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i Over Wehman's Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
-- Telephones
Office 144; .Residence 6 9 5-J
. DE. E. M. LONG
Over Wehman'd Hardware Store
Union City, Tenn.
Office 144; Residence 6 9 5-J
Union City Commercial. established 18T0 j Cons0,idnted September 1. 1897
Wmt Tennessee Courier, established 1897
VOL. 32, NO. 2
Obion County Shows Fine Credit
Eating in Financial Market!
The Bale of highway bonds ordered
by the County Court of Obion County
at its January term for the sum of
not exceeding $95,000, for the Jeff
Davis Highway to be constructed
from Union City to Troy, was held
last Monday, Judge Waddgll conduct
ing the sale. Some private sealed
bids were filed before the sale, but
none of them was equal to the high
est bid made by Caldwell & Co., of
Nashville, who were represen'ed here
by Gen. H. C. Alexander. The bonds
were sold to Caldwell & Co. for 96,
000, with an agreement that the pur
chasers pay for plates and engraving
of the bonds, also an interest of three
per cent on daily balances in bank
This seems to our people like a good
sale, and the further prospects of a
favorable contract are encouraging.
At least with a reduction in labor
and materials there is no reason why
we should not have a favorable con
tract. We should have for the mon
ey invested not only i complete road
to Troy, but an extension of the Bris
tol-to-Memphis road towards Gibbs,
as far at least as the survey that way
is adopted. We live with bright an
ticipatiens for both these roads,
Union City shoulc be both on the
Jeff Davis Highway and on -the I. C
R. R.
improvements below the levee into
which the spillway drains the waters
of the lake. This levee is also one
of the permanent improvements
which has been of incalculable value
to the people of Lake and Obion
counties as well as the land own
ers around the lower end of the lake.
All these things have stood the test
of the recent overflow, one of the
biggest we have ever had.
Organization of Class 13.
Jeff Davis Highway.
Mr. W. G. Reynolds, Union City
Tenn. Dear Sir: I am directed by
Mr. J. T. Thomas, president, to call
the Jeff Davis Highway Association
. to meet in Jackson, Mississippi, at
10 a.m. at the Chamber of Commerce
building, Tuesday, April i8, 1922
There has not been a meeting of
the members and officers of this as
sociation for two years, whicn makes
it imperative to have a full attend
ance and to transact some very im
portant business such as the election
of officers, the apointment of com
- mittees for marking and otherwise
beautifying the highway and trans
act such other business as the asso
ciation may deem proper.
It has been thought advisable and
notice is herby given that the re
location of the Jeff Davis Highway
between Memphis and Grenada, Mis
sissippi, will be considered. As it is
now located, it seems that nothing
has been done toward building the
highway at certain places and thru
certain counties and as the prospect
for this to be done in the near fu
ture is not encouraging, it is, there
fore, thought best to bring the mat
ter up again and relocate the high
way between the two points above
named if the association thinks it
the proper thing to do.
The sons and daughters of the Con
federacy are invited to attend the
convention and take part in building
and beautifying the Jeff Davis High
way. We would like to have jyoa work
up an interest in the meeting by
having this notice published in your
local paper and write letters to your
friends and others interested so that
the meeting may be not only repre
sentative in point of territory in
vlved but largely attended as well.
Yours very truly,
Memphis, Tenn., March 30, 1922
Members of Class 13 of the Baptist
Sunday School assembled "at the
church Tuesday night, March 28, for
the .purpose of organizing the class.
A large number of interested and en
thusiastic members were present. Af
ter assembling in their classroom a
motion was made by Dr. Jones and
seconded by Prof. Thomas that the
class go into executive session. The
niotion was unanimously carried. Dr.
Carlton, teacher of the class, gave an
interesting and very instructive talk
on the purpose of organization and
the benefits to be derived from it.
On motion it was decided to vote by
secret ballot ,and the following offir
cers were chosen:
President, Dr, Jones.
First vice president, Mr. Homer
Second vice president. Prof. Shee
Third vice president, Mr. Gordon
Secretary, Mr. Ivie Chandler.
Treasurer, Mr. Dixon Williams.
Reporter, Prof. Thomas.
It was then moved and seconded
that a committee be appointed by the
president whose purpose was to draw
up a constitution for the class. The
motion carried and the following
committee was appointed: Herman
P. Thomas, chairman; C. F. Sheeley
and J. D. Carlton. It was further
moved, seconded and passed that the
class take charge of the opening ex
ercises of the Sunday school in the
near future. Then upon motion of
Dr. Carlton, seconded by Prof. Shee
ley, the class adjourned.
Immediately after adjournment
the members assembled in the B. Y
P. U. room where they were served
refreshments by Mrs. Carlton and
Mrs. Howse. These were very de
lightful and, coming after an hour
of much labor, were greatly enjoyed
by the entire number. To those la
digs Class 13 is indebted for a very
pleasant social hour.
Death of S. M. Morris.
Spillway and Drainage at Reelfoot
Lake Hold Good.
We are told that the improvements
made below the spillway at Reeifoot
Lake have been effective in the re
cent floods in preventing overflow of
the whole country around Samburg
and the great tracts of lowland
south of the levee toward the river.
The water in the lake has at-no time
reached flood stage. The highest
mark is reported to be five feet be
low the surface of the levee and the
spillway has taken care of all the
drain. This condition is more favor
able still, when one understands the
fact that water from the Mississippi
River overflow is emptied into the
lake thru the washout. Reference is
made to the big ditch and drainage
S. M. Morris, one of the oldest and
best known residents of West Ten
nessee, died at his home in Elbridge
March 28, after an extended illness
which several times occasioned the
ummoning of relatives to his bed
side. He rallied from these sinking
spells, but on Monday vas taken ill
nd failed to rally, sinking gradually
to the end.
Born in McNairy County in 1856,
Mr. Morris came to Obion County
thirty years ago, taking up his res
idence near Elbridge. His life was
devoted to the teaching of vocal mu
sic, and as a singing master he was
said to be without a peer in this sec
tion of the South. His reputation as
a gospel singer vas widespread and
it is said he had the distinction of
having taught more singing schools
than any man of his age.
His rendition of song3 of the olden
days at gospel meetings and at sing
ing schools carried with them senti
ments which seemed to inspire every
one who heard him. Of late years
his age and infirmity caused him to
give" up instruction and he lived
quietly at his homo, beloved by all
who knew him.
Besides his wife he is survived by
two daughters, Mrs. T. C. Dillingham
and Miss Ruby Morris, both of El
bridge, and three sons, Vergil and
Raymond of Elbridge, and Wid Mor
ris of Memphis, the latter a stamp
deputy in the office of the internal
reyenue service in that city. In
terment was at Elbridge. Obion
County Enterprise.
Street Opening.
Lions Feel the Influence of Spring
and Indulge in Sport.
The Lions had a merry hour last
Tuesday at Forrester's. After the
committee reports a riot of fun was
incited. . Lion Howard, with always
something up his sleeve, first at
tacked a newspaper man, taking it
for granted that the latter had
enough money or credit to buy flow
erst charging clandestine motives
etc. But the matter was finally closed
to the satisfaction of the club.
Dr. H. M. Oliver had an offering as
an ode to spring, this in the way of
following up the course of events,
and he proceeded in characteristic
style to set the good work in motion
Probe was made involving a physi
cian in regard to the birth rate.
report of 150 hopefuls since the first
of January, however, exonerated the
member. The postmaster's assistant
was plied with inquiries as to the
distinction between business and love
letters, and the accused had to satisfy
the club with a statement. Finally
a serious charge was laid at the door
of another newspaper man and a
prominent business man present
This was to the effect that these
Lions had been guilty of grossly vi
olating the customs of society in the
use of the knife in place of the fork
A debate on the ides of spring was
the penalty and the fines were re
Reports from committees were as
follows: Mr. Dietzel on strawber
ries: Mr. Jackson on poultry one
car every two weeks or thereabouts;
Mr. Tittsworth, building and loan;
Mr. Burdick on rates and flag station
at Bruce's; Mr. Riley on live stock
and trading. The latter was taken
from the first Monday record as fol
To trade and sell: Mules, 60;
horses, 72; Jacks, 3; cows, 8; bulls
1; cows for milking, 2.
Sold: Mules, 24; horses, 12; jacks
1; cows, 8..
Traded: Mules, 16; horses, 25.
This report is the result of the
campaign now being conducted by
Mr. Rose, and shows a fine start in
the work.
T. R. Reynolds had some interest
ing information in reference to black
rot for sweet potato growers. He
found in his experience that beds of
virgin soil and seed sweet putatoes
free of black rot would guarantee
against black rot in . the crop from
that bed.
Mr. Stanley Glaser, a visitor pres
ent, was invited to speak and he re
sponded very kindly that every good
town had a Lions Club.
Mr. Robert Bond, in behalf of the
Hi-Y, was present and made a state
ment of the work in the Union City
Hi-Y and the call for stock subscrip
tions in Union City to the total cf
250 as a part of the general cam
paign in the State for Hi-Y work.
Thegrtement was indorsed unani
Rev. Mathis spoke in bulialf of the
Hi-Y work and its influence upon
the boys and girls, which elicitd a
hearty response.
Kev. Baker called attention to
evangelistic services which begin
next Sunday at the First Christian
Church in Union City and invited
the Lions Club in a body to attend.
Thereupon a motion was carried that
the club meet at the lunch room Sun
day evening at 7:15 o'clock and go
n a body to the church for the even
ing service at 7:30 o'clock.
Obion County Medical Association.
The Obion pounty Medical Asso
ciation met here at the City Hall
Monday afternoon, April 3, at 1:30
o'clock, in one of the best meetings
of the year.
Dr. W. F. Roberts, the retiring
president of the association, called
the meeting to order.
Di. O. E. Hampton, physician in
charge of the Medical Department of
the Veterans' Bureau at Jackson,
Tenn., was a visitor for this meeting
and talked on "Our Disabled Vet
erans." Dr. Hampton stated that
the Government was spending over
$1,000.00 per day in this district
alone on the care and compensation
of disabled men. He emphasized the
fact that the Government is anxious
to give help and treatment to every
man disabled in the service, and that
they vere not sparing time or money
to make this possible. A number of
physicians turned in the names of
worthy disabled men. Dr. Hampton
is exceedingly anxious that all men
who have been reluctant in filing
claims do so at oncec, while it is yet
possible to secure the necessary con
nection with the service. He said
men with disabilities should hie a
claim as a matter of record if they do
not desire compensation.
A number of those present re
sponded to the call for case reports
with some very interesting and un
usual cases. AM present took part in
a discussion of these cases.
The follcnving members whl serve
the association as officers: President,
Dr. J. D. Carlton; vice president, Dr.
M. L. Smith; secretary-treasurer, Dr.
Ira Park. Delegate to the State As
sociation, Dr. J. D. Carlton; alter
nate delegate, Dr. Ira Park.
The opening of Church street and
moving of the passenger depot is to
take place, according to the pro
visions made by agreement, not later
than May 15. No doubt at that time
the N., C. & St. L. Ry. Co. willJie
prepared with plana for some nice
improvements. Everything seems to
be coming our way.
Schedule of Closing Exercises Union
City Public Schools.
Friday, April 14, Central School
grades 4 and 5.
Friday, April 21, Central School
grades 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Friday, April 28, FIELD DAY.
Friday, May 5, Westover grades
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Sunday, May 14, Commencement
Tuesday, May 16, sixth grade pro
motions. Wednesday, May 17, Junior High
school promotion exercises.
Thursday, May 18, Commencement
The Town Cynic Says.
Consensus of opinion concerning
the raidcal nplifter: A very easy
man to get along without.
C. P. Christian Endeavor Locals
They decided to do it, and they
did it.
To have 100 at the C. P. Church
last Sunday evening.
At Sunday school that morning
they learned that they were to have
the Chinese student, K. B. On, from
Bethel College, with them at their
evening meeting and they decided
that instead of their usual attend
ance of 60 they would have 100 out
to hear him that evening. And they
had 125! Wasn't that great! Can
you beat it?
It was decidedly the peppiest
meeting of the year. They opened
with "C. E. Shall Shine To-Night."
That made everybody feel it in their.
very bones. More than a dozen of
the Endeavorers took part one after
the other as quickly as possible, but
there was not time for more. Mrs.
R. A. Napier and Miss Marcella Da-
idson played a beautiful piano and
organ duet. Then the leader Intro
duced Rev. Bryant, of Bethel Coll
lege, who made a short talk and in
troduced the speaker of the evening,
B. On. Mr. On is here to be edu
cated to go back to his people as a
missionary. He has only been in
America two years and only a few
months of this time has he spent in
Bethel College associating with Eng-
sh-speaking students and he is to
be congratulated upon the progress
e is Ynaking with the English lan
guage. Before coming to McKenzie
he was in California.
Mr. On says it is America's duty to
educate the Chinese people. We are
the rich older brother. He says if
their education is left to Germany or
Japan it will be an education of mil
itarism which will bring trouble
There was not time to take a
count on the contest, so both sides
are left as they were the Sunday be
fore, with the Whites five points in
the lead.
The Sunday evening crowds are
increasing steadily to hear Rev. Cun
ningham's sermons to the young peo
ple. You are missing something if
you are not hearing these talks ev
ery Sunday evening.
Twenty-one Endeavorers from the
C. P. Church have registered for the
Newbern convention and others are
going who did not register. The del
egates from the C. P., Christian,
Bethlehem and Beech societies, more
than forty in all, have held two pep
py powwows at the Christian church,
Friday and Monday evenings, prac
ticing songa and yells. They are gq
ing to let Newbern know they are
there as soon as they get off the
train. ! ! 1 1
Mr. Williamson says they have al
ready gone over the top in registra
tion, having reached the 150 mark
more than a week ago. Oh, it's go
ing to be a "Little" convention!
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