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The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1922,
May is here and very little .corn
Is planted in Number Seven.
A number of the young people
of this vicinity went to Hickman
Sunday to see the high water.
Sunday school at Crittendon Grove
was suspended Sunday morning and
everybody went to the C. P. Sunday
School Convention at Pleasant Hill.
The Christian Endeavor meets
Sunday afternoon at 2:30.. Every
body is invited.
' Two young men from Weakley
County were down in these parts
mixing with our young people; they
had a breakdown and had to "hoof
it" back. Better luck to you next
time, boys.
Last Saturday evening n social
function was enjoyed in the home of
Miss Cecile Olive by all the members
of the Christian Endeavor. A plan
of having a business meeting and a
social together once a month has
been adopted. After the executive
committee meeting, everybody had
.. a jolly good time. Contests, games
and music were the features of the
evening. Calvin Stovall, Elzie Wag-
ster and Janet Pruitt were winners
of the prizes. Grace Hogan was pre
sented with a large white birthday
cake, on which burned 15 reef can
dies. She cut the cake and gave each
one present a piece, in which they
found their fortune. This brought
an uproar of laughter. Delicious re
freshments were served and every
body reported a delightful time. Ab
The three months subscription school
taught by Prof. Sftover will close Fri
Dixie High School has announced
that they will bring their play, "Tha
Iiittle Clod Hopper," here Friday
night, the 15th inst.
Several from here attended the Sun
day School Convention at Pleaeant
Hill last Sunday.
This community welcomes the Baulch
family, who have returned to their
home a few days ago.
We understand that none of our
former faculty will be applicants for
positions here another term.
Mr. John Yates entertained the old
Confederate Soldiers with a dinner
Saturday. There were thirteen present,
but it was much regretted that Mr. J.
K. P. Heflin was absent, as he has
been unable to walk for several months
from rheumatism. He has recently
moved with his wife and son, Frank,
to Mr. John Smith's place, where he
wishes his friends to visit him.
Miss Virginia Heflin recently visited
her parents from Paducab, Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith have
moved to their former dome, near
Plank's Chapel, in District Sixteen.
Miss Gladys Jones entertained the
P. W. B. Club last Friday evening
Some very entertaining work was
4one, arter which many social games
were played, also some special music
was given by the hostess. A delight
ful ice course was served. At a late
lour all went away saying it was
one of the best meetings they had
ever had.
Mrs. J. W. Moorehead, of Fulton--were
down Sunday, guests with Mrs.
3111 Edwards.
pi f 'A I I
and Save Money
Leslie Shore is having his resi
dence painted.
Coleman Harris visited his mother
in Ashland City this week.
Mrs. Alice McDonald spent th
week with friends at Obion.
iSomo tnirty or iorty oi our cm
zens were visitors in Union City this
Mesdames Claude Woody and Bill
Edwards spent yesterday in Ruther
Miss Ola Petty and Miss Gertrude
Agnew were visitors in town Friday
for the" Womanless Wedding."
E. W. Stovall is expected in from
MemDhls where he has for several
weeks been in the Methodist Memo'
rial Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wise will soon
locate in Obion where the former has
a position in the public schools of
that enterprising town.
Vsitors Sunday with Mr. and' Mrs,
Claude Woody were Mr. and Mrs,
Miller Everett and Mr. and Mrs. Rob
ert Morris, all of Obion.
Rev. . E. S Baker, pastor of the
First Christian Church, Union City
will preach the baccalaureate sermon
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Mrs. Rose Nipper, State L .T. L,
organizer and lecturer of the Worn
an's Temperance Union, addressed
the school body Monday morning,
Little Misa Vivian Lee Wright
daughter of Mr. and Mrs Lon
Wright, was at home Monday attejt
noon to a bevy of little folks in hon
or of her eighth birthday.
The High School baseball team,
playing McFerrin in Martin, Satur
day, met a defeat, score 4:3. This
afternoon, weather permitting, we
play Rutherford, and to-morrow Carr
Institute, of Fulton. To-morrow
week, May 13, Union University
comes up for a game.
The school closes next Wednesday
afternoon. Miss Florence Botts has
her music class in recital. Thursday
evening the best talent of the school
put on a play, "Borrowed Money."
This is one of the Parker plays and
in theatrical parlance is said to be
an all-star production. Friday even
ing Prof. Warren of Hall-Moody
will address the graduating class,
Members of this class are Misses Ma
ry Nelle Kitchell, Mayme Osborne,
Jennie Holloway, Lillian Barker, and
Messrs. Claude Callicott and E. W.
Stovall. This is considered a well
finished class. With the exception
of one member who is too young, the
graduates will prepare in the normal
this summer for the arena of ped
For the nth time, it seems Wed
nesday night Harper & Shore's Dry
Goods Store was burglarized. Shoes
and clothing Were stolen, value as
yet not estimated. With the grand
jury in session at Union City, with
quite a number of our citizens called,
looking towards former misdemean
ors, another burglary portends an ep
idemic of law breaking that only a
pull together of representative peo
ple here can stop. 7 j
Perhaps, in Obion County, our dis
trict records the first radiophone
This, the most modern invention, has
been installed in the home of Mrs.
Jane Wade, who, being more than
eighty years of age, can not attend
church services regularly or get out
to evening musical attractions. To
sit in one's own home and listen in
on a sermon in Pittsburgh or hear
music in Boston is a great privilege.
B. J. Wade, banker and stock buyer.
says he can get reports twice a day
from St. Louis over the radiophone.
: t r
Don't Tell Everything.
Sport bats at Mrs. Arnn's.
. Mrs. Harry Cook visited Mrs Redditt
at Obion Ibis week.
Mrs. Mary Schmidt was a visitor in
Humboldt Tuesday.
Beautiful ' midsummer bats at Mrs.
Mrs. 'Aran
W. D. Harrison, Jr., is a visitor here
with relatives and friends
Mrs. P. A. Briggs is visiting Mrs
Chester E$win at Tiptoovflle.
Don't Tell Everything.
Mrs. W. J. Davidson and Miss Mar
cella visited in Kenton tb,is week
Metcalfe, florist, will send flowers by
wire to any city jn few hours time,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bodgers and chil
dren visited relatives in KentonvSunday
Don't Tell Everything.
Get one of those pretty lace hats at
Mrs. Arnn's
Mrs. A. J. Scates, on her return from
Atlanta, visited Mrs. Earl Wright at
Mrs. J. H. Aran, of Paflucah, is in
the city visiting her daughter, Mrs. L.
J. Goode.
Mrs. P. Neal, of Memphis, was here
this week visiting her parents, Mr. and
J. P. Jordan.
Don't Tell Everything.
Mr. R. H. Bust leaves to-day to
spend the week end at Memphis and
points south.
Miss John Tom Hornbeak, of Horn
beak, visited her sister, Miss MaryHorn
beak, this week.
Mrs. Fannie Beeves.Misses AllieMay
and Sallie Beeves Sundayed with Mrs.
Bedditt at Obion.
Don't Tell Everything.
Mrs. J. Carlton, of Murfreesboro.was
an end-of-tbe-week visitor with Dr. and
Drs. J. D. Carlton.
Mrs. Oscar Jones has been confined
to her bed for several weeks at her
home west of town. .
Attorneys H. H. Lannom, W. M.
Miles and J. L. Frv attended court at
Hickman yesterday.
Don't Tell Everything.
Misses Sarah Nash and Edith Quinn
are attending the State Federation of
Music CJubs at Paris. ..'
Remember mother on mothers' day
Sunday, May 14, and, send her flowers forever. If our victory, develops in
from Metcalfe, florist. to oppression, vengeance will follow,
Eugene Obrien, Wednesday
Mrs. Arnn has added dressmaking
to ber millinery. Parties desiring dresses
made will do well to call.
MinisterE.S. Baker preaches the bac-1
calaureate sermon at Rives next Sun
day for the Rives High School
Bebs Daniels In "A Game Chick
en," Playhouse Tuesday.
Mother does not live too far away
but what Metcalfe, florist, can sepd her
flowers on mothers' day by wire.
Mrs. Darnell is ill at the home of ber
son, Mr. Jonn Darnell, near ernaay
Grove, haviDg had a stroke ot paral
Miss Sallie Crockett has returned from
a visit to ber sister, Mrs. Talmadge Cun
ningham, at the Baptist Memorial Hos
Lovely hats for the sweet-girl gradu
ate at Mrs. Arnn's.
Mr. Robert Knox left Wednesday
for Johnson City, where he will enter
the Government Hospital for treat
Mr.' and Mrs. D. E. Penick and little
daughter, Mary Virginia, will be, here
on the 14th inst. to visit Mrs. Nettie
Dr. C. E. Upchurch wishes to an
nounce that he will be out of his office
next week in attendance at the State
Dental Association.
Big Stars Wallace Reid and
Gloria Swanson. in "Don't "Pell Ev
erything." Jimmie's Playhouse, one
day only, Monday, May 8.
Mrs. Keen remains very ill at the
home of her son, Mr. Cal Keen, near
Shady Grove, where she was carried
following a stroke of paralysis.
Mr. Bob Pardue, the genial, black
smith, presented the Park with some
beautiful sauirrels. Do you enjoy the
park? If so, help make it more attrac-
A picture that-holds the mirror
of truth up to the comedy of love,
"Don't Tell Everything." Jimmie's
Playhouse, Monday, May 8
Mrs. J. D. Hall, after a visit to
her sister, Miss Lizzie Stitt, has re
turned to Covington. Miss Stitt was
a patient of Dr. Quails in the str-
geon'a operating rooms and is rapidly
Go to (Jorum's for the Coldest
Drinks In Town.
Warns of Menace to U. S. If Peace
Pact Is Not Made.
Nenoa, April 26. Premier Lloyd
George drew an alarmist picture of
Europe to-mgni. in ouutmswt
British and American press repre
sentatives he declared the object at
Genoa was to clear political diffi
culties which were' full of menace.
He compared Europe to seething
racial " lava, which like the earth's
crust was seeking a proper level.
He emDhasized that Europe must
take cognizance - of hungry Russia,
which would be equipped by an an
gry Germany.
"The world must recognize the
fact," he said, "that Russia and Ger
many combined contain, over two-
thirds of the people of Europe. Their
voice will be heard, and the Russo-
German Treaty, is the. first warning
of it."
As proof of the danger he cited the
fact that there was no accepted
frontier line from the Baltic to the
Black Sea, including the Roumanian,
Galician, Polish end Lithuanian
'I wish America were here," he
exclaimed. "Some people think we
want the United States for some
selfish purpose. This is not true. We
want America because she exercises
a peculiar authority. Her very aloof
ness gives her the right to speak.
"America could exercise an influ
ence no other country coma com
mand. She could come here free
and disentangled, and with the pres
tige which comes from her inde
pendent position she would- come
with the voice of peace.
"But America is not here, so Eu
rope must do her best to solve the
problems in her own way.'
Mr. Lloyd George declare! the dis
organization of Europe would affect
the entire world, including the
United States. He, was amazed at
people who ignored the portentious
fact facing Europe to-day. Unless
Europe reorganized in other words,
unless the Genoa Conference suc
ceeded in arranging a pact of peace
-he was confident that his own
life, certainly in tho life of the
younger mon present, Europe -would
again welter in blood.
"We triumphed "In' the' war," he
said, , "but our triumph will not last
Just as Germany's action which start-
led tho World War was followed by
"Me must be Just and equitable
and show strength. We must realize
th?t Europe Is not on good terms
and that storms are arising which
we must deal with. Wo had hoped
that the end of the great war meant
tho end of brute force, but. unless
Europe's problems are solved there
is no assurance that force has given
way to right."
The British Prime Minister sol
emnly urged the press to Instill pa
tience, good will ' and fellowship
throughout the world. "You are
here," he concluded," to instruct, to
sustain, t6 guide, and I beg of you
in the interests of the world's future
not to add to the obstacles vhich are
in the way, but to use your influence
to help in the solution of difficulties
which are full of menace.;'
The Mayor's Cont.
Mayor Woosley and Chief Massey
conducted a number of successful ses
sions of the city court this veek. Bob
Freeman, colored, made a flying trip
to Tamms and on the return trip was
accompanied by a few gallons of
mule." Officers at train took' charge
Of Bob and Bob's packages. , Mayor
Woosley "charged" him $50.
Will Caruthers is another darkey
and he owns a big ugly gun. The
mayor thought Will should contri
bute a fifty for transporting said gun
from one portion of the city tn-
ueorge Dickson, aged 17, was up
for appropriating to his own , use
chickens from various places the
big haul being made from the hen"
house of Mrs. James Jones, west of
the city. He was bound over.
A number of other cases of lesser
importance were disposed of. They
were assessed Jb.OO each for prowl
ing and being on the streets after
12 o'clock. ' : 'J
C. P. Church Notes.
Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock.
Junior Christian Endeavor, 2:30
o'clock. ..
Senior Christian Endeavor, 6:30
The pastor's text for the morning
worship is "Coifnting the Cost," Luke
14-28. There will not be any service
at the regular hour for evening wor
ship, but the congregation will at
tend the revival at Reynolds Opera
House. ",i.'"'
in i 'in " i i -
Ksl IBa H II
House of David CI ub
Dyersburg, Tennessee
At Hickman, Ky., Sunday, 'May 7th
At Dyersburg, Tenn., Monday, May 8th
The House of David (or Sons of David) Club itf Renown over the entire
country as the greatest semi-pro ball club ever organized. Several, ot the
players have had offers to play in the Major Leagues, but refused on account '
of their religion. It is worth the price of admission to see this club In uni
form only, as their hair is worn long extending almost to their knees.
The Dyersburg Club is eVen stronger than for the past two years. So, if
you wish to see some real ball games, do not fail to see these. '
Special train will run Sunday, over C. M. Ac C. Railroad from Dyersburg,,
returning after the game. Round trip tickets will be sold for the price of the
fare one way, plus 25 cents.
Game Called at 3 P. M. Sunday.
Old Clover, Oldest American Horse
la Living at 51. '
Washington, April 26. Old Clo
ver, the fifty-on-year-old horse dis
covered at Catawissa, Pa., in the pos
session of Rev. Uriah Myers, is not
registered in any of the horse pedi
gree books under his present name,
according to the findings of tho De
partment of Agriculture.
J. 0. Williams, horse export of the
Bureau of Animal Industry, said to
day that he had looked through all
of the records with a view to ascer
taining the breeding of this remark
able horse, and had been unable to
connect with any registration num
ber. He pointed out that Clover
could have an alias, as many fins
horses have had.
"I , am very anxious to get the
breeding of this horse," said he. It
should be preserved by the depart
ment. The only thing that approaches
hiin is a" 'Covei,' alias 'Brightwood,'
a bay gelding, foaled in 1860. If
we arbitrarily fix tho date at the last
year of that decaqo, 1863, uiover
would be fifty throe Instead of fifty-
one. This Clover or ungntwooa was
got by Young Hindoo, son of Hin
doo.", A careful search of the records at
the department revealed but one old
er horse than -Clover. This was an
English barge horse that lived to be
sixty-two and died many years ago.
The Horseman of July 28, 1888, told
of this liorse, whose home was at
Warrington. Another item refers to
an old "tow-path" horse of Manches
ter, who passed away at sixty-two
and whose head is preserved in a mu
seum In England. Mr. Williams
thinks this is the same horse.
The records show that one horse
In theUnited S'atcs lived to be forty
five, another. td forty-four, but most
of the "old horses" were around
Cash Meat Market
and Grocery
The only store in town of its kind. We
sell at cash prices and 'allow you to pay
once a week. Try
Groceries, .Vegetables
Our Motto is
Vv Er. W-YITE:
Corner Home arid College Streets UNION CITY, TENN.:
Cumberland Phone
thirty-five. , i - .
The forty-flve-year-old American
horse was polo pony at Hyde Park,
Poughkeepsie. He belonged to A. T.
Jones. His lasttwenty-three years
were spents resting.
A Card of Thanks.
Please allow us, through the col
umns of your paper, to dffer our
heartfelt thanks to each and every
one who came to us in rympathy in
our recent bereavement, the loss of
our dear little boy, whose life came
to an untimely end April 24. Espe
cially do we wish to thank Dr. Nail
ling for his ready response to a cry
of distress, and each one for the
iivhiv norn.1 irifiiiiHH I ih iinni.v 11
which so fitly resembled the life so
recently snatched away. May the
blcsslsngs of an All-wis.e Father be
with you all is our prayer. Mr. and
Mrs. W. A, Ogles and Family, Mrs
Chae. Ward.
I will preach at Pleasant Valley
Sunday morning at 11 o'clock andL
Sflnrlarfl nhnrvAl at. 3 nm
" G. W. EVANS...
, Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease..
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly influ
enced by constitutional conditions. HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE will cure catarrh.
It Is taken internally and acts through
.1.. Ill . K If I. di.waM.a t H A
Is composed of some of the best- tonics
known, combined with some of the best
blood purifiers. The perfect combination
of the ingredients In HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE is what produces such won
derful results in catarrhal conditions.
Druggists 75c. Testimonials free. " ,
F. 3, Cheney & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
Shorty Sez.
I want every one of you to know
that Dr. Christian Endeavor is now-
located in Union City at the Chris
tian Church. Office hours are from
6-: 30 to 7:30 every Sunday evening.
Too much can not be said of the
doctor's work, and every person in
Union City needs his help. You con
not appreciate this unless you attend
the meeting next Sunday evening..
us for Fresh Meats,
and Fruits
337; Home Phone 1 70
on your car. It has lots of pep and.
staying power, will carry you up
steep hills and never fail to spark...
Hitch up our battery and play safe.

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