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Contract unconditional; free from restric
Li ill. J . f 1 ' i ' '
uuiis, wiin extra liDerai terms.
Jno. T. Walker &. Co.
H nHnMnc
or gentlemen. Call phone
' 44-2t
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
A : :
v. HiaNv two nice rooms.
water and bath. Apply 602
First street. 42
f KJiiiMX with board, one
lm. Will accommodate two
Amfortably. Call 277-W. 41tf
kSALE Modern
to heat; easy terms.
Phone 2 8 4-J.
Isaac Ste
RENT Five-room house,
f and light free, for $17.50 per
ith. See this office. 46-&t
m SALE One fat ho for
Call phone 2803. Wade Joy-
. F. D. 1, Uuion City.
SALE Excellent young
Good notes required: Ions:
LL TRADE Union City pfoper-
a small farm for a grocery or a
iral merchandise not to invoice
$5000. See this office. 45-2t
2SPEDEZA For prices on Les-
Eedeza seed and any information in
regard to growing same write to J. O.
.Doran, Kenton, Tenn. 42-4t
. WANTED To buy a cottage home
not to cost over $1,250.00 cash. Ap
ply at this office. GT-45-tf
Graphophone for sale. Call 217-3.
FOR SALE Sure Hatch Incubator,
120 eggs. Practically new, used 2
seasons. In perfect working order.
Call Mrs. J. B. Adkerson, Cumb.
Phone 169, Home 169.
men, women. Experience unneces
sary. Honesty required. Good pay
to start. Write T. M. McCaffery, St.
Louis. ' 42-5t
'-N FOR 'RENT The one-story dry
cleaning house now occupied by the
Blue Bell Dry Cleaning Co. Apply
to Mr. Marion Carey, Mgr., Metcelfe
Laundry. 42-tf
ARE YOU coming to town. If so 1
have a house and. lot to rent, sell o:
trade you. Plenty, room for horses
cows, car, hay and corn. Phone 16
or see G. B. Wright. 45-2t
WANTED Two young gentlemen
to occupy nicely furnished rooms in
private family, upstairs, south and
west exposure, bath room and fur
nace heat, with meals close by. Ad
dress W, this office. 44-tf
- FOR SALE Will sell cheap, cash
or terms; two lots, Numbers 1 and
Block Number 2, East Main Street
Addition; Address A. R. Cocke, Box
237, Wilmington, N. C, 43-3t
HOUSE FOR SALE Nice modern
6-rodm residence on College street
neaij City Schcol. Sacrifice price if
sold in a few weeks. Terms part
cash. Phone 3Q5. 42-tf
Hickman, Ky.
Eggs for Hatching.
From E. W. Mahood strain. Single
Comb R. I. Reds, $1.25 per setting of
'15, $6.00 per hundred, at home.
$7.00 per hundred if shipped.
620 N. Divfsion street, Union City,
Tenn. .Cumberland phone 515. tf
FOR SALE Farm of 350 acres
six miles from Union City, one and
one-half miles east of Jordan, eight
, miles from Fulton, Ky. This is one
of the most desirable farms in Obion
County, with splendid improvements.
A loan of $20,000 is carried on this
farm. Also
The home place, residence and lot
on the corner of College and Ury
streets. An ideal home, with ten
large rooms, garage, barn and gar
den. Also
Another small house and; lot on
College street, one block east of the
R. R.
can be arranged o?Jany Of
W. G. 'RET DS,
Ldmr. Estate of lirris.
rty. J
w - t I
666 cures Bilious Fever.'
MfS. W. P. Nash is quite ill.
Coming soon, "Microbe of Love
To break a cold take 666.
Mrs. H. M. Oliver wp.s ill the first
of the week.
Little Mi3S Harriet Hr.nter Elam
is quite pick.
666 cures Malarial Fever.
Ferrell Tittsworth has been siqk
with flu this week.
Rub-My-Tism, a pain killer
i Master Wade Joyner is at home
withi the grippe.
Mr. Curtis Verhino has been sick
this week with flu.
666 quickly relieves a cold
"The Microbe of Love" is a pan
acea for the ills of life.
The best is, the cheapest in coal
Cal'. 150.
Mrs. Walter Warren, of Rives, was
visitor here Mpnday.
Mrs. Caroline Kelly has been very
sick this week with flu.
Rub-My-Tism for Rheumatism
Mrs. Joe Hamilton has been sick
for a few days this week.
666 cures Chills and Fever.
W. F. Tate was sick with flu for
few days. He is up again.
Frost proof cabbage plants at
Woosley's. Get busy.
Mrs. Sallie Griffin, after a few
days illness, is much better.
Mrs. A. L. Garth's two cons have
been sick this week with flu.
Fresh Oysters at Burdicks. Phone
It pays to advertise! I've found
my dog. Chas. Taylor Corum.
Fresh Oysters at Burdicks. Phone
W. C. Foulks, of Dyersburg, was a
business visitor here Wednesday.
W. Y. Killebrpw, of Dresden, was
af&usiness visitor, here Wednesday.
Roller-screened nut coal at Un
ion City Ice & Coal Co.
Mrs. Cbas. Keiser, who was very
sick last week with flu, is much bet
Mrs .Norben Bourne ha" been sick
for a few days, but is able to be out
Dry kindling at Union City Ice
& Coal C
Both the County Court Clertf and
the ministers welcome the "Microbe
of Love."
Mrs. John Elam and little Miss
Harriet Elam have been sick with
flu this week.
Subscriptions taken for all mag
a2ines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
Little Catherine Kerr, the daugh
ter of J. Walker Kerr, has been quite
sick this week.
Mr. Homer Wilson, of Greenfield
was a visitor last week with Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Fry.
Mr. Homer Scott went to Memphis
this week for special treatment. He
is in the hospital.
Mrs. H. T. Butler and Mr. and Mrs
A. F. Tittsworth have returned from
a visit to Nashville.
FOR ' SALE Arum Bulbs called
Red Callas. Grow without light,
water or soil. O. Dircks or Roper's
Floral Shop. 43-tf
W. P. Davis, of Nashville, was a
visitor hero this week lookingover hi3
insurance interests.
Pack up your troubles and store
em away The "Microbe of Love
burns them in a day.
Mrs. Robert Holman and little son,
of Harris, were here this week visit
ing Miss Pearl White.
All Heating Stoves r.re on the
bargain counter. If you need wood,
coal, or oil heaters for this winter or
next now is the time to buy. Call
Wehraan's for prices;
Mr". Sol Shatz, who has been vis
iting her daughter, Mrs. Sam Byer,
Poultry is one
money making depW
farm. The Incubator
there. Sure Hatch In
make you money. It hv
fertile egg. Get one now "b.v
early chicks.-. Wehman's.
W. M. Miles was in
Memphis Tuesday looking after" some
legal business in the Federal Court."
Mrs: Lillie Neighbors has returned
to Hickman, after a visit to hersisj
ter, Mrs. John Cox, in Union Cit. ;
Miss Gertrude Pardue and Mrs.
Ethel Greer go to St. Louis Monday
for the opening of the millinery mar
ket. Rev. W. B. Cunningham has been
very sick this week. , He had an at
tack of influenza, but we hope will
be up in a few days.
, Hyomei's germ-killing medica
tion 13 the only sensible and safe way
of treating catarrrh. Goes right to
the spot. Breathed through the nose
and mouth. Guaranteed satisfaction
or money refunded. Sold by Oliver's
Red Cross Drug Store. .
Mrs. Roy Keathley, who has been
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Logan, for several days, has eturnsd
to her home in Kenton.
Mr. P. Hyman returned home last
Saturday from California', where he
spent a month visiting Mrs. Hyman
and daughter, Miss Rena.
Mr. Rufus Rochellc, of Troy, has
returned from a stay at the Baptist
Memorial Hospital, Memphis. His
condition shows very little improve
ment. Ho is very sick.
Saturday, February 4, I will
serve free a cup of extra fine coffee
to all comers. It will be so good you
will wish your neck was as long as
a giraffe's so it would taste good all
the way down. Come get your's.
You will not be asked to buy a pen
ny's worth. A nice lady to serve you.
Dr. Youngtlood, Deputy State Vet
erinarian, gave the tuberculin test
last Saturday to 45 head of our best
Jerssys here and shipped to Mr. Lo
gan, Kansas City, Mo:
Judge Patton, of Ripley, and J.
Winfield Darby, of Covington, were
here Wednesday attending the spe
cial called ression of the CtfUTity
Court. These gentlemen were here
as interested spectators in the action
of the court on Federal highway con
Man, Woman, Marriage, an Allen
Holubar production. I honestly be
lieve I had. more favorable comments
on Man, Woman, Marriage than I
ever received on any picture. My
mistake was I should bave run it two
ys. I packed the house both mati
nee and nir?ht anu it pleased 100 ner
cent. The name will draw and the J
picture pleased. Book it and clean
up. W. E. Elkin, Temple Theatre,
Aberdeen, Miss. Neighborhood pat
ronage. .
ascom Baldridge is in home
lopolis, Illinois.
Bible Class met with Mrs
Be Woody Wednesday.
The B.'J. Wade interests have re
cejved and vaccinated seme half do
zeh car loads of " hogs.
r Farmers are haulins corn in to
maiket. Principal buyers are Claude
Botts and Sherrill Clemmons.
Mrs. Mamie Phebus and Miss Ru
by Skiles were dinner guests Sunday
last with Mrs. W. Y. Pickard, Union
City. ..- ..' ; . , ;
The members of the Rives Ama
teur Orchestra were guests of Dr. and
Mrs. T. P. Callicott a few evenings
David Pruett is, in Nashville where
his brother, Walter, is in a hospital
with appendicitis and not expected
to live.
Miss Ola Petty is in home from a
visit to Nashville with a stop over
with kinspeople at Pinoywood and
Mrs. Dora Reeves, recent guest
with Mrs. T. C. Callicott, has safely
reached her destination, San Diego,
We have had unusual in weather
to have the exit cf January like a
lamb and February'3 . entrance on
same status.
Mr. and Mrs. W. .J Caldwell, Mrs.
T. J. Bonner and Mrs. McAdoo Harris
attended the Robt. E. Lee program
over in the county seat.
Mrs. Johnny Ellis, social visitor
the past three weeks frora Nashville
with Mrs. Jas. Scoggins, i3 en route
home thru Princeton, Ky., to visit
, Miss Aletha Bonner leaves in a few
days for points west on a month',3
recreation. While away Miss Bonner
will visit kinspeople both in Dallas
and Fort Worth.
We are writing this the day (Wed
nesday) that the hard road propo
sition is making history at the court
house, so we leave developments to
abler pens than ours.
Miss Nelle Bryant, of Indianapolis,
and Mrs. Whitlock, of Chicago, arej
expected guests for a vi3it to their
mother and sister, respectively, Mes
dames Bryant and Tom Marlin.
The basket ball team enjoyed
trip to Halls last week. The Halls
team retains its laurels. Our boys
go to Ridgely this afternoon for
game to-night and to-morrow night
Elder Dorence Woody is in from
Martin, where he acted as moderato
for a debate between Mr. Taylor, of
Martin, and Mr. Jones, of Fulton
Church of Christ and Baptist, respec
1 Ion
is to trade wl
CaslQM Market!
where you can save; A
per pound on your frea
instead of paying $1,451
your flour, order a sack a
T iUi J
-L.auy, mat we guarantee
good as the best at
We also have cheaper flours that are
Cumberland Phone 337
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Vadcn and Mr
ana Mrs. FranK ivaaen were over
near Clayton the first of the week for
the obsequies of Mrs. Andrew Wheel
Mr nn,1 Mra Ti Tnn0 , CI "ubuibi Ul 1. J. V aUUII. iMIie
have been at Hickman for several years' more or less' have passed since
has returned to Kenton.
L. E. Hask'ns wa3 in from Texas
this week and left again for tho Car
olinas as traveling saleaman.
Madam Hymen Cupid, who is ex
pected in Union City soon, will be
among the attractive visitors.
Miss Annie Pitts has returned to
Morgan-Verhine Co. after a visit to
relatives and friends at Trimble.
months, have returned and are now
occupying their old home on Harri
son street. Mr. Jones has purchased
an interest in the E. L. King gro'
eery business, corner Harrison and
Ury streets, where he is ready to
welcome- a call from his friends.
Mrs. Wheeler left here the bride of
Mr. Wheeler. Friends here deeply
regret the passing away of so lovable
a character,
Do you know that you pay more
for your electric current when you community
buy CHEAP light globes. , A word to
the wise is sufficient.
This month has started with
rain; wonder how it will end?
Moving is tat::ng place in this
Mr. Goo. Calhoun is
moving to what iF knowm as the Jim
Harper place, Mr. Elliott Jones to
Mrs. Tom Vaden's place.
Mr. S. W. Rice and son, Glenn,
spent Sunday in Polk with Mr. Allen
Howell. , .,
Little Wilton Shore and Juanita
Birthday Dinner.
Mrs. J.. W. Latta and Mrs. Chas
Everett surprised Mrs. M. P. Godwin
at the home of the latter in Union Hauser are on the sick list this week.
City on Jan. 29 with a birthday din- Quite number from here at-
ner.- the 84th anniversary of the tended the nard ro,d m3etinir at Un-
Dinn 01 nirs. ucawin. me occasion s ntt w0,i,
was greatly enjoyed by all present
A bountiful luncheon was served and
those who were prevented from being
present , by illness were remembered
with portions of the feast. After
spending a pleasant day all left wish
ing Mrs. Godwin many happy birth
days to come. ,
Teachers to Meet.
The Obion Cjounty Teachers' Asso
ciation will be he'-i
house in Uni )n
Programs wil
at the Court-
February 4
.next week,
,' Meningiti.
l nave a ni
iscase whicl:
isease very f;
DR. E.
t-o. Spinal)
rcont for this ter, Lois. Mr.. &m'i
sful. This his and baby,
Qa and cfter
law wiH, be..rff
ers will please t
is in force 12
This Feb. 1, 1
... i i
1' V
i 1
-1 W
I ten
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weatherspoon
entertained the young people Satur
day night. All reported a nice time.
Mrs. Bliss Callicott, .children and
niece spent Saturday night and Sun
day in Union City. ?
On the last day of last month
friends and relatives , of Mrs,
Callis gave her a surprise by
and taking boxes and baskets
with ever thing good to e
could think of, it being
eighth birthday. At 12
table was full (also the ci
of chicken, has;, duck,
pies and cakes. Those pr
One brother and sister,
Ed Hauser and 6on,
Mrs. S.W. Rice and
Mr. and Mrs. M. A
If troubled with Eczema or tetter, send one dollar
to Thos. J. Bonner & Son, Rives, Tenn., and receive by
mail a box of Eczema and Tetter Remedy. Use as di
rected and if results are not satisfactory, write them and
your money will be returned.
DRUGGISTS, Rives, Tenn.
Mules Wanted.
We want to buy Mules from 4 to 1 2 years old, must be
fat. If you want to sell your Mules, bring them in, and we
will try to buy them. We will pay the best market price.
Union City, Tenn.
Harpole-Walker Furniture Company
354 AND 216-3 RINGS 432 AND 32
r a.
i .M
f f
r ml
.w UUU I
f A Cal- I
Mf J Wkn I
7 ( Kir an1 II
J iittle son. I .
r VLewis aaa I
4 i .
i U04 -
J .
Our Grocery Store
ou made our business fine through January. Now
lake February still better. It pleases us to please
fj'we are still here with the very best and freshest
iything in the grocery and meat market.
A Clean Store A Clean Stock
Prompt Service A Square Deal
Mr. and Mrs. G
Mrs. Jim Forr,
John, Mr. anA
three sons.
were there
Mrs. A; Hav
Stinson.' W
ter, Mrs. V.
and couldn't
wishing Mrs. Cf
shal. py birthdays
So call for what you want i
r 1 """""' i.-. -,, .. i N

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