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CGulah Church Destroyed by Windstorm
total amount of insurance delivered
to Trustee four days after loss occurred, by
Jno. T WalKer (St Co.
Ihe Commercial, Union City, Tenn,
- FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1922.
FOR RENT Farm Jqt rent and
stock for sale. Apply this office.
FOR SALE CHE"1p New late
model typewriter. This office.
C&U Mrs. F. E. Arnn. Phone 301,
61tf .
First-class sewing of all kinds done
at 415 Vine street. - 52-2t
Cumb. 248. P. I. Chandler, 609
Main street. 51-tf
FOR SALE White Wyandotte
eggs, setting of fifteen, $1.25. Phone
179. Mrs. Joe Hamilton. 52-3t
FOR , SALE CHEAP One 7-pas-senger
touring car in excellent condi
tion. Apply at this office. . 49-tf
FOR SALE Cheap Vose piano,
square, in good condition. Phone
490rJ, Mrs. Lester Bennett, 709
Pierce street. 50-tf
Boards and lumber for sale.
D. J. Simmons, Rives, Tenn., R.F.D.
No. 1. Rural phone (Sidonia) 19-6.
49-3mopd .
vision and3$ollege streets, with wa
ter andiWwerage connection. Phone
113-J. 61-tf
FARM , FOR RENT On the share
crop plan. Good house and good land.
T. B. Clement, phone 800-3, Rives,
Tenn. y 50-tf
FOB o-E At farm, seed sweet
potatoes'. Have been kept in new
building and in fine condition. l-2tp
Union City, Tenn.
LOST- From stock pen on M. & O.
R. R. siding, three cattle, one grown
cow and two yearlings. $5 reward.
Wade Wiley, Telephone 213-3,
Unionfcity, Tenn.
FOR RENT Good seven room
house, water, lights, toilet and bath.
Near business part of the city,
school, Baptist and Methodist
churches. 52-2t
llJllJTCn To rent 4 or 5
room house for
long termWant modern con
veniences. Apply R. S. Wat
son, phone 278-J 52-2p
FOR SALE A desirable residence
in Union City on the corner of
Fourth and Lee streets, in good con
dition with modern Improvements
Including furnace, lights, bath, hard
wood floors, etc Call S. A. Allenj
Telephone 180-J. 52-tf
any other kind of stock one -fine
registered Hereford Bull, 21 months
old, weighs 800 pounds. Other bulls
in herd is reason for selling. 52-tf
n tp Mnnnv
Union City, Tenn
Eggs for Hatching.
From E. W. Mahood strain. Single
Comb R. I. Reds, $1.25 per setting of
15, $6.00 per hundred, at home.
$7.00 per hundred if shipped.
620 N. Division street, Union City,
Tenn. Cumberland phone 516. 47tf
City Taxes.
At a call meeting of the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen of Union City,
Tenn., held Feb. 28, it was decided to
extend the date for final payment of
taxes to April .1, and that all taxes
unpaid would become delinquent and
be subject to a penalty on April 1,
1922. .
J. W. WOOSLEY, Mayor.
W. D. KEISER, Recorder.
, Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of Mrs. Mittie C. Haus
e'r, deceased, all persons having
claims against said estate are hereby
notified to file the same, duly authen
ticated as prescribed by law With the
County Court Clerk of Obion County
on or before July 1, 1922, or the
gate will be barred both in law and
equity. All ppons owing the estate
are notified to come forward and set
tle. 60-4t
This March 8, 1922.
W. P. SHORE, Admr.
Only one of its kind in existence
ladies' minstrel, Opera House,
Tuesday, April 4.
Miss Ruth Marshall visited in
Memphis Saturday.
Mr. B. A. Luton is visiting his
daughter in Knoxville this week
As fine honey as a bee ever
made. WOOSLEY'S.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rose have re
turned from Springfield, Tenn
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hurley, of
Greenfield, were Wednesday visitors.
Ladies' negro minstrel coming
to Opera House Tuesday, April 4
Mrs. Pat Forester and Mrs. Brooks
were in Martin Wednesday visiting,
Messrs. F. J. and J. G. Smith and
Luke Maxwell were in Troy Satur
day. "
Don't fail to see the big bargain
deal of goods at Woosley's.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Wljitley vis
ited relatives at Fulton Saturday and
Capt. H. C. Alexander, of Nash
ville, was a buusiness visitor Iters
Subscriptions taken for all mag
azines. Mrs. C. L. Ridings, Phone
Mrs. Claudie Warren and sister,
Miss Nell Warren, were in the city
Mrs. F. J. Smith and Mrs. Scates,
of Martin, were shopping visitors
here Tuesday.
Ladies' negro mijjstrel coming
to Opera House Tuesday, April 4.
Mrs. John Cox and son, Richard,
were in Hickman yesterday visiting
relatives and friends.
The. Graham Bread at Woosley's
will give relief from that miserable
s'omach trouble you have.
Mrs. W. B. Bynum and Mrs.
Hunter, of Gleason, were shopping
in the city Saturday.
Mrs. Wm. Morris and daughters
and Mrs. Jackson, of Obion, were
shopping here Saturday.
I wish to state that I am selling
and delivering milk. Will appre
ciate your patronage. Russell M,
Houser. Cumberland Phone 530.
Mrs. Bethel Cockrill and baby
were in Fulton this week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Weaks.
Mr. F. N. Watson, representing
the Arnold-Constable Co., New York
City, was here yesterday.
Mrs. D. P. Anderson and little
child, of Chicago, are in the city vis
iting Mrs. N. E. Anderson. ,
Ladies' minstrel, Opera House
Tuesday, April 4. Admission, 25 and
35 cents.
Miss Nell Bondurant has returned
to Hickman after a visit to her sis
ter, Mrs. J. R. Cunningham.
The Miracle Lady says the num
ber of your watch is XYZ123 and
needs cleaning badly. Take it to
Thad Lee, next to "Jimmie's."
Mr. John R. Pitts and son, J. A
of Huntingdon, visited in the home
of Mr. R. J. McAdoo Sunday.
Mrs. J. L. Mosier is reported im
proved after several days illnesss
Mr. Mosier continues very ill.
Mrs. H. O. Head, Jr., and children
are in St. Louis this week visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. Watts.
Woosley has Just closed a deal
for another big lot of first-class "buy
one and give you one" goods. Go
see what it is.
Mr. Harry Scates left last Tuesday
for Mississippi as traveling represent
ative for the Canvas Decoy Co.
Mesdames Wood Priestly and Tay
lor Brown, of Martin, were visitors
in the shopping district Monday.
Dnly one of its kind in existence
ladies' minstrel, Opera House,
Tuesday, April 4.
Mesdames J. E. Jones, McEwen
and Little, of Dresden, were here
Tuesday visiting the style shops.
Mrs. Jessie Finch and little daugh
ter and Miss Marie Finch, of Mason
Hall, were visitors here Saturday.
Only one of its kind in existence
ladies' minstrel. Opera House,
Tuesday, April 4.
Miss Phelps Houser and Miss Nell
Phillips, with Mr. Grover Petty,
were visitors in Hickman Sunday.
Mrs." Ella Howse and daughters,
Helen and Evelyn, were in Trenton
Sunday visiting Mr. Howse, the
grandfather of the little girls.
Mr. and Mrs. Orville Milliken and
Miss Lottie Noah were In Hickman
Wednesday looking at the mighty
rush of the river.
Union City Motor and Implement Company.
By order of S. Homer Tatum, Referee in Bankruptcy, I the undersigned
trustee am offering the entire stock of the above concern for sale for cash. This
Mammoth stock of Farming Implements, Wagons,
Buggies, Harness, Tractors, Automobiles, Trucks
and virtually everything in the Implement line, will be offered to the public for a
period of ninety days at and below the present WHOLESALE MARKET
COST of the same goods f. o. b. the factory.
, ' Please note that these goods are not being sold at what they cost this company
at the time they were purchased, but are being offered at retail to you at what they
would cost Wholesale today at the factories in CAR LOTS.
If you need anything in the Farm Implement line this spring or for next fall, you
cannot help but buy now at this sale, for this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and
this stock of goods represents goods from the factories of virtually every reputable
implement manufacturers in the United States.
Space will not permit the mentioning of the names of all the different lines of
implements that go to make up this mammoth stock ot goods, but if it is in the im
plement line and you want it, you will find it in this stock of goods, and at prices
below anything that could be quoted by any competition.
The wise buyer is going: to come early and get his pick of this
choice merchandise, so do not delay, as this is your opportunity.
Please bear in mind that in this stock is carried a
complete stock of Repair Parts for all makes
of Implements.
Nothing Reserved.
Everything Goes
Trustee in Bankruptcy,
Union City Motor and Implement Co.
Mr..H. T. King, of Nashville, was
a visitor in Union City this week
as a prospective resident. The gen
tleman was very favorably impressed
Cornell Wood Board, the best in
side wall ceiling. Sold and recom
mended by R. C. Woods and J. M.
Russell, the Red Spot Paint & Glass
Company, Phone 260; Washington
Mrs. C. V. Jones entertained last
week in honor of her mother, Mrs.
F. W. Moore, complimenting Mrs.
Moore on the occasion of her birth
day anniversary. A number of
friends were present who enjoyed the
A little boy brought his watch
in the other day and says, "There's
sump'n the matter with the 'in
nards' of this watch, and sure
enough a speck of oil applied to his
Ingersollship made it all right. Thad
Lee, next to Jimmie's. 1-lt
Mr. Harry Vincent is having some
extensive femodeling and repairs
done on his residence on East Church
street. There will be a general
change in the appearance of the res
idence and the beautiful gardens,
once the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Edwards.
Wind shields for automobiles
ranging in price from $2.50 up, ow
ing to size and quality. Glass for
windows and doors, practically all
sizes. Give us a call. Phone 260;
Washington avenre. R. C. Woods
and J. M. Russell's Red Spot Paint
& Glass Slore
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Andrews were
the guests this week of Mrs. An
drews' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Bransford. In the future they will
make their home in Memphis, where
Mr. Andrews has charge of the Chev
rolet retail store.
quality equals price. R. C. Woods
and J. M. Russell's Red Spot Paint
& Glass Store. Cumb. Phone 260.
Ladies' minstrel, Opera House,
Tuesday, April 4. Admission, 25 and
35 cents.
0. E. S.
The second and fourth Friday has
been set for the Eastern Star meet
ings at 7:30 p.m. Please make it a
point to be present. l-4t
Brushes paint brushes, var
nish brushes, floor brushes, window
brushes, dusters, mops, chamois
skins, Ocedar oil and mops, at Re4d
Spot Paint and Glass Store, Washing
ton avenue. Phone 260.
Mr. Roy Vincent's little son is in
Dr. Quails' infirmary, where the phy
sician is treating a broken leg. The
boy was helping to carry a chicken
coop from Mr. Lockhart's and the
coop was accidentally dropped-and
fell on his leg, breaking the bone
above the ankle.
Roofing Black Blazer Roofing,
slate surfaced, 85 lbs. to roll, $3.25.
Defender Roofing, 108 sq. feet to
roll, $2.00 a roH. Buy where prices
are right. Phone 260. Washington
avenue. R. C. Woods and J. M. Rus
sell's Red Spot Paint & Glass Store.
Mr. Bob Hamilton is having some
new work done on his residence on
North Ury street in the addition of
new rooms and the coating of the
entire walls with stucco. The home
is one of Ury street's attractive
places and it is being done over to
bloom out with spring flowers.
The new paint store on Wash
ington avenue has paints of all colors
and for all purposes; ranging in price
from 90 cents to $6.50 per gallon;
Our Grocery Store
You made our business fine through Januajy. Now
let's make February still better. It pleases us to please
you, so we are still here with the very best and freshest
of everything in the grocery and meatjmarket.
A Clean Store A Clean Stock
Prompt Service A Square Deal
So call forvwhat you want

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