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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1922.
How's Your Stomach ?
and Your Liver ?
Health is Most Vital to You
Durham, N. C "As for Dr. Pierce
Golden Medical Dncovery which I use
constantly, I don't believe there is a bet
ter liver medicine made. I use it for head
ache, stomach disorders and torpid liver.
It is not unpleasant to take and does not
leave a constipated condition as so many
of the liver pills and medicines do. ft
does its work and leaves one feeling like
a new person." Howard Holden, 1300
Glmn St.
You can quickly put yourself in. A-l
eon'.! i? ion by going to your druggist and
obtaining this Discovery of Dr. Pierce's
in tablets or liquid, or write Dr. Pierce,
rjident Invalids' Hotel, in Buffalo,
Y., for free medical advice.
from this hand made storage battery
will exceed that obtained from any
other makes. This is due to the ex
treme care with which the cells of
this battery are made, the extra-substantial
materials, etc. Pay a little
more and get double service.
mchugh battery co.
Million Packets Of
Flower Seeds Free
We believe in flowers around the
homes of the South. Flowers brighten
up the home surroundings, and give
pleasure and satisfaction to those who
hare them.
We have filled more than a million
packets of seeds, of beautiful yet
easily grown flowers to be given to
our customers this spring.
Wouldn't you like to have five
packets of beautiful flowers free?
1922 catalog Is a 100-page handsomely
Illustrated seed book full from cover
to cover of truthful descriptions and
illustrations of vegetables, flowers and
farm crops. It Is full of helpful gar
den, flower and farm Information that
Is needed in every Southern home,
and, too, the catalog tells you how to
get these flower seeds absolutely free.
Write for our 1922 catalog now. It
is the finest, most valuable and beau
tiful seed book ever published, and
you will be mighty glad you've got it.
There is no obligation to buy any
thing. Just ask for the catalog, and
it will come by return mall.
Dr. W. J. Jones
Union City, Tenn.
07tt Church St. Cumb. Phone 2 14-J
Eufo Wilson.
The death of Mr. Rufo Wilson last
week, on the 7th inst., leaves the
following surviving relatives: Five
children Thomas, Joe, Helon, Eliz
abeth and Cornelia, an aged father
and mother, six brothers James,
John, Charlie, Jr., Hichard, Hollie
and Colle; three sisters Mrs. Chas.
Stepleton of Bondurant, Ky., Mrss.
Geo. Ams and Mrs. Aaron Kemp of
Hickman, Ky. The relatives were
all at the bedside of Mr. Wilson until
his death. Deceased was 43 years of
age. He had been sick for several
months. He was united in marriage
to Miss Ophelia Belcher, who died
Dec. 4, 1916.
Mr. Wilson was a member of the
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
He Joined the church early and lived
a consistent life. His departure
leaves a home in sorrow and a host
of relatives and friends in mourning.
He was a fine man and citizen and
esteemed by those who knew him.
The funeral took place at the res
dence of the parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Wilson, Sr., with service by
Rev. Cunningham and the remains
were interred at Sanders Chapel,
School Athletics.
The Commercial is asked to call
special attention to the meeting to
be held to-night (Mar. 17) at the
High School auditorium for the ben
efit of school athletics. This meet
ing is to be conducted by the Parent
Teacher's Association and an inter
esting program is to be heard. A
small admission of 25 cents will be
Charged and everyone who would like
to see the school Interests of Union
City well taken care of should be
there. Come out and encourage the
teachers and pupils and the friends
of the school and join in with your
help. The exercises begin at eight
The new paint store cn Wash
ington avenue. The first and only
paint store ever in the town or coun
ty. We are specializing in paints,
wall paper, roofing and other articles
carried in a first-class paint store. We
have the goods, we have the price
right, because we bought right. We
want your business. R. C. Woods
and J. M. Russell, the Red Spot Paint
& Glass Company. Phone 260. Wash
ington avenue.
Charter tfo. 9239
Reserve District No. 8
In the State of Tennessee, County of
Obion, at the close of business
on March 10, 1922.
Lor.ns ond Discounts includ
ing rediscounts, acceptan
ces of other banks, andfor
eign bills of exchange or
drafts sold with endorse
ment of this bank, except
those shown in band c $318,406.30
Overdrafts, unsecured 1,690.96
U. S. Government Securi
ties Owned:
Deposited to secure circu
lation, CJ. S. Bonds, par .
value 30.000.00
All other United States Gov
ernment securities 21,168.75
Total 51,168.75
othr bonds stocks, securi
ties, etc 13,050.00
Ratiknr house 112. 262.50: fur
niture and fixtures. U ,065.00 16,327.50
Lawful reserve with Federal
Reserve Bank 25,577.06
Cash in vault and amount
date from national Banks. 92,799.68
Checks on other banks in
the same city or town as
, reporting bank other
than Item 12 2,38.32
Total of items 9. 10. 11. 12,
and 13 95.158.00
Checks on banks located
utstde of city or town of
reporting bank and other
cash items 263.51
Redemption fund with U. S.
Treasurer and due from U.
S. Treasurer
Capital stock paid in
Less current expenses, inter
est and taxes paia - . o.ojo.oi
Circulating notes outstand
ing - --
Amounts due to State banks,
bankers and trust com
panies in the U S. and
foreign countries (other
than included in Items
21 or 22).. 4,684.44
Cashier's checks on own
bank outstanding j.vn .tn
Total of items 21, 22. 23, 24.
and 25 o.o.oo
Demand Deposits (other
than bank deposits) Sub
ject to Reserve (depos
its pavable within 30 days):
Individual deposits subject
to check jju.bm.oo
Time Deposits Subject
to Reserve pavable
after 30 days, or sub
ject to 30 days or more
notice, and postal SaV
incrsV Certificates of depositother
than for money borrowed! k,3. a
State of Tennessee,
County of Obion. .
I. Hunter Elam, Cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Hunter ELAM, uasnier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 16th day of March, 1922.
Seal. B. F. Howard,
Correct Attest: Notary Public.
Jno. T. Walker,
Walker L. Martin,
D. N. Walker,
C. P. Christian Endeavor
The Christian Endeavorers of the
C. P. Church were given a banquet
by the ladies of the Willing Workers
Society at the Church last Friday
night. -
Music was furnished by the local
orchestra, "The Dixie Melody Mak
Rev. Baker gave thanks, after
which the ladles served the first
course consistingof baked chicken.
dressing, sweet potatoes a ia marsn
mallow, fruit salad, pickle, hot rolls
and iced tea. In between the courses
some interesting talks were made,
the speakers being introduced by
Miss Imogens Jones, the president.,
"Evangelism in the Christian En
deavor," Miss Thelma Nolen, corre
sponding secretary.
"Using Christian Endeavor as a
Corner Stone In Life,'' Mr. Irwin
Matchett, a new member of the so
ciety. "Christian Endeavor in the Church
Work," Miss Allie Vee Pate, vice
What I Would Have Done If I Had
Had Christian Endeavor When I Was
a Girl," Miss Jenuio Curlin, "the ba
by of the society."
"Advertising the Christian En
deavor," Ernest Wuench, advertising
The local C. E. songs and yells
then came up and everybody joined
In singing and yelling.
The ladies then served brick cream
and cake.
Bro. Baker gave a very interesting
talk on "What I Expect of the Chris
tian Endeavor in the Meeting to
Come." He also sang a comedy solo
that was enjoyed.
The banquet was dismissed by a
prayer by Bro. Baker.
We feel that this is a big boost In
pushing the Christian Endeavor up-,
ward to greater things in the future.
This is just a sample of the good
things C. E. is going to have and
you should get In on them now.
Don't forget next Sunday is Dixie
Endeavor Day and we want to fill the
Church as we have arranged a very
fine program for Sunday night.
The mixed quartette alone is worth
coming out to hear, not telling any
thing about the other good things
in store for you at 7 p.m. Sunday
at the Christian Church.
F. W. B. Club.
The F. W. B'. Club met with Miss
Lottie Capps at her home on Palmer
street last Friday evening. The house
was beautifully decorated with potted
plants. The club was christened by
Miss Lottie Capps. After the guests
had sewed a while music was fur
nished by Miss Louise Hughes. At
a late hour dainty refreshments were
served. Those present were Misses
Gertrude May, Louise Hughes, Bettie
Evans and Lottie Capps.
Miss Ethel Fumbanks, of Dyers
burg, is visiting in the city, a guest
of Mrs. L. S. Morris. She attended
Presbytery at Kenton the first of
the week.
The friends of Mr. Will D. Webster
are glad of his good fortune In land
ing with the Vols as catcher. He
is now with the Nashville team and
we trust will make a fine record.
Friends in Union City have been
notified of the birth of Miss Mary
Ann, a little blue-eyed lady, to Mr,
and Mrs. Vaughn Moore, of Breck
inridge, Tex. Mrs. Moore is pleas
antly remembered in Union City as
Miss Elizabeth Murphey, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Murphey. The
family left here about ten years ago
and located in St. Louis.
Miss Carrie Tucker, recovering
from a recent operation at Nailling
Hospital for appendicitis, has return
ed to her home in Hornbeak.
Any one interested in a monu
ment of any kind will do well to
write me for prices; I have furnished
some of the finest work in Union
City which shows for itself. My
prices are reasonable. Now is the
time to make your selection. Can
have it ready to erect when spring
opens. Ask my customers about me,
If you buy from me, you will never
regret it. Will appreciate any favor.
ii H. M. FINLEY,
61-tf Humboldt, Tenn.
To encourage more and better
dairying. Dr. Turner offers the serv
ices of his wonderful registered Hol-
s'ein bull to the public. The advan
tage of breeding Jerseys to this kind
of male is that you increase the quan
tity on milk without the loss of qual
ity. Holstein8 hold the butter fat
record of the world. Season will be
made at the Sanitos Dairy and Chick
en Ranch, two and one-half miles
north of town on the JoHn road, if
for this community. It means
much for you as well as for us
-real style
-true quality
-sincere value
See the New Models
W. G.
the house
Union City Hi-Y Club.
Last Tuesday was annual business
meeting, and as our tine was short
the discussion was postponed until
the week following. Election of offi
cers was the main business.
Following is the report of the nom
inating committee.
' President: R.C. .Reynolds, Edward
Vice President: Barnett Owens,
Calvin Brown.
Secretary: Robert Bond, J. Rea
Shorty Sez:
Maybe you don't know there is a
real live bunch of young people in
Union City. But let me tell you that
we really have and that 58 of Union
City's best were out Sunday night.
You will too, if you will only
come out and get in the game. You
want the best and we have it at the
Christian Church Sunday night at
seven o'clock.
AFFORD TO MISS. I know, believe
me. 'SHORTY."
Auxiliary Meeting.
The March meeting of the Ameri
can Legion Auxiliary was held yes
terday morning at the Legion rooms.
The meeting was opened by an invo
cation by the unit chaplain, Mrs. C.
W. Miles, and was followed by the
reading of last month's minutes by
the secretary. The resignation of
Mrs. Williams was received and Miss
Clare Parks was made chairman of
the membership committee in her
place. Miss Parks was reminded
that no person was eligible for mem
bership this year whose army rela
tive is not a present member of the
Legion. In case of the absence of
the president and vice president it
was decided that four members of the
executive committee should call a
Further plans for the campaign
for new members were discussed and
the motion made that dues should be
collectable before membership cards
are presented the new member. Up
on the resignation of Miss Bess Beck
as treasurer, Mrs. Gerald Woosley
was elected to that capacity and Miss
Beck was made assistant treasurer.
Letters were read by the secretary
and president concerning dues and
that THIS STORE has
been selected as
the future
House '
: of : -y
of Kuppenheimer good clothes
, i 1 "
the drive for the aid of ex-service
members and their families, this to
be worked out in co-operation with
the American Legion.
This new
gum delight
young and old.
gg gtga iliap
It "melts in your
mouth" and the
center remains to aid digestion,
brighten teeth and soothe mouth
and throat.
There are the other WHIG LEY
friends to choose
Mrs. Lexie Parks, chairman of the
finance committee, suggested a pic
ture show for the purpose of increas
ing the auxiliary's funds. C
gum in the
from, too:

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