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1 .., give more time to the purchase of
- -;'. clothing than they do Insurance.
Jno. T. WalRer,& Co.
Sell Insurance for your PROTECTION. , "
BOTH PHONFS Union City, Tenn.
The Commercial, Union City, Tenn.
FRIDAY. MAY 5, 1922.
moael typewriter.. This office.
Boards . and lumber for sale.
D. J. Simmons, Rives, Tenn., R.F.D.
No. 1. Rural phone (Sidonia) 19-6.
LOST Black fur neckpiece be
tween Bob Caruthers' and Methodist
Church. Reward if returned to Mr.
Caruthers. ' 6-lt
'FOR SALE New six-room cot
tage on High street, all modern con
veniences. Price $3000. . Apply to
T. R. Reynolds, Union City Lumber
Co. ' . 6-tf
Porto Rico and Florida Yam
potato; slips for sale, $1.25 per thou
sand, f.o.b. Union City, Tenn. G. W.
Tucker, Phone 436-J, Union City,
WANTED Man with car to sell
the BEST Ford Oil Guage made.
$100.00 per week and extra com
n issions. Accessories Co., 4177 Gra
ham, Benton Harbor, Mich. lpd
FOR SALE Certified Nancy Hall
'potato plants, $1.75 per thousand
delivered by parcel " post. Special
price on large lots. Cash with or
der. E. L. "Wade, Springville, Tenn.
FOR SALE Hand-power freight
elevator with all necessary appli
ances for liso in2 or 3 story build
ing. Has flat wheel for use with
electric motor. , '
, LOST Bumpor for car between
Relfoot Lake and Hausor Valley
school house. Lost sinr.o the 10 th
of the month. Finder will please re
turn to -J. T. Denning, R.F.D. No. 2,
Union City, Tenp., and receive reward.
. For Sale. . ,
An extra-nice stucco residence for
sale,, consisting of seven rooms,
halls, porches, and bath room, all
modern conveniences. This resi
dence is known as the Herring place,
located on West Main street. For
further Information apply to T. E.
Marshall, Union City. 5-2t
Notice to Buggy Owners
Before buying a new Buggy,
get my prices on painting and
rubber tinng.
I buy and sell second
hand Buggies. .
Telephone 43. Union Gty, Tenn
A Modern Surgical Institution.
Competent Trained Nurses
DR. W. A. NAILLING Chief Surgeoi
Union City, Tnn. Both Phones 41.
Cumberland MA
County 262. . .....
Dr. C. E. Upchurch
Over Mrs. Arnn Millinery Store
Union Ckv. : : : Tenn
Removal Notice.
Dr. J. F. Roper, Physician,
Announces that be has moved from the
Nailling building on First street and is
now located at the Bed Star Drug Store
Main street.
. ..'
". .' Union City, Tenn.
107 Church St. Cumb. Phone 2 1 4-J
Colored Botlegger (three Jumps
ahead of the officers): Gimme 4
ticket on de speedinest train whut
runs. I craves distance an ne'mind
where to.
Ticket Man-: But the fastest train
has just gone.
C. B.: Ne'mind. Jes' show me' de
track It let' on Life.
Don't Tell Everything,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Neely motored
to Hickman Sunday,
, Miss Marcella Davidson was a Sun
day visitor in Kenton.
' ' J. N. Tune is now pulling Flor
ida yam and Porto Rico potato slips,
Mr. John W. Bennett, of TrOy, was
a first Monday visitor.
Don't Tell Everything.
K. h. Andrews, of Polk, was a
business visitor Tuesday.
Go to Corum's for FRESH Can
dies of All Kinds'.
Mr. Carl Parks, of Gleason, was
here on business Saturday.
Miss Clare Parks has returned
home from a visit at Fulton.
Go to Corum's for FRESH Bread
and Cakes. . ' ; , ,
Mrs. W. J. Davidson was a Sunday
visitor with her father in Fulton.
Don't Tell Everything.
Mrs. J. N7 Brasfleld, of Dresden,
visited in Union City Wednesday.
Go to Corum's for FRESH Bread
and Cakes. '
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Berry and Ollie
Dahnke motored to Hickman Sunday.
Miss Ruth Reed and' Miss Mayme
Bryson visited friends in. Martin Sun
day. .
If in need of sweetmilk call on
Mrs. John Adams. Phone 176-J.
Miss Mary Darnell, of New Or
leans, is in the city visiting home
folks. Don't Tell Everything. -Mrs.
Willie Morris, of McConnell,
is a visitor with her sister, Mrs." Fan
nie Driskill.
Pink carnations at 50 cents per
dozen at Metcalfe's Greenhouse,
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Jenkins, of
LBardwell, Ky
here this week.
Mrs. W. H. Swiggart is attending
the Child's Welfare meeting in Chat
tanooga this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, Mrs. Da
vid Evans and Miss Tennie Reed mO'
tored to Hickman Sunday.
Miss Euline Cummings, of Rives
was a visitor this week with her
aunt, Mrs. J. B. DaVldson.
Saturday Night at the Reynolds
5 and 10 cents.
It is understood that Mr. Charley
Alexander, of Mount Zion, who has
been ''very sick, is improving.
J. N. Tune is now pulling Flor
Ida yam and Porto Rico potato slips.
Dr. E. W. Youngblood applied the
tuberculin test to Herman Dietzel's
and Sam Stone's cattle last week.
See Vitagraph big special, "The
Son of Wallingford," at Reynolds
Saturday night, 6 and 10 cents.
Mrs. Charlie Sowell, Misses Mary
and Alice Prather, of State Line,
were In the eity Saturday shopping.
Cut prices on bats at Mrs. Arnn's
Mrs. Emma Wheeler has returned
from St. Louis, where she has been
spending the winter with relatives,
Don't miss the big show at the
Reynolds Saturday nigh 'THE SON
OF WALLINGFORD," 5c and 10c,
Mrs. M. D. McConnell, of Chicago,
H. B. Horner was in St. Louis
this week buying new goods. Mr.
Horner has one of the biggest general
stores in the county and he is a sale
artist of the first 'rank.
Go to Corum's for Fresh Fruits
of All Kinds.
Mr. Harvey Caldwell, 'connected
with the Fourth and First National
Bank, Nashv'lle, is in the city en
joying a visit to his parents, Senator
and Mrs. D. P. Caldwell. '!
Don't forget the date and place
Monday, May 1, at the High
School Auditorium. What? The Se
nior play, "Trhil of Hearts." Don't
miss it.
Dr. F. M. McRee has returned
from California where he has been
enjoying a winter tour of the coast.
Like others, he speaks very highly
of the roads and climate.
Summer is coming, so are the
flies and mosquitoes. Paint your
screens NOW with R&u iSfuv
SCREEN PAINT. Preserves the
screens and keeps the bugs out.
Do you want eggs that hatch
and produce excellent winter layers?
SheoDerd s Anconas. Customer re
ports 100 per cent hatch. Eggs, $1.50
per setting. Rinaldo Bramham.
Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Miles enter
tained Tuesday in honor of their
relatives, Mrs. M. D. McConnell, of
Chicago, Mrs. Corinne Morton and
Miss Nelle Morton, of Shreveport,
La. Other guests for the day were
Mrs. Augusta Morton and Mr. and
Mrs. Guy Miles. A delicious five-
course dinner- was served at noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Miles entertained
on Wednesday and Mr. and Mrs.
Grady Palmer, on Thursday for Vhe
same set of out-of-town guests.
The biggest Senior class of the
U. C. H. S. history will present "A
Trial of Hearts" Monday, May 1,
8 p.m. ; High School Auditorium.
Admission, 25 cents. Come.
Hon. C. L. Claiborne, of Dyer
County, was a visitor in the city this
week. Mr. Claiborne is a candidate
for re-election as Floterial Represen
tative in the Legislature from . Dyer,
Lake and Obion, and wo are glad to
say that he is one of the men who j
fought graft and extravagance at
the last sesssion. He Is a well known
citizen, a man of fine spirit and pro
gressive ideas, esteemed by his own
. .. ' ... nonnlft anil a roftlrlnsr frlpnla sl.11
are vismng relatives ' "
over tne district. He is a candidate
for the Dem cratio nomination and
will appreciste your jo'e and sup
Miss Hester Stone says: "I wish
every young man in Union City could
sec experience." A wonderful Para
mount picture. One day only, Mon
day, May 1, Jimmie's Playhouse.
Woodfin Brothers' Grocery.
A new grocery on Main street.
Prices right. Call and see us. Phone
235. " 48-tf
Card of Thanks.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks for the kindness shown us
during our recent bereavement.
Attention, Young Men.
Any young man between ages of
18 ana 40 enlisting in National
Guard by May 15 will be entitled to
15-day encampment with all ex
penses paid and extra pay according
to grade. Special inducements will
be accorded men who enlist now.
Call at armory, First street, any
day in week from 1 to 3 p.m.
1st Lieut. Co. K,. T. N. G.
Matinee Music Club
The Matinee Music Club had a
delightful outing April 15 in the
home of Miss Quinn
Several visitors were present, Miss
is visiting her sister, Mrs. Augusta Covington's sister, Mrs. Oliver, Mrs.
Morton, and other relatievs.ln the Claude Whitley and rMs. IWllliams,
city. the president of the Fulton Music
Judge W. H. Swiggart? accom- club
panied by his daughter, Miss Vir-
Don't Measure Clothes
Economy hy Low Prices
True economy is determined by long service thorough
ly satisfactory service. Long-wearing, pure-wool fabrics, perfect and lasting fit, the
stylish appearance of good tailoring these are obtained only when you pay enough
to make them certain.
are the least expensive, per month of service, because
they are made according to a high cjuality standard that has never been sacrificed in
order to sell at a low price. ,
Be wise this Spring choose Kuppenheimer Good Clothes.
The nev models are ready now come in and try them on.
Reasonably priced.
Spring styles, Oxfords, Hats, Shoes and Furnishings.
. G. Clagett Company
Phone 111 Union City, Tennessee
would be awarded the one with the
lucky number. Fortune smiled on
Miss Roper and she was presented
with the "newest thing out," a new
born, downy, yellow chick, which
completed the Easter idea.
The next meeting is to be held in
Rives with the Rives members.
ginia has returned from a visit at
Subscriptions taken for all mag
a2lnes. Mrs. C. L. Ridings. Phone
Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman moved
to Obion this week, where Mr. Free
man will be with the Cumberland
Telephone Co.
Pink carnations at 50 cents per
dozen at Metcalfe's Greenhouse.
Mrs. Corinne Morton and daugh
ter, Miss Nelle, of Shreveport, La.,
are visiting in the home of Mrs.
Augusta Morton.
Protect your, floors. Paint" inte
rior floors with Red Spot Floor Paint
and exterior with Red Spot PORCH
PAINT. Save the surface and you
save all.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walker, of
Fort Worth, Texas, are here as vis
itors with Mr. and Mr3. D.N. Walker
on Exchange street N
Porto Rico and Florida Yam
potato slips for sale. G. W. Tucker,
Phon 436-J, Union City, Tenn.
The study period was taken up by
a business session, after which we
enjoyed several negro selections.
Piano: "Sometim.es I Feel Like a
Motherless Child" (Coleridge Tay
lor), Imogene Jones.
"Song: "Three Little Chestnuts"
Piano: "Old Black Joe," Miss
Wood row.
Variations, Alice Prather.
Song: "Mammy's Lullaby" (Jami
son), Mrs. Lee; accompanist, Miss
Piano: "S'accato' (Bohm), Mrs.
Long. 1 ' -
Song: "Mammy's Song" (Harriet
Ware), Miss Covington; accompanist,
Mrs. Carlton.
Song: "Nigger" (Dresser), Mrs.
Carlton; accompanist. Miss Allen.
Song: "Don't You Cry, Ma Honey"
(Knowl), Miss Quinn; accompanist,
Miss Beulah Allen. ;
After the program Miss Quinn
served brick cream and angel food
cake with the plates decorated with
Easter rabbits and eggs.
As soon as the plates were removed
Miss Quinn ainounced that a prize
C. P. Christian Endeavor.
The Endeavorers of the C. P,
Church had a "four-square meeting"
last Sunday evening. Everything
das done by fours. Four members
selected the songs, four members
made Short talks on the subjects as
signed them, four others answered
questions, etc. Miss Inez Lovelace
was the leader.
Next Sunday evening Robert Bond
will lead the meeting on the subject,
"Better Sabbath Keeping." Show
that you know how to keep the Sab
bath by coming to the meeting.
The Endeavorers of tho C. P.
Church have opened up their tennis
court and croqueC grounds at the
rear of the church and all Endeavor- I
era-are heartily invited to use them.
The only admission fee ' charged is
membership in some Christian En
deavor Society. The question has of-
jten been asked, "If the Church for
jbids its young people to dance and
play cards, what will it give them in
the place of that?" This is one of
the answers to that question elean
sports and entertainment.
Did you know that there are only
four more Sundays of the contest?!
We are on the home stretcn and ev
eryone must do his best. The score
now stands: Whites, 382; Reds, 348.
A Trial of Hearts.
The senior class of the Unl .n City
High School gave their annual play
before a large audience in the audi
torium of the high school building
Monday night. The parts were well
played, as was evidenced by the ap
plause received from the audience.
The play, "A Trial of Hearts," is wo
ven into a story of school life, and
has for its central figures the prin
cipals of a true-love affair. The
scion of a family of wealth and po
sition is married to a ranchman's
daughter, wljom, on a summer vaca
tion he falls in love with. Then the
old story of a proud and indignant
mother and the social marplots to
separate the young couple. Here
are introduced some other charac
ters and incidents of a lighter and
humorous vein to relieve the intensi
ty of the situation and to contribute
to the dramatic force of the play.
The lovers are separated and then
comes the denouement &ad a happy
ending. There were tw or more
names entitled to special praise, but
every part was well sustained and
the play throuout was a complete
triumph of school dramatics. The
costumes were especially charming,
There was special music between the
acts by Gladys Jones, E. H. Conde,
Ernest Wu li and R-ifus Massey.
Following the cast:
Dudley Va Antwerp. . .Earl Smith
Philip Vivi i Landrith Thomas
RogeT FalrV'x James Rippy
Teddy Van Antwerp . Chas. Reynolds
Jacn Harding, Gus White
Jerry Jones Joe Callicott
Mrs. Van Antwerp
Mary Arden Nailling
Honor Van Antwerp. .Betsy Spradlin
Gretchen Van Antwerp
Elizabctn Alexander
Virginia Randolph Mozelle Glover
Elinor Dean Ruth Powell
Dorothy Dillon Rachel Burrus
Patricia Patterson . . . Moselle Reeves
Priscilla Prescott
Novella Wilkerson
Bess Sallie Jewell Stone
Betty. Leda Cunningham
Barbara Lynn Bernice Flack
Josephine Joyce Gay C. Cloar
Louise Sanford. ..Mary Lee Schmidt
Jean Neal Sue Wheeler
Irene Merrill Nell Bond
Lucile Seymour Kathleen Pace
Mrs. Putnam Louic Shropshire
Marie '. . ."
Annie Margaret McClanahan
Stage manager. Inez Lovelace.
This is only one of the many fea
tures of the High School commence
ment this year, which the people of
Union City will have an opportunity
to enjoy. Come out and show these
boys and girls JbV ou are back of
them and thCL,y assure them of
your earnest cooperation.
You to know that we have some
good prices on desk and ceiling fans.
See us before you buy. Averitt
Epworth League.
The officers of the Mount Zion Ed-
worth League will be installed Sun-
day evening at 7 o'clock. We urge
all officers and members to be pres
ent, n w rv a kto
t ;

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