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' ' - " DENTIST
Over Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn. -'
v ". - Telephones-.-Office
144; ' Residence 5 9 5-J
SB. E. M. I0KO
Over Wehman's" Hardware Store
Union City, Teun.
Office 144; KeHtaeiice 5 3 5-J
Union City Commercial, established! 890 ( r,:j, e..-tl-1 ot
WestTenne.eeConrier.e.toblUhel 1897 I Consolidated September,!. 1897
VOL'. 32, NO. 50
V . ""wr W y I . ,i 11 I V 11
Would Substitute Night for
Service to Hickman.
ernor's veto , of , 4he same. , When
passed he declined to accept the ap
propriation and returned the checR
for same to the treasurer of the State.
He will oppose a like appropriation
If re-elected, It is said. : " .
H. S. Smith, vice-chairman of the
N., C. & St. L. Railroad; W. I. Light-
i foot, general passenger ) agent;
Charles. Barham, general freight
agent; W. H. Wharton, ( assistant
freight agent; Robert S. Henry, de-
. partment of public relations; J. C
Galloway, traveling passenger agent;
E. O. Dennedy, traveling - freight
agent and Edd Cavell, secretary to
the general ' freight agent, held an
, informal meeting in this city with
About 100 business men and citizens
to discuss the adyisibility of putting
, on a night passenger train from
, Hickman to Hollow Rock Junction,
- and also to take up the question of a
night freight with express and mail
car, or a mixed train, 'whereby this
section , would be enabled to make
stock shipments to the Nashville
. market and receive freight shipments
. from Nashville without the delay
which now exists. Dr, W.M. Turner,
president of the Lions Club, presided.
Mr. Smith stated that the night pas
senger would cost about, $2,000 per
month to operate, and that in his
opinion this additional train, with
the two day trains now on, would not
increase over 20 per cent the earn
Ings of the day trains! and that the
railroads had to be mindful of ere
ating additional train service that
r would not meet the added expense
However, he stated that the rail
road was willing to make the follow
ing experiment: Take off one of the
day trains, preferably the .evening
train, and put on the night train. If
it is found that the additional ex
pense is justified, the evening train
will be reinstated. This train would
leave Hickman at 8:30 p.m., connect
ing with Union City, Gibbs, Martin
and McKenzie, ' enabling passengers
to reach Nashville by 7 a.m. A train
leaving Nashville at 7 p.m. would
reach Union City at 7:04 a.m. Mr
Smith asked that he be authorized
to recommend this change to the
Dr. Turner, Dr. H. M. Oliver, W. Y
Pickard, J. C. Burdick, Jr., and oth
er men, representing the business
men of this place and the stockmen
of the county, made short talks, stat
ing that this section needed the ad
ditional service and that any curtail
ment of the service now would work
o v,o0,nn ch tne efforts fr this train. Mr. Rose's
They added that in their opinion MeBtn6 enthusiasm is really
the operating expense of this third
School Officer of Weakley, Henry
' and Carroll Organize.
Huntingdon, Tenn., March 5. A
tri-county organization of the school
officers of Weakley, Henry and Car
roll counties was accomplished at Mc
Kerizie recently, when the county su-
perintendents and ', members of the
boards of education met for that pur
The meeting was called at the in
stance of County Superintendent D,
G. Barnhill, who called the meeting
to order and explained the object of
the call. Some of the purposes of the
organization are to develop and adoo
uniform plans for the three counties
as to the election of teachers, scales
of salaries and other relations in
which interests are identical.
Dr. McClain, chairman of the city
board of education at McKenzie, was
elected temporary chairman, and Su
perlntendent Joe Runton of Henry
CJounty, secretary.
The lions.
a very interesting, u not a very
important, meeting of the Lions took
place last Tuesday. -r
There -were a number of visitors
present. Minister Club, of Dyersburg,
was here as guest of Pastor Baker
and he made the first after-dinner
address, one in which he told a good
j ke or two at the expense of Mr,
Baker. Brother Club is pastor of the
Christian Church at Dyersburg.
Mr, Lowe, a traveling salesman,
was called on for a good word. He
said that of the towns he visits the
live ones have either Lions or Itota-
ries. Without a business organiza
tion there's nobody home and the
town must suffer from neglect.
Mr. Daltoni of the'Nailling-Keiser
Hardware Co., was present' and had
a kind word for the club. Dr. Tur
ner's introduction of Mr. Dalton
started a good laugh at the expense
of the president.
Mr. Rose was heard in a talk about
increased train service. He wanted
the club to take further action in
reference to the night train on the
N... C. & St. L. Ry. 'He proposed a
general organization, stating that we
would have the most hearty co-operation
from all the nearby towns in
Trade and Business Taking on New
Life Better Feeling.
The largest crowd of people in
town last Monday that has been- seen
here for a number of years seems to
be coincident with the fact that
grain prices are taking an advance
and an omen of better times coming.
People came to town from various
sections of the nearby country and
but for the cloudy overcast all morning-they
would have, no doubt, been
here from points twenty and thirty
miles away.
In many of the business houses
special reduced prices for the day
were offered. The barber shops even
offered a haircut for 25 cents. In a
few of the stores it is said that the
day's business was better than it had
been on thenrst Mondays for a num
ber of years. Buyers and sellers of
livestock were here and some of the
holdings changed hands. Most every
one remarked on the size of the
crowd and improved conditions and
a generally better feeling seemed to
No doubt a large share of this gen
eral attendance in town was due to
the work of Mr. R. R. Rose, who is
making an effort to revive local trade
conditions and a feature of first Mon
day and third Saturday business in
ducements. So far Mr. Rose has been
very succesful with his efforts. The
next event to which he is directing
his attention is the third Saturday in
oiarcn. un mat (lay specially re
duced prices in practically all the
stores and business houses in Union
City will be offered and inducements
will be offered to livestock men. It
will be a general shopping and trad
ins. day in Union City.
Everybody is welcome to Union City
every day, but a specially attractive
welcome is extended on the third Sat
urday. Come in and be with us on
the third Saturday. '
train would be paid by the freight,
passenger and mail service, ' and
asked that this be pot on as an ex
periment without discontinuing one
of the day trains. No definite ar
rangement was reached.
stimulating and a fine example of
public spirit. The club voted in op
position to the taking off of one of
the day trains on the N., C. & St: L,
Ry., and for further work in going
after the night train.
The Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union will have a meeting In
commemoration of Gen. Neal Dow on
Claims Delinquent Taxes Should Be March 17 at 3:00 p.m. in the base-
Collected fcy Trustee,
Gallatin, Tenn. March 4. Senator
Durham Saturday announced that he
would be a candidate to succeed him
self as .Senator from this district. In
making his announcement, he, said:
ment of the Methodist Church. The
white ribbon service will be observed
They will be assisted by Revs. Cun
ningham, Evans and Pickens. The
music will be furnished by Misses
Allen and Thomas, the male quar
tetfa nnrt t.hA TJnilv. Rnn r W 1W ioa
The next General Assembly . TT .
. v-aiuo nuwen scnooi cniiaren. i ne
public is cordially invited and urged
to remain during the social hour
which will follow the program. Light
refreshments will be served.
. should meet present industrial and
financial conditions in a business-like
way. With , proper legislation and
economic and conservative appropri
ations, the present heavy burden of
taxation can be reduced and confi
dence restored, without in any way
whatever affecting the schools and
highways, and other public institu
tions of the State. The people are
demanding relief along this line."
He further said that the real and
personal taxes of the State should be
collected by the county trustee, as
provided by the constitution; that
, there can be no good reason given for
taking the collection of delinquent
taxes out of the hands of the county
trustee and other local authorities
and placing it in the hands of a non
resident of the county, residing in
many cases more than .50 miles away.
for collection at an unreasonable and
unnecessary cost and expense to the
taxpayer; that he believes the peo
ple are capable of local self-government
and should be permitted to exr
erclse' this right in the collection of
taxes.' ' " 7 '
It will be remembered that Senator
Durham not only voted against Abe
$450 appropriation for expenses' to
the members of the' last Genera As
sembly, but voted to sustain the Gbv-
Shorty Sez.
Dear Polks: Do you know that we
have the best Christian Endeavor So
ciety in the Northwest District at the
Christian Church
Yessiree, and our meetings are
really up to the minute. Why, Ole
Mule Maud can't find anything
wrong to kick about.
Join a self starting; no cranks al
lowed. I want to see you there Sun
day, at six o'clock.
. Don't fail me. "SHORTY."
legion Auxiliary. '
The regular meeting of the off!
cers, executive committee and chair
men of the eight standing committees
of the; American Legion auxiliary
will be held ( Thursday morning,
March 16, at 10 o'clock, in the le
gion rooms. '
-Don't be misled by talk about de
pression. It's a vpoor nut that falls
for the first frost. Buy your Elec
trical Supplies at an 'ELECTRICAL
SHOP. It pays. . Averitt Electric.
Benefit for School Athletics
An entertainment vill be given at
the High School "auditorium Friday,
March 17, for the benefit of ath
letics of Union City Public School.
Some of the best talent in the city
are interested, and the program
promises to be one of unusual inter
est. An admission fee of 25 cents
will be charged. Mr. James Rippy,
secretary of the athletic association,
was asked to make public some of
the activities and conditions of our
school athletics. His report follows:
Athletics for high 1 schools has
never received, its Just share of at
tention and particularly has this
been true in Union City. For years
the teams of the Union City High
School have been supported by the
generosity of some of the teachers
who have recognized the benefits de
rived from athletics, while others
who were more able to pay than
these have shirked a responsibility
that was theirs. Few people realize
that it costs money to equip and
maintain a team and there are many
well-meaning but badly mistaken
people who, if they have thought
about the subject at all, urge the
elimination of athletics from our
High School.
wnen we eliminate athletics we
lose one of the most fundamental
factors of education. Any well
trained teacher knows how to make
capital of the school athletics where
he or she teaches. For the past two
years there has been a scholarship
standard in effect in the Union City
High School as stringent as any to
be found anywhere in the country.
In spite of this standard only two
first team men have been barred from
game during the football and bas
ket ball season.
The. principal difficulty which the
boys have had to encounter has not
come from a source from which it
should have come. I refer here to
the financial straits and the accumu
lated indebtedness which are hang
ing over the athletic association at
the present time. These debts have
been met in part by members of the
faculty, the superintendent, and by
several individuals on the team who
have already given their limit and
should not be expected to carry this
burden any further, and who, if it
is possible, ought to be reimbursed in
part if not in full for , the money
which they have spenf. It is a re
flection on the public spirit of any
community which would allow such
a condition to exist. The High School j
at Dyersburg is supporteduks ath
letics by the different organizations
of the town and Union City is as
able to support her High School ath
letics as Dyersburg or any other
town. - '
At the beginning of the football
season in 1921 the team had five uni
forms that were bought by Mr. Ranck
when he first came to Union City
that were in usable condition. These
were the first uniforms bought in
seven years. A campaign was put on
foot to raise money for the purchase
of new ijniforms for the team to
which most of the' business men of
Union City contributed as generous
ly as possible, especially Mr. Lyle
Boyd, who gave the team a benefit
picture and the largest personal do
nation. At the beginning of our
football season Mr. Deane Keiser vol
unteered his time and service as a
coach for the team and he was large
ly responsible for the signal successes
which the team had. Out of eight
football games played we were vic
torious in six, losing to two teams
that were heavier and considerably
older than our own. ,
The basket ball . season has been
as successful if not more so than 'the
football season, the team losing only
one game out of seven, and this only
after a hard fought game with the
M. B. A. team, of Nashville, during
the recent basket ball tournament
held at Nashville, and out of the
twenty-five teams who competed at
the tournament we were pronounced
to be the fastest and cleanest fighting
team on the court, not a single per
sonal foul being called against any
one of our players.
We feel that this is a record of
which Union City ought to be proud,
whether they are or not, and which
they can continue to make possible
only by their financial support and
presence at the games played in
Union City.: JAMES RIPPY,
President Boys' Athletic Association.
: Door"
America's Sweetheart,
In her latest production,'
'Through the Bacli
recalls to us how warm and real and lovable and
thing it is to be just human and happy. It is just the
charming picture that you want to see her in.
TWO DAYS Monday and Tuesday,
March 13, and March 14.
Jimmie's Playhouse
Prices 10c and 30c.
divine a
type of
adults and children
to see this
Money -for School Districts. .
The County Trustee tells us
that school funds amounting to five
dollars per scholar have been allotted
to the various school idstricts of the
county, and the teachers will have a
chance to make their plans accord
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