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the Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1922.
Makes Hens Lay
eta the eggs in any weath
er. It ia easily given in the
feed and doesn't force or
hurt the hen in any way. Don Sung
is a real tonic. Try it if it doesn't
pay for itself and pay you a good profit
besides, your money will be promptly
refunded. Trial size 50 cents.
Incubators and Brooders.
A special train exhibiting products
of France is touring Canada this fall.
A Tonic
For Women
'I was hardly able to drag, I
was so weakened," writes Mrs.
W. F. Ray, of Easley, S. C.
"The doctortreated me for about
two months, still I didn't get
any better. I had a large fam
ily and felt I surely must do
something to enable me to take
care of my little ones. I had
heard of
The Woman's Tonic
"I decided to try it," con
tinues Mrs. Ray ... "1 took
eight bottles in all ... I re
pined my strength and have
had no more trouble with wo
manly weakness. I have ten
children and am able to do all
my housework and a lot out
doors ... I can sure recom
mend CarduL"
Take Cardui today. It may
be just what yofl need.
At all druggists.
Mrs. Robert Alexander is visiting
relatives in Chicago.
Miss Gerald Steel left yesterday
for a visit in Indiana.
XVUU-IUJ-aiom .
Mrs. Tom Ray has returned trvxm
a visit In NashTille with Mis Ftwtwr
Miss Clar Parka ws a visiwr ta
Fulton Monday with her si:rs Mr.
Leslie Weak.
To prevent a evil Uk f -
Miss Xeely Williams hs rturai
from Kenton, where she has Nf ft
iting some sick patients.
Mrs. Will Ed Shelton. Jr... ai sea.
Will Ed in. are her visiting ia tit
home of Mrs, Jake Caldwell.
Fresh Oysters at Burdicks. Faen
Mr. L. J. Gray, of the vicinity of
Union City, was reported to be sick
this week, but not seriously so.
We are sorry to report the illness
of Mrs. H. L. Park, wife of the well
known physician near Union City.
Get Birds, Fish, Flowers and
Laundry of Metcalfe. 46-St
Mrs. Allen Williams and children
returned to Newbern Sunday afcer a
visit here with Mrs. Jake Caldwell.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Watson, of
Martin, spent Saturday and Sunday
here with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Ran
son, Jr.
DOX'T forget that EDISOX
Mr. and Mrs. Hale Glover have re
turned to Woodland after a ten day
visit here with Mr. and Mr s.I. P.
Mr. Howard Pleasant and family,
of Paducah, were here this week at
tending the funeral of Mr. Nully
Spray your trees now with Scale
cide and you are sure of a bountiful
crop of fruit. Call Wehman's for in
formation. 47-tf
We are very sorry to report the
illness of Mr. John W. Sanders at the
home of his mother at Woodland
Mills. Mr. Sanders has been suffering
with neuritis.
Dr. J. B. Adkerson left Wednesday
for a few days stay at Dawson
Springs, enjoying the medicinal and
invigorating effects of the' Dawson
mineral waters.
Union City Lodg No. 53$ Ul
meet In regular Sfsswa FrWay, Mar.
S. 1JS. at T;3 p.BJt, At unjuilw
urged h preset.
frve jt .Uw KtVv M.XS-1
lV.. VKVi'M Siwv,m. ;
Mis SIssvU SUVvew;, W
Ross, left Sa;trvt 5?.. v
TfeiS fcc siscs Mw. V 54. .Vi
S?y yvvtr
eiie yv r syx c W;4t! ,
OTP oi frsiis. V4wx'
Mrs. lra Otrptfs;? vl to
serious Utaes oJt k?r Uwjf5:i XTs
Lois. Miss 0rpa5r 4 w-tv
frieaJSs here w iv w :". wr i:s'
Mr. G. W. F:ri. i fCTwer-y!
liTed at Rives, is v ry ill 5 her a oat
in Fulton. Mr. Charlie Or a fur
nished The CVnirceivisl it!i t5t:s
item. The 1 la!y has r.'.r.y frwttvis
in this section whi? wiV. N sorry K
know of her illness.
It your diaT.or.i r.e;s s;;:r..c
let me do it. I have sot" more dia
monds than anybody in West Tea
nesseo. A brand r.?w fire-proof saf
to keep them in. Thai Loo. r.ex: v.?
Mr. P. Hyuian left Monday ni-'.it
for Monrovia, Cal., returning to his
wife and daughter. It is indeed
source of general regret that we are
to lose these good people. They had
become well known in city and conn-:
ty and enjoyed the very kindest es-
teem of our people. .We trust that
good health and fortune may be with j
them wherever they go. They have '
our kindest wishes. J
The new paint store cn Wash
ington avenue. The first and only
paint store ever in the town or coun-
ty. .We .are specializing in paints, j
wall paper, roofing and other articles j
carried in a first-class paint store. We !
have the goods, we have the price
right, because we bought right. We j
want your business. R. C. Woods!
and J. M. Russell, the Red Spot Paint !
& Glass Company. Phone 260. Wash
ington avenue.
Concerning Price
RtaUtrs are frequently charged with not reducing prices as fast as
they should.
Thi we believe, is not in accord with the facts. Competition compels the retailer
to keep his prices as low as possible, otherwise he loses business. True, some prices
stUI hiih. but manufacturers in many lines say they have not been able to effect
reductions in the cost of production. In our own case, we have reduced prices just
as fast as manufacturers' prices are reduced, regardless of the cost of stock on hand.
As a result, most lines are priced quite a little under last year's figures. The follow
ing comparison between peak prices and today's on 20 articles of hardware shows
a deckled decline.
Price Now
1 K v-jvnny Nad 7.50 $ 4.50
fWenU Auto Casings 14.05 9.63
t CU!, Mastic Faint 5.00 3.25
10O lb. Grass Kope 85.00 25.00
Nvx X heavy Galv. Tub 1.S5 1.00
13 nt. heavy Galv. Bucket 60 .85
1 5kju. heavy Galv. Roofing 11.00 6.50
1 Ro4 i wire Field Fence 80 .64
1 Rod U wire Field Fence .90 .72
1 R.vl o-S-iu. hovy Garden Fence. 1.00 .75
4-burm r Ferfectiou Oil Cook Stove 32.50 26.50
Smooth Darling Range $85.00
1 set White Cups and Saucers .1. 1.50
1 set Gold Band Cups and Saucers- 1.75
1 gallon Turpentine1 3.00.
1 gallon Pure Linseed Oil 3.00
5-bar heavy Brass Wash Board 1.35
Keen Kutter Hatchet 2.00
24i36 Window Glass 3.00
8-inch Black Diamond File 30
$211.10 $155.34
100 bbls. coming at old prices
We have 100 bbls. left that we bought before the ad
vance came, and as long as it lasts we are going to
give you the benefit of the low prices, but you will have
to hurry, it is going fast. It's all fine Flour, fully guar
anteed. Prices $T.OO to $8.5 O per barrel.
Come Saturday or Monday. The records, show that we
have sold nearly 6 car loads of flour per month since
Christmas. The reason is PLAIN.
You see $155.34 will now buy as many goods as
$211.10 would buy six months ago. A decline of
$55.76, and yet we are told almost daily that retail
prices'have not declined.
We are doing our part to get conditions back to normal,
selling dependable goods at the lowest possible prices
prices always as low, and in many instances lower than
any catalog prices. Our store is being remodeled from
front to back, stocks are being enlarged and rearranged
in easy reach, permitting the salesman to serve you
quickly. You'll like our new arrangement.
Nailling Keiser Hardware Co.
Union City,
We are pleased to quote you pure Seed Potatoes as Follows,1
Early Triumph, per bushel $2.55
Early Cobblers, per bushel 2.25
Early Ohio, per bushel 2.00
Ask for prices in big lots.
Our Big White Goods" Sale is Still On.
Shoes don't miss our big shoe offer. Call for your
check you get from 50c to $5.00 off every pair you
buy from us. Hundreds and hundreds of people are
J J- J! .Ll 1 P l no
lamng advantage oi mis wonaenui oner.
Don't wait, come today. Everything takes place at the
Gash Grocery Co
Memphis, Tenn. In a signed com
munication to the Memphis Press
former Governor M. R. Patterson,
candidate for the Democratic Senato
rial nomination, expresses his opposi-
jtion to the coldiers' bonus bill.
in nis communication ne gave two
reasons why he should be supported
for the nomination, as follows:
"First I am the only candidate
from Memphis or elsewhere, so far as
I know, who opposes the soldier bo
nus bill. My position often ex
pressed is that every soldier who
was wounded, whose health was im
paired, or who was in any way in
capacitated in any branch of the
service, whether overseas or in this
country, should be liberally and gen
erously aided by the goverpment, and
that no soldier is entitled to a bonus
who came out of the war sound men
tally and physically.
"Aside from the tremendous bur
den of taxation which such a bonus
would impose upon an already over
taxed people, it is wrong in princi
ple, being the first attempt in all
American history to commercialize
patriotism. There are thousands of
ex-soldiers men who regard a bonus
as a reflection upon their ideals and
sacrifices, which should not and can
not be measured in dollars, and there
are thousands more who, when they
think seriously of the proposal, will
understand that in peace and war the
debt is first of all to the country's
"Second I shall direct my appeal
to both men and women solely on
their intelligence as American citi
zens. I have requested no one to sign
: petitions on my behalf, and I want
: to leave the decision of the voters ab
solutely unhampered by pledges of
any sort. This course is the only
! fair one to the voters, and the only
I one I care to pursue in seeking a
great and definite office.
His Mother's Song.
The house that undersells them all.
Dresden, Tenn., Feb. 24. W. E.
Cayce, of Martin, left Wednesday
for Memphis, where he will undergo
an operation on his hand, caused
from a rat bite some time ago. Mr.
Cayce was bitten by a rat and poison
set up causing an operation on his
hand some weeks agb, and returned
home thinking he was beyond dan
ger, but took very seriously ill two
days ago and had to return to the
By waxing the stem, a bunch of
grapes can be kept fresh for many
The Palestine government ia plan
ning to Irrigate the Jordan valley.
Beneath the hot midsummer sun
The men had marched all day,
And now beside a rippling stream
Upon the grass they lay.
Tired of games and idle jest
As swept the hours along,
They cried to one who mued apart,
"Come, friend, give us a song."
"I fear I cannot please," he said;
"The only songs I know
Are those my mother U3ed to sing
For me long yetrs ago."
"Sing one of those," a rough voice
"There's none but truemen here;
To every mother's son of us
A mother's songs are dear."
Then rose the singer's voice
Amid unwonted calm;
"Am I a soldier of the Cross,
A follower of the Lamb?
And shall I fear to own His cansc?"
The very stream was stilled,
And hearts that never throbbed with
With tender thoughts were filled.
Ended the song, the singer said,
As to his feet he rose,
"Thanks to you all, my friends; good
God grant us sweet repose."
"Sing us one more," the captain
The soldier bent his head,
Then glancing round, with smiling
"You'll join with me," he said.
"We'll sing that old familiar air,
Sweet as the bugle call,
'All hail the power of Jesus' name!
- Let angelo prostrate fall.' "
Ah, wondrous was the old tune's
As on the soldiers sang;
Man after man fell into line,
And loud the voices rang.
The songs are done, the camp is still,
Naught but the stream is heard;
But ah! the depths of every soul
By those eld hymns are stirred.
And up from many a bearded lip
In whispers soft and low,
Rises the prayer that mother taught
Her boy long ago.
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There la
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness,
and that Is by a constitutional remedy.
through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. Catarrhal Deafness Is
caused by an Inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube is Inflamed you have a
rumbling- sound or Imperfect hearing, and
when It Is entirely closed. Deafness Is the
result. Unless the Inflammation can be re
duced and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing- may be destroyed
forever. Many cases of Deafness are
caused by Catarrh, which la an Inflamed
condition of the Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL'S CATARRH
All Drug-glsta 75c. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney At Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Good Red Blood Is the Only Sure
Foundation of Permanent
Health and Vigor.
Good color, bright eyes, solid flesh
erect bearing are dependent upon
rich red blood. If your blood is not
up to the mark your general health
can not be. Lato hours, eating the
wrong foods, working indoors, fa
tigue, affect the blood. So many peo
ple eat well and take exercise, yet
never seem to improve in health.
Gude's Pepto-Mangan taken regular
ly for a while givea the blood that
richness and redness that produces
bounding health and vigor. It is a
simple, natural way to get well and
strong. Gude's Pepto-Mangan comes
in liquid and tablets at your drug
gist's. Adv.
Miscellaneous Information..
Most of the familiar licorice root
comes from Syria.
Many instances are known of geese
attaining the age of forty years.
The new-born infant among the
ancient Jews was always rubbed with
salt in order to give greater purity.
A flower cut in the morning will
last twice as long as one cut later in
the day when the sun is shining up
on it. '
In the town of Mombasa, in Brit
ish East Africa, jam jars and curtain
pins are used for the personal adorn
ment of the natives.
The inch was formerly divided in
to three "barleycorns," these divi
sions being originally the length of a
well-dried grain of barley.
Lord Byron used to make it his
boact that he ' wrote for fame, not
mr.ney, and in consequence declined
for tome time any remuneration for
his poems.
The only Englishman who ever be
came pope was Nicholas Breakspear,
born in Hertfordshire about the year
1100, and who ascended the pontifi
cal throne as Adrian IV.
. In Persia the carpet designs have
been handed down from remote ages,
Each family keeps its ovn design, no
two carpets being alike for fear of
the evil eye.
The Syrians considered mourning
for the dead an effiminate practice,
and when they grieved they put on
women's clothes as a symbol of weak
ness and as a shame to them for lack
of manliness.

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