens of eiected-thelr officers Monday, follow-
wornDoaK, naving Deen summonea as ed Dy instaiiation of same. Other
witnesses, were nero tnis ween in hlirr.hfi, havs also recently had this
. . - -
, John L. Godwin, formerly of Union
At a meeting of the stockholders city, died at the City View Sant
of the Old National Bank this week
the following were re-elected as di
rectors: R. P. - Whitcrell, H. A.
Buck, J. P. Vd.-Iuiiu,. E. - A. Glover,
J. S. Roborts, C. E. Keieser, A. J.
Corum, C. H. Cobb, J. L. Glover, Jr.,
Z. W. Corum, A. L. Garth, The offi
cers are H. A. Beck, president; J S,
Roberts, vice president; A.' J. Co-
rum, vice president; A. L. Garth,
cashier; J. Walker Kerr ; assistant
cashier. ; Bookkeepers, Miss Birdie
Caruthers, Mr. R. Kerr.
The Third National Bank re-elect
ed directors as follows: Jno. T. Walk
er, H. A. Bransford, J. T. Owens, J,
L. Fry, H. Dietzel, J. C.. Isbell, H. T.
tarium near Nashville Sunday morn
ing, January 8, 1922, at 10 o'clock,
after an illness of several weeks re
sulting from paralysis. Mr. Godwin
was stricken probably a year before
but continued in business and
thpught for some time he was im
proving. The second attack, how
ever, was fatal, it being a matter of
only a few weeks he could survive.
Mr, Godwin was 49 years of age.
He wa a son of J. J. L. Godwin born
in Maury County, Tonn.rthe family
moving to Union City while the son
was a small Doy.- ur. uoawm was
engaged here in the drug business
and young John .entered the store,
Robinson, D. N. Walker, E. M. Stone, where he remained untij hjs father
Hunter Elam, Walker L. Martin. The Mea afterwards taking charge. The
officers ere as follows: Jno. T. Walk- business was sold and Mr. Godwin
er, president; D. N. Walker, active was employed ao traveling salesman
vice president; H. Dietzel, vice pres- for John Wyeth & Bro.,: wholesale
ldent; Hunter Elam,' cashier, Dixon manufacturing druggists of Philadel-
William3, assistant cashier. - Phia, With headquarters in this Stale.
The Farmers Exchange Bank meet- Some years before his death Mr. God-
ing of stockholders was held yester- win had been traveling for Sharp and
day and the following directors were Dohme, wholesale druggists of Baltl-
re-elected: - more: but his connection with that
A, C. Ijouser, Jno. H. Joyner, J. F. work was the result, of going with
Carter; Pink Marshall, R. M. Whip- his employer who was before with
pie, W. C. Farris, Chas. W. Miles, John Wyeth & Bro.
Clarence E. Beck, John Baird, Harris Mr. Godwin was married in Waco,
Parks, R. H. Rust. Texas, thirteen years ago to Miss By
... i - i
Officers elected were as follows: ron Gambill, and a son was born i to
Harris Parks, president; W. C. Far- them. His name is Jack and he is
ris, vice president; Chas. W. Miles, heft with his mother, the family re
'Death of Mrs. Baird.
Mrs. Gordon Baird, of Bonne
Terre, Mo., who was in Union ,City
visiting in the home of her mother
on Gibbs street, died after a few days
illness of pneumonia. Mrs. Baird is
survived ey two children, one an in
fant, and the two are left here with
their grandmother,
The remains were shipped home
for burialr Mrs. Baird was 31 years
of age. . ,
cashier; T.
E. Parks, assistant casi-
the case of the State versus M. E.
Neely. Mr. Neely was indicted on
a carge of assault' and battery. In
November Mr. Neely met the princi
pal of the Hornbeak High School, Mr,
Paul Isbell, on the street in the town
of Hornbeak, and called him out of
a store room, and tliere, so the evi
dence runs, Neely struck Isbell four
times with a walking cane, two licks
close together and then two others
after Isbell was said to have called
Neely a vile name. The proof seems
to show that Neely was the aggres
sor. 'ine trouble arose over some
things the principal had said to Mr.
Neely's son at school. Representing
Mr. Neely were Attorneys Pierce and
the Morris brothers. The verdict of
the jury was a fine of $100 and costs
against Neely. Motion was made for
a new trial.
Jas. A. Prewitt (col.), larceny,
verdict of jury one to five years in
the penitentiary.
Joe Tiice (col.), larceny, verdict
of jury 90 days in the county jail.
Public drunkeness, four cases, fine
$20 each and costs.
Public profanity, one case, fined
$20 and costs.
State vs. Crawford Dickey, fined
$20 and costs.
routine of business. In the C. P.
Circle no changes were made except
in the program committee in which
Mrs. E. E. Shore was appointed
To-day's bulletin includes a Par
ent-Teachers meeting this afternoon.
All patrons of the school are con
sidered members . of this organiza
tion. Round table talk, including
Juvenile Literature and Effects of
Associates, with roll- call of some
money making idea forms part of
Jordan comes over this afternoon
to play basket ball, with Gardner
due to-morrow for a game. Come out
and boost your hon e town, home
school and homo team. Our team
has come in off the warpath, winning
a close game vith Yorkville and a
score of 25-15 over Gardner. Watch
the bulletin down town for time of
games to-day and to-morrw.
Newly elected officers in the W. O.
W. are: W. E. Shropshire, P. C. C.
C. W. Byrns, C. C; Leslie Shore
Banker; L. A. Callicott, A. L.; Clerk
R. L. Harper; Escort, J. E. Scoggins
Watchman, J. H. Shore; Sentry, R,
siding in Nashville where they have
been located for a number of years.
Mr fJrrlwfn fa nlan nurvivoH hv
Death of J. C. Davis. t,)ree El3terBf Mrs. Fannie Douglas,
People of Union City were shocked near Memphis; Mrs. W. A. Martin,
last Tuesday morning over the death 0f Jackson, Miss.; Mrs. J. R. Walker,
of Mr. Jim Davis. The body of Mr. of Clovis New Mexico; and two
Davis was found dead on the M. & O. brothers, Robt S., of Mobile, Ala.,
R. R. track early Tuesday morning and W. S. Godwin, this city,
between the M. & O. freight depot The remains vere shipped to Un-
and the grain elevator, said to have ion City arrivlnff here Monday af-
been discovered by one of the section
crew. The agent and others were no
tified and found the body lying
across a rail, with wounds over the
bowels as if a car had passed over
that part of the body. There were
two or three holes made, a slight
scratch or two on the face, but the.
teinoon at 12:45 and conveyed to
Mount Zion Cemetery for burial.
Service's vcre held at Mount Zion
Church, conducted by Revs. G. W.
Evans end C. M. Mathis.
John Godwin was ono cf the finest
young mc.u ever reared in Unicn City.
He was a, member of the Methodist
Death of Mrs. Nancy Coulter,
:. Mrs. Nancy R. Coulter, aged widow
of Col. J. M. Coulter, died at her
home in Union City Monday morn
ing, January 9, 1922, at 8 o'clock.
Mrs. Coulter was in her ninety-
first year. She is survived by a son,
Boone D. Coulter, the last of the fam
ily. .
Mrs. Coulter was a member, of the
Methodist Church and her life re
flects years and decades of patient,.
loving-kindness, sacrifice, loyalty and
devotionto divine teachings and hu
man sympathies. Living a span pf
years that carry her back to the as
sociations of pioneer days, she was
found to be true to every test of
motherhood and womanhood. She
was blessed with health and mind
and lived that other3 might find a
pleasuro in her life. She was born
in Kentucky and there was united
jri "marriage to Colonel Coulter, a
man of fino character and Intellect.
For many years their home was in
Gibson County. Then they moved to
Union Ciy some thirty years ago and
here they continued to reside.
The kindest condolences are ex
Services were conducted at the res
idence on Fifth street Tuesday af
ternoon, Revs. E. Mi Mathis and E. S.
Baker in charge.
Interment at East View Cemetery.
Sealed bids will be received until
one o'clock p.m. of WEDNESDAY,
1922, at the 'office of J. B.Waddell,
County Judge for Obion County,
Tenn., at the Courthouse in Union
City, Tenn., for approximately the
following work. ! - " ; '
Length, about four miles, Bottom
width 18 feet, depth, 8 feet, 1 to 1
side slopes, Cubic Yards, 80,000.0
estimated. - - ; .
Righjt of Way. y
- V' wen t7; acres or thereabout.
Sal Wik'tb be completed in 10
months, to begin as early as possi
ble; right to reject all bids reserved;
certified check' to accompany each
bid, and in the sum of $1000.00; bids
will be opened and considered at of
fice of Judge Waddell," after one
o'clock aformentionedl
For specifications, map, etc., see
W( C. Kelly,' Engineer,: Union City,
Tenn., or Harvey Reeves, Kenton, '
Tenn Work to be paid for in cash.
January the 12th, 1922. 42-4t
: . ",. HARVEY REEVES, '
Secretary of Board of Directors of
Grassy Creek Drainage District, of
Obion County, Tenn. (P. 0. Address,
Kenton, Tenn.) ,
- The. Town Fool Says. ' '
"The radical uplifters are still rid
ing over us rough-shod at the rate of
thirty nots an hour." Nashville
body seemed to be intact otherwise j church and ro?.,oected everywhere as
R. Kitchell, with Bailey Stovall, J,
M. Fisher and Frank Vaden, Man
"R. L. Wilson vs. Mayor and Alder- agers. This organization will have
men of Union City, damages by pop
corn pepper, case called and heard
Wednesday. Attorneys for Wilson,
Moore & Hudgin3 and Lannom &
Lannom; for Mayor and Aldermen,
Swiggart and Hcathcock.
Palmer & Harding versus Homer
T. Smith, judgment for plaintiff and
against. defendant for $80 principal
and $2.76 interest.
Leonard Thompson versus J. W.
Willett, judgment against defendant
for $21 and costs.
John Bond versus Sam V. Holman,
Judgment-for plaintiff for $15.42 and
costs. .
Singer Sewinjj Machine Co. versus
R. R. Segerson, judgment of Justice
of the Peace affirmed and defendant
taxed with costs:
Washington, Jan. 11. Efforts of
Republican leaders in the House to
resume debate on the Dyer Anti
Lynching Bill to-day revived the
Democratic filibuster against the
measure and the beginning of dis
cussion was delayed by roll calls de
manded by Representative Garrett,
When debate ' finally got under
way. Representative Madden, Re
-publican, Indiana, speaking in favor
of the bill, declared lynching was a
Mot on the United States which best
could be wiped out by a drastic Fed
.eral law.
Representative Tillman, Democrat,
Arkansas, assailed the bill as rad-
Val, revolutl; nary, and without con-
tutional warrant.
y- i Ik
A Fat Chance, i ' U
f "iCO'f i''iler says, j Say It with
; J . 'Ho ,:v5'Van.
can nave 1
S f?r what t hen pot;
Insteao C ;Sbr
! drihk, j
a social meeting Tuesday evening.
otherwise, one of the famous rabbit
A return and very pleasing num
ber, the Naniazea Hawaiian Sere
naders, is scheduled for Wednesday
evening, the 18th. This attraction
a star course, was for several years
aligned with the Redpath Chautaa
quas, and met with a full house and
high favor here last" winter. Siiici
this number is not one of our lyceum
numbers the season tickets do not aj3r.;
ply. Hovever the prices are ppii
lar adults, 25 cents; children, 15
cents. t y
The observance of Victory Day in
W. C. T. U. Monday afternoon has
been changed to a public meeting
and will convene with the school at
three o'clock sharp for an hour's pro
gram. Besides quite a few of our
own members on program and music
by the school, Rev. Erhardt, of Obi
on, has the subject, "Law Observ
ance." If you appreciate Nation
wide Prohibition come out and cel
In business circles we have the
changes of Leslie Shore again be
hind the counter in the dry goods
firm of Harper & Shore. Mr. Shore,
out farming for several seasons, has
sold his partnership interests with
Monroe McCowan to his brother,
Prestdh Shore. Wayne Woody, erst
while clerk in Shore-Phebus Co., is
owner of the Geo. F. Botts grocery,
Mr. Botts retiring from, business for
awhile. Mr. Woody is a young fam
ily man, a good citizen, and deserves
patronage and encouragement. .
than where the car truck is supposed
to have passed over and crushed it.
The body was taken to the under
takers' and' dressed. The physicians
and others in charge examined the
body witbVthe results above indi
Tuesdry afternoon a coroner's jury
was summoned and met, but tnere
were no new developments and the
Jurv adjourned until Friday. It is
Baia inaii; ivir. uavis ien nis waici
and other valuables at home, but thai
he had a check for five dollars, cashed
Monday afternoon. No one has been
found who saw Mr. Davis Monday
night, and the circumstances . sur
rounding the death are still a mat
ter of speculation. It is, however,
supposed that he either ran under a
mcving car. or had been on the train
and fell under the truck in jumping,
off. Thru freight No. 31 had passed
thru here at 5:45 a.m. going south.
Mr. Davis was the son of Mr. Joe
Davis, for many years a resident of
Number Seven in the county, where
deceased was born 51 years ago. He
resided on the farm, wjth the ex
ception of a few ycarsin Nashville
where he served e.3 a prison guard
before moving to Union City. Here
he has been located a number of
years, his "ather residing in the home
with Mr. Davis and family. Mr. Da
vis 'fcaft'3tor,rIiM.-tourteon years ago
to mVsCheira-'illiamson, of Bol-
ivar, Tenn. They have one daughter
about ten who survives
Deceased was a member of the
Christian Church. -He lived quietly
but was esteemed as a good citizen
and most likable man. He had some
staunch neighbors -and friends and
his "homo life .seemed to be all that
could be desired. He spent much of
his time at homo and seemed always
pleasant and genial with everyone.
The kindest condolences are - ex
tended. -
Services were held at the residence
on uneatnam street Wednesday
morning at 10 o'clock, Revs. E. M.
Mathis, G. W. Evans and -E. S. Baker
in charge. S
Remains were interred at East
View? .,f;ty
a man ci very ir.gn character and
ability as a druggist and salesman,.
His misfcriuno is a greet sorrow to
his wife rwid son and a loss to his
employer anl the trade. He livad
an honor to his name and profession
and his pairing is. mourned by every
Body of Negro Found.
Andy Smith (colored)('was found
in the vicinity of Woodland Mills a
few days ago with a bullet hole in
the back of his head. He had beon
fiead aorae time and the body was
brought back to Union City for
burial. .
FOR SALE-Sure Hatch Incubator,
10 eggs. Practically new, used 2
seasons. In perfect working order.
Call Mrs. J. B. Adkerson, Cumb.
Phone 169, Home 169.
The Champ Snorer. .
Small Boy: My daddy sleeps only
five hours a day.
Visitor: How docs he keep going
on so little sleep? '
. Small Boy: He sleeps fast.
Visitor: And how does he do that?
Email Boy: He opens his cutout'
Nashville Tennessean.
Elmer DeVore vs. Lucy DeVore.
Chancery Court, Obion County,
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master from
the bill of complaint, which is sworn
to, that the defendant, Lucy DeVore,
is a non-resident of the' State of Ten
nessee, so that ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon her. It
is therefore hereby ordered that the
said above named defendant appear
before the Clerk and Master 'of the
Chancery Court . of Obion County,
Tennessee, on or before the First
Monday of February, 1922, that be
ing a rule day of said Chancery
Court, and make defense to the said
bill, or the same will be taken for
confessed by her, and the said cause
set for hearing ex-parte as to her.
It is further ordered that publication
of this notice be made for four con
secutive weeks in The Commercial, a
weekly newspaper published in Obi
on County, Tenn. 41-4t
This Jan. 3, 1922.
Clerk and Master.
C. N. & H. H. Lannom, Sol. for
Christian Church.
Sunday school, ,9:50 a.m. "
Preaching, 11 Ji.m. and 7 p.m.
Evening theree,;i "Signs of a Better
Day." .. . ,. : ' ' .
Christian Endea "jj.m.
Junior Endeay
tne new.
.nnt today;
i restaurant wiu
Mues n two-""
Death of Mrs. Bettie CaldwelL
Mrs. Bettie Caldwell died at the
home of her grandson, Mr. Bob West
Campbell, Fremont, Wednesday, Jan
uary 11, 1922, after a few weeks ill
ness, a&ed about eigthy years.
Mr'Daldeil vas a member of the
Christian Church and a, woman of
many grace of BeaVt and: mind; ' She
was a pioneer citizen fold Fremont
and is survived by her grandson, Mr.
Campbell, asd( granddaughters, Mrs.
Herman Qjr Mra. ? Bessie Cloar,
s aducted at old
1 ... H n R. William
n. Kf.i ' '
rf rcl
,' and : another .soclL
mcMfy ' rem
.. v V n,; it
mi indf -IV I x......w....,,.:,t..y..wM I , i .
1 ,
Monday, Jan. 16.
-. CO

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