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THE Fisk Premier
-Tread is a tire which
yields an honest, generous
measure of service at a low
See this tire and compare
with any at a competing
price. It is your best pur
chase if you want a low
priced tire.
It is a FiskTire.and is Fisk
character clear through.
There's a Fisk Tire of extra value
in every size, for car, truck
- or speed wagon
so IV
i-Pl.k Premier Trad 118.85
i Non-Skid Fabric . 14.85
I Extra-Ply Red-Top 17.85
Clincher Cord . . 17.85
SOzSH Six-PlT Non-8kld
Cord Str.irht Hide ItM
Hl4 Six-Ply Non-Skid
Cord 17.00
32x4 Non-Skid Cord . . M.54
SZ X 4 H Non-Skid Cord. . S.M
(4x4 Non-Skid Cord . . 41.00
Kxf Non-SkidCord. - 61.60
N.rk ft.r U IL Pal O..
Time to Re-tire?
(Buyf Fiak)
. dwoer' CilMraJ 5p
give more time to the purchase of
clothing than they do Insurance.
Jno. T. Walker Co.
Sell Insurance for your PROTECTION.
BOTH PHONES - Union City, Tenn.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1922.
Mrs. Clint Ramsey, of Kenton, was
a Monday shopper.
Mrs. Frank Reeser was a Sunday
visitor in Jackson.
Go to Corum's for FRESH Can
dies of All Kinds.
Mrs. McCuan, of. Dresden, was
Wednesday shopper.
Mrs. Sara McClanahan is visiting
' her daughter, Mrs. Smith, in Jackson
Mrs. J. T. Calahan, of Kenton, was
a visitor this week with Mrs. J. T
Bruce. .
Mrs. Woods, of Dresden, was here
Tuesday visiting her mother, Mrs
Mrs. Arnn's Easter hats are
ready for your inspection. See the
latest styles.
Mrs. J. T. Perkins and Mrs. Lillie
Whitnell, of Martin, were here Wed
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Herring, of
Fulton, were In the city Wednesday
as visitors.
Misses Hattie Swain and Nelle
Naylor, of Dresden, were in the city
Now is the time to have your
best, our stock is all new. Red Spot
Paint & Glass Co.
Mrs. Rose, of Columbus, Ky., is
a visitor , here this week with Mrs.
W. D. Keiser. -
Mrs. W. G. Harris has returned
from Dresden, where she has been
visiting the sick.
Go to Corum's for the Coldest
Drinks in Town.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Rogers were
in Memphis this week visiting their
son and daughter.
Miss Annie Naylor has returned
to Tupelo, Miss., after a visit to her
mother in the city.
Miss Mayme Doyle has returned
from Trimble, where she has been
taking care of a paMcnt.
Becoming hats a number of
styles from which you may choose
all of them at a very special crice. at
Mrs. Arnn's.
Mrs. A. Ashburn, of Memphis, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Phebus, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pitts and chil
dren, of Huntingdon, were in the
city last week as visitors.
Miss Nannie Belle Miller was a
visitor this week at the home of Miss
Bonnie Wright at Elbridge.
Protect your floors. Paint inte
rior floors with Red Spot Floor Paint
and exterior with Red Spot PORCH
PAINT. Save the surface and you
save all.
Dr. H. W. Quails was in Memphis
this week atending the West Ten
nessee Medical Association meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bivens, Mrs.
H. A. McDonald and Mrs. Bushart, of
Martin, were in the city yesterday
shopping. ,
Mrs. Will Gullett, Miss Frances
Faulkner and Miss Jessie Bandy, of
Trimble, were in the city Saturday
as shoppers.
Hats of originality in effect
harmonizing with the spirit of style
achievement and the individuality of
the wearer you find the right one
at Mrs. Arnn's.
Mrs. Walker Pickard left this week
for Lynchburg, Va., to visit her
daughter, who is there in the Ran
dolph-Macon school.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hamilton, ba
by daughter, and Miss Arnetta Ham
ilton have returned from a winter's
circuit made by the Hamilton Play
ers. They are at home on Ury street.
Mrs. Paul Croft, of Dyersburg,
came over this week to visit her
mother, Mrs. D. J. Caldwell. Mrs.
Croft was on her way to Battle
Creek, Mich., to take r, course of
treatment in the Sanitarium.
-Summer is coming, so are the
flies and mosquitoes. Paint your
screens NOW with RED SPOT
SCREEN PAINT. Preserves the
screens and keeps the bugs out.
Miss Elizabeth Scates, who is at
tending Saint .Cecelia Academy,
Memphis, came home last night for
Easter holidays, accompanied by a
number of friends who are here to
enjoy a house party with Miss Scates.
Party from Union City attending
the C. E. Convention at Newbern Fri
day were as follows: Mis Imogene
Jones, Rufus Massey, Wilford Quinn,
Louis Bramham, Hal Brown, Miss
Mary Arden Nailling, Mrs. Ellis Tay
lor, Miss Mildred Bushart, Paul
Jones, Clifford Joyner, Jr.
Women feel that spring arrives
with Easter, and of course a new
hat is inevitable. Hats that are new
with a -dash of spring and a note of
summer, a- combination appealing to
the conservative buyer. See them
at Mrs. Arnn's.
Party from. Union City attending
the C. E. Convention at Newbern Sat
urday were as follows: Miss Aletha
Pate, Miss Leo Park. Miss Allie V.
Pate, Miss Lena Pittman,, Irvine
Matchett, Millard Carman, Ernest
Wuench, Gladys Jones, Ralph White,
Miss Carrie Schmidt, Minister E. S.
Tennessee Pig Club Boys
Make Fine Record '
V : -V
Davidson County Youth. Wins First
Place. Nearly 2000 Enrolled
There were UBT4 boys enrolled In
the pig dubs In Tennessee in 1921.
Reports showing the results acoon
pllshed by 893 boys were collected by
the county agricultural agents. They
fattened 499 hogs for the market and
raised 554 purebred gilts to be used as
brood sows. From 169 sows raised
the previous yar, a total ol 2,597
pigs were farrowed. This Included a
spring and fall litter from each sow
making an average of 7 pigs to each
Reports of this kind are convincing
that the value of the pig club work
is Inestimable. A few boys are being
given an insight into the work of pro
ducing purebred swine for breeding
stock. Large numbers are improving
the stock kept oiv small farms and
are using this Improved stock for
greater and more economical pork pro- j
duction. j
" - i
Pre-Easter Sale
0f51 50 High Grade Hart Schaffner and Marx
v $37.50,1 $40.00 and $45.00 Men's Suits
3T" jv W S"V.
Summer Sanders and His Cham
pion Pig. He Won First Place in
the State Pig Club Contest and
Won Free Trip to International
Livestock Show at Chicago.
Since a great many purebred hogs
have been produced the past few
years in the pig clubs the general
(Trade of hogs in many localities has
been materially improved. As a re
sult of this, the boys have learned
that well bred hogs are niore suitable
for pork production In the same way
that they are better for breeding
stock. It' Is believed now that the
greatest opportunity for the pig club
boy Is In the production of pork, and
their interest is gradually turning in
chat direction.
' At practcally every county and dis
trict fair last fall there was an in
creased number of pork pigs shown
by club members. One hundred .club
members In Montgomery County fat
tened a carload of club pigs and
shipped them to the market. It cost
$1,412 to produce the hogs and eet
them to market, while they sold for
?1,&S, leaving a net profit of $526.
j.iie siace pig ciud contest was
open only to the boys who raised pork
pigB. 'ihe state champion prize
which was a free trip to the Inter
national Livestock show at Chicago
was won by Summer Sanders of
Davidson County.
It means a big loss to us, but we
.had to do it, because our stocks
were tooheavy. If you haven't
bought your Easter Suit, get it
to-day! Every size and style to
choose from. The greatest thing
ever happened in Union City.
Alterations at cost.
All Regal High and Low Cut Shoes at...... '...$6.75
Union City's Exclusive Store For Men and Boys.
A change Is coming over the busi
ness of beef production. The farmers
of Tennessee are more and more tak
ing up this great Industry that for
many years was accorded to the range
districts of the west. The conditions
influencing this change have been tat
tag shape for a number of years and
will continue for no brief period. The
farmer for the benefit of his farm and
the safety of his bank account is rais
ing cattle. It is the safest course.
It will Increase the fertility of his
acres. It will insure "money in
band." As yet there are thousands
of farms that have not become a part
of the expanding effort in beef produc
tion, but the tendency is in the right
direction. Beef production on the
farm iq, on the increase and happily
the value of good blood has been "gen
erally acknowledged so that the quali
ty of the product will make its appeal
to the more discriminating buyers.
The farmers must be producers
rather than speculators. A good many
reasons exist for this, not the least of
which is that of permanency and the
betterment of the soil and the im
provement of the farm. The oppor
tunities for expansion are found large
ly on the home farm or in the home
community. The days of alluring
opportunities elsewhere have passed.
From now on It is constructive effort
that will win. Speculative opportuni
ties are remote and uncertain but in
telligent, persistent effort on the good
farms of Tennessee beckons to all
who own or operate the land.
Beef production plays its fundamen
tal part In this permanent farm prosperity.
Notice. ,
I am prepared to do all Kinds of
repair work, sewing machines,
clocks, lawn mowers, etc. Also a
few sewing machines for sale W. T.
BranBford, 1023, East Main street,
phone 504. 3-2t
When you buy Red Spot No. 43
you get a pure lead, oil and zinc
paint; 3.25 per gallon. I
RENT Nice rooms.
model typewriter. This office.
FOR RENT Five-room house on
Second street. Phone 595-J. 2-tf
FOR SALE Pure breed white
Peking duck eggs. Call Woodland 28.
FOR RENT Two nice rooms,
partly furnished or unfurnished
Phone W. T. Bransford. 2-tf
Call Mrs. F. E. Arnn. Phone 301
Cumb. 248. P. I. Chandler, 609
Main street. - 51-tf
FINE PASTURE for horse or cow,
east of corporate limits. Call phone
483-j. W-D. Fry, Union City, Tenn
FOR RENT House 609 N. Third
street. Apply to Mrs. A. K. Garland,
197 Campbell street, Jackson, Tenn
vision and College streets, with wa
ter and sewerage connection. Phone
113-J. 51-tf
FOR SALE At farm, seed sweet
potatoes. Have been kept in new
building and in good condition. Plen
ty for everybody and price is right.
3-2tpd Union City, Tenn.
FOR SALE A desirable residence
in Union City on the corner of
Fourth and Lee streets, in good con
dition with modern improvements
including furnace, lights, bath, hard
wood floors, etc. Call D. A. Allen,
Telephone 180-J. 52-tf
any other kind of stock one fine
registered Hereford Bull, 21 months
old, weighs 800 pounds. Other bulls
in herd is reason for selling. 52-tf
Union City, Tenn.
FOR SALE Tomato plants, all
varieties, early and late. Fine strong
plants. Either from hot bed or from
cold frame. Prices reasonable. Al
so large sweet pepper and pimento
plants. Mrs. D. N. Walker, phone
146-J. .y 2-tf
The members of the O. E. S. will have
their Easter Market, Saturday, April
15. 1922, at Harpole-Walker Furni
ture Co. Everything that it takes to
make up a real Easter Dinner will
be sold. We will expect all Masons
ESPECIALY to buy just what they
want for Easter Dinner.
Boards and lumber for sale.
D. J. Simmons, Rives, Tenn., R.F.D
No. 1. Rural phone (Sidonia) 19-6
Special Board Meeting.
The Board of Mayor and Aldermen
held an extra session last Wednesday
night to discuss street improvements
The street scarifier having ' been
loaned to some of the neighboring
towns, the street committee was di
rected to locate the machine and get
ready for some work on the streets
when it is decided what to do.
A vote was taken and an order
made to pay the Mayor $50 per
month for ex-officio services for the
months of February and March and
half of January, 1922.
Baptist Church.
Dr. D. F. Marlin begins his labors
as pastor of the Baptist Church Sun
day. Dr. Marlin will preach at both
the morning and evening hours Sun
day. Public and members of other
churches invited to these services
The choir will render special
Easter music. You have a special in
vitation. Come!
Tuesday, April 18, 1922, com
mencing at 1:30 p.m., at the John
Semones Farm, 2 miles from Union
City, on the Union City and Gibbs
road, I will sell to the highest bidder
for cash, 1 self-binder, 1 disc cultiva
tor, 3 hoe cultivators. 1 corn planter,
1 corn harrow, 1 wheat drill, 1 hay
rake, 2 disc harrows, 3 sets double
trees, horse collars, 6 bridles, 6 sets
of gear, 2 pairs wagon lines, 2 breast
chains. 2 hay frames, 2 wagons, 2
3-horse plows, 2 2-horse plows, 2
mowers, 1 drag, 3 or 4 mules ana
horses. Said sale is to satisfy a note
made to G. E. Phebus by John Swift,
colored. 3-lt
G. B. WHITE, Trustee.
ING COMPANY, a corporation,
with, its chief office in the city of
Quincy, 111.
G. M. Thomas et al. vs. J. A. Foulks
et als. Chancery Court, Obion
County, Tennessee.
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master
from the bill of complaint, which is
sworn to, that the defendant, The
Moorman Manufacturing Company,
is non-resident of the State of Ten
nessee, so that ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon it. It is
therefore hereby ordered that the
said above named defendant appear
before the Clerk and Master of the
Chancery Court of Obion County,
Tennessee, on or before the third
Monday of May, 1922, that being
a rule day of said Chancery Court,
and make defense to the said bill, or
the same will be taken as confessed
by it, and the said cause set for hear
ing ex-parte as to it. It is further
ordered that publication of this no
tice be made for four consecutive
weeks in The Commercial, a weekly
newspaper published in Obion Coun
ty, Tenn. 3-4t
This 11th day of April, 1922.
Clork and Master.
By Nelle F.- Marshall, D. C. & M.
Moore & Hudgins, Sol. for Complt.
The Peoples Bank of Martin, Tenn.,
vs. Geo. W. Underwood et als.
Chancery Court, Obion County,
In the above styled cause it ap
pearing to the Clerk and Master
from the bill of complaint, which is
sworn to that the defendant, Geo.
W. Underwood, is a non-resident of
the State of Tennessee, so that ordi
nary process of law cannot be served
upon him. It is therefore hereby
ordered that the said above named
defendant appear before the Clerk
and Master of the Chancery Court
of Obion County, Tennessee, on
or before the third Monday of
May. 1922. that being a rule day of
said Chancery Court, and make de
fense to the said bill, or the same
will be taken as confessed by him,
and the said 'cause set for hearing
ex-parte as to him. It is further or
dered that publication of this notice
be made for four consecutive weeks
in The Commercial, a weekly news
paper published in Obion County,
Tenn. 3-4t
This April 12, 1922.
GEO. A. GIBBS, C. & M.
By Nelle R Marshall. D. C. & M.
Geo. C. RowTett, Sol. for Complt.
The Commercial, Union City, Tens.

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